The EAT Judge Shanks Is Racist & Offensive & Deny The Middle Passage

2moro 11.11.11 is M.B.B. 45th BD so let me go see what me can rustle up fe present 2 HIM on FB…

Updates: 10/11/2018: For Judge Shanks to say that I made up my disabilities in the presence of my 95 years old husband. Is akin to the discrimination he faced when he was told by a Bank Manager “Mr Tomlinson, you have a small illusion that one day, you can become a Property Tycoon”.  I am challenging the that this is a hate crime and offensive. The UK government have effectively stripped me of my rights when I was delegated to living off  Then made me a voiceless vulnerable victim at after threatening to issue me with criminal records.

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Updates 10/11/2018: I am slowly weaning myself that is Myers have become. Facebook harvested my data, given access to my account from the 18th September 2015 when I was radicalised and my vulnerability of having disabilities used against me. The fact that I used Facebook as my confidante should be taken into consideration. In light of the adice from Instead the Passive Aggressive Behaviours that were the strategies I applied so not to become another victim like my brother. Who was provoked and ended up in prison where he died was used to exploit my vulnerabilities. Now some racist offensive oaf by the name of Judge Shanks from can tell me that I made up my disabilities. Why did they not take Facebook as reference, the same way I was judged for trying to protect myself and family from what happened to my brother? Well we shall continue this Fight4justice from the tyanny of  
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One thought on “The EAT Judge Shanks Is Racist & Offensive & Deny The Middle Passage

  1. I was at when a black man was on the Panel. I viewed him for what he was, tokenism. Who dares Judge Shanks to offend my husband after they deny me my rights to tell me that I made up my disabilities? I did not sign the NDA by accepting £58,000.00 that tried stitching me up with for the Telephone Conciliation.

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