Without Prejudice I Call Andrew Holness To Be Accountable For The State Of Governance In Jamaica

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4 years ago
My Wash Belly Mr Valdin Allan Legister. The #LEGISTER_NEMBHARD Family are on a roll to change Jamaica for #prosperity.
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Andrea Nembhard, Sam Coote and 7 others
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On this day
4 years ago
Luckily 4 me I have years of dealing with person – cradle 2 grave. My breda Balis is full of advice. So Tom, U won’t get me Ratty
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You and Narvel Stewart
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5 years ago

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is thinking about friends and family.

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Inspired Thinking: “Better to fight for something than live for nothing” General George S. Patton (1885-1945)
I see this & decide that this will be the theme I use for my final Facebook Ads for my Fight4justice Campaign. I am already thinking of the #Heading – Lost Post to LEYF Nurseries? I will have to sleep on it, so watch this space. Hopefully, I can show my #MrCEO that his summing up of me is #100_Perfection, then he will realise I am more than the #Sumofmy_Total? I go to bed & think of a #BrighterFuture when next week comes to an end!
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On this day
6 years ago
Was going to the JC, pass this Youngish Black Lady sat out by Nandos at E&C. She was chatting away & maybe to herself. Was wondering wat caused her to be in such a dire situation…!
On my way back she was leaning against the wall & a can of supn beside her. But I feel 4 her when I looked & saw the state she was in… She peed on herself! I know because I could see her clothes wet from the seat of her trousers/coat & running on the pavement b4 her.
I thought to myself, what a state to be in? I was wondering if she has Family & most importantly Children & is any1 concerned abt her Welfare! The world can be a mean place without any1 to be thinking & caring…
God I hope I don’t reach that stage in my life. I’d rather be DEAD. I recalled Mama’s final days when I was with her 4 my #2Son‘s wedding. How hard she’s tried to preserve her DIGNITY! We can only but hope & pray 4 the Best…?
My God is Merci-FULL even when I rant & rave about the cruel fate that sometimes tun us into SATAN Advocates!
I remember my elder breda Mass Balis in particular at this time. He was there 24/7 for Mama Lou. I recalled Ms Connie saying what he’d done 4 her. Ms Doreen was there every step of the way.
So will I allow some Ignorant Bitches/Bastards of the LowerEvilYallahFever category… Get away with Labelling me thus: Uncooperative, Unprofessional, Rude, Intimidating, Confrontational & LACKING EMPATHY… & They keeping on adding Agressive, etc, etc…
Well Ratty Nembhard just start the campaign on Hate-ASSES who are Power Hungry & see a Duppy eina every corner. But a dem Shadow a gi dem di Warn-Inn!
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You, Narvel Stewart and 2 others


On this day
6 years ago
Haven’t been out & about since the start of the week, except to go get the Newspaper. So today I am going out>>> I will not allow dem fi get mi dung further than where they already push me. Out of a JOB, facing Homelessness & not knowing where my next meal coming from.
But I have a Rock in my Husband ARNOLD EBENEZER TOMLINSON, all when he pisses mi off sumtimes. I want to continue being an Independent woman & I am finding this very hard. They tried to destroy me but I am rising above everything.
I am small, but MIGHTY & I’ll fight on to get JUSTICE. Ah who Fool di Idiots dem dat mi is nuh BHB.
I wear my Comfort T-Shirt guh eina dem CO, back off mi shut & mek dem see say mi a nuh WIMP. If dem did want put up a Fight I’d probably take on the whole lot of dem & duh wat mi Friend Mertie Bernard Mother Ms Connie teach her fi defend herself. Fling a stick & when dem duck U lace dem Rass wid another piece.
Since mi can duh dat cause dem wi sey mi a Terrorist… Mi Cuss out dem RC eina mi Head all di time & then mi tun round & SING Bantam Songs. Did tell any1 mi Cuss Bad Wuds & mi Parents meet at a Singing. Singing was wat I used to reach Mama the lost time I was with her b4 she died. Mi have lots of Tricks up mi Sleeves fi deal wid BULLIES, they are Ruth-LESS character-ASSES.
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You, Keneisha Peart, Albert A Maylor and 4 others


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I Listened To Alastair Campbell With LBC Nigel Farage, I Have A Clip Of F-Word 59

We hope you enjoy looking back on your memories on Facebook, from the most recent memories to those long ago.
2014 – 2020  Naheel, Ervin and 15 others London, United Kingdom
Is not the same time #TEALEAF go to river bottom it #rotten. The rot set in at LEYF Nurseries #LEYF when #JuneOSullivan MBE upgrade. I’ll be doing a Case Study… Share
Every day #bucket go to well. 1 day it #boottom will #drop out… Thief from #TEALEAVES God laugh…  Share
Wake night & #Church in the morning. Facebook aint getting my #legacies to make money & then thief my IP & give #LEYF access to make my life a #miseryShare
Let me #clear up the pigsty that I am living in because of LEYF Nurseries #LEYF. So I tidy, I #root for paperwork… Share
1ndering if #SamanthaJones work out her #excuses for perverting the course of ET & EAT justice? She gwine wish she nebba mess wid di mad MM created by LEYF Nurseries #LEYF? Share
1ndering if that 1/2 #wit #ETPresident work out what’s his Job Description yet? You are responsible to monitor #liars who conceal my Medical Reports makg me a #victim in 5 months copying… Share
Now for that #JudgeShanks who worships Eugenics #theory. How does one make up disabilities when I have the Medical Reports? Check SAR LEYF Nurseries #LEYF… Idiots!  Share
Facebook and #JudgeFreer need CBT after allowing LEYF Nurseries #LEYF to change them into #psychopaths. Thief, liar, exploiter, terrorist…  Share
Facebook is in the same #league is #JudgeHildbrand who think #LEYF58000grand could buy my silience like how access given to my account? Share
Facebook is no better than #JudgeMartin who strike out my #Racism claims after #JudgeBaron sent it back. Who is the bad #judge acting like a racist?  Share

My Brother BYRON DOB Brings Back The Poignant Memories To Help Me Heal 60+

We hope you enjoy looking back on your memories on Facebook, from the most recent memories to those long ago.
 2011 – 2019  Dostan, Naheel and 41 others 8 places
#Goodnight! Love enuh bad…? Yes I am getting #baptise. I’m changing into God’s image…! But mek sure?  
It’s obvious that Facebook is a #blurt0 idiot like LEYF Nurseries #LEYF & cohorts…  Share
#Baptism is next on the #agenda. Missed it b4 I come to the UK. It will happen here until I go to Townhead Baptist Church…  Share
They really thinking I’m interested to go back to #study? What for, so they can discriminate against Rasta?  Share
Might go to sum #open day tomorrow? May learn supn to help with my #website…? Aint wasting precious time. Pension me a pree!  Share
Tidy kitchen, go to bed. Not touching #sorrel laced with #rum. Knocked me out last night…  Share

I am a #writer
I write stories about my experiences
The stories are scattered in cyberspace
So that one day they will be of benefit to others.
Writing is also part of my early intervention strategies…  See More

My brother inspiring me to #forgive on his DOB from the grave

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A Day From My Brother’s DOB 2/1/2020

We hope you enjoy looking back on your memories on Facebook, from the most recent memories to those long ago.
2011 – 2020 Naheel, Valdin and 30 others 3 places
Why is Facebook sending me messages abut finding #friends on Fakebook? Of the -1000, not even familes engaging with me. Gi me a #break, I don’t have poda fi black bud… Share
Need to #block out the laptop & #focus on the computer. Have a tribute to complete editing… Share
So far in 2019, I #edited a thesis. And #offer to tutor a child. Just from my posts. Getting recommendations where to get noticed. Facebook have its #purposePatricia Sessions
#MerveleeMyers controls her #life. Not Facebook, et al. So #block me out as much as you want. I am getting noticed on other Social Networking Platforms…. Share
I am #worth much more than Facebook #likes, etc… It’s 2019. Not much time to play with. LEYF Nurseries #LEYF rob me of 5 years…  Share
Does Facebook actually believe their #brainwashing? About Community Standards after #misappropriation of my intellectual properties & #radicalising me… Share
Back to Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polneuropathy (CIDP). Papa was #struck down with Parkinson’s. Results of my #traumas…  Share
Lets hope #JudgeBrianDoyle is starting 2019 right? Go back & read my #complaints. Talk to The Guardian re Is Modern Slavery #thriving in the UK? Share
#JudgeMartin strike out my Racism after Jugde #Baron recognise me on the 15/3/2016 at the ET. Community Standards Facebook…  Share