Defensive Practice

Definition: Defensive Practice – Collins Pocket Dictionary (2000)

Defensive: Adjective 1. Intended for defense. 2. Overanxious to protctoneself against (threatened) criticsm.

Practice: Noun 1. Something done regularly or habitually. 2. Repition of something so as to gain skill. 3. Doctor’s place of work.

My Passion for reading and writing from childhood

Childhood Traumas: During childhood, I found solace in reading and writing from an early age, probably as an escape from the life of adversities that was in front of me. That’s primarily due to my father was stricken with Parkinson’s disease By now you should know that the first book my father brought for me is/was the Holy Bible. I went on to pass Bible Knowledge with credit on the Summer of 1972, before starting Secondary School.

The Teenage Years:  I have decided to make my life an Open Book, in order that others can benefit from my experencies of surviving childhood traumas, triggered into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. (PTSD). I was advised to seek Cognitive Behavioural Therapy by the Occupational Health doctor, who sent me to, to try deny me my entitlements.

Becoming A Parent: I got pregnant before finishing Secondary School. My child was affected resulting from my hidden disabilities. However even though I did not have the knowledge, my instinct as a parent/carer was what helped me. To implement the early intervention strategies to provide the support network that I would be using for myself and my child later. I am a graduate of, years after my sons graduations. This was weeks before my fifty (50th) birthday in May 2009.

Basic School Teacher: I was a Teacher, where the foundations for working with young children were laid, until I left to come to the UK  I done other jobs that would put me in line to becoming the advocate, who is prepared to challenge discrimination In the process, I am breaking down barries to help others benefit from my knowledge and expertise.

Life in the UK – 1992 to...:  My life is an Open Book, I chose to make it this way to help others. My life in the UK is peppered with more downs than ups  After the way I was treated at the Employment Appeals Tribunal on the 19th October 2018, I have decided after consultations with my stepson to try and get my life back together. That’s why I am going back to doing the things I get pleasures from, and I am passionate about. I refuse to let, define who I am.

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Making use of the opportunities: I afforded myself of the chance to enhance knowledge and keeping up with updating my defensive practice from the time I joined in February 2010. l have not looked back since and that’s the reason I am getting a fight from the establishments and systems in the UK. They are just unable to deal with such a strong woman who refuse to take crap from anyone.

If in doubt about my advocacy in breaking down barriers, check I have lost six (6) years of my life’s work at But I have been through more challenges than that in my -60 years of life already. Giving up was never an option.