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In the first 2 hours I played a pre recorded interview with Andy Devine and Anthony Badaloo.Here is their press release:
“DEATH OF COUNCIL TAX – PRESS RELEASE –  Sean Maguire – Out of the bag with Andrew Devine and Anthony Badaloo on the Death of Council Tax – Confession from a Court Manager, on a major Court Order Scam, which shall bring relief and restitution to the millions of victims and end of the Court Order Scam pandemic. Property 101 Frant Road CR7 was stolen, using Court Fraud Local Authority responsible for prosecuting illegal eviction – Ironically, the Las are illegally repossessing more properties than all the banks and building societies added together. And are in charge of the Police service, making the crime water-tight. Leaving the councils in the UK, with surplus funds in excess of £22 Billion Pounds. Croydon Council escalated reports to CEO to Head of Fraud CEO Nathan Elvery Resigned – Went to Wessex and is now Suspended. New Chief Jo Nigrini accused of using funds to cover up complaints. Wife gets threat of Commital to Prison, based on alleged unpaid Council Tax and alleged Liability Orders, Issued by the Court. Her partner was already locked illegally in notorious Wormwood Scrubs Prison before, making this threat more menacing. Offer to settle tendered to the Croydon Magistrates Court, subject to there being legitimate court proceedings BOOM!!!! Court Manager makes full confession, and exposes a major scam, and marks it confidential, when all court documents are public. Many activists have exposed this scam before; but now it’s from the Horse’s mouth. So no one should ever have to be robbed, jailed or tortured, on false claims to court authority, for Council Tax, ever again. And as a matter of fact, no other false court process shall stand after this. And all past victims, must demand restoration, with aggravated damages – Thanks to campaigners like Sean Maguire, the public is taking back control from the e-gang – Scammers in authority. www.ScamBuster.TV

​This is an update since they were both on the show in December and SHARING this information could reverse the corruption in the judicial system…. NOT TO BE MISSED!   Link to the documents for victims to download bit.ly/deathoftax
Find Andy on FACEBOOK here:  https://www.facebook.com/andrew.devine.3576
and on youtube here:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKjR0dviyfzkbxVr8Qq6yYAKkRXZmxYYG
Find Anthony on FACEBOOK here:  https://www.facebook.com/anthonybadaloo
His petition page is here:  https://www.change.org/p/prime-minister-boris-johnson-stop-court-order-scams-and-illegal-homelessness?source_location=topic_page​In the final hour I played some bands who have previously played recent Rebellion Festivals!  This week I concentrated on 2013 and played tracks by Jaya The Cat, Menace, Sick On The Bus, Fire Exit, The Exploited, The Business, Buzzcocks, The Damned. Steve Ignorant & Paranoid Visions, The Rezillos, Ruts DC, The Lee Harveys, 
Duncan Reidand the Bigheads, Sham 69 and Dead Kennedys!
Check out www.rebellionfestivals.com

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