Expert Authority Cradle 2 Grave

Definitions: Knowledge Values Beliefs – Collins Pocket Thesaurus

Knowledge: 1. Noun – Facts or experiences known by a person. 2 State of knowing . 3. Specific information on a subject.

Values: 1. Noun – Importance, usefulness. 2. Monetary worth. 3. Satisfaction, e.g. value for money.

Beliefs: 1. Noun – Faith or confidence. 2. Opinion. 3. Principle accepted as true, often without proof.

I Am A Strong Woman

I am setting up to find a purpose for my life. This is after facing discrimination from the ET and EAT for the second (2) time in the UK. Do the research at  To find out why I am taking up Mental Health & SEND advocacy.

I am on a mission to stop thinking he can abuse the power of his authority preying on vulnerable people.

I will make sure don’t put any other persons through what I have experienced at her hands.

The unions like and will think twice about abandoning vulnerable employees whilst still taking our money.

Those in the Legal Entity,, corrupted by that will cover for their unprofessionalism, will think about taking my cooncerns seriously. Then will think twice about what they have been doing to vulnerable employees. And not just bring a black person to sit on the Panel at the EAT pretending that this is inclusive. Because my Racism claims was strike out repeatedly. Employees left working under Modern Slavery Practices in toxic workplacers.

The will have their hands full with those criminals they will be dealing with, who discriminated against me from the time I returned from burying my mother in July 2014. Transfering to resulted in my having to experience radicalisation, and terrorism from 23rd July 2014 to 27th September 2015. Then after that until the 19th October 2018 at the EAT.

Listening to Judge Shanks and the Panel giving Samanatha Jones time to carry out the hate crime that are the plots of 23 Downs Road Epsom Surrey KT18 5JF. My data was tampered with and it took me two (2) weeks before getting through to Giving up was never an option.

Mobile: 0795061803