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I was brought up by the old-fashioned Christian beliefs, values, and principles which are responsible for making me who I am…

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Good morning Charlotte France

Let me share a little information about how you have #inspired me, by chatting to me yesterday. I went to the Bermondsey & Rotherhite Community Council London Borough of Southwark and decided to make peace with one of the #Police who acted #unprofessionally towards me.

I know I have lots to #offer and I am going to #write about this as part of my #therapy of #forgiveness and #moving on.

Let us hope you can make #sense of these documents. As I have stated, I am #lucky that Winsome Duncan: Author, Artist & Book Confidence Coach started out being #honest. Otherwise, I would have no legs to stand on or grounds to #recover my money.

To be honest, the money is not as important as helping to #protect other vulnerable people.

Kindest regards.


2 Years Ago

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 Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling optimistic with Valdin Legister and Kevin Murray.

Taurus: Staying flexible keeps you ahead of the game as the pace quickens and surprises happen. Suspicion? Probe a little deeper on Thursday. Be ready for a lucky opportunity to come your way on Friday. Call to find out why it’s time to put home first.
I will be following up on this. It might have something to do with the National Pentecostal Symposium & Celebration & the #Journalist I met from KEEP THE FAITH Magazine. Oh, I am keeping my options open, as I refuse to let LEYF Nurseries get away with their #LIES!
My Fight4justice will be back on course after my #1Son Kevin Murray tries to be elected #Councillor4FriendshipDivision. After the celebrations, I will be back at #Work sorting out the #Tyranny that is LEYF Nurseries?

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard I have spent the past 4+ years being bitter because of what done to destroy 26 years of my life built in the UK. But I am not one for giving up at the 100th hurdles.
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard So if and can find ways to sort out the crap they have placed themselves in? All the more power to them. I don’t have time to waste with bigots!  Manage
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Just so the Metropolitan Police Service know that I have decided to be the bigger person and extended my hand of forgiveness and friendship to #GodwinPerrot at the London Borough of Southwark Community Council. I realise that it’s best to be on the side of than to keep holding the grudge of what they have done colluding with Winsome Duncan: Author, Artist & Book Confidence Coach.


Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Now I will write an “Open Letter” to the Metropolitan Police Service in London Borough of Southwarkoffering my service to helping to build safer communities. It’s up to them to accept and don’t treat me like the Receptionist who was giving me attitudes when I arrived at the Council Meeting last night. Because Lord, I am asking You to change me inside out. Or they can visit my Fight4justice
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Bermondsey Health Centre
108 Grange Road
London SE1 3BW

11th June 2016

To Whom It May Concern

Re: Employment Tribunal Judge’s Order for #Disclosure of Mervelee Myers Medical Records.
Records from 1st October 2014 – 27th September 2015.
NHS Number:

I would like to bring to your attention an #incident that happened at the Practice when I came in to return a form that was given to me on the 9th June 2016. I walked into the Practice on the 10th June 2016, waited my turn and handed the form in. The young lady took the form to another person across the room and returned to the counter. To my surprise, she puts the form on the counter, said to me “we can’t do anything, it’s #invalid” and you have to come back when the manager is here. She won’t be here until next week and is about to walk away. And I mean just like that!!!

I ask the young lady what do you mean it’s invalid, she pointed out that the date on it says September 2015. I said to the young lady if that form is invalid it has nothing to do with me, I #collected it from your colleague there only yesterday. I need this matter to be sorted by #Orders of the Courts. The young lady started #waffling making some silly #excuses. I told her I needed something done by the end of the month and that everyone needs to up their #games and left.

When I was walking out I #witness the person whom the young lady took the form to at the end of the office peeping out from the other side of the records. I can #appreciate the upheavals presently happening at the practice because of the #changes I was informed about recently. I have had #excellent services since I joined the Practice and believes in giving everyone chances to #correct their mistakes. Therefore that’s why I am sharing my #concerns about the way the matter was handled so lessons can be learned to enable the Practice to continue to #deliver quality services.

Since it was the first time I was seeing the young lady at the reception I am assuming she is new to the Practice. I can appreciate the fact that it is a #nightmare working with #disgruntled customers especially in a new job when you are finding your way. At no time did I see anyone else even the lady who gave me the form on the 9th offering her some words of #advice. In my line of work “Collaborative Team Work” is important to #achieving best inclusive practice. Might I suggest better #mentoring and support be given to the young lady in question. And that’s the main reasons for raising concerns so she be given the support to do her job better.

In the meantime I would appreciate if the matter can be addressed with the #urgency it merits so I can have my Medical Records released before the end of the month – 30th June 2016. I have had an #unfavourable response from my former GP when I found myself in similar circumstances and needed support (copy of letter attached). Therefore I do not want #history to #repeat itself.

Hopefully, this matter will be looked into and #resolved and we can move on.

Kindest regards.

Yours sincerely

Mervelee Myers FD (Open).

Early Years Practitioner/Volunteer.

5 Years Ago

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  Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with LEYF Nurseries and Employment Appeal Tribunal at Westmoreland, St James, St Catherine, St Elizabeth.
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  Mervelee Ratty Nembhard By now must know what I am about?
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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard My Fight4justice will do the rest until I am ready to go home…
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