Fight4justice After EAT Modern Slavery

My Fight4justice the next phase 10th November 2018

To all those who have remain loyal and continue to be part of the #support_network that have given me the incentives to go on with my Fight4justice campaign. I am using this as a gesture of my appreciation for not giving up on me. I would like to let you know that I am moving away from Because Facebook is part of the terrorist cell, #exploiting me as a result of my vulnerability of having disabilities Over the past years from when Facebook gave LEYF Nurseries access to my account on the 18th September 2015, my life have changed forever.

I will therefore lay out the route of the discrimination that #blighted my prospects, #ruin my career and #destroy my life from the 23rd July 2014. First I must let you know that I was targeted before I left Luton Street. This was after coming back from Jamaica, when I said my final goodbye to my mother on the 22nd January 2014. Without realising that I was being radicalise, I was refused access to my FILE. I was reliably informed that this was with some solicitors, Bates Wells Braithwaite,, trying to build a case against me. Sadly to say, I might have to accept this to be the fact, after reflections.

Without a shadow of a doubt this has to be the fact, for why the new manager #GemmaManns was treating me the way she did. And got others to join in, to the point where I had to seek support from the NHS Professionals. I was signed off work with #stress on the 2nd April 2014. Everything can be found in my Witness Statement to the Employment Tribunals…/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-founda…. And other publications to be found in cyberspace. That’s why despite the fact that I know I could not handle the stress of another ET, I could not accept the £58,000.00 NDA non-disclosure agreement offered.

The following is the chronological order of events.
July 2014 – Luton Street:
1. 19/7/2014 – initial visit to BIB refer to BIB manager #LynneKelly statements in bundles.
2. 22/7/2014 – Luton Street graduation online, and
3. Colleagues leaving presents & Book.
BIB: 1. 23/7/2014 first day at BIB. 2. Settling in.
August 2014:
1. Meeting #HildaMiller re allegations by parents.
2. My introduction to BIB,
3. BIB close for 2 weeks – cover at Noah’s Ark.
September 2014 – New term begins.
1. Ofsted
2. Deputy Nicola & team
3. German visitors re #Inclusion.
4. Visitors from other sites, newly acquired by LEYF refer to #SallyMcNoughton letter.

October 2014 – CEO Long Service Awards. The Respondent continue breaching laws, legislations, codes of practices and conbducts, after I contacted them about my FILE. In response to Subject Access Request, they claim not to have any record of the CEO Long Service Awards. They know they can get away with this because despite I am participant in Dr Maria Hudson, they can get the systems and establishments to gang up against me.
1. Black History Month celebrations.
2. #MeweMechese leaving do.
November 2014:
1. Diabetes complications off sick,
2. Tooth extraction
3. Banana Eating Incident,
4. CEO & #MarionBreslin visit BIB – CEO claim, she was unaware of my transfer.
5. CEO endorses my Job Title & Posts –
6. Case Study with Volunteer, #TheresaSalmon.
7. Threat of disciplinary, copied to June O’Sullivan, #RashidIqbal and Hilda Miller,
December 2014 – New Deputy #JyotiBhardwaj.
1. Early Years Consultant #StellaLouis.
2. #BenedicteSiewe & her objections to celebrating Christmas.
4. Staff Christmas Party.

January 2015 – Sanctioning of Modern Slavery unfolding:
4/1/2015: 1. Rumi’s wedding
5/1/2015: Targeted by Lynne Kelly
15/1/2015: Letter to Lynne Kelly re Jyoti Bhardwaj.
19/1/2015: Letter to LK re Benedicte Siewe.
1. Hilda Miler visits & the intimidation refer to re parents & former employee’s reviews.
2. 23/1/2015: New Year Staff Party – CEO got MBE.
3. 28/1/2015: MBE & Trustee visit BIB refer to letter.
4. 29/1/2015: Trustee Mary Wynne-Finch unannounced visit to BIB.
5. 30/1/2015: Senior HR #DilysEpton visit BIB.
6. Ask for support re my health & wellbeing at BIB,  
7. Gag by the HR,

February 2015- Off sick refer to GP Medical Report Maudsley Hospital for ET. How dare claim that I made up my disabilities? I handed over the Medical Reports to the ET on the 20th December 2016. When that corrupted imposter at tricked the ET with his lies.
1. LK tried stopping my return to work.
2. Binedicte Siewe celebrations. LK told her she got me sacked.
3. LK & Caroline Quirke set up #ChefGloria.
4. Chef Gloria suspended re refusing to lie about Rumi’s wedding.

March 2015- 10/3/2015: Supply staff #whistleblowing to LEYF. Sets sanction of discrimination against me in full swing.
11/3/2015: NHS Speech & Language trainings
1. Manager of Stockwell Michele visit BIB to do investigations re Chef Gloria.
2. Manager Michele knows about the Investigations – premeditated.
3. Number of provocations by staff throughout the week.
12/3/2015: Allegations & Complaints staged by BIB.
1. Stopped from going home after my shift for #FlaviaFoddai to provoke me to act unprofessionally.
2. Informed about investigations.
13/3/2015: #IsabellaGlen visit BIB for investigations.
14/3/2015: Write to HR Dilys Epton about my disabilities
1. Hilda Miller visit BIB.
2. Isabella Glen return to BIB.
3. Hilda Miller sent me to HOC.
HOC 17/3/2015 to 27/3/2015:
17/3/2015 – 27/3/2015:
1. Taking children to the Park
2. Shocks from plastic.
3. Working with younger children
4. Left on my own with younger children despite concerns that rigger investigations.
5. Questions about why children crying.
6. Toilet facilities on the outside of setting.
7. Manager treating me like a criminal.
27/3/2015- 1. HR Dilys Epton visit HOC.
1. Manager escorted me out with claims I did not have a PASS.
Tampering with my Data: 28/3/2015:
1. Invitation to Disciplinary.
2. Contacted Voice: the union for education professionals,
3. Write to HR DE re Medical Suspension.

April 2015 – Union Rep Darren Mahon:
1. Disciplinary Hearing & Outcome
2. Occupational Health – pass fit for work.
3. Appeal of Disciplinary.
4. Darren Mahon disappearance.
5. Union Solicitor #ArwenMakin advising me not to appeal.
6. Contacting Independent Solicitors re Appeal.
7. #MarkEssex & CO of VOICE.
8. The Equality Advisory Service.

May 2015 – Disciplinary Appeal & Outcome 
1. Back to Work Meeting with Hilda Miller & Dilys Epton
2. Grievances.
June 2015 – New Cross Nursery:
2/6/2015 – Start at NC:
1. Informed Deputies about DBS.
2. EduCare trainings
3. In house trainings.
4. Allegations by Crisella Rattary-Brown.
July 2015 – Resources for Autism:
1. DBS
2. Trainings.
3. In house trainings.
4. Contacting #NeilBest re concerns.
5. Meeting with Neil Best re #ReasonableAdjustment.
August 2015 – NC BBQ:
1. Annual Leave
2. Excluded at NC BBQ.
3. Supervision

September 2015:
6/9/2015: Letter to NC re DBS & NHS appointment.
8/9/2015: Letter to NC re 3rd Party Information.
10/9/2015: NHS DECS appointment
1. Meeting with Hilda Miler & Deputy Louise.
1. 30 staff training at NC.
2. Lynne Kelly leaving the Fire Exit open.
3. Hilda Miller trying to provoke me on her return with LK.
18/9/2015: Meeting at NC re Facebook access –
1. aware after exchange of ET documents.
19/9/2015: Big Childcare Conversation at Middlesex University
1. Meeting 2 Professors.
22/9/2015 – Sent to CO for chat with #NeilKing.
1. Bully me to write resignation – this happened to #KarenWalker in 2013. This was when LEYF sold out quality for quantity to becoming the biggest in the Early Years Sector. Refer to the reviews at
2. Suspended.
3. LinkedIn request from HR DE.
24/9/2015: Letter from BWB.
25/9/2015: Letter/email from Alison Stokes.
27/9/2015: My Resignation.

The Employment Tribunal & Employment Appeals Tribunal sanctioning of Modern Slavery.

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The EAT Judge Shanks Is Racist & Offensive & Deny The Middle Passage

2moro 11.11.11 is M.B.B. 45th BD so let me go see what me can rustle up fe present 2 HIM on FB…

Updates: 10/11/2018: For Judge Shanks to say that I made up my disabilities in the presence of my 95 years old husband. Is akin to the discrimination he faced when he was told by a Bank Manager “Mr Tomlinson, you have a small illusion that one day, you can become a Property Tycoon”.  I am challenging the that this is a hate crime and offensive. The UK government have effectively stripped me of my rights when I was delegated to living off  Then made me a voiceless vulnerable victim at after threatening to issue me with criminal records.

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Your October

Your October Moments
Mervelee, we made you a video to look back on some of your posts from October. We hope you enjoy it!
Updates 10/11/2018: I am slowly weaning myself that is Myers have become. Facebook harvested my data, given access to my account from the 18th September 2015 when I was radicalised and my vulnerability of having disabilities used against me. The fact that I used Facebook as my confidante should be taken into consideration. In light of the adice from Instead the Passive Aggressive Behaviours that were the strategies I applied so not to become another victim like my brother. Who was provoked and ended up in prison where he died was used to exploit my vulnerabilities. Now some racist offensive oaf by the name of Judge Shanks from can tell me that I made up my disabilities. Why did they not take Facebook as reference, the same way I was judged for trying to protect myself and family from what happened to my brother? Well we shall continue this Fight4justice from the tyanny of  
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