The Employment Tribunal Law Is Flawed

I need the Employment Tribuinals Law to be reviewed

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I will definitely be signing up in due course with London Legal Support Trust. This date 27th October is poignant for me for many reasons. But just enought to say it is the birthdate of my #father Ivan Sandyman, who was born on the 27/10/1918 and 2 of his siblings. My #UncleSylvester aka Uncle Syl aka Putty, who was born 1926. My #AuntieTelyn is the one who is still alive. My Auntie Icylyn Powell aka Telyn Nembhard is spritely, holding her bat in the crease heading for her 90th birthday, I guess?

There is a story to all of my life and my Father was a #storyteller. I will celebrate the 100 year of his birth, by doing a #documentary with my camcorder. Let’s hope my Fight4justice campaign will come to fruitation and justice will prevail? I could be another statistic if I did not get support from London Legal Support Trust. God heard my prayers after my years of struggling with LEYF Nurseries – after the death of my mother, and the way the establishments and systems failed me.

I started my fight against #terrorism after coming back from burying my mother and transferring to BIB. Because I wanted to carry on working and be able to be #carer for my elderly husband. Little did I know what lay in store for me as my faith was sealed even before I left to bury my mother. The culling that had started in 2013 at #LEYF when the Head of Children Services #KarenWalker resigned on the spot was about to catch up with me. Others left fort greener pastures, but I was a prisoner at LEYF because I had taken a stance before.

In case you need to know know more, please do the research at Acas. Dr Maria Research Paper Ref: 01/12 for the Policy Studies Institute was recommended to ACAS and there is a #Clause15. I am the Nursery Officer mentioned in the research. At the time I worked at King’s College Hospitalworkplace nursery. During the time from 2004 to 2008, I studied with the The Open University. One of my course was sponsored by UNISON. I had to get the diagnosis for #chonicanxiety from the GP at the Landor Road Surgery to sit my Health & Social Care Leve 2 examination. Strangely enough that’s how I come to change my approach to managing my #hiddendisabilities.

Please believe me when I tell you that I had my first nervous breakdown at KINGS because of the way I was treated by London Borough of SouthwarkSEND Section, the Local Educational Authority, the systems and establishments. Because I was viewed as a threath to the incompetence of some. From then I learned not to trust some in the Legal Fraternity like Capsticks, WimbledonCitizens Advice, etc. But the biggest let down came when I decided to take my case to the Employment Tribunal Service. I have been to hell and back because of them.

And that’s why I am keeping the faith as I continue to fight the #jerks that ruined my health and my life from the time I returned from burying my mother. This time I am taking the fight to Voice: the union for education professionalsBates Wells Braithwaite will have to tell what kind of partnership they are in with the Personnel Consultancy Ltd, TheAdvising London have questions to answer for their actions.
Individuals and organisations will be named in due course about the part they played in helping LEYF to terrorise me over the past 4+ years. But most importantly for me is for there to be a review of the Employment Tribunal Law.

There is no possible reasons for the Employment tribunals to preside over 2 miscarriages of justice with the same person? Why did the #judgesfailed to look at the evidence provided? But instead they can take their time, do as they please and set up a vulnerable employee to be a victim.

Then Theresa May government decided to treat me like how they have been doing to the #WindrushGenerations. The Department for Work and Pensions – DWP mess me up so I could not prepare my Racism claim. Then claim they did not know me when time to pay the Employment Tribunal #fee. They took nearly 2 years to sort out my #HousingBenefits, exacerbating my mental health condiotions. Now have the nerves to threaten me with #criminalrecord. When they couldn’t deal with the truth, deny me access to my Universal Credit journal.

HMRC did not act any better. As for the Metropolitan Police Service, they are a #disgrace but I will write about them in due course.

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[Trigger warning: contains reference to suicide]…/help-transform-mental-heal…
7,000 lives are tragically lost to suicide in the U

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Steve lost his son to suicide. Now he’s standing with MQ to improve the future of those facing mental illness. Stand with him.
Fight4justice Can Facebook see yet that I am a gifted #writer and spinner ot tales?


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Fight4justice I don’t need anyone to like my posts. Honestly they are not in my #league. I am capable of doing #MerveleeMyers by myself. I am 1 girl of 8 siblings. I have been doing my Fight4justicefrom the time my Father was struck down with Parkinson’s disease. I don’t need to manaufacture any illnesses to cover my incompetence like #SamanthatJones done at the Employment Tribunal…/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years….


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Fight4justice Set aside today for writing with the evidence from Facebook memories.

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