Here’s Facebook Objection 24/8/2018!

This is how Facebook go about colluding with breaching the GDPR!

Hi Facebook has just objected to me posting about participating in communities of practice. I am dealing with lots of emotional issues at the moment. In particular, hearing my husband’s response after his son called to tell him about the death of his mother-in-law. This morning he is back laid up in bed with the runs. In case you (Facebook) need any help in identifying #MerveleeMyers, please doan hax LEYF Nurseries#LEYF, The Employment Tribunal Services, Please go to to see why I am back at the
I have not had representations from Voice: the union for education professionals, despite I am still charged fees. Now, is ripping me off and trying to take away my membership. But Facebook is just as unscrupulous as I am been targeted to take away my account, so that I am unable to clear my name.   Bates Wells Braithwaite, have been working with LEYF to discriminate against me from 24th September 2015. But when I write the Open Letter and other correspondences, I did not hear from them again. However by the time the judgement was posted online, BWB got Faceboook and Twitter Legal Team to contact me wabout my accounts. Of course who is uncoorporative, unprofessional, rude, intimidating, confrontational, aggressive, and lacking empathy? 
Advising London, Capsticks, Wimbledon, UNISON, are just some of the organisations that I will be putting in the category above that LEYF choose to label me with. They triggered my childhood traumas into PTSD. Right now I am listening to, in a video that I recorded ands I can’t help the tears coming to my eyes. I will have to write a book about my experiences trying to write my first book. London Borough of Southwark SEND Section, is just one of the government departments that will be featured in my books. 
Ofsted, is another authority that I contacted during the time when I sought suppport at Kings Colloege Hospital when I have my first nervous breakdwon. Hence the reason for when I have the second breakdown.  Community Playthings UK – Darvell School, left me to lose trust in some of the moral values I held dear. HCT learning centre, was willing to use me as statastic, but refuse to let me do the trainings to get back into employment. Winsome Duncan: Author, Artist & Book Confidence Coach, was groomed by to be a scammer. 
The  Department for Work and Pensions – DWP, HMRC, Metropolitan Police Service, are some of the government departments coluding  to make me a victim like the Windrush Generation stories. What is doing about that? Nursery World Magazine editor #LizRoberts, et al… aree just some of the individuals who have been conned by LEYF and now the EmploymentTribunal online reserved judgement. Or you will be mislead.
Instead please go read Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper for Policy Studies Institute. This was recommended to Acas I have things to do. I seen some festival advertised for Yadling Street near me. I will go see what’s going on there.
My Tom is not well. He is back in bed with the #runs. No #jerks can help him. This is all about another transition.
I am listening to some of my video recordings since my coach #WinsomeDuncan was supporting me to set up my own business. Just to reiterate. If you want to see me in action supporting #KingsleyWray with the Rye Lane Community Gospel Choir on Saturday 25th August 2018? Here is a preview of the choir celebrating 200 years of the Rye Lane Chapel.
Since Facebook is intent on continuing the discrimination, I will make sure I write my stories. Thanks Facebook!