Without Prejudice Prior To King Charles Crowning Conservatives Labour Prove They Colonise The Windrush Generations Gag Us Via Laws Made Nelson Mandela A Criminal Justice Simler Sent Claim To EAT Caveat Disabilities Freer Claim Am Not Credible Witness Give Samantha Jones Reference Grenfell Tower Inquiry Panel Rodger Martin Reject Racism Baron Sent It Back Hildebrand Stitch Me Up £58,000.00 NDA HHJ Shanks Dight Parfitt Adam Jones Paul Kernaghan Brian Doyle John Booth Some Of HMCTS Criminals Need ERT Safeguard Children From Mental Health Conditions BBC Films Lara Manwaring I Apply For Grandmother Role 23/4/2023

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REFER TO https://fb.watch/c5NapiTXb-/ and https://fb.watch/c9z-33z7v/ for more Mervelee Myers is a writer of therapy who is getting 100,000+90,000 Google Maps views https://www.google.com.

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Hello Mervelee, Meet Bard, an early experiment by Google. You can think of Bard as your creative and helpful collaborator, here to bring your ideas to life using generative AI. We’d like to offer you the opportunity to be among the first to sign up for the new experience and provide feedback. Sign up to try Bard You might ask Bard to outline a blog post about summer mocktail recipes, draft a packing list for a weekend fishing and camping trip, or help you understand if lightning can strike the same place twice. We can’t wait to hear how people start using Bard, but we also know that large language models will not always get it right. Input from a wide range of experts and users will help Bard improve. Bard is currently only set to provide US English and US-localised responses, but we want to ensure people in the UK can experience it and share their feedback. Sign up to try Bard today. Thanks, The Google Business Profile team © 2023 Google LLC
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I was going to Oxford for the first time http://www.gov.uk/windrushhelpteam. Because of my physical and mental impairments, I have to plan my life to make the most of the opportunities I have used to empower myself https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016.

| Tech Community Microsoft Community Hub Community: Weekly Digest   Hello Mervelee_Myers,
You have 2 new subscriptions & activity updates in the Microsoft Community Hub Community. Board: Microsoft OneDrive Blog (2 Updates) Tommy6x3 posted a new comment on Apr 16 2023 03:04 PM Re: OneDrive’s new photo editing features and more I edited a bunch of photos using this built-in editor (Chrome web/online interface). With each photo, I used the save copy option. There was nothing really indicating that anything happened and I just closed the editor window each time before going to the next picture. I have no idea where they were saved. I was working out of an album- they aren’t there. I checked the photos file location- they weren’t there. I tried everywhere I could think of to find the edited pictures with no luck at all. Am I missing a step or something? Any help is greatly appreciated. ——————— stephen2676 posted a new comment on Apr 16 2023 06:30 AM Re: Introducing OneDrive customer office hours That good… ———————  

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I must make my implicit knowledge explicit by sharing my stories about why I was in Oxford as the person who has faced systematic discrimination twice after bereavement and losses https://www.facebook.com/mervelee.myers. As face of Windrush 70 and composer of Brixton Market in association with Jessie Lloyd for Border Crossings SONGSTREET.

  Join us today (Tuesday 11 April) at 2.30pm in Windrush Square as we launch a brand new immersive app experience for Brixton.

Encounter the characters, stories and songs that make Brixton resonate, in an intimate, moving and ultimately uplifting performance experience. Led by the knowledge of Black Brixtonites, we journey into the heart and fire of what empowers this unique place.

SONGSTREETS is accessed via the Aswarm XR mobile app, don’t forget to download using a strong Wi-Fi connection before you come down to the launch. Please note, SONGSTREETS is designed to be experienced with earphones.   About the project During October 2022, Indigenous Australian musician Jessie Lloyd undertook a residency in Brixton, working with the community to discover songs and stories from the 75 years that have passed since the Windrush brought the first post-war migrants to London from the Caribbean. Applying the methodology she evolved to work with Indigenous Elders in her MISSION SONGS project, and collaborating with Brixton-born artist Tony Cealy, Jessie explored the commonalities of experience between Indigenous Australians and Black Britons, using music to commemorate local heritage, within global histories of racism and emerging processes of reconciliation. Jessie’s grandfather Albie Geia was a leader in the 1957 Palm Island Strike, which, like the events in Brixton in 1981, were labelled ‘riots’, leading to Albie’s imprisonment.     ORIGINS commissioned Brixton-based sound artist, Thor McIntyre-Burnie, and his public arts company Aswarm, to respond to Jessie’s residency; creating a site-specific, immersive experience that weaves the songs through the streets of Brixton and uncovers their extraordinary stories. The result is this immersive, interactive audio-walk, accessed through AswarmXR’s mobile app.

Starting near Brixton tube, you can take an hour’s walk through the streets, which become enlivened and theatrical through the music, voices and stories of local people. When you come out of the tube, turn right and start the app by the two large trees about 30 yards away! Find out more   Copyright © 2023 Border Crossings Company Limited, All rights reserved.
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I am making my voice heard for those of us, made voiceless, vulnerable victims of the SYSTEMS denying us our ENTITLEMENTS https://youtu.be/5irCkGIrCRo of the Open University. Please read my book “IN HONOUR OF STRONG WOMEN EVERYWHERE”.

Hi Mervelee, We wanted to let you know that your G Suite Basic subscription associated with merveleeadvocacy.com has been successfully transitioned to Google Workspace Business Starter. No further action is required on your part. Your Workspace plan As we mentioned in our previous email notifying you of this change, Google is requiring all legacy G Suite plans to transition to a Workspace plan. You can read more about it here. Explore all the amazing features included in your Workspace Business Starter plan here. You can read more about managing your Workspace subscription in this support document. Pricing Your subscription price has been updated to £66.00 per year per mailbox. When your subscription renews on March 27th, 2024, you will be charged this new price. No actions or additional payments are needed right now for your email account. The price is changing due to several factors, including changes to currency exchange rates and taxes. Questions If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our Happiness Engineers. Thanks, 💙 Your friends at WordPress.​com
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I must mention the BLAC Awards http://www.blac.org.uk and Garfield Robinson who is putting me in KEEPERS OF THE FLAME SALUTING 100 BLACK AUTHORS Volume 2.

Let customers know your holiday hours for May When your business has an irregular schedule, like holidays or special events, you can enter special hours in advance to let customers know when you’re open. Here’s what customers see when they view your business on Google.    Update my holiday hours    May holiday hours: Early May Bank Holiday Monday 5/1 Open 24 hours Spring Bank Holiday Monday 5/29 Open 24 hours    Update my holiday hours    If you haven’t updated your hours, we recommend that you do. We may call you to make sure they’re accurate. We’ll never ask for payments over the phone. Visit the Help Center to learn more. This email was sent to you because you indicated that you’d like to receive alerts to help keep the information on your Business Profile accurate. If you don’t want to receive such emails in the future, please unsubscribe here. © 2023 Google LLC 1600 Amphitheatre
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So how did Mervelee Myers become the CRIMINAL needing Emotional Regulation Treatment to cover up the Judiciary of England and Wales miscarriages of justice http://www.youtube.com/c/RattyNembhardGaGaStreetRebel.

DIGEST       Dear MERVELEE MYERS, Today is the first day of your DIGEST trial! You are in the Standard Care Group of the trial, which means you will continue with your standard diabetes care for the entire trial duration. You will be offered the Habitual total diet replacement programme at the end of the six months. To start, we need to measure your HbA1c levels at baseline. Please follow the instructions on the Thriva blood test kit and send your sample for central processing. Please find the equipment guide at this link which provides instructions on how to use the equipment and at what time points you need to take these measurements. You can refer back to this guide at any time during the trial. Once you’ve done that, please click on the button below to fill out the scheduled trial survey. Start survey You will complete these surveys every two weeks for the next six months. Please complete them as soon as you receive them so that your data is up-to-date and accurate. If you have any questions or require safety guidance, please let me know by replying to this email or calling us on 020 8609 4690. Thanks again for helping us discover new treatments!
Cassy Keenan Research Nurse       Privacy Policy | About Us    
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The Criminal Justice System that Black MP David Lammy reviewed colluded with the Police http://www.met.police.uk that tried to section https://youtu.be/07c29Tc5tzO,

Hit BBC One show SORT YOUR LIFE OUT is looking for families to take part in a brand-new series! They are particularly keen to reach people who are from often underrepresented groups and backgrounds. If your home is in desperate need of a declutter, or you need help streamlining your space with savvy storage solutions, then apply now at: www.optomen.com/Sort-Your-Life-Out  🏠🧼✨ Applicants must be aged 18 or over and based in the UK | Casting closes at 23:59 on 19 May 2023 | T&Cs apply | To see how your data is processed go to: www.optomen.com/contributor-privacy-notice —————— Join us at our Windrush Market We’re hosting our Windrush market in June and we’d love to see you there. Join us over the weekend exploring wonderful stalls whilst catching up with friends. We have lots of new traders and small businesses to discover. Register for FREE below         Saturday, 3 June 2023 11:00 Black Culture Market – Windrush Summer Market Register Downstairs at The Department Store     Discover More Events       Black Culture Market Downstairs at the Department Store 248 Ferndale Road, Brixton, London SW9 8FR GB Unsubscribe  |  Privacy Policy
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Murder https://youtu.be/pakjPJiIURK and

Kidnap https://youtu.be/hQCT3JthZEs me on behalf of Richard Harty https://youtu.be/6-Znc7I7izc and June O’Sullivan http://www.leyf.org.uk MIC abusers operating at HOC Nursery https://youtu.be/hB5InSv156s.

  See her profile, photos and more.                       You’re now friends with Arian Murray on Facebook. You can see her photos, posts and more on her profile.     Arian Murray       View Profile                     Find More Friends               Was this email:Useful | Not useful             This message was sent to ratty.nembhard1956@gmail.com. If you don’t want to receive these emails from Meta in the future, please unsubscribe.
Meta Platforms Ireland Ltd., Attention: Community Operations, 4 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2, Ireland         To help keep your account secure, please don’t forward this email. Learn more      
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As I learned the Labour Party withdraw the WHIP from MP Diane Abbott for article she writes COVID-19 Video https://youtu.be/KXf8b03IDRw.

Mervelee, celebrate Earth Day with these sustainability tips
At Google, sustainability is a core value. Here’s a few useful tips to help us all take care of our planet this year—like learning about climate change, choosing sustainable travel options, and saving fuel while driving.
Get around more sustainably with Maps Google Maps offers more sustainable navigation options, like walking, cycling, buses, and trains.

You can easily find shared bikes and scooters in over 500 cities around the world. And when you need to drive, Google Maps will show you the fastest and the most fuel efficient route, helping you save on fuel while reducing pollution. Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Try it now
Find sustainable travel options with Google If you need to fly, use Google Flights to find flights with lower emissions.

Need somewhere to stay? When you search for hotels on Google, look for the eco-certified badge, which means they’ve been certified sustainable from a trusted third-party group. Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Show me
Learn how you can help limit climate change When you search about climate change on Google, you’ll see actions that anyone can take, provided by sources like the United Nations. See the ways, big and small, we can all take part. Rectangle: Rounded Corners: View actions
Keep your private information safe and secure Strengthen your passwords and the security of your Google Account with our 2-minute Security Checkup.   Find answers Visit our Help Centers to learn about our products and your Google Account.   About Google Visit About Google to get the latest news and updates.   Help make our products even better Sign up for the chance to participate in Google’s User Research studies.
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The Crown Prosecution Service party to the actions of HMCTS CPS CJS IOPC JCIO BSB SRA CCMCC MOPAC HMPPS CLCC HMRC DWP UC as Lord Callanan claim I am not entitled to “Warm Home Discount” https://youtu.be/zVc1ZQLwwTM.

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Sent from Mail for Windows

From: FutureLearn
Sent: 20 April 2023 22:00
To: Mervelee Myers
Subject: Mervelee, your latest recommended courses are here

Upskill with courses tailored for you

view online   Subjects Courses ExpertTracks Degrees     #ThisIsFutureLearning   Upskill with this personalised selection of courses    Mervelee, here are your latest selection of courses, specifically tailored to your interests. Enrol in a course today, and get closer to that dream role or promotion!   Your recommended courses     UEA (University of East Anglia)   Anxiety in Children and Young People during COVID-19     The University of Nottingham   Foundations in Dementia     Mental Health Foundation   Body Image and Mental Health in Young People     University of Reading   Understanding Depression and Low Mood in Young People     University of Reading   Understanding Anxiety, Depression and CBT     King’s College London   Integrating Care: Depression, Anxiety and Physical Illness     Browse all courses   World-class
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learning #ThisIsFutureLearning FutureLearn is a registered company in England and Wales – 8324083. 71 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4V 4BE, United Kingdom. VAT number: GB 322 9894 74 Help & Contact | Unsubscribe
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It’s time Mervelee Myers tell my stories of 30 years of hate crimes in the UK Southwark Police Station https://youtu.be/8g-7jUGZook. Refer to

 ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ View in browser       Register today for Birmingham Wellness Walk   Hi Mervelee,   Fancy taking part in a brand-new event this summer? Join us for our Birmingham Wellness Walk on Sunday, 2 July for an unforgettable experience!   Together we’ll walk 10km, through the distinctive heart of Birmingham, alongside hundreds of fellow Diabetes UK supporters. You’ll get your very own wellness journal and a Birmingham Wellness Walk t-shirt to wear on the day, and between us we’ll paint the town blue.     Your route will start at City Centre Gardens before taking you alongside the city’s calm canal waters, the prestigious buildings of Chamberlain Square, the iconic Bullring, as well as passing plenty of ‘wellness moments’ along the way. You’ll then end up back where you began for your well deserved finisher’s medal.   Our fundraising walk is the perfect way to spend quality time with friends, family and pets 🐕‍🦺 as you explore the iconic sights of Birmingham, while taking steps towards a healthier, happier you. With every step, you’ll be helping to fund our life-changing research, while supporting your wellness and that of your loved ones.   Registration is only £7* while using our limited time special offer. Please use the discount code EARLYBIRD at checkout.           Fancy taking on an even bigger challenge this summer? If you want to extend your wellness journey, why not take on our One Million Step Challenge, which takes place from July to September.     As well as receiving your Wellness Journal, Birmingham t-shirt and your exclusive finisher’s medal, you’ll have the chance to get your hands on our exclusive fundraising rewards. Find out more today.     Have questions about the Birmingham Wellness Walk? We’d love to hear from you. Please email wellnesswalk@diabetes.org.uk or call the Fundraising Events team on 0345 123 2399.   See you there!   Rachel and the Wellness Walk Team   * £7 is a special, limited time only rate obtained when using the discount code. Normal registration rate is £10.       Have a question? Send us an email at wellnesswalk@diabetes.org.uk     Follow Diabetes UK   Get in touch   Contact us Jobs Useful information   About us Helpline Membership Our strategy     View our Privacy and Cookies policies.   Diabetes UK is the operating name of the British Diabetic Association, a charity registered in England and Wales (no. 215199) and in Scotland (no. SC039136) A company limited by guarantee. Registered in England and Wales (no. 339181) VAT registration No. 232 3801 96. Registered office: Diabetes UK | 126 Back Church Lane | London E1 1FH | United Kingdom.   If you do not wish to receive further emails from us, please unsubscribe.  
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Home / Twitter

Refer to

Good afternoon Mervelee

Thank you for your message.  When you registered for the Primary Care Webinar, which took place on 14 September 2022, you requested to be ‘notified of future primary care focussed webinars or teaching events from King’s Health Partners’, and you also requested to ‘receive our fortnightly newsletter’.  We have not shared your contact details with anyone and have only used your email address as requested by yourself.  As you will see from the bottom of my email we are happy to remove anyone at anytime at their request.  I will, therefore, remove you from our distribution list for all events organised by King’s Health Partners.

Kind regards


Wenda Aitchison

Project Officer, Events & Engagement

King’s Health Partners

From: Mervelee Myers <ratty.nembhard1956@gmail.com>
Sent: 19 April 2023 15:48
To: Wenda Aitchison <wenda.aitchison@kcl.ac.uk>; Gmail <ratty.nembhard1956@gmail.com>; mayor@london.gov.uk; COYLE, Neil <neil.coyle.mp@parliament.uk>; COMPLAINTS, Nexus (NEXUS HEALTH GROUP) <nexus.complaints@nhs.net>
Subject: RE: King’s Health Partners – Primary Care learning events

You don’t often get email from ratty.nembhard1956@gmail.com. Learn why this is important

Please refrain from sending me these emails. I consider this to be breaching my RIGHTS under the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics. If you don’t refrain from sending me these email, I will go public.


Mervelee Myers

Sent from Mail for Windows

From: Wenda Aitchison
Sent: 19 April 2023 14:25
Subject: King’s Health Partners – Primary Care learning events

Good afternoon

We have two events in May especially for Primary Care colleagues(although all are welcome to attend).  Please feel free to share this email with other colleagues.

  1. Maternal Medicine course for Primary Care (jointing hosted by King’s Health Partners, Women and Children’s Health, and south-east London Local Maternity System Maternal Medicine). Topics include; perinatal mental health, obesity and pregnancy, and pre-conception.

Wednesday 10 May, 12.30pm-3pm.More information and to register visit Eventbrite.

  • The next KHP Primary Care Webinar will focus on ‘QGenome’ – a NHSE-funded clinical decision aid that provides support for healthcare professionals. It has been co-designed with primary and secondary care clinicians and offers quick access to evidence-based genomic referral, risk assessment and testing guidance.

Wednesday 24 May, 1pm-2pm.  More information and to register visit Eventbrite.  All those registered will receive a link to the recording once it has been uploaded onto the KHP Learning Hub.

Many thanks

Rachna, Jen, Heather and Wenda

Visit our Primary Care web pages on the King’s Health Partner website.

Stay up to date with all our training and events by signing up to our fortnightly newsletter.

If you no longer wish to receive communications from us about the King’s Health Partners Primary Care events, please email wenda.aitchison@kcl.ac.uk to be removed from the distribution list.  

Refer to


One thought on “Without Prejudice Prior To King Charles Crowning Conservatives Labour Prove They Colonise The Windrush Generations Gag Us Via Laws Made Nelson Mandela A Criminal Justice Simler Sent Claim To EAT Caveat Disabilities Freer Claim Am Not Credible Witness Give Samantha Jones Reference Grenfell Tower Inquiry Panel Rodger Martin Reject Racism Baron Sent It Back Hildebrand Stitch Me Up £58,000.00 NDA HHJ Shanks Dight Parfitt Adam Jones Paul Kernaghan Brian Doyle John Booth Some Of HMCTS Criminals Need ERT Safeguard Children From Mental Health Conditions BBC Films Lara Manwaring I Apply For Grandmother Role 23/4/2023

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