Here’s Proof Of GDPR Breach By Facebook LinkedIn Google 2020

Getting noticed on Google has never been easier – get started with Google Ads today. MM Updates: I have from the time I had in 2012. I published on G+ with account. Another important information to be noted is the fact that I was sent memo by CEO to join Social Media to contribute to her BLOG. So I joined and added colleagues. By this time I’d joined where I was an INFLUENCER.

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  • MM Updates: I have done all of this with GOOGLE. However, will have to go PUBLIC to share my mistrust of GOOGLE since I was TARGETED and my POSTS started getting REJECTED. Then when I CHALLENGE the DISCRIMINATION am getting BRIBE.

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

Write a comment… As can be verified with SEARCH ENGINE, my name and images can be found. Yet claim not to have any data for me after withholding my FILE re So I have SAR.

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Words are not enough to express my feelings, hopefully the pictures will help. Kevin, continue to make your parents and those who believe in your potential and abilities, proud.+320Hyacinth Legister Gordon, Careen Nembhard Sinanan and 18 others11 Comments2 SharesLikeCommentShare


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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

Write a comment… Let me throw some light on this story for the reader to get an understanding of my feelings. On the 28 May 2004 published my story and the rest is history. I have been on a few transitions since with to

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Farewell to EU

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Una Cherry is with Sharon Nembhard and Keith Nembhard. January 29 at 8:30 AM · 


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