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13 May 2023

Dear Jennifer Thomas

I am using this media to address your letter dated 10 May 2023 because asking me to do this SURVEY alerted me to the intentions of Nationwide Building Society. If Nationwide was not so intent on acting like Barclays and Santander in defrauding Mervelee Myers and Arnold Ebenezer Tomlinson of our money, they would have taken into considerations the answers I provided for the SURVEY. In addition I posted the SURVEY to all my Social Media platforms for SAFEGUARDING.

Now let me address this OFFENDING THREATS from Nationwide. Without Prejudice let me say that whoever brings to your attention the allegations outlined in this letter is a LIAR. Who is this person to decide my BEHAVIOUR. Probably she was not born when I came to the UK. Therefore, Nationwide must issue me an APOLOGY for DEFAMATION of CHARACTER in writing. And pay COMPENSATION that I will donate to a WORTHY CAUSE under the terms and conditions of the Equality Act Protected Characteristics.

As a Security Conscious Building Society let me give you information proving Nationwide is acting towards me like Barclays did to me not once, but twice. Hence the reasons I have a Joint Account with my HUSBAND. I recently transferred money from Santander after seeking advice from Nationwide. Because Santander set out on a course to scam my HUSBAND out of his money. There was no issues with “REQUESTING FORMAL INDENTIFICATION”. We went through that procedures, so I need this address in the APOLOGY.

As your STAFF who serve me is new and I have been going in the BRANCH whilst they are training, can say you don’t want me to go into SAFE WORKING ENVIRONMENT. As far as I am aware, I was not upset, disappointed, or frustrated with the situations leading to any unacceptable behaviours on my part. As stated in the SURVEY, I am a professional who is capable of dealing with any situations. That’s why when I realise that a potential incident like what happened in Barclays was about to occur. I told the Lady serving me that I would get the person involved to come in the BRANCH to sort the matter. Are you saying that I must accept the DISCRIMINATION by the staff, who set out to TRIGGER me with her BIASES? I am now saying the vein of this letter is DEFAMATION and who are you to tell me to remain CALM and CONDUCT myself APPROPRIATELY. When I came back in the BRANCH and was served by the person who advised the LADY to bypass the PASSPORT after I pleaded. I will therefore, ask for a DONATION for every SLUR on my CHARACTER.

I think you are taking LIBERTIES, not so much on my behalf, but that of my 100 year old HUSBAND who has been a CUSTOMER for more years than we were MARRIED. I am not the one who needs to have any AMICABLE BANKING RELATIONSHIP with Nationwide. Nationwide need to train staff to deal with CUSTOMERS in line with the EQUALITY ACT 2010 PROTECTED CHARACTERISTICS. If in doubt view https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site for more. I am TIRED of the SYSTEMATIC DISCRIMINATION of 30+ years in the MOTHER COUNTRY. In telling me to remain CALM, apart from your role with Nationwide, what trainings did you get to give me such advise from someone who is BIASED. Because I challenge the way she was treating me.     

Without Prejudice I MERVELEE IONIE RATTY NEMBHARD-MYERS-TOMLINSON put on record that the SRVEY and LETTER indications that the reported incidents of unacceptable behaviours towards members of staff is the machination of Nationwide staff who are disgruntled with DISCRIMINATION at Nationwide and decided to CURRY FAVOUR by reporting me to get attention. Whatever REVISED COURSE of ACTION must address why Nationwide staff decided to take out their angst with Nationwide on me.

It is Nationwide behaviour, if continued that will be dealt with. Because as stated above we can look at BARCLAYS and SANTANDER when I come to the CONCLUSION that BANKS and BUILDING SOCIETIES target the VULNERABLE. So THREATING to close my ACCOUNT is another cause for COMPENSATION to be DONATED to a WORTHY CAUSE. I will give Nationwide the chance to address this before going PUBLIC.

Let me WARN Jennifer Thomas that Nationwide will be CHARGED if any such DISCRIMINATION is added to my PROFILE. As stated the LADY who served me might be in need of SUPPORT and Nationwide will not use me as SCAPEGOAT for their FAILURES.

I hope this letter clarifies my position on the matter and that we can continue a positive banking relationship going forward. I would love to discuss this matter with you and your SUPERIOR to come to some agreement about a WRITTEN APOLOGY and COMPENSATION to be AWARDED to the CAUSES of my CHOICE.

Yours Sincerely

Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate turn Activist      

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