Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Coming To End Of LEYF HMCTS CPS CJS Systematic Discrimination I Challenge Hostile Environment Target Of IOPC JCIO BSB CCMCC SRA MOPAC DWP HMPPS CLCC UC HMRC Barclays DBS Social Media I Am Defined By Deficits Limitations Testimony Of Humble Upbringing In Community That Raise A Child Like Me Not To Accept Giving Up As Options

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The Al Jazeera Interview

With Giorgio Tobiolo & Mervelee Myers

Date: 24 April 2023

Location: 16 Alma Grove, Bermondsey, London SE1 5PY – Home since 2000 rescued by Housing for Women from Domestic Violence.   I meet the Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin at Web: www.hfw.org.uk Housing for Women AGM on Tuesday 25 March 2014 at the Church House Conference Centre, Dean’s Yard, London SW1P 3NZ. Great Smith Street Entrance. I worked at MAFF as a Contract Cleaner where I had to have Security Clearance. The Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin created history as the Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons. It was during the interval that the Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin asked where I am from, and the conversation led to me realising we are “Distant Relative”. Before, she was talking about going home to interview her mother for her “Autobiography”. During the session I learned that we shared much in common, growing up in Jamaica with few years between us.     

Interview Questions

Name: Mervelee Ionie Ratty Nembhard-Myers-Tomlinson. Registered ERMINE MERVELEE IONIE NEMBHARD.  After two miscarriages of justice https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016, the unlawful arrests www.met.police.uk  and illegal entries to my home https://youtu.be/5irCkGIrCRo resulting in the impacts on my mental and physical impairments https://youtu.be/BipD-9IywPQ For more.

Age: Born 19th May 1959 age 63+ years old.   

Occupation: Resigned from LEYF 27th September 2015 with a Nervous Breakdown as an Early Years Practitioner EYFS Coordinator, SENCO and Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator. I have worn many HATS. Word Press Publications 25/4/2023 refer to  https://merveleeadvocacy.com/2023/04/25/without-prejudice-mervelee-myers-overcome-leyf-hmcts-cps-cjs-systematic-discrimination-expose-governments-breach-equality-act-2010-protected-characteristics-ann-widdecombe-tory-expel-diane-abboty-lab/

Like Nelson Mandela I was made a CRIMINAL needing Emotional Regulation Treatment to cover the miscarriages of the Judiciary of England and Wales https://youtu.be/U7BjwnMVs5M.

The illegal entry to my home on the 30th November 2020 by Police to MURDER me to say I commit SUICIDE on behalf of the Criminal Justice System https://youtu.be/VIAHqfnk6EK.  

The HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT of the Crown Prosecution Service from 30th October 2017 after the Police failed to act on the verbal threats of Barrister Ryan Clement https://www.ryanclement.com. And the verbal threats in emails and via telephone by Winsome Duncan www.peachespublications.co.uk

But the Police and Ambulance Service turning up at my home on the 30/10/2017 to SECTION me from the malicious report I write on https://www.facebook.com/groups/RattyNembhard/  I was feeling SUICIDAL.

The pattern of SYSTEMATIC DISCRIMINATION continued to February 2023 as can be ascertain online.

My Self-Chosen Occupation: Mental Health & SEND Advocate turn ACTIVIST https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site for more. I have not worked since I resigned on the 27th September 2015 with the second NERVOUS BREAKDOWN in a TOXIC workplace https://youtu.be/gHCI4sbgvo for more.        

What do you think of the Monarchy?

I am addressing this from the perspectives of my 100-year-old husband Arnold Ebenezer Tomlinson and myself. Therefore, let me start with the POSITIVES that I am hoping can outweigh the NEGATIVES? I am currently wearing one of my many HATS and hopefully, my mind will not be clouded with the EMOTIONAL baggage I collected after the death of my MOTHER which leave my husband and I TRAUMATISED https://fb.watch/cERJS-gazq/. In speaking for myself and husband who grew up in Jamaica in different era, my opinion of the Monarchy is based on my upbringing and understanding of what it means to be educated in the English Educational Systems https://youtu.be/5irCkGIrCRo for more. I have no issues with the Monarchy until I became the target of the HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT in the MOTHER COUNTRY that I grew up believing was there to PROTECT me https://youtu.be/8g7jUGZook for more. How wrong could I have been? I must therefore use some of the sayings of my OLD FOLKS to clarify my thinking of the MONARCHY in 2023, the year of the Windrush Jubilee 75. Because I was page one of ITV News for Windrush 70, when I was visited in a DREAM to change the clothes, I had chosen to wear. The results were I was photographed and my photograph hit the headlines. Yet I was not considered good enough to be interviewed by the BLACK Reporter once a famous person was scene https://youtu.be/IsGQ56v7Ypo for more. Therefore, I take exceptions to the fact that after I was denied my ENTITLEMENTS when I challenge the SYSTEMATIC DISCRIMINATION. A LORD CALLANAN can claim I am not entitled to the Warm Home Discount I was given before https://www.facebook.com/100000722790256/videos/1959094327457975/ for more. I must find out who is Lord Callanan and add him to my lists of BIGOTS that breached the EQUALITY ACT 2010 PROTECTED CHARACTERISTICS https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php… For more https://www.facebook.com/100000.com/videos/3318031018230959/ for more.

The Mother Country in becoming a HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT is Like

1. The Cow that gives a pail of milk and kicked it over.

2. The Cruel Stepmother who sent the child to bed hungry  

Now I will have to write a POEM about

If A Child Lives With… I CAN’T TEK IT NO MORE comes to mind…

The Negatives V Positives

Considering my CONTRIBUTIONS to British Values and the discrimination twice after I experienced BEREAVEMENT and LOSSES, I think the MONARCHY is party to providing the HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT that TRAUMATISED my husband and me https://youtu.be/4W4LMP3Se7s for more.

Cultural Ambassador

My online footprints are testament to my CONTRIBUTIONS. However, I was pushed over the edge to become the HCT Group Impact report 2016 statistics www.hctgroup.org of 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment. When I did not commit SUICIDE, my husband and I are 600,000 older people in the UK say they leave their home once per week or less. I am getting https://www.google.com Google Maps Views of 1000,000 + 90,000 so who is Viewing my PHOTOS.

Social Butterfly

My CREDENTIALS can be verified online. However, I was labelled UURICA-LE after the death of my MOTHER to trigger my TRAUMAS https://www.voicetheunion.org.uk discriminated against me too.

Open Letters & Petition

The Diane Abbott STORY makes it crucial to find out why she has written an ARTICLE for a National Newspaper and feel the need to APOLOGIGE. Could this be a CRY for HELP? I worked https://www.bbc.co.uk at White City as a Contract Cleaner where I noticed the “Workplace Nursery”.

The Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics

 I sew my skirt to celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Kate. I was at St Marys Hospital to welcome Baby Prince George https://careers.kch.nhs.uk for more.


Allegations were made at a wedding that RUINED my CAREER https://www.lambetcollege.ac.uk for more, impacted on the life of me and my husband https://turneyschool.co.uk for more. My biggest concern about the MONARCHY is the people who are INFLUENCING them https://www.eecera.org and www.crec.co.uk for more.  For example, Duchess Kate launched her CHILD MENTAL HEALTH in Stockwell LEYF Nursery near where I lived when I experienced DOMESTIC ABUSE and made homeless http://jamaica-star.com/articles/20161128/jlp-breaks-pnps-dominance-westmoreland for more.


Pembroke House WLR https://www.facebook.com/Pembrokehouse/videos/302334554093821/? o

What is your opinion of King Charles?

I will address this question on behalf of my husband. He said Charles should step aside for Prince William. I am RESPECTFUL of my ELDERS. I am in love with a LOVE STORY like CHARLES and CAMILLA. I have a card from them to celebrate my husband’s BIRTHDAY and I will make the most of it.

8 Will you be watching the Coronation of the King? YES!

Caribbean Nations have signalled they want to cut ties with the Monarch as their Head of State. What are your views on this?

Answer as RELEVANT…

Refer to Mervelee Advocacy https://home/merveleeadvocacy.com and Fight4justice https://wordpress.com/home/mervelee.com for more.

Copyright Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate



Critical Thinker



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