Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Came Out Of 8+ Years Of Hell An Empowered Black Woman Who Will Not Be Defined By Disabilities June O’Sullivan’s Days Numbered Mask Of Sanity Reveal Psychopath When She Got An MBE Target The Female In Leadership Wants To Be Remembered As MIC A Disruptive Influence Social Media Can’t Save Her Via Cyberbullying 15/1/2023


To Whom It May Concern

I am writing on behalf of Mervelee Myersof 16 Alma Grove, Bermondsey, London SE1 5PY who I met at the Walworth Living Room, a subsidiary of Pembroke House.

I was working in partnership with Cardboard Citizens delivering the “Theatre of the Oppressed” training. Mervelee was one the older female in the group.

I identified that she is/was a gifted and talented natural performer who was able to create the most amazing scenarios at the spur of the moment.

However, Mervelee prefered to stay in the background which seemed to be her comfort zone. I was sensitive towards Mervelee and her needs when she confided in me about her “Chronic Anxiety” which affected her without prior notice. Therefore, I used the prescribed techniques via the training to support her in maximising her potential as a performer. I encouraged her not to be overshadowed by her disabilities that affected her performance within the group.

Mervelee got back in touch with me about the Windrush Day Playback Storytelling at the Brixton Library. She attended and was a participant. She is involved with the 6 rehearsal sessions for the playback “Theatre PERFORMANCES”.

Training is in progress and Mervelee is one of the stars of the performances. She is favourite with everyone who finds her “Wicked Sense of Humour” helps them to relax and be themselves.

I must say how much Mervelee has grown in confidence since the time I trained her at the Walworth Living Room in 2019. If you need more evidence of our engagement from 2019 and how she has taken on my advice and encouragement during training and making use of her natural talents.

Please refer to my social media to see her in action.

Mervelee is an all-round performer who writes poetry, sings and is using her natural talents and experiences in helping others.

I introduced Mervelee to Jessie Lloyd who visited Brixton from Australia MAPPING BRIXTON THROUGH SONG project.

Mervelee has written a song Brixton Market that she recorded at the Raw Material Studios in Robsart Street Brixton.

The ORIGINS Festival will kick off 2023 by releasing a brand new interactive app designed to take users on a journey through Brixton to uncover the songs, stories and memories of recent history.

The app is being created by award winning transformative public arts company Aswarm to be released in February 2023. 

I can recommend her for any position she thinks she can undertake as a prolific writer, performer and “Cultural Ambassador”. Her credentials can also be accessed and referenced online.


Tony Cealy

Arts Practitioner & Producer


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