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Ancestry DNA 22 November 2022

Ethnicity estimate

Your DNA looks most like DNA from these 8 world regions

We compare your DNA against a worldwide reference panel to see which populations your DNA looks most like.

How do we calculate this?


Ivory Coast & Ghana25%

Benin & Togo11%

Cameroon, Congo & Western Bantu Peoples5%



England & Northwestern Europe2%

Sweden & Denmark1%


View all 1,800+ regions tested

Updated July 2022

View previous estimate & FAQs

Remember to check out your communities, ThruLines®, and StoryScout®.

Ethnicity inheritance

Your regions inherited from each parent

Your parents each contributed half of your DNA. Now, you can see which ethnicities you inherited from each parent—even if they haven’t taken tests.


Inherited from Parent 1

A pie chart showing your ethnicity estimate, split into half inherited from Parent 1, and half from Parent 2. You received 38% of Nigeria from Parent 1, and 11% from Parent 2. Click View Breakdown to learn more.

Inherited from Parent 2

Chromosome painter BETA

See your ethnicity inheritance painted on your DNA.

Chromosome painter

View breakdownHow we identify this

DNA communities

Your DNA connects you to 1 community.

Communities form when we identify AncestryDNA members whose ancestors probably came from the same place or cultural group.

How this works



Connected to your regions: Ivory Coast & Ghana; Benin & Togo; Nigeria

DNA matches

Where your family lives today

You are genetically related to these other AncestryDNA members.

Profile photo of user Ralph Foster.
Profile photo of user Kevin McDonald.
Profile photo of user Nikkolas Williams.


Total DNA matches

Profile photo of user Lloyd Brown.
Profile photo of user Heather Jennings.
Profile photo of user Donnica Williams Richardson.


Matches sharing their location

View all DNA matches

 Add location in your profile so we can show it on the map.

Do more

View stories of your ancestors

We found stories about your possible ancestors in our records.


Share your DNA Story

Share a link of your result summary or save an image to share on social media.

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