Mervelee, I noticed you haven’t registered for The Black Secret yet, so can I ask what’s your #1 question about Black History? Here’s a list of frequently asked questions, below. Why study Black History? A lack of access to information about Black history and African heritage has contributed to many Black people feeling disempowered in their lives. Learning Black history can have a profound impact on your self-esteem and what you believe you can achieve in life. What good will learning about the past do for me today? People tend to think that history is all about the past, in fact awareness of history has a profound impact on the present. Knowing the truth about your own history is transformative and life changing, it transforms and expanse your view of yourself and leads to productive and progressive individuals who have a positive impact on their communities. How will learning about past glories help us deal with current issues? We know from experience that learning the truth about Black History can erase limiting believes that people hold about themselves and others in their communities. In the 30 plus years I have been teaching this course, I have seen how it has positively impacted and transformed people’s mindsets, improving their lives and those in their communities. I know investing in yourself and committing to learn this topic can be a small but important step, but I PROMISE YOU that you’ll be so glad you made it. Here’s what other people have been saying about The Black Secret Education Project:   Testimonials  
“I was invited to attend an introduction session in 2017, from this session I felt this was the right place to be in my life. The impact of attending the classes was life changing for me, the emotions I felt during and after the sessions was ground breaking, years of sadness, anger and confusion revealed itself. I had the opportunity to explore, learn and develop during these classes. One of the many things I gained by attending these classes was been able to safely start processing my past and learn to live in the present with optimism for the future and the ripple effect on my loved one has been a pleasure to watch. Thank you to all the team at CSEP.” Selena Maxwell

“It’s been awesome to learn from the Black History Man; Robin Walker who has a wealth of information that is not taught in schools. What I’ve learnt so far has given me a knowledge of self that has begun to dispel some the frustrations of my unpleasant experiences in school, socially and the workplace.” Andrée Ingrid Mullings   I’d love to add YOUR story here someday. So please go register for the course before our special early bird discount closes. See ZaZa Ali’s review of When We Ruled here! Don’t forget, when you signup today, you’ll also receive Bonus Classes What is The Black Secret Education Project? The African Origin of ‘The Secret’ Get Empowered, Enlightened, and Educated in the knowledge of Black history, and see how it changes your life for the better. YOU can do this. Just watch this video and get signed up. The Black Secret Education Project “Quietly Empowering the People.”   Robin Walker Visit our website for more information and to download our free e-book
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