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15 November 2022 Housing For Women Complaint


Ms Mervelee Myers
16 Alma Grove

                                                                               My reference: 2022000052
                                                                               Please ask for: A.Watson

Dear Ms Mervelee Myers

Stage 1 response to your complaint ref: 2022000052

I have reviewed your complaint at stage 1 of our internal complaint procedure and
am writing to provide you with HfW’s response.

MM Response: Why did HfW wipe the Portal?  HfW continues lying. Where did they send the report?

You complained to HfW about:

• Length of time to replace the broken radiator MM Response: Why was the Portal wiped?  
• Handling of your external door repairs MM Response: Portal wiped to cover up HfW Elder Abuse
• Lack of communication regarding the tree removal MM Response: The tree has since been removed by the Neighbour
• Outstanding repairs to the broken fence MM Response: Portal wiped
• Length of time to replace the glass to the communal door MM Response: HfW NEGLIGENCE resulted in additional PTSD
• Reports of anti-social behaviour regarding your neighbour MM Response: HfW must be held accountable for colluding with Systematic Discrimination against me.

I understand that to resolve your complaint you are seeking:

• The fence to be repaired MM Response: Why Portal wiped?
• Apology regarding complaint handling MM Response: HfW has ruined their chances so APOLOGY is not enough. I want COMPENSATION.
• Clear communication regarding who is responsible for the tree removal MM Response:
• For H4W to accept negligence MM Response: HfW will not only accept NEGLIGENCE they must pay.
• Apology for a member of staff hanging up the phone MM Response: Again HfW is compounding the discrimination.
• Complaint to be resolved amicably MM Response: HfW has forfeited their right to have the COMPLAINT resolved AMICABLY at this stage.

MM Response: The above would have occurred over the years I lived here from December 2000 to date.

In investigating your complaint, I have considered the following:

• Reviewed our policy MM Response: I have 2 Reviewed Tenancy Agreements 2001 and 2007.
• Spoke with our contractors MM Response: HfW is a LIAR and capable of entering the Communal Passage with the key I gave them to AMBUSH me.  
• Reviewed our contractors’ systems MM Response: I was a member of HfW Scrutiny Panel.
• Reviewed our service standards MM Response: Why wipe the Portal?

MM Response: I was a member of HfW Customer Panel as the Minute Taker. Most of those involved with the TERRORISM are new to HfW.

I spoke with our heating contractor Watret with regards to the broken radiator. MM Response: HfW continues to stuff their foot in their mouth as they have changed from a safe haven that rescued me to a terror cell targeting me to give my home to the highest bidders trafficking women to the UK.  They advised there were no repairs reported with regards to a broken radiator in the last six months but there have been repairs raised regarding the heating not working. MM Response: Why has HfW wiped the Portal? The heating was on 24/7 and not going off. So, I did not report it was not working at this time. However, I have a radiator I bought when the heating was not working as proof. There are more evidence logged online.

A heating engineer attended on the 27th October 2022 and advised there was no fault
found and gave you a demonstration on how to use the Honeywell wireless room stat. MM Response: The attending of the Heating Engineer has nothing to do with my complaint about HfW TERRORISM from Debbie Gilchrist broke the glass on 12-13/12/2021.
He also wrote down instructions on how to operate it. MM Response: I find this remark to be discriminatory and in breach of the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics.

I therefore deem this part of your complaint not upheld. MM Response: All those involved at HfW must be charged for Elder Abuse. I have documented evidence online to back up my stories about H4W terrorism.

I reviewed our contractor, MCP’s portal to investigate the repairs reported regarding
your front door. There are no reports in the past year, of a repair being raised
regarding a fault to the lock on the front door. MM Response: Why was the Portal wiped and where or who did HfW sent the Report to on 14/11/2022?
I therefore deem this part of the complaint not upheld. MM Response: HfW refer to YouTube and websites.

On investigating the communication between H4W and yourself, I was unable to find
evidence that demonstrated we had been clear with a decision regarding the tree
removal. I can confirm that it is the resident’s responsibility to maintain the garden.
This will include the removal of a tree. MM Response: In conversations with MCP I was given information that caused MCP to make several visits to Alma Grove.
We are sorry we were not clear in our communication and for the delay in responding
back to you.
This section of the complaint is upheld. MM Response: HfW will not getting away acting like the terrorists they have become and collaborating with the neighbour to traumatise me and my husband.

It was reported on the 23rd February 2022 a repair to the gate and fence was
required. MM Response: Why was the Portal wiped?

A make safe was carried out but inline with our policy, it is the resident’s
responsibility to repair/replace a fence that divides two gardens. MM Response: What make safe is HfW talking about? They came to replace the front garden gate that was recently repaired.  The back garden gate is still not repaired.

After reviewing the photos held on the contractor’s portal that the fence in question divides two gardens. MM Response: The fence that HfW is responsible for divides 2 HfW premises and have been repaired and replaced by HfW from I moved here in December 2000.
We therefore are unable to fulfil your request by repairing/replacing the fence. MM Response: When did these changes happen? Why did HfW wiped the Portal about repairs from I moved here in 2000?

On the 22nd May 2022 it was reported to our repairs contractor, the communal door
had a smashed pane of glass. A board up was completed to the broken glass on the
22/05/2022. The glass was replaced on the 18th July 2022 which is outside of our
standard timescales. MM Response: What about the smashed glass on 12-13/12/2021 when the Police was involved? The glass was not replaced until almost a week later. During December 2021 to 22nd May 2022 there were incidents leading up to the neighbour smashing the glass again. Because HfW joined the SYSTEMATIC DISCRIMINATION of MERVELEE MYERS to push me over the edge.
I therefore deem this section of the complaint upheld.

I have requested an anti-social behaviour case is opened on your behalf. My colleague
from the complaints department will contact you with the case reference number. MM Response: If HfW think they are going to get away with TERRORISM they can start doing their RESEARCH online where I have been logging the TERRORISM to SAFEGUARD my HUSBAND and me. The DAMAGE that was done cannot be paid for. HfW must pay COMPENSATION as well as issue a PUBLIC APOLPGY online to me and my husband for adding to the PTSD.  

I was unable to find any evidence of a complaint being logged relating to the above
issues you have raised with us. Therefore, I am unable to review the complaint
handling. MM Response: Refer to the letter of April 2019 about the catalogue of DISCRIMINATION. Why did HfW wipe the PORTAL?

I am sorry you had to report a staff member terminating your call when you contacted
us. We take reports of poor conduct by our inhouse staff and contractors very
seriously. We appreciate that you found this experience unpleasant, and we assure
you that it was not representative of the services we aim to deliver. MM Response: I find this statement to be REPUGNANT and REPULSIVE after HfW issued me with ASB. It was not once, every time I called this was the response from the time Samantha Gibbs did it to me. Therefore, HfW will be charged with TERRORISM.

This concludes Stage 1 of our internal complaints process. I am sorry that you had
cause to complain to HfW. I hope that this letter shows that your feedback has been
fully considered and hope that you are satisfied with this response. MM Response: How can HfW expect me to be satisfied with this response after the TRAUMAS they caused me and my 99-year-old husband, after I gave them every chance to make amends and put the matter right. Recently I was called late at night by a person claiming to be doing SURVEY on behalf of HfW. She hang the phone up on me, because I refuse to give her the answers she wanted to hear. My stepson was here fixing the doorbell when it happened.

If you are dissatisfied with our response, you should reply within 20 working days
explaining why you remain dissatisfied and what you are seeking as an outcome. MM Response: How about HfW start with my Portal by putting back my DATA and giving me access to paying my RENT so I am not THREATENED with EVICTION again. I contacted H4W about the Portal and days after the person who called me hang up the phone on me too. This pattern of hanging up the phone on me started with Samantha Gibbs, Trina Philbert and others, some of whose name I do not know. Therefore, HfW must have given staff the authority to hang up the phone on me.

This reply should be addressed to: complaints@h4w.co.uk  or by hard copy to:
HfW Complaints Team
Sixth Floor, Blue Star House
234-244 Stockwell Road

Your complaint will then be reviewed by the Director of Operations at stage 2 of our
internal complaint procedure as outlined in our Complaints Policy. A copy of this
policy can be viewed online at:
As a registered social landlord, we strive to adhere to the principles outlined in the
Housing Ombudsman’s Complaint Handling Code, which can be viewed online at:

Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate.

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