Without Prejudice 8 Years After Mum Died Stripe Of Dignity Denied Entitlements Am To Be Assessed For Capability For Work By DWP UC Protect Paedophiles LEYF Richard Harty MIC 7/11/22 June O’Sullivan Must Be Jail Now

So Home-Start Southwark listen https://www.facebook.com/100000722790256/videos/1959094327457975/ for more Job Title: Family Support Worker (Fixed-term) (internally this role is known as School-Home

Support Practitioner (SHSP)

Reports to: Coordinator – Parental Engagement and Link person at School

Line Management: N/A

Location: Pilgrims’ Way Primary School, Manor Grove, London SE15 1EF and Bellenden

Primary School, 6 Dewar St, London SE15 4JP

Key relationships: School colleagues, parents and children, external agencies such as CAMHS, social

services, social housing agencies across two Southwark School

Contract: Term time only

Hours: Full Time – 5 days per week term time only – 35 hours per week, 2.5 days across

both schools

Salary: £21,808 – £24,275 (this is the actual salary)

Benefits: Pension, life assurance, employee assistance programme

For over 35 years, School-Home Support has been working with children, families and schools to break

the cycle of poor school attendance, low educational attainment, anti social behaviour, crime, low paid

or no job, generation after generation. School-Home Support gets children and young people back into

school, ready to learn. Whatever it takes.

Purpose of role

To work with families, parents, carers and the school to enable children and young people to have full

access to educational opportunities and overcome the barriers to learning. This may include working

with the wider family and community.

Work Context

Based in two primary schools in Southwark, London the SHS Practitioner will work from a child centred

approach and primarily be concerned with developing and maintaining good working relationships with

parents/carers, children and young people, teachers, head teachers and various educational support

staff and other agencies. The workload is varied and is negotiated with the schools prior to the

appointment of the SHS Practitioner.

Level of contact with children and young people

The responsibilities of the post require the post-holder to have substantial, unsupervised and daily

contact with children, young people and their families and is subject to an enhanced Disclosure and

Barring Service check. SHS will organise and pay for this certificate.

Internal contacts

Colleagues of School-Home Support (UK) to share tasks, information and good practice, colleagues

throughout the organisation who may be in a position to assist with, or require help from the SHS

Practitioner in the fulfilment of the role. This includes colleagues in both schools and the Central Office.

This is not a definitive list.

October 2022 Page 1 of 5

External contacts

This includes: head teachers, teachers, SENCOs, parents, carers and families, students, youth workers,

other SHSPs/PSAs and learning mentors, health workers, voluntary sector organisations, researchers,

other professionals in related fields of work. This is not a definitive list.

Other Organisations

Professional contacts include: social services, schools, voluntary organisations, youth and community

workers and groups, religious and cultural groups, benefits agencies, general practitioners etc. This is

not a definitive list.


School-Home Support takes very seriously the duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of

children. We are committed to ensuring our safeguarding procedures reflect statutory responsibilities,

government guidance and comply with best practice. Our policy recognises that the welfare and

interests of children are paramount in all circumstances and we therefore take all necessary steps to

protect them.

Main responsibilities and tasks:

Work with families

1. Work with parents/carers in a school context, supporting them and building their engagement with

their child’s learning.

2. To design and/or facilitate a flexible range of programmes of intervention to support parents/carers

of children identified as vulnerable.

3. To undertake outreach work which may include home visits, to offer a flexible support service in

accordance with the SHS lone worker policy, in order to improve parental engagement with the

school and with the child’s learning.

4. To act as advocate, mediator and negotiator in confrontational situations, maintaining

communication with young people, parents/carers, schools and other agencies. This will include

initiating and participating in meetings to discuss and develop ways of resolving problems.

5. To provide targeted support on a one to one basis or for small groups with parents/carers, children

and young people through either self-referral or school staff referral.

6. To advise and inform parents/carers about relevant local services and where appropriate to make

referrals to other agencies.

Liaison with other agencies

7. To ensure effective communication between the school, parents/carers and external agencies and

to understand the school’s culture and ethos.

8. To provide informal opportunities for all parents/carers to access specialist support in the school

and local community to increase their capacity to independently support the child’s learning.

9. To act in accordance with SHS and the school’s child protection procedures and ensure the job

holder keeps up to date with relevant training in this area.

10. To attend and contribute to child protection conferences, reviews, core group meetings, pastoral

support plan meetings and school reviews as appropriate, which may support the Early Help

Assessment (EHA).

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Monitoring and evaluation

11. To keep accurate electronic daily records and all documentation pertaining to meetings/contact

with children and young people and their families.

12. To maintain receipts and documentation of any expenditure in order to facilitate the monitoring of

the budget.

13. Produce a written annual report before the end of each summer term with case studies.

14. To take ownership and fully participate in termly work plan reviews and the annual appraisal to

determine priorities both for the school and for SHS.

Additional requirements depending on the needs of the school

15. Where appropriate to provide transition support between secondary school and feeder primary

schools and between infant school and junior school. This will also include mid-term admissions.

16. To plan, prepare and run high quality, outcome focused informal and formal parenting groups,

workshops and courses, in line with the project objectives and local authority Parenting Strategy.

17. To support parents/carers of children and young people identified as at risk of exclusion or having

been excluded.

18. To monitor and track the attendance and punctuality of children and young people and work with

families and School attendance staff to gain improvements though identifying and tackling

underlying issues.

19. To provide targeted work with children and young people who have persistent absence.

Other Organisational Responsibilities

20. To attend out of hours meetings, for example parent evenings and school events.

21. To regularly attend local area meetings and conferences and other meetings or working groups for

exchange of information and “best practice”.

22. To take ownership and develop a learning plan and review this with the SHS line manager to ensure

reflection and development of own practice.

23. To ensure that good practice and equal opportunity principles are complied with and promoted in

accordance with SHS values and Diversity/Equal Opportunities Policy.

24. To conform to health and safety legal requirements as laid down by the school and SHS.

25. To ensure that a high level of confidentiality is maintained in all aspects of working with children,

young people and their families.

This job description is not exhaustive; it outlines the key tasks and responsibilities of the post. These key tasks and

responsibilities are subject to change. Any changes will be made in consultation with the postholder. You will be

expected in undertaking the above role to comply with any policies and procedures that SHS may iss

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