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[07:56, 26/07/2022] Tony Cealy: Good morning.

I hope you’re doing well and thriving.

This is the WhatsApp group for the playback theatre group.

At the moment I’ve set the settings to just me sending you messages (that will change in time) so we can focus on our business at hand.

Our next rehearsal will be next week Tuesday 2nd August 4.30pm – 8.00pm at Brixton Road Youth Club 143 – 145 Brixton Road SW9 6LZ.

The other rehearsal sessions are from 4.30pm – 8.00pm on Tuesdays on the following:

  • 9th 16th & 23rd August

Looking forward to working with you again. ❤️
[08:07, 26/07/2022] Tony Cealy: If you want to share or invite others to join our group, you can send them these links.


[14:57, 01/08/2022] Tony Cealy: Greetings everyone
Hope you’re doing well.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow for our Windrush Playback rehearsal 4.30pm – 8.00pm at Brixton Road Youth Club 143 – 145 Brixton Road SW9 6LZ
[09:21, 03/08/2022] Tony Cealy: Well done everyone yesterday’s session was brilliant.

Here’s one of the videos from the session.

[23:49, 09/08/2022] Tony Cealy: Amazing work today well done everyone.

Here’s the link for you to promote your forthcoming October performance:

[08:28, 16/08/2022] Tony Cealy: Good morning all.

I hope you’re all doing well and looking forward to today’s rehearsal session at 4.30pm.

Here’s a reminder of the basic 3 techniques we will be focusing on in our rehearsal session.


❤️Fluid sculpts
Short abstract sounds and movement that represent a feeling or a moment.

Can also be words phrases gestures actions that are repetitive in a rhythmic way.

You step out on stage (one-at-a-time) to the centre contributing or reflecting or capturing an REPETITIVE aspect of the “tellers” experience

  • should last no longer than 90 seconds
  • Listen to each other whilst on stage
  • Build all together towards a climax – all freeze together and then all look at the teller

[12:13, 20/08/2022] Tony Cealy: Good afternoon

Hope you’re doing well.

Here’s the link for the November performance.

Please share it amongst your friends and family.

Please note that this venue has a limited capacity.

See you all on Tuesday for our final rehearsal session.

[22:16, 23/08/2022] Tony Cealy: Such a wonderful session today thanks everyone for contributing to a wonderful memorable session.

Here’s some of the video footage from today’s session:

Also included here are the two links to the forthcoming performances in October and November.



You will also find that this WhatsApp group is open to you to contact each other to stay connected.

Looking forward to seeing and working with you all soon 🙏🏿
[22:24, 23/08/2022] +44 7956 378671: Thank you Tony for capturing the moment and to the rest of the participants for making it so much fun and memorable – Lloyd
[22:50, 23/08/2022] +44 7702 159510: I really enjoyed all the sessions thank you everyone
[22:54, 23/08/2022] +44 7775 943698: I agree 👍 💯
[22:55, 23/08/2022] +44 7702 159510: Totally
[00:31, 24/08/2022] +44 7496 035296: Thanks Tony for bringing people together. I am Sorry I missed the sessions. And thanks for sharing. Sorry, Tony, I am a bit confused here, because I Can’t see the structure and the take aways or the solutions from the individuals performance. What are you trying to create and what problem is it solving? Please help me to understand it. Thanks.
[06:56, 24/08/2022] Duncan Lawrence: I am so glad that we had so much hidden talents emerge last night…very impressive!!! Please practice practice practice. Please also feel free to send me lyrics and music/you tube videos via email or WhatsApp if you need me to learn anything for you. Remember, practice with this in mind;am I hoping to perform before the show starts (?) or during the breaks, if so I need to practice practice practice and be prepared…am I hoping to maybe add a few seconds to any ‘improvised ensemble moments’(?), if so I need to practice maybe 10-15 seconds worth of materials with, perhaps a friend timing me…this break period is an excellent period to practice and have fun while doing it🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♀️. Enjoy your days…Your Proud New Fan, Duncan ( diversitymanagementlcl@gmail.com)
[17:18, 24/08/2022] +44 7956 501172: Good evening all,
Just checking in on the October 22 date pls.
Fay xx
[18:57, 24/08/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Ah Come Mi Just a Come…! Thanks to ALL for being on this Journey… Don’t get my downloads yet. Might need to clear space
[18:35, 25/08/2022] +44 7860 253593: Thanks Tony ❤ for putting up with me for 6 weeks I enjoyed socialising with others we all are very supportive of each other having fun and whilst learning I really enjoy working on projects playback and at the end of our classes finished with mass up everything we done playback successfully 😀 👍 hopefully we all get to see 👀 each other sooner than we thinking positively about everthing we have done. Take care all lots of love keep safe 💗 💖 💕 Marguerita
[18:41, 25/08/2022] Tony Cealy: Thanks for sharing your most welcome 🙏🏿
[19:28, 25/08/2022] Dawn Williams: Hi all I’m just waiting to hear back from management regarding doing a playback performance in Oct for 100 BMOL community mentoring program with parents, staff and young people. Will post as soon as they get back to me. 🙏🏼
[19:32, 25/08/2022] Tony Cealy: Do you have any idea of when the date might be?
[19:36, 25/08/2022] Dawn Williams: Open day is 1/9/22, then that leaves 15/9 or 29/9 as these are the days we have the young people in for mentoring sessions. Unless they use the 8/9 or 22/9 for the performance as a extra day? I’m due to speak to the president today or tomorrow so I’ll give update after.
[19:41, 25/08/2022] +44 7423 050965: It might be early November because there isn’t enough time to incorporate this in one meeting for JCCAN, the Joint Council of Churches for all NATIONS.
[21:54, 25/08/2022] Tony Cealy: Ok please report back when you know more. I can’t do 29th September
[21:54, 25/08/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: I am working in partnership with a Teacher who is a Publisher. There is possibility he can get one of my books ready for October…? So, of course there will be performances from the Group! Also starting the planning for the Century 2023!
[22:13, 25/08/2022] Dawn McKay: I am out of London on 8 and 9 and also not available for the 29th
[00:19, 26/08/2022] Dawn Williams: Sorry I had the wrong dates 🤪🤪it’s 1/10/22, then 15/10/22 or 29/10/22. The 8/10/22 and 22/10/22 are the Saturdays in between 😂😂
[00:21, 26/08/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: I will be going to Birmingham on the 1/10/2022.
[00:23, 26/08/2022] +44 7702 159510: I’m working all them date
[00:24, 26/08/2022] Tony Cealy: I can only do the 22nd or 29th
[08:49, 26/08/2022] +44 7956 501172: Morning everyone,
Once we know the date I can arrange the time.
Have a blessed Friday 😁
[22:01, 27/08/2022] Tony Cealy: MAPPING BRIXTON THROUGH SONG (MUSIC MAP)

Local people who care passionately about Brixton’s music, history and culture wanted for a unique Music Mapping project.

During October 2022, Indigenous Australian musician Jessie Lloyd will be resident in Brixton, working with local people to create a “music map” of the area’s history.

Mapping Brixton through Song, is the first time Jessie has worked in this way outside Australia, following an invitation from Border Crossings’ ORIGINS Festival and the UK-Australia Season. 

She’s keen to meet people from the community, talk about living in Brixton, hear the songs associated with their memories and collaborate with them to co-create several new Brixton songs at two Black History Month events.

The songs will becom…
[14:08, 04/09/2022] Jason Foster: Peace and blessings Wndrush family!
I hope all of you are well!

I ask a small favour.

I am a targeted Individual who is being stalked by my family neighbors and community,

The flat I live in is one which has hidden cameras in very room.

I have made a video which I am asking you to please listen to til the end I must give you trigger warnings from now however this is my life at the moment.

I stay positive however my voice must be heard!!!

Please share this video with all you social media platforms. I would be truly grateful.

Blessed 🙏🏿
[14:17, 04/09/2022] Jason Foster: This video was originally 28 minutes long, it seems I am hitting a nerve. SMDH
[21:52, 04/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: When it Download I will listen and act
[21:52, 04/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: I don’t have much space on my phone
[21:53, 04/09/2022] Jason Foster: Ok
[22:43, 04/09/2022] +44 7860 253593: We have a community
meeting coming up next month I wondered
If you would like to attend and shared with us yourself that’s why it is for to helping people out Marguerita
[22:46, 04/09/2022] Jason Foster: It sounds like a plan, let me know Thank you
[22:54, 04/09/2022] Jason Foster: I am in East London though!!
[23:16, 04/09/2022] +44 7860 253593: It doesn’t matters it’s for the community and connection issues we all are going through it has to stopped Marguerita Alexander 31Claverdale Road Upper Tulse Hill London Lambeth SW22DJ.
[23:17, 04/09/2022] Jason Foster: Thank you 🙏🏿
[23:48, 04/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Can I attend this meeting too Marguerita? I am developing my Advocating campaign. Every little bit helps to hone my skills
[18:38, 05/09/2022] +44 7860 253593: Yes anyone can attend have your voices heard the more the better we willing to have a rally if that’s what it taken to be acknowledged then so be.
[19:37, 05/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: OK
[12:46, 07/09/2022] Tony Cealy: Hi everyone
Hope all is well as can be.

I just wanted to see if we collectively could arrange a September show (it feels far to long to wait for October!!) for us to do?

It would probably mean that there would need to be an already guaranteed audience there for us to perform to rather than generating people to attend.

Any more updates on dawns offer at 100 black men event or Audrey’s church event?

Is anyone able to get us a gig?
[13:10, 07/09/2022] Dawn Williams: Good day Tony
I’m still waiting on reply? I have made another request to management, let you know update as soon as I hear back. Have a blessed day 🙏🏼
[17:37, 07/09/2022] Tony Cealy: Is anyone free 1.30pm on 20th September (I assume online) to talk with a elders organisation about what it would entail if we did a show for them?

I’m not available and wouldn’t want that to stop us from a potential performance.
[17:39, 07/09/2022] +44 7702 159510: Unfortunately I be on way to work at that time
[17:41, 07/09/2022] Dawn Williams: I’ll check my training calendar to see if I could fit it in.
[17:48, 07/09/2022] +44 7956 378671: I am unsure at the moment
[17:52, 07/09/2022] Dawn McKay: I am unsure at the moment
[18:39, 07/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Haven’t got anything booked??? Count me in.
[18:41, 07/09/2022] +44 7956 501172: I haven’t been booked in for any work as yet. I can confirm tomorrow.
[18:43, 07/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: The beauty of not having a job, giving me scope for most projects. It will be good to have another person as back up.
[18:44, 07/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Going to design Flyers and Banner
[21:17, 07/09/2022] +44 7860 253593: Sorry my dialysis day I would be getting ready to come home 🏡 😪 too much of a rush for me pleased 😀 Marguerita.
[19:26, 08/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: https://youtu.be/1sGxbkrmLzE
[12:01, 11/09/2022] Tony Cealy: Hi everyone

Hope you’re doing ok.

If I can get us a show at this event how many of you would be available to do a performance?
[12:02, 11/09/2022] +44 7702 159510: I’m working on that day unfortunately 😢
[12:31, 11/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: I am free, but would need confirmation this coming week please…looks like a fun day! Duncan
[13:08, 11/09/2022] Dawn McKay: Good morning all 🙏🏽
Looks good Tony 👍
Will let you know asap.
[13:24, 11/09/2022] Dawn Williams: Good day I could attend but would have to be in afternoon after 2pm as have training in morning 10-1pm.
[14:14, 11/09/2022] Jason Foster: I am free, if anything changes I will let you know! 💪🏿
[14:26, 11/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Would be great opportunity to see this ‘ as practice gig’…I am sure there are at least 5-8 beautiful people that can commit to this show( and do whatever you need to do to not back out). I miss you folks…Duncan🎹
[19:54, 11/09/2022] Dawn Williams: Hi All we can have an hour slot 2:30-3:30pm on 1st Oct – the 100 BMOL CMP OPEN DAY, staff, mentors, young people and their parents.
[20:01, 11/09/2022] Dawn Williams: Hi Duncan
In the week I’ll send over a list of songs (YouTube links), songs we were singing the last evening😊
[20:01, 11/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Thanks for the opportunity Dawn…would be great to confirm two gigs and make them happen…I am in, especially if things can be confirmed relatively quickly. Duncan
[20:24, 11/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Can this group as a matter of urgency confirm which of the two dates on offer can you do…I can do both.

Sorry to be so assertive, we had loads of dates that went adrift previously with this wonderful group.

These two current dates seem very very positive, please let us ‘own them’ together( ideally confirm on/ by Tuesday, that seems reasonable).

Enjoy our evenings! Duncan
[20:25, 11/09/2022] +44 7702 159510: I can’t do as working boths days stewarding
[20:35, 11/09/2022] +44 7956 378671: Once the dates are confirmed I will acknowledge my attendance
[20:36, 11/09/2022] +44 7956 501172: I am working a long day. But if you forward the link and I can I will.
[20:38, 11/09/2022] +44 7956 501172: I’m not working. As it stands I can make this event.
[20:42, 11/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Good looking out…I forget about the 20th opportunity to describe and sell the show. Unfortunately I am unable to do it.

We are a very popular and in demand group😁!!!

[20:51, 11/09/2022] Jason Foster: I’m in 💪🏿
[20:54, 11/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Great great great…can you please also do the 20th on behalf of us all…I think Tony has the details for the 20th…
[20:59, 11/09/2022] Jason Foster: You want me to play ALL your roles/parts lmao, I already said I’m available for the 20th. 😎
[21:05, 11/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Ha ha ha…you are talented enough that’s for sure…no, Tony has someone that you could talk to on the 20th if you are free. This is what I think Tony sent out re: …20 September:….Is anyone free 1.30pm on 20th September (I assume online) to talk with a elders organisation about what it would entail if we did a show for them?

I’m not available and wouldn’t want that to stop us from a potential performance.

Any good?
[21:06, 11/09/2022] Jason Foster: I thought there was a performance on the 20th!
[21:09, 11/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: You are very keen…after speaking with you, I am sure they will will give you some potential show dates…please contact Tony for the specifics.

[22:19, 11/09/2022] +852 6935 0011: I might be able to join – depending on the exact time
[22:21, 11/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Hey Lorraine…hope you are good. Can you tentatively do both of the initial dates? Duncan
[22:31, 11/09/2022] +852 6935 0011: Hi Duncan! Sorry I might be missing something – are the dates Sep 24 and Oct 1?

For Sep 24 , I confirm I can join if it’s before 1:45 pm. (If it’s after, I’ll confirm later after rescheduling an appointment).
For Oct 1 , it also depends on the time (as there’ll likely be Hong Kong-related rallies that day).

As for the call on Sep 20 , I’m happy to join if another person is needed.
[22:35, 11/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Yes Lorraine…both dates are correct…I think these are Tony and Dawn’s gigs…they have more information.

Hope you can fit things in. Duncan
[22:36, 11/09/2022] +852 6935 0011: Thanks Duncan! I’ll await further info when the time is confirmed later then. Hope to be able to join!
[22:37, 11/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Great…
[22:42, 11/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Am off to Birmingham on the 1st October. But I can do other dates if there is no eventualities
[22:44, 11/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Thanks young sista…please keep the day free…enjoy your evening! Duncan
[22:59, 11/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: I can do Ms Lou and Spoken Words and anything else that grabs my Fancy
[23:01, 11/09/2022] +44 7860 253593: Tony as you can appreciate my dialysis days are as follows: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday but I can come if the time is 15.00 or 16.00hrs so as to get a rest before I come for the show 😉 😀 Marguerita
[23:04, 11/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: He’s 80+
[09:43, 12/09/2022] Dawn Williams: Good day All – 2nd posting – Hi All we can have an hour slot 2:30-3:30pm on 1st Oct – the 100 BMOL CMP OPEN DAY, staff, mentors, young people and their parents.
Can those able to attend with a 👍🏼 reply to this message please, so we get numbers, thank you. Dawn W
[09:50, 12/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: I am in…Duncan
[11:19, 12/09/2022] Tony Cealy: Unfortunately I’m rehearsing with my other group that day and so can’t make that gig.

Please let me know what help or assistance you need from me.
[11:53, 12/09/2022] Tony Cealy: 🆘 I have spoken with the organisers of this event and BOOKED US A PERFORMANCE.

For those of you who are available to perform at this gig you will be paid a fee for your work as the organisers will pay us a lump sum and we will divide that up between us so that everyone gets an equal share.

Once they have told me how much they can offer I will let you all know.

The event is on from 11.00am – 4.00pm
Not sure of timings as yet but they suggest we perform around 1.00pm – 2.00pm ish (tbc)

To do this performance at this event we:

• need to rehearse for an hour or so before we perform

• all need to meet together AND START TOGETHER to rehearse so that we are a collective sharing all responsibilities for the performance.

• re think and remind ourselves of …
[12:12, 12/09/2022] +44 7932 729792: Hi Tony, I will be able to perform on that day.
[13:09, 12/09/2022] Jason Foster: ,👍🏿
[13:14, 12/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: I am in Tony!
[13:35, 12/09/2022] +44 7423 050965: Hi Dawn. Can you let us know where this event is going to take place please. Just so that we can plan timewise. Audrey
[15:38, 12/09/2022] Dawn Williams: I00 BMOL CMP Open Day @ UCL Russell Square Saturday 1st Oct
Time slot to perform 2:30-3:30pm. Dawn W
[15:48, 12/09/2022] +44 7952 960216: Good afternoon Tony ,am a little bit confused with these Messages , ? Am I allowed to book?
[15:58, 12/09/2022] Tony Cealy: Book?
[20:37, 12/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: My Book
[03:47, 13/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Excellent!
[06:28, 13/09/2022] +44 7423 050965: Wonderful!
[18:48, 13/09/2022] +44 7956 378671: Information sharing
[11:33, 14/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Good lovely morning to us all,

Tony/Dawn…hope you are both well. Are we any closer to get enough people to carry out both of your shows…please confirm when you can.

Good days to us all…Duncan
[11:38, 14/09/2022] Tony Cealy: Morning all 😎

The show on Saturday the 24th is confirmed and will be conducted by all who want and are available to work 11-4

I’m not involved in the other show that Dawn is working on so can’t comment but I can support that gig if anyone needs help with anything.
[11:42, 14/09/2022] +44 7423 050965: Sorry I cannot now make the show on the 24th Sept 2022 as I will be in training that day.
[11:55, 14/09/2022] Dawn McKay: Morning all. I am hoping to make both days – 24 September and 1 October
Blessings and have a lovely day 🙏🏽
[13:28, 14/09/2022] +44 7496 035296: Hi everyone, I must be honest, I am a bit confused about all the messages flying pass here. If am clear of what’s going on I will partake but the structure is not directive. Any meeting or sessions before the performances? Please explain.
[13:29, 14/09/2022] +44 7496 035296: Have a blissful day and God bless.🌱❤️🙏
[13:38, 14/09/2022] Tony Cealy: Sorry to hear that you’re a bit confused (perhaps we in this group can recommend suggest ways to minimise this)

There’s 2 forthcoming performances 11-4 on Saturday 24th September in Brixton and the other on 1st October, please check in with Dawn for that one.

Whoever works with me on the forthcoming Brixton show will go through a rehearsal session before the performance on the said day.

I hope that’s cleared things up but please let me know if there’s anything I can do.

Looking forward to seeing those on the morning of the 24th
More details of the exact meeting point and time will sent nearer the time ❤️
[13:55, 14/09/2022] +44 7956 501172: Afternoon all, I really want to make it. So please don’t count me out yet!
Fay 😁
[14:19, 14/09/2022] +44 7860 253593: Good evening my name is Marguerita Alexander as you can appreciate that I have dialysis time from 7am to 12pm but if I am feeling OK I will try to make it I know God will help me to attend in jesus name amen 🙏 😊 ☺ 😀 😄 😉 🙏
[14:26, 14/09/2022] Dawn Williams: Hi All
We have been given an 1 slot – 2:30pm – 3:30pm as part of 100 BMOL open day (community mentoring program), on Sat 1st Oct 2022 at UCL Russell Sq. This is to be attended by adults and young people.
I will ask for space for rehearsal @1:30pm).

Please those who can attend this date Sat 1st Oct Russell Sq, 100 BMOL Open Day, just give a 👍🏼to reply to this message only, thank you. Dawn W
[14:49, 14/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: 👍🏾Duncan
[15:20, 14/09/2022] Dawn McKay: 👍🏾
[16:09, 14/09/2022] +44 7952 960216: 👍
[16:32, 14/09/2022] +44 7496 035296: 👍
[16:40, 14/09/2022] +44 7496 035296: Sorry guys, I am Talent Mundy-Castle and you can reach me on 07496035296.
[17:13, 14/09/2022] +44 7860 253593: Please can someone help me with Lena phone number Marguerita Alexander 07860 253593 I have not seen 😢 her phone number on the windrush playback list and Tony might have it pleased 😀 😄 👍
[17:18, 14/09/2022] Jason Foster: I’m in for the 24th and the 1st
[17:20, 14/09/2022] Jason Foster: 🔥🙏🏿🔥
[11:24, 15/09/2022] Dawn McKay: Thank you marguerita ❤️

Good morning and blessings to all 🙏🏽
[12:17, 15/09/2022] +44 7860 253593: You are welcome 😊 ☺ 🙂 😘 🙏
[14:52, 15/09/2022] Tony Cealy: More information about the 24th September gig.

  • The Inspire Lambeth Festival will explore the connections between
    mind, body, and spirit, acknowledging the interconnected nature of the
    disproportionate impact on health inequality for black communities.

It will also provide a platform for African and Caribbean communities to
vocalise their lived experience of health with talks and workshops about
the impact of COVID-19 and wider health inequalities.

So I suppose we need to gather our own views and opinions on the issues topic theme mention above and begin to think about HOW WE MIGHT playback People’s stories around this.

Enjoy ❤️
[17:42, 15/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Thanks Tony! I will check my schedule.
[17:47, 15/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Very interesting, I have been appointed Health Ambassador in Southwark. The ignorance, I am identify by someone who aims their vitriolic views against me is amazing. Can you believe this is a Young Black Woman whose job has gone to her head. My mother used to say, MI NUH NYAM RICE WHEN IT HOT. I am waiting on her to retract a particular messages alluding to my Impairment. Will fill the group in…
[17:51, 15/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: I was asked to help make a video for the BAME Community to take the COVID-19 vaccine. I signed agreement for extract to be published in Southwark Life. Don’t ask me, I know nothing about what they have done. As someone who was a participant in a few research, I can do more to break down the barriers with my Poems.
[17:55, 15/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: I contacted the Organisers and got a Space re Development around Ms Lou’s Legacies and the Foundation she laid. I will like to extend this to a Caribbean Themed Event for Black History Month and beyond. I would be grateful if anyone can join me for this first Appearance. Don’t worry, I am doing my TING and can do with the moral support. So anyone who wishes to join me for Future Projects to get a feel for what I want to establish.
[17:57, 15/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: So, yes, I will be participating in my Ms Lou and any Folkloric mood.
[18:07, 15/09/2022] +44 7423 050965: Yes Mervelee. What can I do to help? You have my moral support. Audrey
[18:09, 15/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Thanks for the updates Tony…will be an interesting challenge for our group! Duncan
[18:35, 15/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Yes, Audrey for now just someone to be with me to engage and interact with the participants. I am bringing some resources to help with the project.
[20:51, 15/09/2022] +44 7423 050965: Ok great, Mervelee.
[10:37, 17/09/2022] +44 7956 501172: Hi Tony,
Hope you and your family are well. Unfortunately, I am working this Wednesday.
Kind Regards
[09:11, 18/09/2022] Tony Cealy: Of 3,479 Windrush compensation claimant appeals in 2021, only 42 resulted in a settlement.

Labour MP Kate Osamor said the appeals process was “not fit for purpose” and Windrush claimants are being told to “take it or leave it” when they receive offers.


[23:08, 18/09/2022] Dawn Williams: Hi Good day Tony do you have a Windrush Playback Theatre flyer that can be sent to 100 BMOL for them to add the 1st Oct Open Day publicity and information for parents and young people 🙏🏼
[09:37, 19/09/2022] Tony Cealy: This is what I have been sending out which you’re welcome to use.
[09:38, 19/09/2022] Tony Cealy: http://www.492kornaklub.com presents their free live Windrush Playback Theatre Performance. Our community engagement events showcase Windrush Elders & their Kin creating spontaneous, improvised theatre performances through a unique collaboration between you the audience and our group of Windrush performers.

Playback Theatre is a unique form of improvisational theatre in which audience members volunteer stories from their lives and see them played back on the spot. It involves a team of Windrush performers, a musician who guides you safely through the process of sharing, watching and reflecting on stories that resonate for you in that particular moment.

Examples of the process:

[09:39, 19/09/2022] Tony Cealy: You’re invited to “Windrush PLAYBACK Performances for Black History Month.

🆘Book your FREE tickets before it’s sold out ‼️‼️‼️‼️🆘

[13:11, 19/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: RIP Your Majesty
[21:13, 19/09/2022] +44 7496 035296: Oh no! I wonder what happened. to her. May her soul peace. R.I.P.
[21:20, 19/09/2022] +44 7496 035296: Happy bank holidays to everyone. Sorry guys, I have been so busy lately commitments. Hope to catch up soon. Best regards Talent.
[14:56, 20/09/2022] Dawn McKay: Sorry Tony. No can do, already busy. Take care and God bless 🙏🏽
[15:04, 20/09/2022] +44 7423 050965: Was I the only one who wanted to go on the 1st October?
[15:10, 20/09/2022] Dawn McKay: I don’t think so

I was referring to Tony’s voice message about watching Julia’s rehearsal session tomorrow 🤷🏽‍♀️
[16:21, 20/09/2022] +44 7423 050965: Hi Tony
Kindly add me to the list for 1st October.2022. I gave a serious clash for the 24th September now.
[16:26, 20/09/2022] Tony Cealy: Best speak with Dawn about the 1st as I’m not involved with that gig.
[16:31, 20/09/2022] +44 7423 050965: 👍 What’s the address for UCL including post code, perhaps nearest station as well and time to meet and where. Many thanks. Audrey
[19:19, 20/09/2022] Tony Cealy: Hi guys… anyone in this group know ppl who’d be interested in helping out as an extra for a short this week?

Filming Thurs 22 Sept & Fri 23 Sept in Brixton (Renaissance Studios/Brixton Blend) extras would be needed both days 3-7pm. Sadly, tiny budget so can’t offer pay but will be offering beverage/snackage throughout.

If so lmk, DM me on 07733132298

Cheers x
[20:28, 20/09/2022] +44 7952 960216: I would love ,but I have been staying in Clacton on Sea since last Tuesday , was due back in London on Wednesday Tom but change of plan , won’t be leaving until Thursday,not sure what time I will be in London , but I will be able to do Friday if that’s ok👍
[21:03, 20/09/2022] Dawn Williams: Dear parents and carers,
The 100BMoL Mentoring Team are pleased to announce that our Open Day will be taking place on Saturday 1st October. We are looking forward to more ground breaking and heart-warming mentoring sessions. The details are below and we encourage you to join us and participate in this great event!


Please share this with your friends and family especially those that will benefit from our services. Come and support and respect responsible men and women stepping forward to work with the next generations of leaders. Showcase this on your social media accounts – Facebook, WhatsApp groups, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Houseparty etc.
Together We Can!

[21:07, 20/09/2022] Dawn Williams: Hi All can those attending on 1st Oct 22 for 100 Open Day please click and register on the above link please. This is to give 100 an idea of everyone attending on the day, thanks.
[21:23, 20/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: If I have no commitment I will come to gain the experience.
[23:05, 20/09/2022] +44 7702 159510: I’m free both days Tony
[07:25, 21/09/2022] Tony Cealy: Ok please make contact with them 👍🏿
[15:28, 22/09/2022] Tony Cealy: Hey everyone, I am casting a Dr Martens advert, we are selecting today and tomorrow. If you know literally anyone 18 over please spread the word… let them know they can e-mail me at monica@deshamilton.com or stephanie@deshamilton.com … one day shoot w/c 10th Oct 🙂
[18:26, 22/09/2022] +44 7956 378671: Information sharing
[21:06, 22/09/2022] Tony Cealy: https://www.southlondonclub.co.uk/blog/a-deeper-look-into-stockwells-bronze-woman-statue
[21:08, 22/09/2022] +44 7702 159510: Unfortunately I’m working on 8th October 😢
[23:04, 22/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: I will be at Elim House Open Day. But I will leave early to get there, hopefully???
[23:17, 22/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Very interesting. I lived in Stockwell from 7th June 1992 to August 2000. Housing for Women targeted me after rescue me from Domestic Violence. My Facebook Memories state I have been doing Forum Theatre age 10 when my father was stricken with Parkinson’s disease. Duchess Kate went to Stockwell Nursery to launch her Child Mental Health with the Reviews online during the ET/EAT in 2017. Now I have to explore this for a Chapter in my Book. My Life in Bermondsey. I will be at St Matthews Church tomorrow
[23:17, 22/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Not tomorrow, Saturday
[06:04, 23/09/2022] +44 7423 050965: I will be in Brentwood today and tomorrow for training.
[10:41, 23/09/2022] Tony Cealy: Gm
All those who are coming to perform tomorrow we will be meeting at 11.00am to rehearse as our performance is at 12.30pm. Let’s meet on site in the peace garden and don’t forget to wear all BLACK with a hint of RED.
[10:42, 23/09/2022] Tony Cealy: 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿
I’ve been told the timing schedule on this is incorrect
[16:21, 23/09/2022] +852 6935 0011: Do you need more performers? Something got cancelled so I’m now available for tomorrow
[18:23, 23/09/2022] Tony Cealy: Yes need as many of you that are available to attend please please please don’t be later than 11.00am because we’re performing at 12.30pm and we need all the rehearsal time as possible before the show and it’s also not fair on others who will be there on time.

Don’t forget to wear ALL BLACK with a hint of RED.

I probably won’t be able to answer calls after 11.00am
[18:37, 23/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: I will be there
[18:53, 23/09/2022] +44 7956 501172: Hi Tony,
👋🏼 all,
I’m going to try.
Kind Regards
[19:49, 23/09/2022] +44 7496 035296: Hi all, hope we’re all doing great. Thanks Tony for your up-dates. I am busy with my daughters wedding on the 2nd of Oct. However, I will be there. Talent.
[22:05, 23/09/2022] +44 7423 050965: Sorry I won’t be there tomorrow but hope to be there on the 1st October at UCL and on the 12th November at the Latter-Rain Outpouring Ministries, 50 Copleston Road, Peckham, London SE15 4AD.
[04:13, 24/09/2022] Maude Nurse WPD: Good morning Toney sorry
[09:13, 24/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Am getting ready! Have my Sessions different from the Group. I write 2 Introduction this morning. That’s the preserve of the Mentally Challenged. Anything planned for World Mental Health Day!
[09:36, 24/09/2022] +44 7860 253593: Good morning Tony I will be there in the of God’s grace amen Marguerita 🙏
[10:43, 24/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Hey Tony…is the gig inside? If not will need access to power…thanks! Duncan
[10:44, 24/09/2022] Tony Cealy: It’s outside they should have power
[10:44, 24/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Ok
[10:53, 24/09/2022] +44 7956 378671: Apologies guys I am unable to attend today
[10:53, 24/09/2022] +44 7860 253593: Where is everyone? I am here since10:15 not one person in site
[11:06, 24/09/2022] Tony Cealy: We are rehearsing behind the church
[12:07, 24/09/2022] +44 7496 035296: I am on my way, running very late. Sorry.
[17:16, 24/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Tony and ‘the group’, thanks for the day…was very fun!


P.S: some leaders emerged and stepped up too!
[17:20, 24/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Thanks everyone for such a lovely session. The feedback is amazing. We must give ourselves a BIG pat anywhere on the body. Together we are STRONGER in bringing out the best in each other. Going to cook for my hubby, before taking to social Media. I am TIRED, but thriving on the ENERGY. Thanks all for the support. Today was an EMOTIONAL day for me. I can now let Mama Lou RIP and get on with being the VOICE for WOMEN like my MOTHER who express themselves through SINGING and LAUGHTER. Catch up soon
[17:21, 24/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: I did not use my phones. Can you believe?
[17:21, 24/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Oh! Andrew said my Book is live
[17:37, 24/09/2022] +44 7496 035296: TODAY IS BEAUTIFUL:

Hi all, thank you all for today’s session. I doubted myself because I thought I would not make it. A lesson learned. “Don’t doubt yourself. Allow things to happen for you”. My last-minute decision paid off. I must confess it was powerful and inspirational. Thanks to you beautiful souls for being you. Special thanks Tony. High energy frequency and vibration. Awesome. Brilliant experience. Thanks to everyone.🎤🌱❤️🗝🥝🌈🔥🙏
[18:08, 24/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Thanks for the pics and videos Tony!Duncan
[18:22, 24/09/2022] +44 7496 035296: Hahaha 😂 unique improvised session, great stuff; Thanks Tony bringing the best out of people.
[19:04, 24/09/2022] +44 7860 253593: Thanks to Tony and the team for a fantastic time out today I really appreciate everyone 😀 😊 ❤ for what we have accomplished today 😀 it was very good even if I had to blow 😀my own trumpet 🎺 😀 I feel 😀 very very good knowing that 😀 the audience were happy with our performance 😀 😊 😄 well done all of us 🇺🇸 😀 😊 😄 👍 May God continue to inspired us all in Jesus’s name amen Marguerita 🙏 😀 😊 😄 👍 with lots of love ❤ 😍 💖 ❣ 💕 💘 ❤ 😍 💖 ❣ 💕
[19:40, 24/09/2022] +44 7956 378671: 💜💜💜
[19:45, 24/09/2022] Dawn McKay: It certainly was a marvelous and funfilled day 😍😍😍 We all had a blast. Supporting, carrying and being there for each others. Despite being very tired and hardly any sleep I am glad I came as it gives us the base on which to move forward. Lovely ❤️ lovely ❤️ lovely ❤️ Blessings 🙏🏽 to Tony and thanks for giving us the opportunity to be vulnerable in a safe and happy place ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
God bless 🙏🏽
[20:26, 24/09/2022] +44 7932 729792: Thank you Tony for today. You gave me the opportunity to build up my confidence.I’m looking forward to next gig. Stay blessed
Lena 👍🏾
[20:28, 24/09/2022] +852 6935 0011: Lovely day with such a lovely group! Had lots of fun. Big thanks to Tony too!
[09:41, 25/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Thanks! I am thinking about a Musical 🎼 based on my life from my Parents meet at a Wake Night 🌙 and my Family was created. I believe that will be powerful about how I live questioning God. But in the end have to accept that God has a purpose for me, but like all the Characters in the Bible, I have to break up my Folly Grounds. I am at the place where I can help others. Regardless of their faith or belief. I have lived the life to testify like any of the Great people who were/are prosecuted. I have a DBS to start with how Systematic Discrimination could not stop me. And I came out of the Lion’s den at BIB and meet Brains at Bird in Bush Road where Rasta Birdlegs heard my song I dedicated to my MOTHER.
[18:56, 25/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: FAO: Ms Dawn Williams, Good evening Dawn and hope that you and yours are well! Do you have any special arrangements for us e.g. if the space is large, will there be amplification(mikes, amplifier for keyboards, etc.). ?=Performers…can we aim for five performers per performer? We had a lot of people on stage at one time, it might to be suitable to try to copy this, especially if a lot of us show up. Remember Tony is not at this gig and we need to organise these things for ourselves as a collective of positive team players. Thanks in advance for your thoughts Dawn…good weeks to us all.
[18:57, 25/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: oops…meant five performers per performance.
[18:59, 25/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: oops…push ‘send too soon’…meant …it might not be suitable to copy this(having so many people on stage)…Duncan
[19:00, 25/09/2022] +44 7423 050965: What colours are we wearing please?
[23:49, 25/09/2022] +44 7496 035296: Sorry guys can’t make it this time. A lot going on for me in the next week. Wish you all well with that. Enjoy the day❤️❤️🙏
[18:25, 26/09/2022] +44 7860 253593: Good morning Dawn my apologies as you know I am on dialysis and my days are Tuesday Thursday and Saturday I miss 😢 last Saturday 24th September and I can’t take another chance at Saturday so I won’t be able to attend Saturday 1st October wish you all every success enjoyed your special day I have every confidence in you all so much love Marguerita ❤ 😍 💖 ❣ 💕 💘 ❤ 😍 💖 ❣
[18:43, 26/09/2022] +44 7956 501172: Dear Dawn and all,
I was trying to see if I can change my Saturday 1st Shift. But this is not possible.
I have arranged not to be on shift for the 8th October 2022.
I have a flu vaccine shot at 10.30 am.
Sorry Dawn and group I would have love to do every day, but it’s not possible.
Break a leg, have a brilliant time. xx.
[18:45, 26/09/2022] +44 7956 501172: Duncan can you forward any arrangements for the 8th October 2022 please.
Kind Regards
[18:59, 26/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Hey Fay, are you good?

The group is supposed to send me music, videos , chords etc that they would like to sing( I would need time to practice).

Tip to the group: do not be in such a rush to sing something on stage…If I start ( for example) take time to get the key in your head by listening for 10-15 seconds …then the next person does the same thing ( even if it’s a different song…still keep the original key in your head, so like Tony said, we can all come back to the original tune at the end).

Remember, all we do as an ensemble is ‘ interpret the story’ and its emotions eg sad, happy, confused, anxious, lonely etc……………sometimes only percussion 🥁 and no keyboards for the entire performance …we need to listen to the story and each other…each gig will be d…
[19:26, 26/09/2022] Dawn Williams: Hi Duncan I have been calling you regarding music for songs you not picking up!? Dawn W
[19:27, 26/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Thanks Duncan! I am old school who was involved in Schools and Community Activities. I am now a Member of the We Deyah Band and they want me to continue The Right Honourable Mrs Louise Bennett-Coverley aka Folkloric Traditions of Songs Poems and Stories based on our Culture from Africa to the rest of the world. My background is Christian and I love to honour my parents who meet at a Wake Night Singing. I have been warned not to let the Spirit take control. So I will be mindful of your advice.
[19:29, 26/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: I am supposed to be going to Birmingham, but I am not sure now with the Train Strike??? If am in London, I’ll be there on the first.
[19:46, 26/09/2022] +44 7956 501172: Hi Duncan,
Thanks for your encouragement and the music last Saturday.
I wanted to attend Dawn show, however the shift was already booked. So I can not change this Saturday 1st October 22.
I have requested the 8th October 22 off. But I already have my flu jab for 10.30am. Then I’m available.
Is that workable.
[08:48, 27/09/2022] Dawn Williams: Good morning All
May I suggest a zoom meeting for either this evening @7:30pm or tomorrow @7:30pm, just those attending on Sat 1st Oct 22 @ 1:30pm rehearsal for 2:30-3:30pm performance at 100 BMOL Open Day at UCL Russell Square. Please also remember to click on the link posted for the Open Day event (numbers needed for refreshments count).
Please just post your availability for which evening and l’ll post the link later, thanks, have a wonderful blessed day. Dawn W
[09:21, 27/09/2022] +44 7423 050965: Tomorrow evening please, thanks
[09:24, 27/09/2022] +852 6935 0011: I’ll be able to join the Oct 1 performance, but sadly won’t be able to join the meeting tonight or tmr night…
[10:23, 27/09/2022] Dawn McKay: Good morning all 🙏🏽
Tomorrow evening is better for me, thanks.
[10:32, 27/09/2022] +44 7860 253593: Good morning Dawn I am very sorry I wouldn’t be able to attend on Saturday 1st October due to circumstances beyond my control but I wished you all a very pleasant day and performance on Sat 1st October Marguerita with lots of ❤ 😍 💖 ❣ 💕
[11:07, 27/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Hey folks…Wednesday Zoom is good for me too! Good days to us all…Duncan
[19:48, 27/09/2022] Dawn Williams: 👍🏼
[19:48, 27/09/2022] Dawn Williams: 👍🏼
[19:49, 27/09/2022] Dawn Williams: 👍🏼
[21:18, 27/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: https://youtu.be/LRqBf61Gua0
[21:21, 27/09/2022] Tony Cealy: From the local newspaper in Brixton (found it in the library)
[21:24, 27/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Nice bit of press Tony!
[23:03, 27/09/2022] +44 7702 159510: Love it
[06:22, 28/09/2022] Dawn Williams: Morning All
7:30pm this evening Zoom meeting for those performing on Saturday 1/10/22, thanks

Dawn Williams is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Dawn Williams’s Personal Meeting Room

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 671 636 6643
Passcode: 2uY0OJ

Have a wonderful day
[07:31, 28/09/2022] +44 7423 050965: Ok, see you later then. Audrey
[14:36, 28/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Good afternoon beautiful people…check out this quite interesting NYC ‘Playback group’ looking at 9/11…these groups around the world are all ‘diverse’ but I can see a definite connection to our group. 😁Enjoy your afternoons! 🌺

[17:54, 28/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: One more…’short form’…see you later on Zoom 💻
[19:37, 28/09/2022] Dawn McKay: Mervle you need to unmute
[19:51, 28/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Not use to using my mobile for this. Sorry not getting anywhere fast.
[20:09, 28/09/2022] Dawn Williams: Sorry the zoom was for only 40 mins
[20:10, 28/09/2022] Dawn Williams: We got a basic agenda for Saturday, I’ll post in the chat for those coming on Saturday
[20:10, 28/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Ok…will post notes shortly
[20:11, 28/09/2022] Dawn McKay: Ok, thanks. If I think of anything I’ll text
[20:12, 28/09/2022] Dawn Williams: Cool thanks . I’ll start getting the music and Windrush quiz and information for the young people. There’s lots online to use. Plus it’s black history month so lots of materials to use as well if
[20:14, 28/09/2022] Dawn McKay: Ok 👍🏾
[20:16, 28/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Dawn…I will do the tentative agenda for Saturday?
[20:16, 28/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Not Dawn W
[20:34, 28/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Saturday UCL( Russell Sqare) 100 Black Men Open Day Show:

1:30 Prompt Rehearsal s( same dress as last week or top with island flag).

2:30: Dawn W. Brief Introduction

  • Brief Individual Performer Introductions/Personal Windrush Stories
    *Playback with Audience ( Dawn W.host and Conductor)
    *Crowd Participation ( using young people, parents, professionals etc) with audience using a word or phrase as trigger
  • Dawn W leading workshop and song leading
  • Q and A ( if time allows)

**crucial to be on time

** Have clear intro and have individual Windrush story ready

***Dawn W will be very busy and can not be chasing any one of us up Saturday.

** Please clearly reconfirm if you are performing Saturday…thanks!
[20:49, 28/09/2022] +852 6935 0011: Thanks for the notes! I reconfirm that I’ll be performing on Sat
[20:50, 28/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Good evening Lorraine…thanks for reconfirming!
[21:53, 28/09/2022] +44 7423 050965: Audrey will be performing on Saturday
[22:01, 28/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Hi Folks! Since it’s Black History Month, can you fit me in for a Ms Lou performance? Separate from the Group… I can come dressed in my National Custume. I can bring some Resources for Show and Tell, if you want. I use to perform with Community Playthings Darvel School between 2012-2016. Let me know in advance
[22:10, 28/09/2022] Tony Cealy: Good luck everyone don’t forget to take pictures and video footage 🔥🔥🔥
[22:15, 28/09/2022] +44 7956 378671: Yes all the best ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry that I couldn’t be there to support you guys or even participate but you will be great 👍🏿 as you are all talented individuals in your own right
[23:15, 28/09/2022] +44 7423 050965: Good night Mervelee. Let’s talk tomorrow about this. We could plan to do something together ❤️ on Saturday. I also lived Miss Lou from time. Don’t forget we are partners.
[23:27, 28/09/2022] +44 7956 501172: I’m am wishing you all the best for Saturday. 🥰 sorry I can not be with you!
[01:25, 29/09/2022] +44 7496 035296: Hi all, as much as I would like to be there, I But So sorry I will not be able to be there with you. I hope it all goes well. Good luck to everyone. 🌱❤️Talent.
[06:38, 29/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Good morn beautiful people…so far confirmations for Saturday attendance from Dawn, Dawn W. Lorraine, Duncan, Mervelee, Audrey…have we missed anyone???
[07:18, 29/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: P.S: yesterday only a small number on Zoom call but we worked through it🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♂️…any ‘new ideas’ , please run them past Dawn W. today at the latest folks.

The agenda is packed already and no guarantees about what can be added at this late stage.

Black history month is important and our audience is looking for some ‘entertaining knowledge’ from us…please please please confirm your attendance, show up on time regardless of any strike, look after yourself and live our best lives…Duncan🌹💐🌼🌺🌸🌻
[08:22, 29/09/2022] Maude Nurse WPD: Good morning Toney please can you send me information on what’s happening in October I am finding it confusing n the chat Maude
[08:26, 29/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Maude….good morning, can you attend the gig Saturday? Dawn W will resend the details later on today.
[08:42, 29/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: OK Folks, I will come prepared for most eventualities. I have experience working in the Early Years Sector and planning events in line with the EYFS curriculum and as the Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator. Just give me enough cues and I can improvise. Maybe this is the time for us to show our growth and planning our own GIGS? We have enough gifted and talented people to make it become the Legacies we Create for the Foundation for Future Generations. We are losing our Identity by Political Correctness. Going to a training. Later
[10:59, 29/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: This what’s happening Saturday Maude…can you attend?
[12:13, 29/09/2022] Dawn Williams: Hi Mervelee this is a community mentoring program where we already deliver theme sessions to the young people, the mentors will be there as well on Saturday. The open day is for registration of a new year😊.
Thank you for last night and support to deliver extra activity if needed for Saturday. I see you on Saturday Miss Lou😊
[12:14, 29/09/2022] Dawn Williams: 👍🏼🙏🏼
[15:09, 30/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: https://youtu.be/SNu7SHBuQq0
[16:31, 30/09/2022] Dawn Williams: Hi Mervelee
I am a safeguarding lead, but I don’t see what is the relevance to this group. I’m only reading posts connected to what we are doing.
[16:58, 30/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: I beg to DISAGREE and I will not ARGUE with you, until you RESPECT me enough not to do this that has been done to me the past 8 years. Did you the Safeguarding Lead know MERVELEE MYERS Is a Criminal needing Emotional Regulation Treatment? If you answer NO! I will not be coming tomorrow. Because that means you have NEGLECT your role as a Safeguarding Lead. I will not visit this group until Mr. CEALY address your message. Lets hope no one REMOVE me until this matter is sorted after we have a CONSULTATION?
[17:10, 30/09/2022] Maude Nurse WPD: Agreed 🤝
[17:10, 30/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Does anyone think MERVELEE MYERS is surprised about DIS Facetiness?
[17:14, 30/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Has anyone notice when I was in TEARS because being amongst the group was my ESCAPE from the Torture of Discrimination I endured after the death of my mother? I spoke about meeting Mr. Cealy and how much this help me
[17:21, 30/09/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: There is so much more I can say, but the video I sent is the Final information I need for my HEALING. Might I suggest to Dawn Williams to go research London Early Years Foundation before making any other comments… Because she don’t want to get what those involved in the Systematic Discrimination that allow her to think she can bring her Superior Airs of Backra Massah to me. LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan is advisor to Ofsted and the Mayor of London. Whilst at the same time using my Intellectual Property and Image Rights and Copyright to build BRANDS before sanctions Discrimination. I am working on another Book. Maybe Dawn Williams can do an entry?
[18:02, 30/09/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Hey folks,

Good evening to us all. I think maybe after tomorrow’s gig, that we spend sometime together, maybe with a nice glass of wine and talk.

I think our group is still very much a new one ,still forming and by no means is ‘ fully cooked’.

No one should take anything personally at such an early stage in our development.

I think we need to consider ‘where we want to go’ outside of being a good theatre group…for years I have liked being part of creative opportunities, I really do.

Some people would like us to be more supportive to each other as human beings…I understand this too.

I just think we need to talk in a relaxed setting first before getting frustrated with each other.

Dawn W. Responded to a request to find gigs for the theatre group…she’s…
[18:12, 30/09/2022] +44 7423 050965: I am so amazed at the enormous richness that each member of this group brings to it. Your contributions have not been unnoticed. Thank you for playing your part to foster good relationships ❤️ in our fabulous Playback Theatre group. What you have shared has helped me realise how each one of us can help to heal many who are hurting and brokenhearted, without even knowing it!
[19:11, 30/09/2022] Dawn Williams: 👍🏼
[06:52, 01/10/2022] +44 7423 050965: Please can some one post the full address with post code for our meeting today. I hope to get the tube to Russel Square then how many minutes is it walking? Thank you.
[06:56, 01/10/2022] +44 7423 050965: Dawn can you help?
[07:03, 01/10/2022] +44 7423 050965: Great thanks
[07:27, 01/10/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Good morning beautiful people…I have witnessed a lovely sunrise and look forward to a lovely gig today!

Just a very very gentle suggestion, maybe someone that is not performing today, maybe you can organise us all to do a zoom call Wednesday or Thursday evening( or a relaxed drink chat one of those evenings )…with two of Tony’s gigs coming up it would be great if all of us could come…play some drums🪘… bit of music…spoken word 🧍🏿‍♂️🧍🏻‍♀️🎹…do some playback theatre 🎭…think about it🍀
[07:32, 01/10/2022] +44 7423 050965: Yes great plan suggestion Duncan.
[08:08, 01/10/2022] Maude Nurse WPD: Good morning all I echo Audrey’s Thanks Duncan
[08:53, 01/10/2022] Duncan Lawrence: * Today’s performance has been cancelled * and will be rearranged to sometime later this year.

Please do not show up at the Russell Square Venue, Dawn and her teams will have their hands full and no time to speak with you.

Please enjoy your weekend and no one is to blame for the short notice cancellation today …sometimes ‘the Universe’, she knows what she wants🤔.

I hope someone takes the lead too about my early morning suggestion for a mid week relaxed drink chat or relaxing zoom chat…I will respectfully follow anyone that leads it with absolutely no hassle.

Enjoy your Saturday…exercise Netflix and wine here…🌹
[11:03, 01/10/2022] Tony Cealy: I’m sorry to hear about the problems some of you have experience and the cancellation of today’s gig.

I totally agree with a zoom meeting or in person meeting before next Saturdays gig.
[11:06, 01/10/2022] Tony Cealy: I only have Wednesday evening free.
[11:11, 01/10/2022] +852 6935 0011: Thanks for letting us know, sorry to hear of the cancellation. I won’t show up in Russell Square. Big thanks to Dawn, Duncan and everyone who have been working to make the gig happen.
[11:13, 01/10/2022] +852 6935 0011: Maybe everyone who signed up for today could confirm here you know about the cancellation? Wouldn’t want anyone to go all the way to Russell Square…
[11:14, 01/10/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Great idea Lorraine…good morning!
[11:17, 01/10/2022] +852 6935 0011: What’s the time for next Sat’s gig (8th Oct)? Sorry if it was mentioned and I missed it…
[11:30, 01/10/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: I have not read any of the messages except to glance at Duncan’s saying a anyone not to take anything PERSONAL. I beg to differ and as I contacted Dawn Williams privately to explain, I will refrain from saying much until WE have the consultation. I spoken to Mr Cealy before… Maybe time to do my Docu-Drama of 30 years of Systematic Discrimination that led to me being a CRIMINAL needing Emotional Regulation Treatment.. Audrey Eccleston can vouch that I went to her home to help her set up her Social Media. Please find out at https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site for more of why if anyone asks about RELEVANCE I will reveal that some children, young people and vulnerable adults are exposed to discrimination. And Police were sent to my house to murder me u…
[11:36, 01/10/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Please take time to breathe and chill lovely sista🌹.

Todays gig is cancelled. We are meeting via zoom potentially on Wednesday to see what we want from the theatre group eg…just practice and perform and nothing else…or do we want something else as well out of each other…

Please please please hold any serious stuff till then…let us all enjoy a lovely day with this gorgeous weather🌞
[11:41, 01/10/2022] +852 6935 0011: I should be free on Wed evening for the Zoom
[11:55, 01/10/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Exercise, Netflix and wine🌺
[11:56, 01/10/2022] Duncan Lawrence: That should be the group mantra today😁
[12:05, 01/10/2022] Dawn McKay: Guidance and love ❤️ to us all. Blessings and have a wonderful day 😊
[12:11, 01/10/2022] Tony Cealy: The show next week Saturday 8th October is at 4.30pm I suggest we try and meet in Stockwell tube for 3pm
[12:20, 01/10/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Make of it what you wish
[15:04, 01/10/2022] Tony Cealy: I’ve just been told that next week Saturdays 8th October Stockwell “Bronze Woman” gig has been cancelled 😞

I’m inviting everyone to meet Jessie Lloyd at this event https://bit.ly/3pNec1F to “jam” with her about Windrush, music, Brixton, culture and much much more.
[15:15, 01/10/2022] +852 6935 0011: That’s a pity. Thanks Tony for trying to organise the next gig.
[15:20, 01/10/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Thanks for the update Tony.

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday too!
[17:01, 01/10/2022] +44 7702 159510: Unfortunately I can’t make next Saturday as I’m working
[17:03, 01/10/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Hi Nikki…are you good?
[17:05, 01/10/2022] +44 7702 159510: I’m good
[17:07, 01/10/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Good to hear, I miss you folks, hope we can all meet up soon…Duncan
[17:08, 01/10/2022] +44 7702 159510: Totally
[17:10, 01/10/2022] Dawn McKay: Thanks Tony. Will check dates and let you know.
[17:22, 01/10/2022] Dawn McKay: Shame that the bronze woman (Cecile Nobrega)event has been cancelled She was a force to be reckon with, very interesting and I love her poem ❤️
I wonder how much people know about her? I saw the statue but had no idea about her or what she stood for.
[20:11, 01/10/2022] +44 7956 501172: Hi all,
I may have lost the chain of everything. But I think we are all blessed, I believe when man says no, God says yes.
He’s a God of love and many changes. Remember King David, and Job. So let’s hold fast and press on. 😊

Thanks Tony,
I was waiting for the details.
Wednesday is good for me. I’m happy to make the 8th October 22.👏🏽👏🏽
[22:19, 01/10/2022] +44 7956 378671: I will try and make it from work but it will be tight
[23:18, 01/10/2022] +852 6935 0011: @Lloydilicous the performance has been cancelled, so don’t show up in Stockwell!
[00:46, 02/10/2022] Dawn McKay: Hi 👋 Lloyd there are some mixed messages about the 8th. Is it on or not.
[00:51, 02/10/2022] +44 7956 378671: I will check with Tony as I am seeing him tomorrow but thanks for keeping me in the loop
[00:51, 02/10/2022] +44 7956 378671: Thank you Lorraine for keeping me in the loop
[00:52, 02/10/2022] Duncan Lawrence: D
[00:53, 02/10/2022] Dawn McKay: Thank you Lloyd. I wait to hear further
[01:01, 02/10/2022] Maude Nurse WPD: Hello all I am getting confused about all this talk TONEY what is going on ¿?????? Abut these Gig’s are they on or not
[07:38, 02/10/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Please send any Zoom link via email ratty.nembhard1956@gmail.com as I don’t understand how to access Zoom via my phone. I don’t want to be triggered trying to log on. Since nothing else here is RELEVANT to me, Mi Wi Keep Me BROAD NOSE out of People’s business in case I get THROWN out of another group??? Anyone has any ideas about planning an Event for World Mental Health Day? It can be via Zoom. Maybe WE can share experiences and turn it into a Zine Audio Book for those with the Techie Skills. I have completed another Book of my “Personal Experiences” about the matter. I did a Zine with Cardboard Citizens and have a Booklet for those who are good at organising. Those of us who do Spoken Words, Sing or dance can get to share our Talent. Just saying Since the GIGS are getting cancelled.
[07:52, 02/10/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: I am attending an Open Day on the 8th at Elim House. I paid, but, honestly I am not sure about the organiser. Therefore, I will not suggest the Group even venture there. I will wait until the Zoom to share ideas. This is based on my Background as a Cultural Ambassador, EYFS Coordinator SENCO and Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator before I was made a Criminal needing Emotional Regulation Treatment. I have been working on why Dr. Juanita Cox will not Whitewash the Windrush Generation Oral History Resources. Hansib that published Mrs Gloria Cameron’s CASE DISMISSED don’t seem to have a clue that they are responsible for repeating her experience again and again. So, the Group can add Reviews to our Portfolio. I do Google Maps and Trust Pilot Reviews.…
[07:58, 02/10/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: I am tune in Maude story about how she nearly lost it. But how many of us is aware of the ANGER we are wrestling with when a BLACK WOMAN and 99 year old is TRAUMATISED for 8 years to cover up ABUSE RINGS operating out of HOC Nursery. My stories can be made into a World Premier. I was more popular than Prime Minister Theresa May who I write Open Letter to and she rejected my petition. The half has not been told
[08:15, 02/10/2022] Maude Nurse WPD: Good morning I don’t like ZOOM I preferred meeting in person because I love people regardless of their behavior Don’t judge unless you know where people are coming from Sometimes you see a person looking happy but you do not know what’s going on in their life GOD ONLY KNOWS Good morning God’s blessings to you all LOVE ALWAYS
[08:24, 02/10/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Good morning MAUDE! Thanks for those kind words. Make my Sunday. But, just to encourage you that we have to adapt to the time. When I started at Lambeth College I didn’t know how to use a computer. I am self-taught. I still mutter a few swear words under my breath. Hopefully you and I can pool our experiences to create some resources??? My Professor mentor (he don’t like me mentioning his status) suggested WE make Audio Books. Something the Group can capitalize with.
[08:31, 02/10/2022] Maude Nurse WPD: It’s a grate idea I have started writing my book which will be” THE LAST RECRUITMENT ” It’s all about my life coming to England and my treatment in this country including my childhood and my family in today’s world
[08:53, 02/10/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Good morning beautiful sistas…a lovely Sunday to us all…🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♂️🌞
[09:30, 02/10/2022] +44 7423 050965: O what a WONDERFUL morning, Obwhay a wonderful day. I’ve got a wonderful feeling every thing’s going my way!
[09:31, 02/10/2022] +44 7423 050965: ❤️ 😍 💖 ❣️ 💕 💘 ❤️ 😍
[11:14, 02/10/2022] Dawn McKay: Blessings all 🤗❤️🙏🏽 have a wonderful day 😊
[13:53, 02/10/2022] +44 7956 378671: Information sharing
[14:42, 02/10/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: This is MERVELEE MYERS in my garden with the ROSE 🌹 I dedicated to my brother ASHTER who died 37+ years in jail because no one listened to his plea to be left alone. One of the reasons I shared the YouTube video to the group. My brother was a Councillor in the Division my elder son now holds. I help my son in his campaign. Want to hear more? Let’s stop taking each other for granted and start listening when Maude is talking about her experiences… There is many people like my mother, who never talk. I heard her stories in January 2014 and she died on 1st June 2014. My Eulogy/Remembrance is online. She got the recognition in death that she didn’t get during her 90 years at the church I didn’t feel I belong because my life change after my father was stricken with Parkinson’s disease.
[14:47, 02/10/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: I went to view the venue where I will be celebrating his 100th birthday. Am sorry Folks restrictions mean I can’t get the Group to perform there. But who knows, his birthday falls on International Women’s Day. Help me to think of celebrating his life at a local venue. His home is in Camberwell. Am thinking of asking his MP for help with this venture.
[15:43, 02/10/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Njoy Folks. My Parents meet at a Wake Night Singing
[16:28, 02/10/2022] +44 7956 378671: Good afternoon Dawn I have spoken with Tony and he confirmed that the next performance is on the 18/10/22 6-9pm @ Brixton Library
[16:31, 02/10/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Potatoes from the garden
[16:32, 02/10/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Have a Blessed day. Just heard of the passing of another person. Heart Attack
[16:35, 02/10/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Njoy my Pumpkins
[16:43, 02/10/2022] Dawn McKay: Good afternoon Lloyd. Thanks for the update on the next performance 👍🏾
Blessings and enjoy a lovely sunshine Sunday. Take care and God bless 🙏🏽
[17:02, 02/10/2022] +44 7702 159510: I be there for the 18th
[17:04, 02/10/2022] +44 7775 943698: Me too
[17:05, 02/10/2022] +44 7702 159510: Totally
[17:05, 02/10/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Great…so cool to have some original folks! Hope you both are enjoying your day!
[17:05, 02/10/2022] +44 7702 159510: I’m good just on way home from acting g workshop
[17:06, 02/10/2022] +44 7775 943698: On my way to London to go to my drama class tomorrow
[17:07, 02/10/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Cool…hope some interesting gigs happen for you!
[17:08, 02/10/2022] +44 7702 159510: Thank you I got drama group tomorrow at battersea
[17:09, 02/10/2022] Duncan Lawrence: I get to work from home tomorrow…teaching and recording music 🎶
[17:10, 02/10/2022] +44 7702 159510: Awesome
[17:10, 02/10/2022] Duncan Lawrence: For us both!
[17:11, 02/10/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Check us out on Facebook if you like…Blues Dilemma Jazz Collective
[17:12, 02/10/2022] +44 7702 159510: Will do
[17:12, 02/10/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Enjoy..
[17:14, 02/10/2022] Duncan Lawrence: We are moving to You Tube in January…not really a fan of Facebook
[17:17, 02/10/2022] +44 7702 159510: Awesome
[17:31, 02/10/2022] +44 7956 501172: Pls keep me informed about the 8th? 🤷‍♀️🤔
[18:39, 02/10/2022] Maude Nurse WPD: I will be there on the 18th. I am not sure about the 8th
[18:41, 02/10/2022] +44 7956 378671: Hey Maude, it was mentioned previously in the chat that the 8th performance has been cancelled and was confirmed to me by Tony today. See you on the 18 October 2022
[18:42, 02/10/2022] Maude Nurse WPD: Thank you Lloydilious
[18:49, 02/10/2022] +44 7956 378671: You are welcome
[19:57, 02/10/2022] +44 7956 501172: Thank you for the clarification.
Confirming I will be able to attend 18.00 – 21.00
Let me know if and when we are rehearsing.
Sunday night blessings to you all!
Fay 😁
[21:59, 02/10/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Maude am going to take your number to contact you about the Publisher who is interested in helping people share their stories.
[06:26, 03/10/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Good morning my active young sista MERVELEE…LR Price Publications,and Austin Macauley Publishers will do a ‘shared publishing deal’ with you if they believe that your book will sell( for example, they will pay 2/3 of your book costs and you pay 1/3). Jessica Kingsley still pays full costs sometimes if you can convince them that universities and colleges will buy your books for their courses ( UK, EU and USA).

Hope this helps…Duncan 💻
[08:28, 03/10/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Thanks Duncan! My Professor friend who Audrey Eccleston introduced me to is also advising me to do Audio Books to capture People’s stories from a Folkloric perspective. My life and passion is Early Years and SEND. I have some resources and Books in the making. In 2011 I was on Sky News the Cost of Childcare. The CEO took one of my Homemade Books to develop as Teaching and Learning Tools. It’s 2022 and I am a Criminal needing Emotional Regulation Treatment after she sanctions Discrimination after the death of my mother. I contacted YouTube about my copyright. But like LinkedIn that stolen 3 accounts and the person who tricks me out of my first website I built from scratch. The intention is to keep me and my husband 600,000 older people in the UK say they leav…
[08:35, 03/10/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: I have been STABBED in the back by my own BLACK PEOPLE who the White People used to target me. I have taken on the Judiciary of England and Wales and Criminal Justice System and Crown Prosecution Services colluding with LEYF so they sent Police to MURDER me under cover of LEYF Margaret Horn Lecture. I no longer call for support because when I did they send 2 Police vehicle to try trick me. Anyone who visits me home is recorded and if they call they are recorded. That’s why I considered The people in this group as Family. Because it was Mr Cealy who identified the MERVELEE MYERS trying to break free from the Chronic Anxiety that held me CAPTIVE.
[08:35, 03/10/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Cool, just organise yourself for the publishers, they will direct you. I am just a hard working writer like you.

If you get in more leads, please text me privately, do not wish to bore this lovely group with our writing stuff.

Enjoy your day and look forward to our Wednesday zoom meeting.🍂
[09:19, 03/10/2022] Maude Nurse WPD: OK talk soon
[09:20, 03/10/2022] Maude Nurse WPD: I welcome you to holy week. My prayer for you, this victorious morning, the Lord will put you in the right location by His divine arrangement. He will sit you where you will be seen and remembered for good. May the peace of God Almighty and the freshness of the holy spirit rest in your thoughts, rule in your dreams and conquer all your fears. May your joy be fulfilled and prayers be answered. I pray for peace, healing, happiness, prosperity, joy and undying love of God to rest and abide with you now and forever in Jesus Mighty name. Amen. Good morning, have a fruitful week.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
[09:23, 03/10/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Duncan please send me the link via my email address ratty.nembhard1956@gmail.com as I don’t figure out how to use the phone with it yet. Don’t worry U won’t get bored. I have 2 Word Press, Google My Business, few YouTube, Shopify that I know nothing about except I registered an account. Few Twitter and Instagram. 18 Facebook Pages. Google Maps and Trust Pilot
[15:36, 03/10/2022] Dawn McKay: Good Evening Family,

Thyroid Cancer
On Wednesday, Dr. Oz had a show on the fastest growing cancer in women, Thyroid cancer. It was a very interesting program and he mentioned that The increase could possibly be related to the use of dental x-rays and mammograms.
He demonstrated that on the apron the den…
[17:38, 04/10/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Good evening beautiful people…who is organising our Wednesday zoom call?

Good evenings to us all!

Duncan 🍁🍂
[22:10, 04/10/2022] Tony Cealy: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/windrush-international-conference-tickets-388393364007?aff=erelpanelorg
[22:10, 04/10/2022] Tony Cealy: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/windrush-gala-dinner-and-dance-tickets-388430816027
[22:11, 04/10/2022] Tony Cealy: I will be in attendance
[23:16, 04/10/2022] Dawn McKay: 👍🏾
[23:23, 04/10/2022] Maude Nurse WPD: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2022/sep/12/save-money-60-plus-claim-deals-cinemas-theatres-travel-train?CMP=share_btn_wa
[23:23, 04/10/2022] Maude Nurse WPD: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2022/sep/12/save-money-60-plus-claim-deals-cinemas-theatres-travel-train?CMP=share_btn_wa
[23:31, 04/10/2022] +44 7956 378671: Look good 👍🏿
[01:40, 05/10/2022] +852 6935 0011: I’m not sure, are we still having a Zoom call tomorrow (Wednesday) evening?
[05:08, 05/10/2022] Duncan Lawrence: Hello again Playback people…a good morning to us🌞all!

One of my music groups had similar problems to us(too much seriousness at times and too many ‘one sided’ WhatsApp chat at times).

All they did is ask themselves two questions:

  1. What do you want the group to be?
  2. What don’t you want the group to be?
  3. Most people said they just wanted to have fun learning music.
  4. What they said that they didn’t want is for the group to be like ‘therapy’ or anything like that
  5. We voted on it and just like that the group changed for the better .
  6. They also agreed to try to get every one involved more and for members not to be so chatty until everyone else has a chance to speak too.
  7. The group went to the pub a lot but did not pressure anyone to go.
  8. We c…
    [06:40, 05/10/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Since MERVELEE MYERS identified Myself as the Person this is Geared towards. WEY MI COME FROM DEM CALL IT DROP or THROW WORDS. Before I MERVELEE Ratty Nembhard-Myers-Tomlinson do anything else in this group. Can someone arrange a Meeting outside of the group with the Safeguarding Lead, because I was not informed by anyone when I joined Windrush Playback Stories About any of this. Before I get carried away here are some facts about why we should make an ASSESSMENT about how any MEMBERS of the group might be affected by the Stories we hear and Playback. I will use Maude as an example. Because Of my experiences the past 30 years in this country started with escape from Domestic Abuse to now the Housing Association target me despite asking them to keep on record…
    [06:46, 05/10/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Before I go what’s the point of another Gala Dinner when WE can’t even address the PTSD of the impact of the Discrimination on Maude. She is SUFFERING and I see FUCKERY about Therapy. I went through a phase where I CUSS and didn’t even care if it was GOD. Stop playing GOD and SLAVE MASTERS and MISS-TRUST in this group please.
    [06:47, 05/10/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: By the way I have done the THERAPY and might not be back
    [06:50, 05/10/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: This is someone who I have attended his performances. I am now a Prisoner Of Discrimination who doesn’t go out much
    [08:53, 05/10/2022] +44 7932 729792: Good morning all, sorry I am unable to attend Zoom this evening. Have a blessed day.
    [09:09, 05/10/2022] Tony Cealy: For those of you who are available and interested to have a short meeting tonight at 8.15pm – 9.15pm please use this meeting link:

Perhaps you can suggest how we spend our time in the meeting and or what agenda items we could discuss.

See you later ❤️
[09:13, 05/10/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: Find out why MERVELEE MYERS have Fight4justice please
[09:16, 05/10/2022] MERVELEE MYERS: When we arrange the meeting I will bring some of the Books I purchased during the time my ENTITLEMENTS were denied me and am wondering round to find a place or group where I belong that didn’t kick me out. My MAD Auntie died on the Street of Jamaica hit by the blown out wheels of a truck. They used to call her Moses. Do you care to find out the reason for MAD MEAN have MONEY I used?
[09:26, 05/10/2022] Maude Nurse WPD: Good morning Toney I can join but only on my COMPUTER so please send me the link and password for the ZOOM tonight THANKS MAUDE
[09:26, 05/10/2022] Maude Nurse WPD: By the power in the Blood of Jesus, i decree, you are blessed. May you be highly favoured, may you be lifted, you shall be great, it shall be well with you. The Lord will establish you in the presence of your enemies. HE will disgrace all your enemies, anyone that imagine in their heart, that you will amount to nothing in life right before their very eyes. My God shall set a table before you, table of promotion, of joy, of financial breakthrough, of success, of accelerated increase in Jesus name. You will never fall, never shall you go down. The angels of the Lord will go before you today and be your helper from now on in Jesus Wonderful name. Amen. Good morning. Happy mid-week.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
[10:44, 05/10/2022] +44 7956 501172: Mervelelee,
My understanding of the DBS process while teaching is that if people a visiting Young People, vulnerable people up to the age of 25 and not left independently, but accompanied at all times by an appropriate adult then this is fine.
If there is an occasion beyond this you will need a list 99 check, i.e a parent/ carer accompany/ escorting own child.
Where an adult is working independently with Young persons or vulnerable then a full enhancement check will need to be completed.
I hope this is helpful
With blessings
[10:45, 05/10/2022] +44 7956 501172: Thanks Tony
[10:48, 05/10/2022] Tony Cealy: 3888507941
[18:08, 05/10/2022] +44 7956 501172: Tony there is some numbers missing 🤷‍♀️
We need two sets
[18:08, 05/10/2022] Tony Cealy: What’s the other set?
[19:14, 05/10/2022] +44 7956 501172: Apologies if works
[20:04, 05/10/2022] Tony Cealy: Sorry friends I’m at a Windrush event which is meant to finish now 8pm but is running late.

I will aim to start the meeting at 8.30pm

[20:07, 05/10/2022] +44 7423 050965: Ok
[20:07, 05/10/2022] +852 6935 0011: No problem. I’ll be on the move but will try to listen in for a bit.
[15:58, 06/10/2022] Tony Cealy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b61eH5d-g6c. Link to the event live now.
[10:56, 07/10/2022] Tony Cealy: Goodmorning Tony

Thank you for taking the time out and discussing the Windrush program performance.

I like to say we are delighted that you can offer to perform your playback performance at our location site
This would be great for our residents to observe, make awareness and possibly be part of including Black History Month.

We look forward to your proposal dates for October and November, so we can plan together etc

Thank you.

Best regards, Yad

Yad Padan
Activities Coordinator
Fairlie Healthcare Ltd
Fairlie House, 2-6 Uffington Road, West Norwood,
SE27 0RW (02086706090, Extn 1225)

🆘Duncan can you set up some kind of booking schedule thingy so we can book gigs in?

One thought on “Without Prejudice Meet Mr. Tony Cealy At Walworth Living Room Re Pembroke Hse Cardboard Citizens Get Ready For Mervelee Myers Mental Health SEND Advocate DBS Safeguarding Responsibility Of All Dawn Williams I Will Do Case Study Of Paedophiles Jump Ship In EYFS Theresa May Rejected Petition Open Letters 2 PM 7/10

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