Without Prejudice Housing For Women Terrorists Will Know Not To Target Me To Bring Traffic Women To Alma Grove To Join The Neighbour From Hell See My Letter Of 2019 Listing Hate Crimes

The https://www.gov.uk must #act about #LEYF and the #systemicdiscrimination in the UK The Nexus Health Group needs to review how they deal with patients with SEND and going through the aging processes. My experiences started after I was discriminated against by my former employers. This is/was the 2nd time I experienced “Multiple Discrimination” after bereavement and losses which started whilst I was working at a workplace nursery of the NHS.
The GP who sent me on leave, later refused to give me a medical report and I faced a barrage of discrimination from the LEA, Southwark Council SEND Section and those involved in the 1st miscarriage of justice by the HMCTS. I had to pick myself up and start all over again despite I was a graduate of the Open University where I studied 2004-2009 where I graduated 2 weeks before my 50th birthday.
With my online profile and my contributions to “British Values” and the repetition of the discrimination after the death of my mother. The world must be made aware about the role of the NHS in destroying my health and ruining my career the 2nd time. I am on a mission to break down the barriers and changing the exclusion of people made vulnerable.
Decima Road Surgery is responsible for treating me with disrespect and allowing the University of East London to get away with denying me access to studies to repair my mental health.
The Disability Form was not filled correctly by the GP. I took the form in to get it redone and I never got it back. The GP who called to speak to me, label me aggressive the same as the Locum who called me 2 times, because those involved failed to do their duties.
I have had to put in complaints since I was diagnosed with high cholesterol to get my medication.
I went to the Colposcopy Clinic on the 27/8/2022 after jumping through hoops to get the appointment. I was coming from the Dentist, stopped at the Surgery to find out if they got the letter for the prescription. I was told they did not receive it. I gave my letter to be copied. When the GP called, the red flags were present as she sounded as if she did not know what she was talking about. She said she would call me back. I prepared my “Defensive Practice” ready for the call. She was true to form accusing me of being AGGRESSIVE and she would end the call.
The next day I phoned the mobile number on the response to my complaint. Only for the person to be abrasive saying this is her private number. Why did this person send her private number and say I can call her directly about the complaint? I have had enugh of the systemic discrimination because I refuse to accept the hate crimes of HMCTS and CPS and CJS.
So the Criminal needing ERT have my Fight4justice campaign to address 30 years of oppression in the UK after my contributions and my image was page 1 of ITV News for Windrush 70. I can be found online in social media and other platforms. Those responsible will be named like how I was asked to do video for BAME community to take COVID-19 vaccine. My 99 year old husband is TRAUMATISE

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