Without Prejudice Equality Act 2010 Section 60 Is Breach 8 Years After I Was Denied Entitlements Miscarriages Of Justice Unlawful Criminal Record Assaulted By Police Under Cover Of LEYF Margaret Horn Lecture 5/8/2022

1 August 2022 UC Capability for Work Questionnaire

Cancer Treatment

Refer to Copy of letter dated 29 July 2022

About your disabilities, illnesses or health conditions

Disabilities How they Affect me When started


Arthritis: Affected my gross and finer motor skills to write and walk because of excruciating pains in joints. Refer to Medical Reports

Sciatica: Painful joints, cramps in fingers and feet and severe back pains leaving me unable to come out of bed.    

Atypical Parkinsonism: Tremors and unable to perform daily activities

Diabetes: Refer to the Medical Reports. I have lost most of my teeth. Have swollen face occasionally 

Eating Disorder: Being diabetic I can have a STROKE     

High Cholesterol: Recently diagnosed and still waiting for prescription to get medication.


Chronic Anxiety: Refer to Medical Reports – 18/7/2006

Depression: Refer to Medical Reports & Assessments – 1976

Linked to Drugs or Alcohol

NO! But my condition means that I am accused of all sorts of ASB and is the proud owner of a CRIMINAL Records needing Emotional Regulation Treatment. I have had allegations used to deny me my ENTITLEMENTS. Police sent to SECTION me from malicious reports on 30/10/2017. Came back to MURDER me under cover of LEYF Margaret Horn Lecture 30/11/2020. Locked in Barclays bank on 1/10/2021 for over an hour whilst Police called after my money was stolen at the counter on 27/9/2021. The date Richard Harty of the UEL panicked and called my mobile. I was sent threats by UEL Legal Team Mary Mitchison to remove my video evidence from YouTube. I was kicked out of the UEL and my funding returned to cover up Men in Childcare ABUSE RINGS. The REVIEWS were online during the ET https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016.  PC Conway of the Peckham Police sent to my home 21/10/2021 re allegations I said I was feeling SUICIDAL when I was forcible removed from UEL campus on 5/10/2021. Whenever I call for support Police sent to trick me to SECTION me under the Mental Health Act. My neighbour smashed the glass on 13/12/2021 I called for help the Emergency Services heard the commotion and sent help urgently. The Police come to accuse me of locking my neighbour out. On 2/5/2022 the neighbour cut down the garden again, I stayed inside and challenged her. She abused me using discriminatory narratives and because I recorded her, she reported me to Housing for Women. I was contacted about ASB. Refer to the letter for the ongoing discrimination, after the neighbour came in and smashed the glass again, when she opened the letter with threats from the H4W terrorists who set her up against me. I am a target of HMCTS and CPS and CJS to cover up discrimination and protecting LEYF. 

Anything to be Disclosed

Refer to Medical Reports

Tablets etc…

I only use prescription medication when advised by the Health Professionals 

Hospital, clinic etc

Eye test when contacted by Health Professionals  

Blood Test

Cancer Screening

Appointment to be made for Colposcopy

Part 1 Physical functions


Because of the Eating Disorder, I am having difficulties moving around and is increasingly fearful about my safety when not in my home.  

Two steps

I need the help of rails to hold unto in case I lose my balance.

Standing & Sitting

I don’t sit on low seats as I might have difficulty getting up


There are times when I am unable to use my arms and fingers because of arthritis when the muscles collapse.

Picking up and moving…

Because of tremors from Atypical Parkinsonism, arthritis and other conditions there is no guarantee I can be doing any of picking up or moving things. 

Manual dexterity

I have problems with all if am triggered because I suffer with Chronic Anxiety. When triggered I am unable to carry out most actions with hands and fingers to do finer motor skills. I am unable to write my name if my life depends on it. Refer to diagnosis 2006.

Communicating – speaking, writing

When am triggered am unable to function? These are linked to the Atypical Parkinsonism that I do not have a diagnosis for. But I have experienced Childhood Traumas that affected me from my father was stricken with Parkinson’s disease. Hand tremors mean am unable to write and type. Making it difficult to do minute things like unlocking my phone to use or inserting the PIN to use my bank card. I am accused of SHOUTING when am trying to manage and control my conditions.

Communicating – Hearing and Reading

I am dyslexic and when triggered I am unable to function to understand what I hear or read as I am unable to process information. I rely on glasses for reading but if am emotional I might be able to see then.

Getting around safely

I am dyslexic and have the 5 traits. I get easily disorientated and have no sense of direction. I sometimes miss places I have been before. I have to prepare in advance and leave enough time to lost and find myself.    

Controlling Bowels & Bladder

I managed and controlled my bowels and bladder until the discrimination affecting me after the death of my mother with dementia. Therefore, I must go back to my childhood for anyone to understand the PSYCHOLOGICAL impact of discrimination on my physical impairment. I wet the bed as a child and mum would threaten me. Although I diagnosed mum’s dementia, I did not know the impact on her and my families when I went home for my son’s wedding. What happened made me EMOTIONAL. Mum would spread the faeces all over her room. I used to make sure I go to her room during the night because when she wet herself, she stripped naked and curled up in the foetal position.

I have been an informal carer from my youngest sibling was born on 11/11/1966. But the most challenging aspects of my life was helping mum to care for dad and grandma who were bedridden. Gran used to have lose bowels and dad was constipated. I would see mum having to try help dad pass the faeces and helping her to clean up gran when I was left at home to do the caring whilst she went out to work after taking on the role of mother and father. During dad’s illness I have 2 sons and have the additional responsibilities of caring for my boys. I see mum use the razor blade to cut the dead flesh from dad’s body. When he died, he was pure skin and bones, the people who collected his body asked if he died long time. My story of discrimination is documented because of miscarriages of justice. At times now am unable to leave home because of my condition. But my husband is the one affected the most. He experienced STRESS INCONTINENCE where we have to get rid of the bed clothes. It affects me when he loses his DIGNITY and is ASHAMED of losing CONTROL.

Staying Conscious when Awake

I am diabetic and developed an Eating Disorder and there are days when I can’t even have any food pass my mouth. After counselling I realise mum and I shared similar MENTAL and PHYSICAL disabilities. There are times when I am unable to stay awake because of lack of sleep since discrimination that affected me. I feel like am going to faint when am walking and has to find somewhere to sit down. I am becoming increasingly PARANOID about my SAFETY on the road. I am carer for my 99-year-old HUSBAND who gets HYPOS and concerned for both of us. I only call the Ambulance when I am taking long to bring him around. But I will not call the Ambulance to my home again as all they do is try SECTION me under the Mental Health Act whenever I call for support. 

Part 2: Mental, Cognitive and Intellectual Capabilities

In line with the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics and Section 60 this is a breach of my Human Rights asking me these questions. Because I managed and controlled my mental and physical impairments until I was denied my ENTITLEMENTS via the second miscarriages of justice by the Judiciary of England and Wales HMCTS. My Medical Reports document how I managed and controlled my disabilities to be employed at LEYF from 1/9/2009 after graduation from The Open University. I have a Chronic Anxiety diagnosis to do my Health & Social Care examination in 2006. This was because I do not have a medical diagnosis for Parkinson’s disease. I worked with the Health Care Professionals to manage my conditions. I experienced DEPRESSION after June O’Sullivan a former Mental Health Nurse sanctions discrimination. The data in my FILE is used and I have not received same FILE. LEYF say they have no data for me when I used Subject Access Request.

I am the victim of those using my disabilities to discriminate against me. Reasons Barclays take my money despite me having a “Care Plan”. Then destroy the CCTV footage and turned around accusing me of the mistreatment they used to close my account and left me in debt and struggling. After I was in the South London Press in 2004. I am targeted to trigger me by the SYSTEMIC DISCRIMINATION from HMCTS and CPS and CJS to cover for ABUSERS in the REVIEWS online during the ET case. That’s why FOS Emma Martin-Hamilton can get YouTube Legal Team to contact me after colluding with Barclays to scam me. CLCC vacated the claims. DWP stopped my benefits.

Awareness of Hazards or Danger

I saw a Facebook Memories where I wrote about an “Outer Body” experience after doing the “Eye Test” and the impact which must be taken into consideration. I am not always safe because if am triggered am in danger. I have become the target of my neighbour who broke the door glass twice. I was left exposed to danger for over a week the first time by the Housing for Women TERRORISTS. I have had splinters from the board used to cover the area where the glass was in my hand. And slinters from the glass in my foot.

I had to live with a defective radiator for over a year before it was replaced. The back garden is an “Environmental Health” HAZARD from the hurricane in February. There are nails protruding from the broken fence. I am unable to cut the grass from where the broken fence is and the nails are getting embedded. I averted a Grenfell Tower here and have to asked for exposed electrical pipes to be covered.

Starting and Finishing Tasks

I have lost the ability to carry out day to day activities over the past 8 years. I have been adversely affected after COVID-19. I am unable to care for myself that I learned from an early age. If my husband needed care like my mum who had dementia, I would not be able to cope. He is doing the caring for me most of the time. 7      

Coping with Changes

Discrimination taken away my ability to cope with changes.

Coping with Social Situations

My online profile must be used to access how much discrimination has impacted on my coping with social situations. I am becoming fearful of going out in case I am accused of ASB. It has become worse since I was kicked out of the UEL, then the Elephant & Castle HUB Choir. Now Pembroke House starts playing games to accuse me of inappropriate behaviours.

Coping with Social Situations

I must refer to my Social Media and websites to answer this question about how discrimination impacted on me. Because I have been used by others and am now made a voiceless, vulnerable, victim hence having to fill this questionnaire by those that tried to wipe my JOURNAL of the data it holds from 8 years ago. I was made a CRIMINAL needing ERT to deny me my ENTITLEMENTS. I get judged, stereotyped and provoked to act out of character and trigger me. My brother died in jail. I am labelled because of my disabilities. Recent incidents at the UEL left me seeking answers for why Richard Harty panicked and called my mobile on 27/9/2021. The answer must be he is the mastermind of Men in Childcare and I did “A Voice of a Child” research for June O’Sullivan in August 2011. After I was a participant in Dr. Maria Hudson’s “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination” for the Policy Studies Institute recommended to ACAS. I was threatened by UEL Mary Mitchison to remove my video proof of Richard Harty call to my mobile. PC Conway was sent to my home by UEL on 21/10/2021 re another malicious report that I said I was feeling suicidal on 5/10/2021 when I was forced off UEL campus. He called my mobile when I was at Peckham Women’s Space meeting Gillian McTaggart about ERT.

The same date I went to Barclays and my money was taken. When I went back to complete the transaction on the 5/10/2021 I was locked in the bank for over an hour waiting for the Police to come MURDER me. The CCTV was destroyed and FOS colluded with Barclays to scam me. Then sent letters of threats about Court and get YouTube Legal Team to contact me. I no longer trust my neighbour and Housing for Women that target me.

Behaving Appropriately

 This must be answered with due diligence that is merited to show how Mervelee Myers is the victim of SYSTEMIC DISCRIMINATION. When I did not become HCT Impact Report 2016 of 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment. My husband and I are 600,000 older people in the UK say they leave their home once per week or less.

It is not my fault if others chose to discriminate and get offended when I challenge the hate crimes.

In line with the Equality Act 2010 Section 60 I must answer this with the seriousness it deserves.

How often do I behave in a way that upset other people?    

Refer to the ET Judgement for how the data in my FILE is used by a former Mental Health Nurse LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan whose “Mask of Sanity” reveal a psychopath. Who is a pervert and the mastermind of Richard Harty MIC operating out of the HOC Nursery. She sanctions the discrimination that led to the Disciplinary which label me Uncooperative, Unprofessional, Rude, Intimidating, Confrontational, Aggressive – Lacking Empathy after I fronted Ofsted and my disabilities used as “Reasonable Adjustment at BIB in September 2014. By October I received the CEO Long Service Award.

I consider this to be in breach of my Human Rights and why I am on benefits in the first place.

Refer to the following

1. ET Judgement

2. Police sent to Murder me.

3. Neighbour from hell

4. ET Research

5. Mental Health Research.

6. Diabetes Research.

7. Publications.

8. Work as EYFS Coordinator.

9. SENCO 10. MOPAC Report

11. Housing for Women

12. Neighbours Notice

13. Maudsley

14. Assessments

15. Parents Letters

16. Online Profile


27 July 2022 MM NHS Discrimination Act Mental Health

Please follow the link below to complete forms related to your treatment in our service. The link expires in 2 days so please complete as soon as convenient. If you have an appointment in the next couple of days, please complete the forms BEFORE your appointment.


Talking Therapies Southwark

Please call 0203 228 2194 or email slm-tr.SPTS@nhs.net

Please be aware that no personal data is stored on this website and anything you submit is handled with the highest levels of security and privacy.

This facility is provided in the knowledge that questionnaires are an aid to monitoring your progress prior to an appointment with a clinician. It is not intended to be used to convey direct messages to clinical staff or gain access to urgent support.

If you feel at risk of hurting yourself or someone else, you should

  • contact your GP
  • or go to your local A&E at St Thomas’ Hospital or King’s College Hospital
  • or call the SLAM 24 information line on 0800 731 2864 for further advice
  • if you are experiencing feelings of distress or despair organisations such as The Samaritans tel: 116 123 can also be contacted at any time.

Part 3: Eating or Drinking  

Discrimination caused Eating Disorder I am at risk of having HYPOS or even a STROKE. There are days when I don’t get any food down me. I have to make smoothies because my stomach not taking any food.

Sharing information about Health Condition

 This is another breach of the Equality Act 2010 Section 60. Since my GP and other Health Professionals already have access to data about my health conditions and how it affects my ability to work. I did not chose to work this was forced on me by discrimination that taken away my ENTITLEMENTS. I am a carer for my husband and have not worked since I resigned with a “Nervous Breakdown” on the 27/9/2015. So why 8 years later the DWP chose to trigger my PTSD with this questionnaire. After my benefit was stopped by PEOPLE at Universal Credit and the DWP?  I don’t need to give permission the DWP should have contacted them in the first place. However, I don’t TRUST them because Dr. Joanna Pennac failed to fill forms correctly for the UEL. Then accused me of SHOUTING during a telephone consultation when she did not have my FILE to hand.

How DWP uses information

The DWP is treating me like LEYF did when I transferred to BIB and was to work in the Baby Room with a Nursery Assistant for my Supervisor. The person who stopped my benefit is the same one who tried to wipe my JOURNAL. I did not just apply for benefit and therefore, this is DISCRIMINATION and breach of the Equality Act Protected Characteristics and Section 60.

Face-to-face assessment

I reserve the right not to attend a Face-to-face assessment away from my home based on information I provided in the Questionnaire. I am carer for my 99-year-old husband who must be present at any assessment. He is TRAUMATISED. 

The fact that I self-referred when allegations were made against me in 2008 means I should not be going through this TERRORISM by DWP in 2022. I have made myself available to get treatment as can be verified by the information provided herein.

I will definitely state that I will only agree to a “Home Visit”.

I need my assessment recorded and I am given a copy.

Other Information

Because of the nature of my DISABILITIES I will word process the answers to the Questionnaire for there to be no ambiguities. I am unable to provide the answers in the limited spaces. I consider this to be a breach of my Human Rights. I was called by UC about money owing to me and the female continued calling until I got the sum involved. I had no knowledge this money was owing to me. Then they tried taking away the money from me. After I was called by someone whilst I was at the GP Surgery, I went into Supermarket and nearly lost my PIN. Reasons I used my glasses and don’t use my CARD when triggered. After the 2nd attempt when they said my PIN was incorrect I used cash.

I was called on the phone again about missing appointment, which I did not have and panicked. I was sent letter to submit information.

Refer to the letters.

1. Letter address to Mervelee Abanobi

2. Letter address to Mervelee Myers

Correspondence re Suspension of benefit

Person tried to wipe my JOURNAL

The same female who called me about missed appointment and sent letters

This Questionnaire is in breach of the Equality Act 2010 Protectected Characteristics and Section 60

I did not chose to not work

I could not get VOLUNTEERING

HCT Group Impact Report

Resources for Autism

SENCO job offer

DBS bar

Richard Harty MIC


Because of the nature of my DISABILITIES  DWP has breached the Equality Act Protected Characteristic and Section 60. After 8 years I was forced on benefit re DISCRIMINATION. It was not my choice not to work and I did training after writing “Open Letter” to Prime Minister David Cameron in 2015.

The following must be considered

1. Professors Chris Pascal & Tony Bertram endorsement on LinkedIn 2.

DWP is treating me like LEYF when I transferred to BIB. Whoever suspended my BENEFIT in April must be brought to justice. I was helped to sign up correctly in the Job Centre when my Claim was not sent off despite me going there. I was given Emergency Funds to tide me over. I had not been on benefits before. I had not provided “Sick Notes” before except for doing whatever need doing in the JOURNAL. But then I was prevented from submitting information.


 Why did DWP not sent the Questionnaire electronically to the JOURNAL like they did the letter informing of it? Where do I get money to photocopy it? I will word Process and share in the Public Domain inline with GDPR and Charter of Rights. Since DWP set out to entrap me from 2015 when I applied why was my benefit stopped in April because I refuse to be caught out by SCAMMERS? How do I know this is not to TRIGGER me? I am in debt because of Barclays and SCAMMERS and lost out on April to July because of discrimination by DWP and UC. What changes are there to report other the deterioration in my MENTAL and PHYSICAL health? The DWP is party to DISCRIMINATION. This is a threat to trigger me to be HCT Group Impact Report 2016 of 1 in 5 of all SUICIDES are associated with UNEMPLOYMENT. When I did not become that my husband and I are 600,00 older people in the UK say they leave their home once per week or less.

The Charter Of Rights Must Be The Change In Transforming The Justice System

 MM Word Press https://mervelee.com/2022/07/16/without-prejudice-writing-press-set-up-at-wikipedia-dem-a-go-tiyad-fi-see-di-criminal-need-ert-publish-on-subjects-from-cradle-to-grave-comfort-of-my-living-room-housing-for-women-charge-elder-abuse-w/ Top of Form

Dear Mervelee Myers,

Your Universal Credit details have changed. If you wish to review this, please sign into your account and check your journal.


Universal Credit

Please do not reply using this Universal Credit email address as it does not accept incoming emails.

Remember, DWP will never ask you to email us any personal or confidential information such as your username, passwords or bank account details. If you do email DWP with such information your email will be blocked or immediately deleted for security reasons.

If you need to report a change in your circumstances, please do so through your Universal Credit account.

Do they know that www.gov.uk/dbs  is responsible for leaving children at risk of safeguarding to the paedophiles in the Early Years Sectors groomed at LEYF and cohorts?

We hope you enjoy looking back and sharing your memories on Facebook, from the most recent to those long ago.

ON THIS DAY 4 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
No wonder me nuh hab space pon me mobile? Mi tell enuh fi sen all enuh videos 2 me?

Really, do they think I won’t find ways to unplug the #GAG? I #Write!
They tried Confusing me I was #MAD from 2008, but I prove they are #Liars! 2

Bottom of Form

This is how your ad will look to other users, but only you can see this preview.

Mervelee Myers Time Mervelee Ratty Nembhard show #FacebookCriminals whose #CommunityHub was the go to #pages here.


 Manager Empowered me

Projects and my Contributions to Building LEYF Brand as a Model emulated across the world: 1. Research “Voice of a Child” – For June O’Sullivan Presentation Reason I attended her Seminar at www.nurseryworld.co.uk/london  at NWS 2018 to find out which of my IP/CPPDP she was using making money. I was not prepared for what happened to me. On the Friday I was assaulted by a young white girl wearing LEYF shirt outside the Cooking Zone. I was taking videos of Chef Gloria who was disciplined by LEYF because she refused to lie about events at a wedding on 4/1/2015. On Saturday June O’Sullivan played her hand and I later learned she had planned to get me sectioned. Refer to www.met.police.uk that came to my house on 30/10/2017 after malicious report from www.peachespublications.co.uk and https://www.ryanclement.com who groomed her.

2. As EYFS Coordinator, SENCO and Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator www.open.ac.uk I was responsible for the implementation of and delivering www.ofsted.gov.uk Welfare Requirements. Luton Street Community Nursery was the HUB on display for LEYF.

3. I was published in NW Magazine from July 2011 and represented Luton Street at Consultations at Mark Allen Group. Yet Liz Roberts targeted me and excluded me from https://www.linkedin.com Nursery World FORUM. I was an Influencer who was endorsed by Dr Chris Pascal www.crec.co.uk and Professor Tony Bertram https://www.eecera.org who I meet on 19/9/2017 at www.mdx.ac.uk when June O’Sullivan claimed not to recognise me. There was a Meeting at New Cross Community Nursery on the 18/9/2015 the same date that Facebook give LEYF access to my account.

4. I was on http://skynews.co.uk on 5/9/2011 representing LEYF “The Cost of Childcare”. No surprise I was page 1 of www.itv.com/london for Windrush 70. A. June O’Sullivan take one of my Homemade Books in good faith to develop as Teaching & Learning Tools. B. Staff/employees sent Memos to contribute to Blog. C. I joined and add others. D. Refer to June O’Sullivan’s Blog of June 2012 and compare with the Disciplinary Uncooperative Unprofessional Rude Intimidating Confrontational Aggressive -Lacking Empathy used to trigger my PTSD after mum’s death with www.dementia in 2014.

5. I was at A/C 2011 when Michael Gove of https://www.gov.uk was keynote speaker. None of this made any difference when LEYF discriminated against me despite the only staff shortlisted for Lead Early Years Practitioner Post. I meet Alastair Campbell at www.earlyyearsalliance.org.uk despite not working I was keeping updated. That is why when I learned that June O’Sullivan get Police to call me a Criminal on 29/11/2020 and entered my home illegally and arrested me unlawfully. Covering up the discrimination with the Margaret Horn Lecture am making sure the world knows about The Employment Appeal Tribunal LondonEAT@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk and www.justice.gov.uk/tribunals/employment-appeals. Roles in the second miscarriages of justice denying me my entitlements, exacerbating and triggering my PTSD. I discovered that June O’Sullivan a former Mental Health Nurse is using DISCLOSURES in my FILE to discriminate against me.

6. Multigenerational Working Projects: A. Penfold Street Residential Home – Professional Photographer – Refused access to my IP/CPPDP – Cut out of photos, replaced for Promotions. B. Visit to http://communityplaythings.co.uk and working in partnership until 2016 when they joined LEYF discrimination. C. ResPublica Trust www.respublica.org.uk representing LEYF. D. Refer to my Report to www.theguardian.com in 2018.

7. Social Media: Publications and contributions to Blogs and Nursery World Forum. I was an INFLUENCER until LEYF get Social Media to target me. Reason I questioned Dilys Epton sending me https://www.linkedin.com Request on 22/9/2015 when I was called to CO to be harassed, intimidated, and bullied to write a RESIGNATION.

8. New Year Staff Party 2014: Proof if any needed that June O’Sullivan is not a Natural at carrying out certain duties. She was only interested in telling people to share on Social Media and how I decided to get the clip. At this time, I was not aware how much June had changed, same as how she changed Westminster Children Society to LEYF. Refer to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taA14IVIm9g for more. 

9. Visit to BIB 29/1/2015: I was the only BIB staff in attendance when June O’Sullivan was invested with her MBE. But I was treated with so much disrespect I felt like how Daniel must feel in the “Lion’s Den”. I discovered what I was been told about JO was true when she lied to me and tried getting me to breach the Social Media Policy & Procedures. I only understand what happened to me with www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk/ and am still trying to come to terms with the deception.

10. Please refer to the Reviews online at https://www.google.com as they are involved in cyberbullying.

There are cover up of LEYF Discrimination from https://www.gov.uk Legal Systems to the Media, Organisations, and Individuals. It is time for the Government to act after my Open Letters, Reviewing the Employment Tribunal Services and rejection of https://petition.parliament.uk/help#standards as I should not be a prisoner in my home with the deterioration in my Mental and Physical Health and that of my husband. Whilst LEYF is comfortable operating out of HOC Nursery that the ET Panel claim is PRESTIGIOUS place to work.

Prepared by: Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate 

Date: 09/01/2021.            


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