Without Prejudice 8 Days Son’s Birthday Happy Emancipation Day Jamaica Di Murder Country Like Hell On Earth June O’Sullivan A Go Jail Fi Crimes Against Pickney Old People, Teens She Wi Know Where My Homemade Book Dem Deh 30

1 August 2022 H4W Terrorists

Public & Disgraceful

Housing for Women

Six Floor Blue Star House

234-244 Stockwell Road

London SW9 9SP

1 August 2022

Dear Trina Philbert   

Re: Terrorism Outcome 20 June 2022 Update

I am not apologising for my response to your letter that is continuing to discriminate against me in breach of the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics. The Mental Health Act and Elder Abuse Act and Environmental Health Law. The Collins Dictionary meaning of unprecedented adj never having happened before, unparalleled. So, make of that meaning what you will as I will catalogue the TERRORISM by Housing for Women against me from the time someone sneaked into the Communal Passageway to put letters on my mat on the 13/1/2022. This was the vexatious actions of H4W who commissioned the SURVEY online and I was promised someone would get back to me. Without Prejudice I am assuming you were so busy being taught how to discriminate against your own elderly BLACK WOMEN with DISABILITIES that you forgotten I had given you the names of some women that you should know about. One of whom is the Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin whom I meet at the Housing for Women AGM on Tuesday 25 March 2014. Here is a little history for you to know, at the time she was Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons. Here is another fact, I was coming from work at Luton Street Community Nursery. I have since being denied my ENTITLEMENTS by www.leyf.org.uk after the death of my mother with dementia. To know more go check my online profile. Because letter gives me the opportunity to open the can of worms that H4W let get away by setting up my neighbour to target me.

ASB allegations made against Mervelee Myers

For there to be no ambiguities about the ASB against me by Deborah Gilchrist the neighbour that H4W put up against me to carry out their dirty work. Let me set the record straight. What do you mean you have been trying to investigate the ASB against me? It seems that you did not learn anything from your visit here. Your visit was to order me to take down information I have in my window for Debbie Gilchrist and there was none. In case you have forgotten you were accompanied by Candy Smith from Adult Social Care who was the Mediator. Whose contact telephone: 0207-525-7702 & 0207525-3324 she has me on the date you visited. You came to the meeting not doing any checks about me.  We never discussed anything about the ASB. I have made contacts via telephone and letters from I received the first letter from Samantha Gibbs. I want H4W to go back to their records when I asked for concerns, I raised to be kept on record. Then H4W can respond about the ASB and what ways can I respond accordingly.

Joint Home Visit 20/06/2022

Maybe you are suffering from delusions of grandeur about the visit to my home. You did not discuss any ongoing issues with me and my neighbour, so I don’t know who you discussed them with.  As said previously go check my FILE because the way I am affected by my neighbour should be on record.

I certainly never had any such conversation with you about rectifying any issues with my neighbour. There is a Case Number for the 13/12/2021 when the Emergency Services heard the commotion and sent the Police here urgently. I have put on record about the Police response. I did not see Ms Gilchrist after she smashed the glass until the 2/5/2022 when she began to discriminate against me. Because I stayed inside my house and asked if she destroyed the garden again. There is the matter of how long H4W took to board up the door to safeguard me. I had splinters from the board going into my fingers. I am diabetic and this can impact on my condition. The fact that the DISCRIMINATION by H4W resulted in Ms Gilchrist breaking the glass again when the bloke was inside and kicked my door is to prove I am not safe. Because the Police accused me of locking her out the first time and accused me of shouting and leaving me at the mercies of a DRUNKEN woman who THREATENED me when I tried to reassure her, I did not know it was her banging on the door. I just tried speaking to her and the way she was acting I decided not to continue the conversation.   

In the meeting you did not discuss anything other than you were told I have information for Ms Gilchrist in my window that I must remove. You were not aware of the ASB and you did not do any checks before you visited me. You were in the job a month, therefore, H4W is not only a BULLY but a LIAR who targets VULNERABLE OLDER WOMEN on behalf of RACIST DEBBIE GILCHRIST they set up against me

The Collins Dictionary meaning of inappropriate adj not suitable. Personal adj 1. Individual or private. 2. Of the body e.g. personal hygiene. 3. Of a remark etc offensive. Offensive adj 1. Disagreeable 2. Insulting. 3. Aggressive. 4. Position or action of attack. To define these words this is what H4W have been doing to me from the SURVEY and they promised someone from H4W would be in touch to discuss my concerns.     

There is a saying where I come from about “KETTLE CUSS POT BLACK” and that sums up H4W House Slaves and Brainwashed. Please remember that I was a Member of the Scrutiny Panel. I handed over my keys so H4W can get access to the Communal Area. But now I am not safe as H4Women sneaked in here, and I am in danger of being MURDERED like the www.met.police.uk that made attempts on me on the 30/11/2020 under cover of www.leyf.org.uk Margaret Horn Lecture.

House Keeping Concerns

Let me go through this feedback

Garden Repairs

How did this become my Personal Garden? I have spoken to MCP and here is the information I was given after the 4th visit to Alma Grove with regards to the Tree and the Garden. I was informed by the person on the phone that MCP contacted H4W about doing the tree. MCP was sent a copy of the letter about details of the Contractor H4W contacted to cut the tree on the 25/4/2022. Someone came from MCP to look at the garden and said H4W had not given them proper instructions about the extent of the damage in the garden. On 28/4/2022 a new gate was made in the front that was not needed. I took the left-over materials that was left in the front garden to the back garden. So, if there were any obstructions, I removed them. To say H4W don’t fix fencing as per policy is another myth.

Please refer to the Reference 81030 21/02/2020 – Completed 20/3/2020 and say when H4W don’t fix fencing per policy. Did H4W changed the Policy to carry out TERRORISM against me? Reference 62454 16/02/2016 – Completed 19/02/2016

Garden Gate

Is Trina Phlbert for real? Considering that I have reported this matter from February why is Ms Philbert insinuating that I am going SENILE?

Misuse of Communal Areas

Seems as if I must repeat that I was the person who handed over my keys for easy access to the Maintenance Team. At one time Debbie Gilchrist was doing BUSINESS where the Communal Passage and outside were packed with stuff. When Ms Philbert visited, I showed her photos of my husband washing the bins and cleaning up the garden. Ms Philbert just shows how stupid she is. I don’t need any reminders because H4W is responsible for giving Ms Gilchrist power to TERRORISE me after we have lived here in harmony from, I moved in in December 2000. If there were concerns, I raised them with H4W to be kept on record.   

Since it is a matter of SAFEGUARDING, I have hang/stick signage up to protect the VULNERABLE. How did I obstruct any pathways since the mats have been outside my door from 2001? Am worried that I will be targeted inside the Communal Area because I was targeted by Hermione Cameron who visited my home twice. If Ms Gilchrist can break the glass a second time after she opened the letter from Samantha Gibbs with threats, who is to stop her from HARMING me and getting away with it because I am a victim of the Judiciary of England and Wales, Criminal Justice System and Crown Prosecution Service covering for ABUSERS and PAEDOPHILES and SCAMMERS.

Show me how SAFEGUARDING myself in my home from threats can be construed as ASB? I have lived here since December 2000 and nothing like this happened before… Go back and look at the meaning of unprecedented. I advocated on behalf of ESTHER OLIVER aka TESS. Averted a Grenfell Tower here and have to live in fear of the radiator for over a year. I am not scared of H4W threats.

Misuse of email contact and inflammatory/offensive content

These are not ALLEGATIONS they are FACTS. My Tenancy Agreement 2.26 – Seems to have given H4W rights to TERRORISE me. Can I refer Ms Philbert to the Portal for clarifications about the DISCRIMINATION against me by H4W and Debbie Gilchrist and the Police that visited my home on the 13/12/2021.

What does this mean for Ms Philbert?

In case she is not aware, I got my flat as a result of “Domestic Violence” and H4W is using Coercive Control and breaching all the laws, legislations, codes of conducts and practices with THREATS in this letter.

What this means for Mervelee Myers?

I will make sure the world is made aware that H4W is a TERROR CELL where the new brand of Employees have targeted me and think they are getting away with it. They will be part of my https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site going on the road with my Windrush Stories.

Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate.


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