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14 July 2022 Financial Ombudsman Service EMH

Our ref: PNX-4291934-J9W5                                                    Legal and Jurisdiction

                                                                                                      PO Box 69989

                                                                                                     London E14 1PR

Mervelee Myers

16 Alma Grove



By post and email to: ratty.nembhard1956@gmail.com

8 July 2022


Dear Mrs Myers,

We have seen the recent emails you’ve sent to our Investigator, Emma Martin-Hamilton, and the comments and video that you have posted online about Emma. MM Response 14/7/2022: Refer to my https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site in this matter for further clarifications then David Northfield. Let me make it absolutely clear “Without Prejudice” that Eavesdroppers don’t usually hear anything good about themselves. So, whatever interpretation Emma Martin-Hamilton wants to put on her snooping has nothing to do with me.  From my understanding she should not be dealing with the case after her initial bundling because she can’t string three words together to form a sentence. Or comprehend spoken or written English in which I communicated with the FOS. 

We are writing on her behalf to demand that you immediately remove this content and to make clear that we will not tolerate such behaviour. MM Response: Let me break this down for the idiot who has written on her behalf. As to demand that I remove any content, who gave the intellectual imbeciles any such authority? As for tolerating any such behaviour. Emma Martin-Hamilton’s behaviour is that of LEYF www.leyf.org.uk and HMCTS that presided over the second miscarriages of justice https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 and I should not be wasting my time addressing the ramblings of the FOS scammers. So lets see who will be tolerating the behaviours of others when you check this https://youtu.be/yY2MgU9GWdc for how the Emma Martin-Hamilton and the FOS are Career Criminals.   

You have posted comments and a video online about Emma, for example here:

Can I advise the scammers at FOS to refer to www.icsouthlondon.co.uk South London Press, Friday May 28, 2004 On balance a happy ending for why FOS will be charged for being party to Barclays SCAMMING RINGS targeting vulnerable women in their branches? 

https://merveleeadvocacy.com/2022/06/28/without-prejudice-barclays-back-by-fos-emma-martin-hamilton-benjamin-john-think-they-get-away-with-1000-00-27-9-21- criminal-need-ert-status-v-windrush-70-itv-news-sky-am-popular-than-head-of-states-me/  

Can I advise the scammers at FOS to refer to my websites and YouTube and social media platforms for why Emma Martin-Hamilton will not get away as party to LEYF Paedophile Rings. Barclays Scammers Rings and all the HMCTS and CPS and CJS Career Criminals. Because Barrister https://www.ryanclement.com was supposed to pay me back. But www.moneyclaim.org.uk and the SCAMMERS involved at Court Enforcement Services Ltd www.courtenforcementservicesltd.co.uk failed to collect my money. Because they are party to SCAMMING RINGS like the FOS.   

Maybe FOS should go listen to my YouTube and read my websites blogs to know why Emma Martin-Hamilton is playing the victim. Maybe she is a PAEDOPHILE in disguise.

You have accused Emma of being a paedophile. MM Response: All I can say is paedophile is as paedophile does. Refer to Murder Analyse https://youtu.be/IugYTmFOIpM A Viper’s Nest of Paedophiles (UK-2020 Shirley Oaks.

This is completely inappropriate and unacceptable, and your allegations have no factual basis. MM Response: Please refer to the following https://youtu.be/6-Znc717izc and https://youtu.be/P-mKKSiG0M4  for Richard Harty the paedophile who panicked and called me on the 27/9/2021 the date I went into Barclays and my money was taken at the counter. So why is Emma Martin-Hamilton taken on the mantle of PAEDOPHILE? Does she have a guilty conscience of a past life molesting children like those of my former employers?

We are satisfied that these comments may amount to harassment and may also be defamatory. MM Response: Oh my God, imagine what I have been through in 30 years of DISCRIMINATION in the UK.   So, all the CRIMINALS at FOS is concerned about is harassment and defamation?

If you do not remove the content relating to Emma and the Ombudsman service immediately, and no later than 5pm on Friday 8 July we reserve the right, without giving you further notice, to take such legal action as is appropriate to: MM Response: As is obvious I will not be coerced by CRIMINALS at the FOS, so do your next best. FOS has no say about any contents I posted online. Ask the www.uel.ac.uk PAEDOPHILES of Richard Harty to mastermind of Men in Childcare. Mary Mitchison and Tanya Cotier tried, but where are they hiding? Today is 14/7/2022 and I have not removed anything. So CRIMINALS go ahead.  

• have that content removed immediately;  MM Response: I have not complied.

• prevent you from posting similar content in the future; and MM Response: Have you read the GDPR 2018 and Charter of Rights 12 Codes?

• take such other action against you as may be appropriate.  MM Response: What appropriate actions can CRIMINALS involved in Paedophile and Scamming RINGS take against a criminal needing Emotional Regulation Treatment after I was pushed over the edge to cover up the LEYF Paedophile Rings operating out of the HOC Nursery.

That may include seeking financial damages from you. MM Response: Really?

2 We require that you confirm that you have removed this content, and we reserve the right to recover any legal costs from you. MM Response: Am not bothered by threats from PAEDOPHILES and SCAMMERS with friends in high places.

We understand you are unhappy with the answer we have given on your case and you feel very strongly about what has happened with your bank. MM Response: So, FOS admits that they are CRIMINALS and did not take the evidence into consideration.  But we will not tolerate abusive or inappropriate comments about our staff. MM Response: What is your definition of abusive or inappropriate comments? After Emma Martin-Hamilton and Benjamin John colluded to rob me of my money and turned around discriminate against me in breach of the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics. To appease their perversity in targeting a person made vulnerable by the Government SYSTEMS in place to target BLACK people. You also suggested in correspondence on 17 June 2022 that Emma is ‘a member of LEYF paedophile rings.’ MM Response: As A MAD WOMAN who has been pushed over the edge after I was denied my ENTITLEMENTS after the death of my mother with www.dementia.org.uk am not aware I made any such allegations. So, maybe Emma is accepting responsibility for her membership in a PAEDOPHILE RING? I have no such information at hand. However, I am aware Richard Harty is responsible for the MIC bloggers jumping ship in the Early Years Sectors. Emma emailed you on 23 June 2022 and let you know that your comments were not acceptable. MM Response: Who cares what Emma thinks? She is obviously an ASSHOLE who is unable to understand written or verbal/oral communication. Even so, in your email on 5 July, you said; ‘Emma Martin-Hamilton is a PAEDOPHILE.’ MM Response: Good luck to Emma with her guilty conscience.

These comments are completely inappropriate and unacceptable. They have a substantial impact on our staff and their wellbeing and may amount to harassment which can be dealt with by the courts. We reserve all legal rights in this regard, including referring this correspondence to the police and bringing proceedings in the courts. MM Response: The www.met.police.uk are MURDERERS who targeted me on the 30/10/2017 on www.peachespublications.co.uk behalf when malicious allegations were used to send Police to SECTION me. I contacted the Police before and was told that my concerns have nothing to do with them.  There is a catalogue of events leading up to 30/112020 when the Police tried to MURDER me under cover of www.leyf.org.uk LEYF Margaret Horn Lecture. Am sure the Police and IOPC will not be too quick to follow up any of your threats to me.

We expect our staff to respond to complaints in a professional capacity for our Service, and we have processes in place to respond to concerns about their handling. MM Response: So why did the stupid Emma Martin-Hamilton failed to do her job. And then an even stupider Benjamin John, if there is any such person. And not Emma Martin-Hamilton doing the same job in the pay of the SCAMMERS and PAEDOPHILES? But we also expect those using our service to conduct themselves appropriately. MM Response: In what way did I not conduct myself appropriately SCAMMERS? Refer to the South London Press publications in 2004. Outside of our Service, our staff should not have to worry about receiving comments such as this online. MM Response: What are the SCAMMERS and PAEDOPHILES doing online outside of FOS service? We refer you to our unreasonable behaviour policy here: MM Response: I have no time for SCAMMERS and PAEDOPHILES. Am carer to my 99 year old husband who is TRAUMATISED by DISCRIMINATION.


Your case is closed, and we will not contact you further about your case. MM Response: Who the FUCK cares SCAMMERS and PAEDOPHILES. We will not respond to any further emails you send. MM Response: So why the RASSKLAAT have you sent emails to me then PAEDOPHILES and SCAMMERS? If you wish to bring any new cases in the future, we will think carefully about whether dealing with those complaints would be appropriate MM Response: No SCAMMERS and PAEDOPHILES I will take anything am dealing with online and name FOS as a SCAMMING RING with PAEDOPHILES in their employ. – we have a duty to ensure that our staff are not at risk of offensive language and personal abuse. MM Response: The EYFS has provision for Mother Tongue. There is a Badword Law where I come from.

Please confirm immediately that you have removed all content from the internet that relates to Emma and the Ombudsman Service. MM Response: No Mother FUCKERS I have not done so. Are you going to send in the Police MURDERERS like what LEYF and the UEL did?

Yours faithfully,

David Northfield

Senior Legal Counsel

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