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5 July 2022 MM UC

Scammers at Barclays Bank & HMCTS & CPS & CJS Discrimination caused my Mental and Physical impairments to deteriorate in 8 years of Hate Crimes to cause me to be having SUICIDAL thoughts. When I did not become a victim of HCT Group Impact Report 2016 my husband and I are now 600,000 older people in the UK say they leave their home once per week or less  to  

Paranoid from Elderly Abuse by the Police whenever I call the NHS for support they send the Police to my home to harass, bully and intimidate me to take me out of my home to SECTION me

PTSD -Fear of being MURDERED Since I am the target of my neighbour who smashed the glass door and the Police came to accuse me of locking her out and claimed I was shouting when I tried to tell my side of what happened. I have been accused of Antisocial Behaviour by Housing For Women. I was threatened in a letter by Samantha Gibbs. The Neighbour opened the letter and smashed the glass again. The door is still boarded up.  The HATE CRIMES by Trina Philbert who visited my home for a meeting with Candace Smith from Adult Social Care was recorded because of the stance H4W has taken in this discrimination in regards to the fact. I moved to this address because of Domestic Abuse. H4W makes me a victim of my vulnerability of having disabilities. Someone sneaked into the Communal Passage to leave letters on my mat after a SURVEY was done and I raised concerns and they promised to get in touch. People I don’t know continue targeting me when the bins were pushed up to my windows to trigger my PTSD. I am targeted via telephone, mobile, email and text. In light of 4 generations of same family SLAUGHTERED in Bermondsey am SCARE. When I raise concerns no one act.  My husband who is TRAUMATISE assaulted me 2 times. I identify atypical signs of behaviours of children with SEND.a

Eating Disorder – Fear of Homelessness – As a diabetic the eating disorder impact on my Mental & Physical Health. I am slowly been pushed over the edge as I stated in letter of concerns to LEYF I was DEPRESSED and slowly TORTURED to death. I self-referred to Kings Occupational Health in 2008 after the first nervous breakdown. I did Mental Health & Diabetes Research. So why am I on this Conveyor Belt of referral to Maudsley? June O’Sullivan the former Mental Health Nurse using my FILE to target me will be charged…  d

Fear of Coercive Control – Whoever stopped my benefits working with HMCTS & CPS & CJS to cover up the ABUSE Rings of Richard Harty of the UEL who panicked and called my mobile on 27/9/2021. The date Barclays scammed my money in the branch. The date I had to go to the GP because Dr. Joanna Pennack failed to fill my forms correctly. So Richard Harty returned the money I applied for and kicked me out of the UEL. Sent Police to force entry to my home. Then PC Conway called my mobile. Barclays since closed my account and the FOS scammers joined the discrimination. Now am doing Nelson Mandela The Purpose of Freedom is to Create for Others. Because like him I was made a CRIMINAL by the law protecting ABUSERS in the reviews online during the ETcd c

I am now the victim of Housing for Women that set up my neighbour to target me. We have had our differences before but were able to resolve the matter. I have always asked H4W to keep any concerns I raised on records. Considering I was a member of the SCRUTINY PANEL for H4W am putting on record that H4W set out to terrorise me from I raised concerns in a SURVEY and they promised to put me in touch for H4W to discuss my concerns. The next thing someone sneaked into the Communal Passage  Way with the key I gave them to gain access to leave letters on my mat. The barrages of TERRORISM from H4W continues. I am living in a flat where  I averted a Grenfell Tower happening. It took over a year for H4W to change the BOILER. The back garden is an Environmental Health Hazard. The new Housing Officer in the job for 1 month visited my home with a Mediator  from Adult Social Care on the 20/6/2022. Despite numerous attempts to contact her I only got through yesterday 4/6/2022. For her to hang up the telephone on me.  The world will be informed about H4W TERRORISM of a person made a VICTIM of my former employers LEYF after the death of my mother. And the roles played by HMCTS & CPS & CJS & MOPAC & CCMCC & BSB & SRA & DBS & JCIO & IOPC & HMPPS & CLCC & Southwark Council. Because as the FACE of Windrush 70 who meet the Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin at H4W AGM in March 2014. After coming back from Jamaica saying my final goodbyes to my mother 4 days before her 90th birthday. I will let the world know that the Windrush Generation are treated worse favourably than the animals the RSPCA would rescue Leading up to my husband’s 100th birthday he is TRAUMATISED and I have to be careful as I was made a criminal needing Emotional Regulation Treatment to cover up the abuse reviews online during the ET. That’s why Richard Harty panicked and called my phone on 27/9/2021 the date I went into Barclays and my £1000.00 stolen at the counter. I have evidence Barclays target vulnerable women. There was a care plan on my account about my disabilities. The scammers at the FOS joined Barclays to ROB me the 2nd time. Now the DISCRIMINATION continued having me STRESSED out to FUNCTION then my UC was closed. There must be a REVIEW of how those of us with Mental & PHYSICAL impairments are supported not to lose our ENTITLEMENTS to CRIMINALS in the SYSTEMS targeting us to cover for LEYF and cohorts. If in doubt refer to Mrs Gloria Cameron’s CASE DISMISSED and Dr. Maria Hudson’s “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination” to understand why when they use my SENSITIVE DATA to trigger me I am unable to function. Now I  hope my message is not MISCONSTRUED as that of  a MAD BLACK WOMAN made a CRIMINAL like Nelson Mandela to cover ABUSE RINGS. The Internet profile of MERVELEE MYERS will prove those who must be jailed. Show less(visual only)Mervelee Myers
5 Jul 2022 at 10:47am Report health change  Mervelee Myers
5 Jul 2022 at 10:28amI came to the UK 30 years ago and like the Windrush Generation of Arnold Tomlinson now 99 years old who worked hard in this country and is now TRAUMATISED. I am penalised by discrimination. When I first applied for UC I waited months despite visiting the Job Centre for appointments. There is no understanding of my situation and any compassion shown towards Mervelee Myers since I applied for UC. That’s why my account was closed without any attempts made to help me.Mervelee Myers
5 Jul 2022 at 10:22amThe Impact of Discrimination on the Windrush Generation The story I want to share is how being a participant in RESEARCH because of discrimination empowered me to apply my personal experiences in trying to break down the barriers of exclusion imposed on me. Because I refuse to accept the “Experience of Multiple Discrimination” via the Employment Tribunal research when I was interviewed by Dr Maria Hudson for the Policy Studies Institute at my home in 2010 is key to why I must use my personal challenges with my Fight4justice campaign eight (8) years after I sat in the church where I feel I did not belong and listened the send-off that told the story of the woman who was my mother who I did not know. Show less(visual only)Mervelee Myers
5 Jul 2022 at 10:19amAccept your commitments completedMervelee Myers
5 Jul 2022 at 10:17am Reclaim submitted  Mervelee Myers
5 Jul 2022 at 10:14amMoney, savings and investments completedMervelee Myers
5 Jul 2022 at 10:11amWho lives with you? completedMervelee Myers
5 Jul 2022 at 10:10amReview your details completedMervelee Myers
5 Jul 2022 at 10:06amWork and earnings completedMervelee Myers
5 Jul 2022 at 10:05amReclaim started

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