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8 April 2022 MM Theresa Salmon GDPR

ASHTER RIP https://youtu.be/vr4wzX4Ps14

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Mervelee Myers’s Tribute To Theresa Salmon

 I will kickstart my New Series of honouring the people who have been on a journey of nurturing the young minds by completing the “Project” I started at BIB LEYF Nurseries with Theresa Salmon when I transferred there after the death of my mother July 2014. I followed “Ethical Guidelines” signing a permission agreement with Theresa Salmon during the time I was working at BIB. Before LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan MBE put her plans into actions. June O’Sullivan’s “Mask of Sanity” slipped to reveal the psychopath who started her campaign of hate getting rid of the women in leadership when I was working at Luton Street Community Nursery April 2010 to 22 July 2014. Because LEYF claim not to have any data for Mervelee Myers when I used Subject Access Request (1.SAR), the world must be made aware how the Judiciary of England and Wales presided over miscarriages of justice against me (2. ET).

Since the discrimination by HMCTS covering for (3. LEYF) abusers, I meet with Theresa and some of her families in Bermondsey at their local pub and have additional data and verbal agreement to complete the project. But then I was not prepared for the impact of COVID-19 and how (4. Police) would be involved with discrimination against me.  I was coming from the local Iceland and Library with the book I published IN HONOUR OF WOMEN EVERYWHERE down by the Blue when I stopped to find out if Theresa was in. I could not help the tears when her son Michael told me the sad news that Theresa died in December of 2021. I want to do this tribute to honour Theresa during the month she was born. Because I am born in May, so is my only granddaughter and my daughter-in-law. May is celebrated as Mother’s Day in Jamaica, but when I was working in the Early Years Sector, I was always in demand for my cards.    

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A man in his 20s has been arrested on suspicion of murder after three women and a man were stabbed to death at a home in Bermondsey, south London on Monday morning. The Met Police said it is believed all five people were known to each other, and detectives are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident. The niece of one of the four victims said her aunt “does not deserve this”.

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Mervelee Myers the CRIMINAL needing Emotional Regulation Treatment

Mervelee Myers is an “Expert Authority on Subjects from Cradle to Grave” and I am using the above report to share my stories about why I decided to start my SERIES of PROJECTS honouring Theresa Salmon who lived in Bermondsey.

Cover Letter #1 Job Search 

I am an experienced Early Years Practitioner who was formerly a Basic School Teacher from my country of origin. I did 1-year National Youth Service as a Teaching Assistant in a Primary School setting. I studied at Lambeth College and The Open University gaining qualifications up to Foundation Degree in Early Years standards.  

I have transferable skills from early in my life helping to take care of my younger siblings, nieces, and nephews. I spent years learning at the hands of my mother about caring for the elderly, sick and infirmed as both dad and grandma were bedridden for a period. As a teenage mother I learned to care for the vulnerable from the cradle to the grave before I was 20 years old.  

I have a wealth of experiences working in the early years sectors straight out of Lambeth College since 1999. I worked as Room Leader for toddlers. I was a Preschool Leader, Group Supervisor and Key Person. I took on roles and responsibilities of Mentor for colleagues doing Foundation Degrees and students on placements. I help posts as SENCO and EYFS Coordinator, represented my employers on Trainings, at Conferences and written articles for Websites and Publications. 

I am proactive and uses my innovative initiative to develop my Continuing Personal Professional Developmental Plan. I broadened my horizons doing research, trained as a Volunteer because I am an advocate of inclusion. I have a dream to continue my trainings to qualify as a Special Educational Needs Teacher so I can make my vision become a reality.

Congratulate Tony Bertram on the new position!

From: LinkedIn Updates To: Mervelee Tomlinson. What are your connections up to? See all updates!

Tony Bertram has a new position at British Association of Early Childhood Education (BAECE) or Early Education.

14:00-14:10 WorkshopsWorkshop 3: ‘Developing professional practice – from brain research to everyday practice’ – convened by Mine Conkbayir and Vicky Burkhardt. This is the email Mine Conkbayir Mine that she gave to me on 19/9/2015. When CEO June O’Sullivan sent memo for employees to join social media to contribute to her BLOGS, I take the initiatives and added others. Some were reluctant because they were privy to information I was not. Therefore, we must question why Conor Bathgate who used to be one of the main bloggers about “Men in Childcare” jumped ship and recruited others? 

Endorsed on LinkedIn by 2 Professors 

I met Chris Pascal and Tony Bertram on the 19 September 2015 at Middlesex University and I was suspended on the 22/9/2015. 

15:00-15:15 Close – Dr June O’Sullivan – where do we go from here

MM: I was treated with the utmost disrespect by June O’Sullivan when she came to the group I was with and turned her back on me. Ensuring I was not prejudicial I greeted her, and she told me she did not recognise me. After the Employment Tribunal case and I have time to go through the paperwork, I realised there was a “Grievance Meeting” at New Cross Community Nursery on the 18/9/2015.                  

BIB Nursery: 

Theresa Salmon Multigenerational Working Approaches Black History Month October 2014 

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Mervelee Myers interviewing Theresa Salmon at BIB LEYF Nurseries.    

Mervelee Myers is a people person. 

Mervelee Myers writes for therapy from the time my father was stricken with Parkinson’s disease when I was in my early teen.

Blacklisting and Networking – Friends In High Places 

On the back of the Prime Minister New Year’s 2017 Message to the nation, let me take this opportunity to challenge those of us, who experienced discrimination to let our voices be heard. It is time we stop accepting that we must be part of the Silent Minority who suffer in Silence. If you are in any doubt and need the inspirations, motivations, initiatives, etc., to act, look no further than my Fight4justice campaign. My life story is out in Cyber Space because I choose to make my life an Open BOOK so others can benefit. I don’t want anyone else to live the life of torment I did from the time I was approaching Puberty to now. That was a very crucial Developmental Transitional Milestones especially for a Young Girl in a Family of Men/Boys, struggling with her Identity. 

Despite the luck of the draw for the hands of Cards I was given, opting out was never an Option. I carried on regardless, even when my uneducated Brain didn’t understand what was happening to me. My family life disintegrated when I was to start another Developmental Transitional Journey to Secondary School, and I experienced Trauma. This Trauma came about when Papa was struck down with Parkinson’s Disease. I changed from Papa’s Little Girl to a REBEL who would Curse, Fight, be Disobedient, etc., because I didn’t know what was happening to me. Worse of all I feared Rejection and see this was a sign of been abandoned by my father and Mother.  But that was not the case as my mother had to be strong to take on the roles and responsibilities thrust on her without any prior warnings or time to try preparing. Sadly, I only found out these things via Counselling. Strangely enough I must get Counselling because of discrimination in workplaces, where I thought I would be safe if I give of my best to try and make a difference with my Intellectual Properties, gained via my own experiences of life, studies and my thirst for knowledge. During those Developmental Transitions, in my head I was becoming the opposite of the person Papa wanted me to be. On reflections, I was blaming Papa for not been there for me when I needed him most. 

I started questioning whether I belonged to my parents and Mama’s love for me. But I had the most questions for Papa’s GOD. How could my Papa’s God after the way he dedicated his entire life to living his life from the Bible’s Teaching, allow him to suffer? I went from Puberty into Motherhood a very mixed-up Teenager. I was destined to face rejections after rejections and even the loves I thought I have been false promises. For some reasons or other, like what is happening why I am out of work, everyone chooses to discriminate against me for their own preconceived prejudice views and opinions about who they think that I am. 

The long and short of my story, is that my sons are the products of my unions with two of the most Eligible Young Men from my era. I have no regrets although I did not follow the trend and norms of what was expect of me. So as Mama would say I ended up with “di Patchwork Pickney (children) dem.” If anyone reading my story is expecting to hear later that anything untoward happened in my life, they won’t because I stood up for myself and was too angry for anyone to try anything with me, without my consent. I would probably have ended up beating the hell out of them and not be afraid to go public. If nothing else, my Parents brought me up with Old Fashioned Values and Beliefs, even if I broke some Rules.  

I was tested again after the birth of my first son, as my troubled Developmental Transition caught up with me again. My child was Misdiagnosed with Multiple Disabilities as being Deaf and Dumb. I guess this must have been the trigger I needed telling me life was not just about me anymore. I had was to Protect my child from some very Insensitive Ignorant People who treated me like the way I was discriminated against in Society from the age of ten (-10) years old. Take it from me, I know what it feels like to be different from the images of what is considered of BEAUTY. When you are not the Picture-Perfect Image with a Straight Nose, etc., be prepared for the discrimination that follows. To then be struck with Childhood Trauma is another story altogether. 

Despite Papa’s illnesses, he was in his elements helping his Only Daughter with the care of my son, caring is part of our DNA. If you know me there is no doubt you know my Papa, barring the Angry Person I became when he took sick. I can recall Papa despite the SHAKINGS, singing his hear out for my son and trying to give back some of what I had lost out on. After that I picked myself up on the advice of my former Class Teacher at Secondary School, Mr Felix Rose and went back to

Evening Classes at Mannings High School. But I was in for more disappointment, getting Pregnant again. I choose my child over the chance of a Future Career, but I never gave up my dreams. 

The Rest Is History as I love to say, as now I can honestly say I made the most defining decisions about choosing to have my SONS even when they were not planned.  I must make decisions that were to change my life because of my DNA. I choose not to have more children, even before I know anything about EUGENICS or was educated. Sometimes I look back with some number of regrets, I did not have that daughter, the sister that especially my younger Son wanted from Mum. But I didn’t want a child who might possibly have to live my experiences, right or wrong, I made that choice.  My Fight4justice is to highlight my experiences and to stop my family going through my life from the time Papa was struck down with Parkinson Disease. Mama had to be the mother, Father, and Carer for the rest of her life, whether she wanted to or not. She never shirked her responsibilities and Duty of Care for anyone who needed her. My children did not escape and have their stories to tell, but I will allow them to do so when they are ready. I would like it to be known that social injustices and inequalities exist in all echelons of societies. Some will only take notice of the plights of others only if they are beneficiaries. 

I am here to say SOD them. I come this far without their support, so I will finish yet another Transitional Journey on my own, no that I am EMPOWERED. I am however sending out messages to the Establishments, Systems, etc., that with my Defensive Practice, I am POWERFUL. Therefore, it’s time to stop paying lip services with the Tokenism of Rhetoric and Bureaucratic Red Tape and do something about the likes of me, who have to be using social media and Facebook in particular to get JUSTICE.  After the 8th March 2017, I will be putting NAMES in the Public Domain. You have your chances to make amends before then?     

Lynne Kelly the Manager of BIB must face Fight4justice  

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A picture tells a million words and since I transferred to BIB after returning from burying my mother, the world must be warned about the dangers facing children, young people and vulnerable adults working at LEYF Nurseries.

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The day this child walked into BIB Nursery he came to me. He reminded me of my first son who was misdiagnosed with multiple disabilities. His mother told me she had never seen him react that way towards a stranger before.                   

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Discrimination: Miscarriages of Justice

On this day 5 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling thankful with Dostan Nembhard and  3 others  in Jamaica.

Daily Express Page 13 – Jennifer Selway: I admire the no nonsense arguments of this columnist that I have chosen some of her articles to compare. What makes Theresa tick. The discovery I made is that the PM Theresa May was an only child. Therefore, as an only girl, I think we share those aspects of our life in common and that is more than enough for me. I was always headstrong and have a mind of my own. I believe that was due in part to the fact that I have to #Champion my own causes and did not always rely on anyone to do so for me. But I don’t want anyone to get the wrong impressions that my #7Bredas were not #Protective of me. However, I loved to do things my way. I have #5Bredas left and we are one united family. All when we just finish having a go at each other, please keep your distance!

Hands up if you agree: What can I say more than this was an example of why LEYF Nurseries decided to #Discriminate against me!

 MM Updates: I must be honest in saying I have decided that to heal myself of the traumas that affected my life chances I must be honest and clear the cobwebs from my mind. I must speak the truth cost it what it is, s/he who hides the wrong they do will continue doing the wrong thing still. I never get over the fact that I was abandoned, rejected, and beaten up by some members of my family. I spent 7+ years of my life expecting my family and friends to help me out of the situation of discrimination forced on me by LEYF and the Judiciary of England and Wales, the Criminal Justice System, and the Crown Prosecution Service did collude with the abusers in the Early Years Sector over the years since my mother died.    

Mervelee Myers with a former Colleague Cresella Rattary-Brown after attending training at LEYF CO.  

Winsome Duncan Stole My Manuscript Sent Police To Section Me Malicious Report 

I did not Edit the Following

Dear Mervelee, 

Julia Elizabeth Gould reviewed LEYF Nurseries – 1 star 25 March 2016 · 

I worked for this company for 2 1/2 years. I was grateful for them taking me on as a first job. But not for all the stress and health problems that came with it. I feel sorry for all the lady’s at my nursery who I left behind. For a company who tells us to be brave, nurturing, inspiring and fun. How do you expect your staff to accomplish such things with all the over worked hours and piles of paperwork that you so happily force upon them? We are there to nurture the children of the future but instead worry so much on how tidy the rooms are and how outstanding the learning journeys are. There is no time left in the day to nurture let alone have fun.

Maybe now the company has stop concentrating so much at making more money by opening more and more nurseries you would take a step back and see the amount of stress and over worked your older nurseries have become. Maybe think about staffing them too, to lift the weight of over ratio’s and 25 key children per person would just be a start.

I watched a handful of good and honest members of staff leave the nursery I worked at and finally came to the breaking point of where I (at the age of 21) had to leave for my own health. 

Ingrid Curuvija Townsend reviewed LEYF Nurseries – 1 star 29 August at 18:38 · 

The staff turnover at marks gate has been awful causing so many other issues. Does nobody look at the effects of one person leaving before making the decision to move another 3? Now the deputy manager will also be leaving, and she is the only person that reassured us during all of these changes that remained consistent and was always someone we could talk to. The children are unsettled and as a parent I feel awful leaving my child in the care of strangers I get my husband to pick up and drop off most days as I get too upset with all the chaos in the nursery. 

Jyoti Sharma reviewed LEYF Nurseries – 1 star 12 March · 

I said Goodbye to LEYF couple of weeks ago but I feel that I left my mission unaccomplished and I am still struggling to overcome the LEYF addiction I have, however I do feel that by moving on I have done one of the best things for my overall wellbeing. Leyf is an organisation which has high aspirations and to achieve these aspirations LEYF likes to push its staff as much as it can without sorting the issues or giving them enough support etc. Staff at Leyf get dead busy and no extra help or time is offered to them to manage the enhanced work load. As a deputy manager I had so much to do with out having any admin day or some time off the room. I was working as a deputy, a Senco, was in the ratio 5 days a week, had key children, doing extra hours, deputy’s extra work and 3 hours a day commuting and on top of all this putting up a bully chef. I was also put in the ratio when manager was absent which also put extended pressure on the staff when I had to leave room. No doubt Staff will find themselves unable to cope with added pressure. They are already under huge pressure as due to large number of agency staff and few apprentices they end up having 15 to 20 key children each. Eventually passionate staff who want to do a good job get stressed, frustrated and drained and finally bound to leave. Unpassionate staff also leave due to sparate reasons. In addition to fix the staff problems which I mentioned above another important thing LEYF must do is to upskill and empower their management team as they are directly responsible for staff well-being for example I had to put up a bully chef which affected my mental state to the extent that it nearly put me off coming to work every morning and myself (deputy manager) and the manager could not address this effectively and fairly I believe due to lack of confidence and skill or may be sometimes management’s habit or a will to ignore issues like this but who paid the price undoubtedly me. There are job competencies there for the staff which everyone needs to meet but they are just a piece of paper. This ‘Chef’ does not meet any of these competencies, intimidates the staff however still comfortably working at LEYF under the nose of even Area manager who is (I hope so) well aware of his dayto-day actions. 

My Take on the Review By Jyoti Bhardwaj Deputy Manager of BIB

All I am going to add is this is only one of the reasons for my Fight4justice campaign. But instead of getting the justice that I was looking for from the Employment tribunal, I ended up with this online… I am sure the public will not be surprised to hear that this is my second time facing direct and indirect DISCRIMINATION. I am part of Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper: The Experience of

Discrimination on Multiple Grounds for the Policy Studies Institute. Recommendations made to Acas. In this day and age when there is a Modern SLAVERY Act 2015, the ET reverted even further back than the

SLAVERY ACT 1807. Is it any wonder I am suffering STRESS INCONTINENCE, so I am using the opportunity to tell the world the role that UNIONS play in keeping employees enslaved to the Modern-Day SLAVERY Masters and Mistresses who have been given sanctions to destroy lives? MM Updates 2021: ITV News Life Sentence For ‘Pure Evil’ Partner Guilty Of Baby Star Hobson for more of why Richard Harty must be investigated as the mastermind of Men in Childcare. .  +4   10You, Sam Coote, Arian Murray.

LEYF Big Childcare Conversation

Saturday, 19 September 2015 Order no. 450617542. Ordered by Mervelee Myers on 28 August 2015 – Eventbrite Middlesex University London.

10:15 – 10:45 Keynote 2 – Dr June O’Sullivan: with a video presentation – Quality Childcare in an Underfunded World: A Look at the 30 Hour Proposal. MBE and CEO London Early Years Foundation (LEYF).

MM Updates 17/3/2021: Refer to note 21/08/2010 as follows: Mervelee Hello Mervelee I need your help! I am doing a research project with June. The research is ‘A voice of a child’.  I am going to be in on Thursday, and I have booked you out all day. This is the plan. Exit interviews: Christian, Fionn, Tommy. Complete the exit interviews with the children and film it. Children’s planning meeting.  Small group of children (4) and film. I suggest that you get yourself familiar with the video recorder and practice before Thursday! Any queries please do not hesitate to call me. I don’t mind. Julie. Something for your PPD (PDP) research for ECEERA. 

13:30- 14:00 Keynote 5 Professors Chris Pascal and Tony Bertram: Ofsted and Quality. 

MM: From: Chris Pascal via LinkedIn Sent: 20 September 2015 To: Mervelee Tomlinson Subject: Chris Pascal commented on your photo

Chris Pascal commented on your photo “It was lovely to meet you too Marvelee and feel your enthusiasm for your work. And its not too late to go for the SEND teacher certificate. Warmest Chris and Tony”.

Met up with 2 Pioneers Chris Pascal &…

From: Dilys Epton Sent: 22 September 2015 To: Mervelee Tomlinson Subject: Mervelee please add me to your LinkedIn network. Hi Mervelee, I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn. It is a fact that LinkedIn refused me access to my account and why?  Refer to the ET Judgment to clarify what happened on 22 September 2015 and whether it was appropriate for Dilys Epton to send me this email?

 and 7 others. 13 Comments. 3 Shares

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with SamCooteandRoxanne Unruly Jones.  

Just updated SKYPE & found out the Baby arrived? So now Ur mum Kadene have to mek sure she gives U Ur food in the PP (Pudding Pan) 4 U & the Baby – Breast Feeding is on the Menu I hope?

    BIB October 2014 to 16 March 2015

1. Long Service Award    

2. Active Matters certificate. 

3. Long Service Award.

4. Consent Form – Theresa Salmon.     

5. BIB Magazine.

6. BIB Magazine article – Theresa Salmon.

7. LEYF CEO Contributions Letter -25.11.2011  

8. Long Service Award 15th October 2014.

9. BIB CEO Newsletter November 2014.

10. BIB CEO Newsletter 30.01.2015   

11. Email to HR Dilys Epton 14.03.2015.

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The HMCTS & CPS & CJS & HMPPS Career Criminals must get their Emotional Regulation Treatment  

On this day 4 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Let the world be aware of my situation. I don’t need to embellished my Fight4justice campaign against LEYF Nurseries. Since I join Facebook in the Summer of 2009,

I have adhere to the Rules of Law and British Ethical Guidelines in every Contract and using my Moral Judgement to make decisions. I have my Defensive Practice to back up my stories. Yet the #EmploymentTribunals affirm the Discrimination and presided over another miscarriage of justice. Do they really believe I’m going to keep quiet or commit suicide to give them ammunition to fuel the RACIST Terrorism by the COWARDLY BIGOTS who are THUGS of the #ModernDaySlaveMasters_Mistresses. No way I will be writing…  

 On this day 8 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard For those of U whose BD I’ve missed- Happy belated! & 4 those whom I will surely be missing take a bow on my b1/2 on the day? I am 1 Tired Wreck, but I am still Soldiering on. Have 2 work right up until my travels, but if my Ghana Sis Madonna can do it, so will I, even if I am about 2 Drop? Yesterday was 1 Interesting & Productive day & I got the opportunity 2 be Challenged from I left my home until I got back indoors… So BTU 2 all my colleagues at LEYF-LS – Suzanne, Michelle Hoofong, et al who supported me all the way! With Ur help I was empowered to brighten 1 Little Elderly Lady on the day she celebrated her 83rd BD. 

I am sure my CEO who is an advocate of Multigenerational would be more than pleased about the work WE continue to do at LS to make this a Reality? Let’s hope Eileen Parker whom I sometimes escorted home when I see her at the BS at Alscot Rd really appreciated the card the children made 4 her? Next time I see her am sure she will tell me even if when I talk, she says “I CAN’T HEAR U, I AM DEAF…” So, it was from 1 end of the MIG process of the ELDERLY to the very YOUNG! Changes of any kinds do have an IMPACT on the Very Old as well as the Very Young, so these groups just don’t do things differently because they want to make OUR life a Living Nightmare? The morale of the story WE are never too OLD to LEARN?  

Links to Websites & YouTube 

On this day 5 years ago  Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling blessed with Marcia Murray Royal and 4 others. 

I am taking a different approach to how I interact on Facebook as of now. I will not therefore be sticking to anyone format, but whatever happens to take my fancy daily. Today I will start with reviewing the Daily Express to see if I have anything in common with #FeaturedStories? 

Dealing with Death of Loved Ones.

It is 5+ years since I returned from Jamaica after burying my mother. What I have been through these past years have taught me many things that have left me reticent about how I am able to go about doing the things I am passionate about. That’s why I have invested in Fight4justice to get some sense of purpose for my life. Because LEYF colluded with the Legal Entities to ruin my career and destroying my life. And that’s another reason I will be naming all those involved in the hate crime in HMCTS and CPS and CJS which made me a target for terrorist in the MURDER COUNTRY after my mother passed away with dementia. And why I decided to become a DEMENTIA FRIEND to learn more and provide support.   

  Mervelee Tomlinson

Carer at Carer at Home.

In the space of seven 7 months, I have made two 2 trips to my beloved country Jamaica for two 2 momentous and poignant occasions in my life. I travelled to Jamaica on the 22.12.13, my son’s birthday to attend his wedding on New Year’s Day 01.01.14. I was privileged to spend four 4 weeks establishing links with my elderly mum whose health was in steady decline. Mum who had dementia did not recognised her only daughter, but I was blessed in a variety of ways. Because my son was living at home with mum, he had become one of the familiar persons who represented consistency, familiarity, and continuity in her life. In a sense he had taken my place in mum’s heart whilst I was away from the roost. I am no stranger to controversy as I have been defending myself and others from, I was a child. So, when I had to call on support South London Press was there for me in 2004. 

  Page 3: Ed’s tribute to mum with dementia By Alex Green.

My stories online about my mother’s journey with dementia started when I listened to my family talking about the changes in her behaviours. Resulting from my studies with the Open University Health & Social Care Level 2 which I applied to my Early Intervention Strategies applying a Holistic Approach to managing my Hidden Disabilities, I diagnosed mum’s condition. I was the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Coordinator, SENCO, and Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator at LEYF. Coupled with studies at Lambeth College when I was advised to use my assignments for my first Book by some of the tutors, I have been capturing evidence to make my visions become realities from 1999 when I graduated with a Student of Year Certificate. Therefore, I was always sensitive to others, whilst sharing my stories which were publish online. I done Dementia training and is actively involved supporting the work of charities. The fact that I have been denied access to my Intellectual Property by some of these Social Media platforms is an indication of the discrimination against me after the death of my mother. I was targeted by LEYF after returning from holidays, my son’s wedding, hearing mum’s story and saying my final goodbyes.  I will continue creating the legacies in the words of Nelson Mandela “The Purpose of Freedom is to Create for Others” and social media will not make me a voiceless vulnerable victim.   

MM Updates 17/3/2021: Smart Teachers – Considering recent developments I must share this email. From: Reggie Newman Sent: 03 March 2021 To: MM Subject: Mervelee, I have a job you may be interested in – SENCO, South London – September start. Dear Mervelee, Smart Teachers is recruiting for the following role which I think you will be ideal for you: Job Title: SENCO Job Duration: Permanent Start Date: September 2021. Salary Bracket: £46,000 to £55,000.

Pages 4-5: Prince in good spirits as he rests in hospital. By Richard Palmer.

My husband’s solicitor was informed Mr Tomlinson have a small illusion that one day he can become a Property Tycoon by the Bank Manager whose Ethnicity he named. However, since I do not want to get embroiled in anymore issues giving them ammunition to use against me, I must refrain from falling in their traps. I will end here saying WE have endured seven years of discrimination that stopped us celebrating our wedding. Coming up to his ninety-eight (98) my husband sometimes must be my career because of what the Judiciary of England and Wales & Criminal Justice System done to us.

MM Updates: Let me finish with June’s blog – So take heed and watch how we throw around the terms ‘2-year-olds from disadvantaged families’; we are already sticking a label on children who are little more than babies. No amount of soaking in hot water will remove that label if it is stuck on at two. What if I tell the reader that LEYF say they have any data for me?  More on this subject later. 

Reflections 26 April 2022

It is coming 8 years since my mother died and I have not yet grieved for her. Instead, my 99-year-old husband and I are TRAUMATISED because of discrimination by HMCTS and CPS and CJS covering up LEYF Abuse RINGS operating out of the HOC Nursery and the UEL to keep me a voiceless, vulnerable victim of the SYSTEMS.

Lambeth Readers & Writers Festival

Now that I have found out about Lambeth Readers and Writers Festival 2022, I will be getting involved taking myself out of 8 years of discrimination impacting on my mental and physical health.

Dear Mervelee,

Yes would be great to have you! Would you like a half table (91 cm x 76 cm, £5) for the whole afternoon or would you like to drop your zine off at the communal table for us to sell? 

Let me know the name of your zine or table (could be your name) if you’d like to be on the poster too

thank you!


From: Mervelee Myers <ratty.nembhard1956@gmail.com>
Sent: Tuesday, April 26, 2022 11:05 pm
To: Colette Townend <CTownend2@lambeth.gov.uk>; Gmail <ratty.nembhard1956@gmail.com>
Subject: Zine Fair

 Good evening

 I came into Brixton Library today and seen the Lambeth Readers & Writers Festival 2022. I am interested in Windrush Playback Stories because I done Theatre of the Oppressed training with Tony Cealy. This was at the Walworth Living Room for Cardboard Citizens. I have published on social media and my websites. I also write poetry.

However, I am interested in the Readers & Writers Zine Fair to showcase some of my publications. I wanted to do a tribute for a local resident who was a volunteer where I worked, and she has since passed on. I have a Book format that I did. But I just finished a 23-page booklet with some photos of her at the workplace and with her granddaughter. I started the project with her in 2014.

I have other projects am working on that I would like to showcase. One is Mr Walters who travelled on Empire Windrush. Because I was page one of ITV News for Windrush 70, I would like to work on that and develop Dr. Juanita Cox Windrush Oral History based on my husband who is 99 years old.

Let me know what you think of the ideas.  

Kindest regards  

Mervelee Myers.

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I am looking forward to putting the past 8 years of discrimination behind me, using my creative talents and passions to celebrate those who has/have been part of my journey.

On this day 5 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is celebrating recovery in London, United Kingdom. May 1, 2017  · 

My #1Son #Councillor Kevin Murray, Kevin Murray need no introduction. LEYF Nurseries and all the Facebook trolls I am on the lookout… Because I will take on each and every one of you if I have to…? Remember I don’t have a job and is #MarketBranding for my next career move.

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Theresa and her granddaughter, her son Michael is in the background.

Nelson Mandela Quotes

“The Purpose of Freedom is to Create for Others”

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Getting married at Brixton Registrar on the 20th October 1992 


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