Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Images IP/CPPDP Copyright Will Be My Defensive Practice World Must Not Turn Blind Eye Ofsted DBS Did To Cover LEYF H4W In Pockets Of Discriminators Resort To Social Cleansing Against Black Disabled Women In Bermondsey

                                                                                                           Mrs Mervelee Myers

                                                                                                           16 Alma Grove


                                                                                                            London SE1 5PY 

Housing For Women

Sixth Floor

Blue Star House

234-244 Stockwell Road

London SW9 9SP

9 June 2022

Areas Letter 1 Rent Areas £2,376.03

To Peju Awoye Income Officer

Direct Number: 0204 513 9673  

 Can the Terrorists at Housing For Women take notes of the following YouTube: Police Visit https://youtu.be/oh2p9-Ivyoo and https://youtu.be/YGSpApi7foE as Housing For Women will be taught lessons that will stop them ever treating another resident the way they have done to me. Let Mervelee Myers tell H4W that they are in breach of the Contract I signed in December 2000. Why is H4W just sending me “Areas Letter 1 after I was called the ignorant person claiming from H4W.

Pay your rent from the comfort of your own home at the click of a mouse using the Housing for Women Customer Portal.

Let me inform Peju Awoye, who refuse to answer how long she is employed with H4W about the fact that Mervelee Myers was a member of the H4W Scrutiny Panel. I will leave that ignoramus to go do her research about the Scrutiny Panel before she dares call my phone again. Since these terrorists threatened to send me letter to go to courts and I will be evicted, I am issuing this response as a COMPLAINT against H4W and all those involved in the discrimination of Mervelee Myers since they sneaked in and put letters on the mats. The letters were left on the mat on the 13/1/2022 after several incidents at my home. Therefore, I no longer feel comfortable in the home I got through “Domestic Violence” in December 2000.   I am sure H4W can fill in the blanks, but I will show H4W why I was the “Minute Taker” for the Scrutiny Panel.  

Log in securely to pay your rent, view your rent account, request a repair and view your repairs history

As for suggesting for me to log in securely to pay my rent, what took H4W so long to be aware that my rent was not paid from November 2021? This is clear indication that there is no security in any of H4W operations. With regards to viewing my rent account I was sent a letter on the 24 March 2022 Re: Rent Reduction and Rebate 2021 – 2022. Which account did H4W put the REBATE in? H4W has proven by their actions since I was called by a SURVEYOR that they have embarked on Social Cleansing of the Equality Act Protected Characteristics. This comes in the form of those employed at H4W in the job for 2 months or refusing to disclose how long they are employed.    


I won’t even spend much time about requesting a repair except saying H4W left at risk with the radiator to be installed on the 14/6/2022. H4W has been NEGLIGENT with regards to the radiator that has been giving trouble for more than a year. Can H4W check the records about some of the repairs I reported. In particular in 2016 when I reported the Light Casing in the Kitchen.

The Hurricane 

The contactor visited my home 4 times about the garden and the tree in my neighbours back yard. Instead of repairing the damages in the garden, H4W installed a new gate in the front. 

The Broken Glass

My Rights not to be discriminated against in breach of the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics to address this letter from H4W today. This will be posted to all my websites, YouTube, and social media as part of my “Defensive Practice” to reclaim my good name from H4W and cohorts since 2021. Since I received a summons claiming to be from Croydon Magistrates Court to attend on 16 June 2022.

Visit my.hfw.org.uk to register and create your online account and get started

With my online PROFILE, I think H4W can learn about how to not discriminate against TENANTS in breach of the Equality Act 2010 and GDPR 2018 and the Charter of Rights. Let me explain that LEYF claim not to have any DATA for me. After tampering with my address when I was invited to DISCIPLINARY on the 27/3/2015. The PROBATION OFFICE of NOT KNOWN must be identified in line with the “Rules of Law” as Hear Say cannot be accepted in court. I am saying this because I was charged for a criminal offence on 15/11/2020 by the manager of BIB who claimed he saw me at BIB on this date. There is every possibility this poor sod is a member of Men in Childcare ABUSE RINGS of Richard Harty of the UEL. Because I did “A Voice of a Child” research project for June O’Sullivan in August 2010. Months after I was a participant in Dr. Maria Hudson’s “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination” for the Policy Studies Institute recommended to ACAS. All this drama with the Police started when they failed to act on my concerns about verbal threats. But came to my house to section me from a malicious report allegedly written on Facebook.     

Samantha Gibbs is a TERRORIST Playing Debbie Gilchrist against me

Since allegations were used to ruin my career and impacted on my mental health after bereavement and losses in 2008 and 2014, I will put on record that H4W must be charged for discrimination. I am viewing this letter from H4W as the same from the summons from Croydon Magistrates Court. I have recordings from 1/6/2022 the date my mum died until the date I called the Police because the threats have materialised in the phone call from H4W threatening to take me to court and evict me. Therefore, I will compare the antics of Samantha Gibbs to the following.

Whoever says I have broken the court’s orders in the ways shown below under Breaches must be named and the BOOK thrown at them. Those involved at HMCTS, CPS, CJS. IOPC, JCIO, CCMCC, DBS, SRA, BSB, CLCC, HMPPS must be charged for hate crimes against me for 2 miscarriages of justice, attempted murder, aiding known scammers and paedophiles, unlawful arrest, traumatising my elderly husband.

On this day 1 year ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard June 7, 2021  ·  Shared with Public Public

Go #investigate the #paedophiles at www.leyf.org.uk that the Judiciary Of England Wales & Criminal Justice System #shielding on behalf of #HHJDight Mr Misconduct

His victims were as young as eight months old. 😡 

Paedophile who targeted 2,000 victims sold child abuse as 'box sets'



Paedophile who targeted 2,000 victims sold child abuse as ‘box sets’

1 Comment. 1 Share. I contributed to the Daily Express Mental Health CRUSADE. My LinkedIn account was stolen by the PAEDOPHILE LOVERS.  

Our records show that, as at today, you are in arrears by the amount shown. Please see the enclosed rent statement which gives you more details. You should pay your full rent on the first of each month, in advance, in line with the terms of your tenancy.  

Now Housing for Women joined in to terrorise me after Barclays SCAMMED me the second time and closed my account.  The SCAMMERS at Barclays are responsible for stealing my MONEY, lock me in the branch for over an hour on the 1/10/2021. Called the Police so what was their intention? 

If they acted professionally when my neighbour smashed the glass on the 13/12/2021. WE would not be here now. How about you go take all the terrorists at H4W into custody?

Please do call us on the number below to discuss this.

Since I have been treated by H4W like the HMCTS CPS CJS criminals I have no intentions of calling H4W to discuss anything with those at H4W who can’t string 3 words together to form a sentence. They have no understanding of the English Language.

Why does Peju Awoye think I will call her after she called me and acted like an idiot?  

H4W took from November 2021 to date to contact me about the rent arrears and expect I will get in touch with her within 7 days. For her information the call was recorded to safeguard me after Samantha Gibbs letters and phone calls colluding with Debbie Gilchrist.

Possession proceedings for rent arrears may not be started against a tenant who can demonstrate they have:  Provided H4W with all the evidence required to process a Housing Benefit/Universal Credit Claim. Let Peju Awoye take note that it was H4W that advised me how to claim BENEFITS when I was denied my ENTITLEMENTS.

You are responsible for the information provided to Housing Benefit / Universal Credit.   

Proof H4W employees are ignorant as captured on videos. Samantha Gibbs, claim she write the letter of allegations from Debbie Gilchrist, so have no need to have her letter in front of her.

We aim to support you in maintaining your tenancy, if you do not keep to the terms of your tenancy your tenancy could be at risk and you could lose your home, please get in touch.  

Why would I trust H4W after the treatment after they joined forces to DISCRIMINATE against me?

On this day 7 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard June 7, 2015  ·  Shared with Public Public Lori Reid Taurus Apr 21 – May 21 No one could accuse you of being a dreamer but this week one of your dreams could point you to success. Meanwhile, finances improve, and your home life is extra special.

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2200933233/1 Date of Information 30/05/2022 – Can the PAEDOPHILES say who provided the information on the 30/05/2022 and via what source did they receive the information?  

On this day 9 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard June 7, 2013  · Shared with Public Public

21 years ago, today I left the shores of my homeland JAMAICA to try & make a better life for myself, the 2 most Precious Gifts God granted me & my Family to set up home in the UK. The road has not always been an easy 1 to travel, but thanks to the Almighty Father I did make the best of my opportunities>>> Now that I am getting GOWGM I can count the blessings God has afforded me & I want to continue sharing with those who mean the most to ME? So, join hands & heart & let’s CELEBRATE!

Failed without reasonable excuse to comply with the requirements of a community order made by Croydon M C on 02/07/2021 – Who is monitoring the Community Order made by the courts?

Failures of Housing for Women & the Police

My neighbour (I did not know who was outside) started a commotion outside on the 13/12/2021. My husband who is TRAUMATISED advised me to call the Emergency Services. They could hear the BANGING over the phone or else they might not have visited. Since there is a log of the EVENTS of the 13/12/2021, I refuse to ponder to the ELDER ABUSE of the TERRORISM by the Police and Housing for Women about recent developments at Alma Grove. How long did H4W take to secure the premises?

I was sentenced to a CRIMINAL needing ERT

By failing to comply by displaying Unacceptable Behaviour on 14/12/2021 (2 failures).  Can the Paedophiles provide the evidence about the Unacceptable Behaviour on the 14/12/2021 and where did this occur? Those involved will be sentenced to jail terms.

On this day 9 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling happy. June 7, 2013  · Shared with Public Public

Have a little talk with Jesus, U can tell Him all about Ur troubles, He will hear U when U cry? He will answer by and by>>> So have a little talk with Jesus make it right all right!!!


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Displayed Unacceptable Behaviour on 15/12/2021. Can the Paedophiles provide the evidence about the Unacceptable Behaviour on the 14/12/2021 and where did this occur?


On this day 9 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard June 7, 2013  ·  Shared with Public Public

Condolences goes out to the Manager of Luton Street Community Nursery – LEYF on the passing of her Dad! Julie Weis I am thinking of U & Ur Family at this sad time, but I want to reassure U that God has relieved Ur dad of his suffering & he is in a safer place relaxing with Ur Mum>>> XXX  

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Employment Appeal Tribunal and LEYF Nurseries.

March 6, 2013  ·  Enough said…. 11. 1 Comment. 7 Shares

Call by Housing for Women 7/6/2022

Claims I did not pay RENT from November 2021. 

Visit to my Home 4/6/2022

CAD 3308/04Jun22 – Re Nuisances Call from 1/6/2022 to date

Broken Glass by Neighbour

Housing for Women Out of Hours Service


1237333 & 1237708

Why did the Police fail to Visit my Home?  I have a recording of the STUPID Police Officer on the phone asking if I had seen my neighbour break the glass.

CAD 2115

528 CC 3630/21/5/22

Letter to Housing for Women – 20/5/2022

Set out my arguments why a Telephone Meeting is not appropriate.

Letter from Housing for Women 16/05/2022 – Termination of Phone Call

Samantha Gibbs and those involved at H4W must be charged under the Charter of Rights, GDPR 2018 and Rules of Law.

Assaulted by my Husband – CAD 2948/15May22

The actions of H4W which is in breach of the CONTRACT I signed in December 2000, and I am now the target of HMCTS and CPS and CJS to cover PAEDOPHILES at LEYF.

Letter from Housing for Women re Meeting Invite 13/05/2022

Refer to the LEYF invite to Disciplinary 27 March 2015 when my address was TAMPERED with for the PATTERN of ALLEGATIONS of the past 8 years denying me my ENTITLEMENTS.

Housing for Women 24 March 2022

Re Rent Reduction and Rebate 2021 – 2022

Why did H4W failed to contact me if my RENT was not paid?  

In accordance with Part 2 of Schedule 10 to the Sentencing Act 2020. Since HMCTS is responsible for the miscarriages of justice how about the SCAMMERS start calculating how much is owing to me.

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LEYF www.leyf.org.uk

UEL www.uel.ac.uk

ACAS www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers

Police www.met.police.uk

Facebook https://www.facebook.com

Barrister Jones https://www39essex.com/barrister/samantha0jones

Housing for Women www.hfw.org.uk

Police Visit https://youtu.be/oh2p9-Ivyoo and https://youtu.be/YGSpApi7foE as

Prepared by: Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate.

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