Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Challenges LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, WordPress, LEYF For Discrimination As HMCTS CPS CJS Continue Cover Abusers 5/6

So http://www.uel.ac.uk is #richardharty PAEDOPHILE RINGS of MIC How the Metropolitan Police Hate Crimes Made MERVELEE Myers a Criminal Needing Emotional Regulation Treatment to Cover for LEYF and the Abusers.

5 June 2022 Agenda Of Meeting With Police

On this day 5 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling emotional at London Bridge. June 5, 2017 · London · Shared with Public

I paid my respect and heading home in the rain. Showers of #BlessingsWeNeed.

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is thinking about my future in London, United Kingdom.

June 5, 2017 · Shared with Public

So, my house phone rings, hello could I speak to “Mr MYERS” please. My response, there is no Mr Myers living here.

So, after all these years they still seeing my name and visualising a MAN? I might look like, think like, and do everything else like a MAN, but no that’s where it stops.

I am PURELY WOMAN in every sense of the words and more.

I can prove it if no one expects me to share anything on the Internet that I would have regrets about at any stages of my life.

So please go back and tell them, I am not looking no YOUNG MAN fi come beat out mi Stomach and tek wat mi gi dem go gi dem Young Gal fi spend pon #Brazillean and fi push up Stomach and Batty. Everything about me is #Natural, dung to the #DevilsArmour!

At my Son Valdin Legister house in January 2014


Mervelee Myers Online Profile Tells of 30 Years Discrimination in the UK 7th June 1992 to Date. Here is the proof as the Daily Express columnist Camilla Tominey states, “Tech Don’t Lie” and I contributed to the DE Mental Health CRUSADE. Therefore, HMCTS, CPS, CJS must be charged for the miscarriages of justice, false criminal record and protection of abusers putting children, young people and vulnerable adults at risk of safeguarding. During the Queen Jubilee and Jamaica 60th Year of Independence, the matter of why am a victim of the SYSTEMS and my 99 year old TRAUMATISED must be addressed.

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7 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard June 5, 2015 · Shared with Public

Know where U are coming from my Boy, so more Power to U. Ambition & the Vision will take U far & even all the way to achieving Ur Dreams. Well done Deon Dujon.

Mervelee Myers Timeline of Discrimination by the Police

October 2017 Winsome Duncan & Barrister Ryan Clement – Scammers

Reported Verbal abuse threats to the Police – Police said not their concerns

30/10/2017 – Police & Ambulance Services arrived at my home to section me from a malicious allegation by Winsome Duncan.

Police Hate Crimes

The Police must be held accountable for the Hate Crimes that led up to the Meeting at Southwark Police Station. Refer to YouTube for the evidence.

The Roles of the IOPC

Ratna Khanam and others from the IOPC must be charged with Hate Crimes via the Charter of Rights 12 Codes.

The Roles of HMCTS & CPS & CJS to cover the LEYF Abusers Rings

Place on a Conveyor Belt of Coercive Control by HMCTS & CPS & CJS

HMCTS – Presided over the miscarriages of justice after I experienced Bereavement and losses in 2008 and 2014 – The Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics.

CPS – Must be charged for Hate Crimes for colluding with ABUSERS some of whom might be PAEDOPHILES to prosecute me unlawfully under the Criminal Act 1976 for Criminal Damages on the 15/11/2020 at LEYF BIB Nursery. Refer to my Online Profile for clarifications. The Publication in the Southwark News.

CJS – The fact that MP David Lammy did a Review of the Criminal Justice System which led me to do a REVIEW of the Employment and Employment Appeal Tribunal must be used as evidence of Institutional Discrimination. Refer to Mervelee Myers participation in RESEARCH: 1. Dr. Maria Hudson’s Research Paper. 2. Mental Health. 3. Diabetes.

CPS – Those from HMCTS, CPS, CJS, BSB, SRA, DBS, CCMCC, IOPC, JCIO, MOPAC, CLCC, HMPPS involved with the discrimination of Mervelee Myers must be charged for perverting the course of justice.

The Catalogue of Police Involvement in the Hate Crimes of Mervelee Myers

Evidence Online via Social Media Platforms

29 October 2020 – Telephone call to my mobile from a female who called me a Criminal and threatened to arrest me anywhere I was seen.

30/11/2020 – I tried to contact the Walworth Police Department to get the matter sorted. I recorded because this is my Defensive Practice from the time the ET first miscarriage of justice.

30/11/2020 – Invited Police who turned up at my gate in my house. Results of the attempts to MURDER me under cover of the LEYF Margaret Horn Lecture can be verified via MOPAC decision.

1/12/2020 – Police turned up at my home again – This was to cover up the intended MURDER that went wrong on the 30/11/2020 – Refer to the MOPAC report for how some of what occurred on the 1/12/2020 was interwoven into the 30/11/2020.

Events of 2021 Prove Mervelee Myers is Public Enemy Number 1 of the UK Systems

February 2021 – I was assaulted by a black man in Brixton and reported the matter to the Police. The Police visited my home to reassure me, but I had to record them when they started using RACIST NARRATIVES. It was plain Mervelee Myers was now the AGRESSOR and not the VICTIM that I was made by my Former Employer.

How HMCTS & CPS & CJS Colluded to Push me over the EDGE

HCT Group Impact Report 2016

When I did not become the Statistics of 1 in 5 of all SUICIDES is associated with UNEMPLOYMENT, I was targeted by the CCMCC and CLCC on behalf of Barrister Samantha Jones and her Corruptive Solicitors. I was pushed over the edge until I lost my RESILIENCE. By this time, I was CRYING out for SUPPORT via my Social Media PLATFORMS. Instead of offering me the support I was asking for, each time I call for help the NHS Professionals were working with the SYSTEMS to get me SECTIONED.

Now Mervelee Myers is HCT Group Statistic of 600,000 older people in the UK say they leave their home once per week or less. I refuse to fall in the traps set by the SYSTEMS to cover up the HATE CRIMES against me and my husband.

Made a CRIMINAL Needing ERT by CPS & CJS

In breach of the Human Rights Act Mervelee Myers was made a criminal needing Emotional Regulation Treatment that is entrapment.

DBS – Played their Hands Proving Mervelee Myers is Victim of the SYSTEMS

As soon as I was offered the job of SENCO by Smart Teachers, DBS strike. But DBS must check the records to see when I raised concerns to CRB in 2004. DBS must be charged for aiding LEYF when my email was used fraudulently in September 2015 for DBS online application.

Writing References & Signing for British Citizenship

Mervelee Myers have done the above for others from I started working with OFSTED in July 1999. Refer to: 1. LEYF 6-line reference flagging SAFEGUARDING. 2. Parents letters – Kings College NHS Foundation Trust 2003- 2008. 3. Qualifications and Trainings. 4. My Online Profile as a Cultural Ambassador.

Enrolling at the University

I followed the procedures and enrolled in university on the advice of my brother. That’s why Richard Harty who called my mobile on 21/9/2021 will be exposed as the mastermind of Men in Childcare PAEDOPHILE RINGS. I conducted “A Voice of a Child” project for June O’Sullivan in August 2010.

Mary Mitchison – There were a series of emails from members of the UEL team with THREATS.

Threatened at the UEL on 5/10/2021 – I was rescued by the Security who witnessed what was happening.

Peckham Women’s Space – I was at the HUB on 21/10/2021 when I was called on my mobile by PC Conway. The incident was logged via email

Forced Entry – On my return home I was told by my neighbour that Police a male and a female tried to force entry to my home.

Barclays Scammers targeted me in 2004 and 2021

South London Press – 28 May 2004 I begged the South London Press to publish my story

21/9/2021 – I was scammed inside my local Barclays branch. I have evidence from talking to elderly women that this is an elaborate plot by BARCLAYS.

Coincidence of what? I was targeted in Barclays after Richard Harty of the UEL called me. My VULNERABILITY was used against me by BARCLAYS.

Barclays the Scamming Ring

1/10/2021 – The event of this date is logged. But what was the role of the Police?

I was locked in Barclays for over an hour waiting for the Police. Considering the MOPAC report when they claim I was TENSING up and what happened as a result. This is evidencing the Police was to come and MURDER me to finish the job that was not done on the 30/11/2020 and each time I called for help when they tried to trick me to SECTION me.

Closure of my Account

My account was closed on 1/10/2021 and what that did to my HEALTH cannot be explained.

Targeted by the Police

The Police must be charged with Hate Crimes against me when they visited my home on the 13/12/2021 and treated me like a criminal. Then leaving me to face more discrimination from my neighbour who threatened me.

Triggers to my Disability

26/3/2022 – I witnessed a CRIMINAL Act committed in Bermondsey. I gave a statement to the Police.

27/3/2022 – Police visited my home to trick me to SECTION me when I called for support.

The Role of Housing for Women

Housing for Women must be charged with aiding and abetting Hate Crimes against me.

Keys to the Communal Area – I gave H4W keys to access the CA, but I no longer feel safe with the ongoing situation.

H4W – Sneaked into the CA to leave letters on mats after they conducted a SURVEY and promised to discuss the matter.

H4W – can sneak someone in to harm based on colluding with my neighbour to make allegations against me.

Police Failure to Visit a Crime Scene – Police refuse to visit the Crime Scene after I reported my neighbour smashing the glass to the Communal Door a second time.

Elder Abuse

Failure of the Police to ACT to Safeguard Me and my 99-Year-Old Husband

I called the Police to safeguard my husband who is TRAUMATISED by 8 years of DISCRIMINATION.

Police Forced Entry at my Husband’s Home

When Police forced entry at my husband’s home because he missed his appointment, I contacted his GP and added my DATA for them to contact me as next of KIN.

My Stepson – Threats to force entry is triggers.

Targeted by a Scammer from date of Mum’s death

I don’t mind the scammers because I know how to deal with them. My concerns are for my elderly husband who is contacted when am not home.

Winsome Duncan – She was the first to contact my husband in 2018.

But this person who started contacting me on the 1/6/2022 is cause for concerns. The Police have a duty of care to my HUSBAND if not Mervelee Myers to safeguard him from these callers. He is being targeted because of my stance in challenging the SYSTEMS.

Prepared by Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate.

5th June 2022.

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