Without Prejudice Anyone Involve With LEYF 1/9/2009 To Date Must Be Call To The Reinstated Petition Inquiry EYFS Children Young People Adults Rejected By Govt 2017 HMCTS CPS CJS In Pockets Of MIC Richard Harty Cult Rings

Without Prejudice Tanya Cotier Mary Mitchison Susan Davies UEL Richard Harty Must Be Charge MIC Abusers Ring A Voice Of A Child June O’Sullivan Aug 2010 Tech Don’t Lie Need ERT 27/3/22

Without Prejudice Liz Roberts Preside Over LinkedIn Nursery World Forum Cult Rings LEYF Platforms To Operate Richard Harty MIC Put Children At Risk Of Safeguarding A Voice Of A Child Research Aug 2010 At LSCN 27/3

Without Prejudice June O’Sullivan Sanctions Discrimination Karen Walker Force To Write Resignation By Neil King Tried It With Me Where Is He And Rashid Iqbal Part MIC A Voice Of A Child Research Reveals Abuse Reviews On Google


Without Prejudice Facebook Google LinkedIn Twitter Give Platforms To Abusers To Target Us On Behalf Of LEYF HMCTS CPS CJS 2 Miscarriages Of Justice Barclays, Scams Tech Don’t Lie 27/3/22 Is Mothering Sunday In The UK 29+

Without Prejudice HMCTS CPS CJS Is Russia In Ukraine That Cover Up Abusers Scammers Trolls Haters DBS Ofsted Turn Blind Eye Reviews Online ET Panel Refuse AWS Govt Rejected Petition Inquiry In EYFS Richard Harty Panic MIC RINGS

Without Prejudice Emotional Regulation Treatment Must Be Issued To HMCTS CPS CJS Racist Haters Career Criminals Target Vulnerable People In Breach Of Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics 5 Police Officers Who Showed At My Home Are Ignorant Bullies Capture On YouTube To Add To Truths 27/3 Of Discrimination In Murder Country