Without Prejudice HMCTS CPS CJS Career Criminals Will Be Given Evidence Of Mervelee Myers Contributions To British Values 1992-22/3/22 June O’Sullivan Will Be Charged For Crimes Against Children Young People Vulnerable Adults With Richard Harty MIC Mastermind Of Abuse Rings 29+

Without Prejudice Ofsted Turn Blind Eye To Reviews Online ET Panel Refuse AWS DBS Must Face Inquiry Bar Smart Teachers SENCO Job Offer 2004 Raise Concerns At Kings 2015 LEYF Email Use Online Application Children At Risk Via Richard Harty MIC A Voice Of A Child Research Dr. Maria Hudson The Experience Of Multiple Discrimination 2010 At LSCN 22/3

Without Prejudice Dr. Juanita Cox Fail To Contact Me Why Send In The Shadow Of Enoch Powell Reviews In History Saffron East To Me I Take Back Control Of CPPDP IP/CR Build Brands 1992-22/3/22

Without Prejudice Samantha Jones Matthew Bradley Ryan Clement Operate Under Legal Entity To Discriminate Against Mervelee Myers To Cover LEYF Abusers Tech Don’t Lie Contribute To Daily Express Mental Health Crusade June O’Sullivan Ex NHS MHN Wants To Be Remembered As Disruptive Influence 22/3/22

Without Prejudice Richard Harty Use UEL To Cover Men In Childcare Abuse Rings Refer To A Voice Of A Child Research Reviews ET Panel Refused AWS Open Letters To PMs Daily Express Voice BWB Report The Guardian 2018 David Lammy Review Criminal Justice System

Without Prejudice HHJ Dight Parfitt CLCC Colluding With Samantha Jones To Discriminate Against Me After HMCTS CPS CJS Hate Crimes CCMCC Must Get Ryan Clement To Pay Me Instead Am Issue ECRO By Criminals 22/3

Without Prejudice Syndicate Of Scammers Operating At DWP Banks Health Social Care Local Authorities Access Universal Credit Target Vulnerable People Who HMCTS Preside Over Miscarriages Of Justice Subject Access Request I Have Defensive Practice Kings

Without Prejudice FOS Emma Martin-Hamilton Works With Barclays To Scam Me 2nd Time South London Press May 2004 On Balance A Happy Ending 22/3/22

Without Prejudice Bar Samantha Jones Must Be Struck Off Couch John Fenton To Act As Solicitor Representing LEYF After Bates Wells Braithwaite Contacted Me 24/9/15-2017 Judgement Michael Carter BSB Face Disciplinary 22/3

Without Prejudice War In Ukraine Is Tip Of Discrimination In UK LEYF Given Protection By HMCTS CPS CJS To Abuse Children Reviews ET Panel Refused AWS Justice Simler Advocate On Behalf Criminals Not To Be Deported June O’Sullivan???