Without Prejudice The Generational Cusade Of My Family Must Be Broken So My Granddaughter Is Saved From Discrimination

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On this day 5 years ago

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling optimistic. February 15, 2017 

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Got the hair from under the tie head and it’s washed, blow dried and Chinie Bump. Ready for now until my #Tom_94thBD. After that all hell a go bruck loose.
Now I go get my #BeautyRest. Lots more to do…
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On this day 5 years ago

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling concerned. February 15, 2017 London 

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Message to stupid CUNTS, don’t waste my time calling my house phone about no Telephone blocking Device because u know I am getting Telephone Marketing Calls.
They are the same ones responsible & now they think they going to make money out of their #CriminalActs.
Don’t bring it to me because u know am targeted & I will be on my #FuckingGuard. So the #SCAMMERS behind #Number_01909474856 stop waste my time, I have #Bigger_CRIMINAL_MasterMinds to get with my Fight4justice campaign.
Now mi a go steam fish fi #MYHUSBAND. Some a di bad mind grudgeful a go #DEADwidJEALOUSY. See from when they stopped me from #WORKING?
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On this day 5 years ago

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is celebrating freedom. February 15, 2017 

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Here is another of the Stinking Cunt sending things to my email address. I know how #CRIMINALS operate because in #September2015, some of them used my email address to take out online application.
2004 I was defrauded and had to take my story to the South London Press. So all those who were not aware of my #FAME, go do the #Research and update their satelite again and again.
Wow dem hell a guh hot to rassklaat when di law ketch up wid dem thieving boomboklaat.
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On this day 5 years ago

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is celebrating love with Valdin Legister and Kevin Murray. February 15, 2017 

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Another piece of filth from the #TROLLS_STALKERS who think I am afraid of them. I won’t be blocking anyone until they say all they have to say like #JACQUELINEMEYLOR. I addressed #CraigLawrence of the Old Banger Fame who told me to take his pitcha off my Facebook.
I address the idiot Sanya Mcdonald who is yet to update her satelite after coming on the Kevin Murray Community Upliftment Programme – C.U.P to sprout her ignorance.
So if Ms #NATASHASURVIVORSPENCE, thinks she is going to get away with these kinds of messasges to me in private, she can go back to the drawing boards.
So that everyone is clear what I am about, I am putting everything in the #PublicDomain. I am only getting back to this now, because I had other important matter to get done as I focus…
The following is yet another tirade from the demented Ms Spence:
“Look I mentioned thus once to you before that I’m not into whatever it is that you are posting on the website. I never told anyone about anything until you posted on my Facebook page I asked my brother what is was all about. I try not to disrespect persons who are my senior. If you didn’t go blab your mouth about Kevin being my fathers child no one would’ve known. You we’re sleeping with my father when you we’re with Kevin’s given father you said so not me. Fake belly??? At least I didn’t give a man a child that’s not his. Even up to election time you we’re making plans to come to Jamaica and sleep with my father so stop pointing fingers at everyone else when you put yourself in the shit that you are in”.
Anyone with any iota of sense will know that this is the fabrications of #1BadmindedGrudgful_DillusionalYoungWoman incapable of the functions of a #WOMAN.
What she needs to find out is why she has been #CURSED because of her #EvilSpirits that possessed her to do the #WickedThings she has been doing all her life.
Maybe she should ask those she colluded with to send round the collection plate for her to get #Therapy or better still have a #BikersDance to raise the funds?
My life is an #OpenBook and I did not tell my cuz Janet Beeput #SON to out her on Facebook. So dat #Belly dat she a carry fi me, she better make sure this time that #BabyBorn. I never fool no man and running competitions… Wat happen to the #BarrelLoads a Baby Clothes and stuff U get… Sell them off to maintain U #Habits! Maybe U can go sell the #MahogonyTable to help pay back…?
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On this day 7 years ago
Going to rest my Brain & Watch this Casual Vacancy tingy on the TV! They send to tell me Netflex come with my Service – BT. But don’t have time to check it out yet? Me, Time is wat me need more than nutn else! Night FB – F/F/A!
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On this day 7 years ago
My twin breda, BNAB. Double Celebrations are in Order. XXX 1 sister Ratty of the Nembhard Clan. Rolling back the Years I supposed. Well Worth the Wait & Good Things Come to Those Who Wait Upon the Lord.
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