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On this day 6 years ago

Arian Murray is with Marcia Murray Royal and 

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Happy Valentine’s 💖 day to all my friends and family.
Happy birthday to my cousinHoward Brownn
12 years ago today the Murray family said goodbye to the matriarch of the family, Icylin Murray. Indeed it was a sad day to see her go but her teachings and memories lives on.

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On this day
6 years ago
February 14, 2016 Shared with Public Public
All is left 4 me to do now on this VD is to make mention to 1 of the Most Generous of Persons I was Fortunate to be in a Relationship with. Master Lloyd Walters. This man is simply the Best in the Relationship Stake & I am more than Proud to say we shared some Happy Times together. All my Family Loved U like no body’s business & I treasure those ties.
Our Relationship moved on to another Level & I am privileged to be Ur Friend. Met up with 1 Mr Tomlinson at the Hazley Funeral who was sharing memories of his visits to JA with U at Sonny Cook’s place. When I find time to upload I’ll share the fotos.
In the meantime U are in some of my Albums… Feel free to go tag Urself.
Njoy Ur VD with Ur Family & Friends & say Hi to mi likkle breda Wayne! XXX Nearly Mrs W…? Hope U planning Ur wedding 4 the next time I am in JA?
Ratty & the Step Sons Kevin Murray & Valdin Legister!
We need to link up & chat mate, its been 1 Long Time!
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On this day 6 years ago
HVD to the General my #2son Valdin Legister, his dad Michael Legister the 1st LOVE of Ratty Nembhard? Now I bring in the extended Family in the mix. To each & all wherever U might be njoy Ur VD. Each 1 have played their own significant roles in Ledgie’s life, from the MIL, Mr Hum-Bugs Other 1/2. Nuff Love & Respects to all of U.
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On this day 6 years ago
Happy Valentines to my #1son Kevin Murray, his Dad Master Lloyd Anthony Murray aka Natchie. His Family Donnett Lee-Murray & my grandson Kevin JNR aka IVAN as I love to think of him.
Now Westmoreland need to go out & make the change. For 2 long U’ve sat back & decide to stay back a Cow Tail. Vote JLP!
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On this day 6 years ago
Valentine’s Day 2016 & there is just so much to ponder about my life. Let me start with the current situation. Been up since the crack of dawn again tending to my TOM. I help him to care for himself, but we have a limit & there are certain matters over which we have no control.
If Money could cure some of the ailments then we’d probably big, borrow, mortgage or even steal to address the matters.
Recalled TOM saying recently that he is going to Rob a Bank to buy a House. I jokingly say when U were Superman U never think of robbing no bank. But now U can hardly put 1 foot b4 the other U are thinking that?
Its not been easy this past year, especially since I was pushed over the edge by those Psychopaths. But my Counsellor Laura Tinsley of the NHS has supported my recovery. She told me I am a different person from the 1 who she saw when I 1st started. She acknowledged I am a FIGHTER, who did not let anything stand in my way.
I intend to go on the same way forward. My duty is towards my husband TOM & I’ll be there for him God’s willing.
14.2.2016 I dedicate my life to him like when we got together August 2001. God has our lives in his hands & is planning the future & I’ll lead wherever I a directed.
HVD to TOM & I & I prove the Nay-Sayers wrong. I AM NOT A GOLD DIGGER or am I? Well TOM will agree I am not.
But I look out & fight for what’s MINE!
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On this day 6 years ago
14.2.2016 marks 36 years that my Papa IS Nembhard was laid to rest on his own plot of land in GaGa Street Westmoreland Jamaica. Mr Melvin Dennison was at his funeral. Just 2 of the great Men who played important parts in my life. In my Papa & Mr Dennison’s memory I say go out & vote on the 25.2.2015. Can’t tell any1 who to vote for… But if I could I know both Men would join me in saying vote JLP! For me it’s all down to the Beliefs, Values & Principles by which I was brought up with.
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