Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Is Reliving My Childhood PTSD After The Death Of My Mother Abandonned And Rejected By Family

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On this day 7 years ago
February 13, 2015 London Shared with Public Public

Lori Reid. Taurus Apr 21 – May 21 Today you’re inspired and your imagination is fired with plans and ideas. There’s excitement in the air this afternoon and a happy atmosphere at home tonight is a great prelude to Valentine’s Day. Call me to hear what changes to expect from afar.
For once I can say that most of what are stated here are Spot On… Managed to Dig myself out of that DDDBH that was intent on dragging me under, despite my BE. Found the Will Power to Lift my Head Above the Parapet & Put my Foot on the 1st Rung of the Ladder 2 Redemptions. Just shut my Eyes & Chuck out sum of the Clutter, which also helped to Clear my Brain. Palace is Almost HW Perfect considering no1 is Paying me to do the HW? So soon & very soon, I’ll be getting my Trumpet & Blowing as I once more do my Gunno…. Now that I have escaped from the confines of my shut in & will be back a Street again!
Guess I got my Inspirations from taking out that Cardigan I have for my Breda ASHTER. I wore it when I was going to the Hospital 4 my Tests 4 the 1st time in 15 years & despite my T&T everything is 100%. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day & I will be keeping my Poignant Memories of my Papa on the Day he was Laid 2 Rest in the Yard 35 years ago. & if me nuh Story or getting my facts mixed up, it will be my Eldest Niece Ms Cherry BD in the 40’s? Now I go commit more of my Memoirs in Writing as Writing is What Help me 2 Keep the Demons at Bay? Well I do believe in sum Aspects of Old JA Stories re Self-Preservations indeed!
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Princess Tenegnework Aynalem Lawless and 1 other Share
On this day 8 years ago
So now I need to go address another Urgent Letter! I refused to tek SHIT from nuh MF even if me did a nyam a dem yard?
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Jasmine Hylton, Judith Gordon and 4 others 3 Comments Share
On this day 8 years ago
Pre-Valentines Memo to Detractors & Plotters
The Pen is mightier than the Sword & when all else fails I rely on Social Media to do my TALKING! So U 2 Dutty Crab LooSas who tink dat a fi enuh TINKING SHIT did a MEK HAMMONDS pastry wey me used 2 nyam. I will let enuh know now dat dere was nuh way dat I MIN-M was going to tek dah baits & fall in di traps enuh set fi I? Enuh betta tank Jehovah GOD dat He spoke 2 me & I listened so am a Changed Person or else all hell woulda bruk loose 2day…! I was so frigging bex I walked the 11 bus stops since I got back from hols to get rid of my pent up emotions. Just so U know I am 2 ole now fi guh stick my head under any ole tinking asshole fi kiss & even thou me ole peeps dem did larn me sey U haffi kiss arse b4 U cawn kick it… I refused to succumb 2 any such feats fi climb up nuh ladder, career or odda wise suh me nah guh reach nuh furda dan we me deyah! Me dun know how hard it is to get 2 di tap a any ladder & tank GOD me never tumble from di top a any b4 & doan intend 2 in me ole age yah now! Reasons are me ole bones dem nuh heasy fi set?
Dere is an old saying dat by dere deeds & wuds yeah shall know dem & I know more than most. Suh if enuh tink enuh reach wey enuh wawn fi go, just galong settle cause me is still on me journey. From me eyes dem deh a mi knees me a help wid me Madda Wash Belly & numerous nieces & nephews. Den me tun bad gal & have 2 picknies by di time me 20, suh me nuh need nuh piece a paper fi change a dutty nappy. & at nuh stage in my wukking life have I ever collected money under false pretence. I am a stickler to my wuk ETHICS & no 1 can complained dat I left dem in the lurch without doing wat I was supposed to. Got an emblemised record on many scores & refused to pay lip service & stab any1 in the back. I did see di 2 a enuh plotting wid me 2 eyes when me walk in di room. Guess U never expected me back then?
Just got back from hols where it was brought home to me so vividly about the diverse & complex needs of the VULNERABLE Young & Old in society. How di fuck can any1 profess to CARE if they are prepared to deny any Vulnerable persons a bit of FOOD in order to meet Managerial Targets? Then U tink that U gwine play silly games by challenging me over my Concerns because U claim U are AUTHORITY! Wat di fuck I proclaim Victory over the ploys of Satan & then U expect me to value & respect the religion dat U believed in. My Guiding Entity God gave me the Strength today to keep strong & kept my Dignity intact & I guess I must have become more resolute after spending time with my Mother?
So the next time I bump into U 2, U means even less than a load of shit that I accidentally trod into & have to clean from my shoes! Just so U know I won’t be provoked again because I have travelled down these beaten tracks many times b4. I am a much wiser person who have the Scars to tell of my experiences & I swear never to lose my composer ever again. So I am prepared to turn the other cheek instead of fight my corners like a Bat out of Hell! I don’t suffer fools gladly, I will forgive but never forget, as I have this need to keep my Sanity. So next time U decide to come in my face, U better be prepared for the outcome if we are in public spaces! Dem sey if U a guh dead sumady who claims say dem know U haffi hab han ina it, or else U live til dem sun U. Di plots backfired big times!!
On Valentine’s Day 14th February 2014 the 34th years since my Dad was laid to rest. I LOVE di 2 a unuh the same way U Love Me… LIKE HOW FLY LOVE SHIT! Hope I make myself clear enough?
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On this day 10 years ago

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Ervin Nembhard and 3 others

 at Nembhard Yard GaGa Street Westmoreland Jamaica.

February 13, 2012 Shared with Public Public
14th February is Valentine’s Day & there are so much 4 Me to celebrate that are filled with Poignant MEMORIES abt MY FAMILY!!!
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<img class="j1lvzwm4" role="presentation" src="data:;base64, ” width=”18″ height=”18″ /> Judith Gordon 2 Comments 3 Shares Share
On this day 10 years ago
February 13, 2012 Shared with Public Public
Since me was told “I had my own AGENDA” by Ignaramous, let me Focus on ME & left People Business Aaaaaalllllllllooooooooonnnnnneeeeeeeee… Thy Girl Look arta EL NUMERO UNO!!! ME, MYSELF & I…
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<img class="j1lvzwm4" role="presentation" src="data:;base64, ” width=”18″ height=”18″ /> Nembhard Samuels, Nadine Morrison and 2 others 4 Comments 1 Share Share
On this day 10 years ago
Sensational Show at Brixton Academy last night… Dem Boys from Back-a-Yard really lived up 2 de HYPE… Got me Money’s worth & Braata!!!
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On this day 11 years ago

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Valdin Legister and 2 others.

February 13, 2011 Shared with Public Public
Wishing Kevin & Donnett a Happy Valentine’s Day. Special Aniversery Wishes on 19th. 15 years of Wedded Bliss is a Great Accomplishment for this Model Couple!!! LOVE U My Children!!!!
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