Without Prejudice The UK Is Up In Arms About The Footballer And His Cat But Failed To Act About Mervelee Myers Treated Less Favourably Than An Animal Even At HOC Nursery

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On this day  4 years ago
Taurus: Travel is a chancy proposition, either due to health reasons or commitments closer to home. You could do with some advice but friends won’t be able to help. Avoid becoming emotional about it and try not to get angry.
Evaluation: #AlfredTaylor I am F.U.C.King angry at you and your Fuckery. If you were a GOD person as you pretend, I might have considered giving you some good pussy for helping me overcoming the final hurdle. I hardly cuss bad WUDS now.
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On this day 5 years ago

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling optimistic. Fu5eb1rua5Srocty 10, 25e01i7 London Shared with Public Public

Daily Express Lori Reid – Taurus: Proactive stars at the top of your skies make this a good day for promoting yourself at work. Make those private calls and put your ideas across. This weekend draws a chapter to a close. Call to hear why it’s time to focus on you.
Messages to all those breaching the Data Protection Act 1998 and preying on the #Elderly… Some of them are even more #Alert than the #YoungerGenerations of incompetents planning to make them #VictimsofVULNERABILITY.
My Tom left the #Money4Lottery on the table. I told him today is #ThursdaynotFriday. Reading the paper at page 13 Mr #FrederickForsyth and realised my mistake. Have to make 2 trips instead of 1.
Take me for #UURICA_LE like #LEYF did at your detriment.
My Fight4justice will do the rest as soon as that #GAG is lifted b4 #Easter. Then it will be the naming of the #JUDASSES that crucified #MERVELEEMYERS from #2004todate.
Better be #Alerted!
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On this day 6 years ago
All my fotos are on my Camera from September 2015 to upload: France, Hazley Funeral, etc, etc to name a few. Each time I turn a corner supn else crop up. I need my Fucking Life back from those Psychopaths who plotted to Dis-Chew-I-Up & lef me to Suffer from Mental Health Issues. I sent an Open Letter to 1 of those Newspapers that claim they champion Mental Health. I only still buy it because it’s TOM chosen paper, & I learn much from them. But now I intend to set up my own Advocacy so no 1 else will have to go through the Shit I went thru July 2014 – September 2015. & it has stopped because I am Blacklisted & Networked against because I don;t have Friends in High Places. But when I am finished I’ll demand what accolade I want to Expose the Criminals.
If 1 makes an online application for a DBS in another person’s name, using their email, that is FRAUD. The same organisation that 1 work with for 6 years & Ur FILE disappeared after U transferred to another site. A place where if U are an Animal the RSPCA would have rescued me as I told them. The ISCG mek mi know mi nuh hab Case, but she want keep mi PW dat mi prepare, fi wat?
Ok I never abused any children as Madam Dunce Bat, addicted to Drink to get out of the Domestic Violence accused me of.
Well mi Old Folks used to say Prison nuh mek fi Dog, it mek fi Human. I am in UK where they revered Animals so since I was classed as an African Animal that they were SCARED of… I am sure when I am sentenced to Prison, cause I will be telling my stories with the media at my disposal. I will have no difficulties: No rent to pay, 3 meals a day & I’ll make sure I am not dismissive of HATE-a-RATTY! I have been put up pon from I cum a dis yah place & I don’t know why. But I use the Opportunities to get back at the Bitches/Bastards 1 by 1?
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On this day 7 years ago
Need to go back to researching All the People on SMN as I am having trouble working out who some of them are? I keep looking at the faces & saying, but he/she looks familiar… But nutn nah come? Me feel bad fi guh asks People who they are again. So please me a beg U lots, put a little reminder so I can save face nuh! This is the Best Indication of Who We Are – 3 NEMBHARD down the Mass Ivan & Ms Lou Family Line. Decosie Nembhard aka Amly, Ratty & the WB Ervin Nembhard. Except for the forehead, nose & mouth lip all else have Changed? Even thou I might be dah lickle 1 dung a dutty, I am the Senior 4 these 2!
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On this day 7 years ago
Me Blue Mawga Lika Mawga Dog! But Who Knows It Might Be Fi Dah Gud of I? 1 Day I Might Just Be Privileged To Chart This Period of My Journey As The Making of 1 Strong Jamaican Black Notable Woman of Substance? Tom Drunk But Tom Nuh Fool!
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On this day 7 years ago
Lori Reid Taurus Apr 21 – May 21 A difference of opinion unsettles your morning. If a social arrangement comes unstuck, the alternative could well prove to be more enjoyable. This afternoon’s trends encourage a team event.
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