Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Name The Abusers At LEYF And Cohorts 29+ Years Of Discrimination Against Me

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On this day 8 years ago
34 years of Reflections: Today is yet another poignant date in the annals of my History. Dad came to the end of his Battle with a life of Suffering & won the War from sin to Grace. However on this faithful day none of US were aware of this fact, but I am almost sure the Almighty God would not have it any other way? So early after going in to greet him before taking my Baby for his morning fresh air walk, he was trying to tell me something! By this time he’d lost the power of speech as his organs were shutting down? Little did I know Dad was bidding me & my child our final goodbye… Walked to the end of the Street came back, popped my head in to see Dad & he was at Peace with his eyes staring… The Merciful God had finally decided Dad had done his works on earth & was needed else where for another role! Called Mum & she just didn’t believe Dad was dead & her primary concern was he’d not got a last drink of Water? She carried out her rituals & closed his eyes…
34 years on this day is a time for Reflecting as I think about every aspects of my Life, from my 1st memory to this moment! There were some good, not so good & even exceptional moments spent in the company of Family, Friends & even those with an axe to grind? I am here hoping for better days to come as I continue this journey called Life.
I am more than thankful for this God fearing Man who was Dad & I am even more appreciative for Mum who choose Dad. I am praying for her continual Blessings as she continues her Life Journey 90 years & Counting!
IVAN SANDYMAN NEMBHARD aka Papa, Ripey, Sandyman, Mass Ivan, Me Pardy & any other Endearing Names by which he was Called… Dad although you departed this life 34 years ago U are not forgotten! Dad Ur Memory lives on in the Family U created with Mama in the Images of GOD!
RIP Papa in the hope that 1 day Ur Family will join U to glorify GOD as only U always done? My NEMBHARD & the CLANS>>>
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On this day 9 years ago
33 yrs ago my beloved Papa ISNEMBHARD aka Ripey was taken away from US to have his rest after years of Suffering… Thou U r gone & WE were happy to see U relieved from the Suffering, Papa will be forever in OUR thoughts!!! XXX NEMBHARD Clans…
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On this day 10 years ago
Just waiting 4 my LUCK 2 Tun up Big Times… Den me start mek PLANS!!!
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On this day 10 years ago
Still missing My Papa – 32 years later…  

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

As the years add up there is nothing to relieve the Pain of loosing my Papa Ivan Sandyman NEMBHARD on 9th February 1980. After all these years the hurt is still strong even thou I know God Almighty was gracious in answering OUR Prayers to release You from the pains and sufferings You had born without complaint over the ensuing years. I can recall as if only yesterday the last time I walked into the room to see You before taking my Baby Son Valdin Legister for a walk and You was trying to talk to me, but by that time the speech had gone. On my return I walked into the room and discovered You had taken Your long earned rest and was at Peace with Your GOD. When I called my Mama she did not believe it at first because Your eyes were still opened, and You never had a last drink of water.

The family came together and did what WE had to do. During Your long sickness I questioned Your faith in a GOD who’d allow one of His own to suffer the way You did, and to burden my Mother with having to care for 2 bedridden LOVED ones at the same time. Now that I’ve matured with the years I have become more tolerant, understanding and knowledgable about the Human Lifecycle in general and as a whole process. I can understand more clearly how and why You managed to stick to Your Faith in the one True GOD who passeth all understanding and although I will never be able to be the Standard Bearer You were I work hard to emulate You in my daily life.

I am asssured that You are at a safer Place, and is My Guiding Star in times like now when am going through Trials and Tribulations that are at times too much for me to bear alone. I am counting on YOU to keep me from commiting any of the Follies that You withstood throughout Your life here on Earth. This period and time of the year is very difficult for ME and I asks that You continue to assist Me in getting over safe and sound. THANK You Papa You were One in a Million and safe in the arms of GOD!!!

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On this day 10 years ago
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Have been wound up TAUT de whole fuking week dat if me nuh exhale me a go PAP… Arta me nebba SHIT ina nuh chuch yard fe be treated disya kina way…? All de DBCM can go tek a running dive & KMBBB!!! Seeit deh I’ve said it & I know my Ole Man will fegive me 4 my SIN/CUSSING… Now mek me get on wid de business at hand!!!
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On this day  11 years ago
Blinking Heck mi have de BLUES on this day… So mi haffi go wok pon mi early intervention strategies fi build up mi RESILIENCE b4 Sunday!!! TOM says am an addict – FB…
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