Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Is On My Way Back To Being An Influencer And Voice Of The Voiceless In 2022

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On this day 3 years ago
One day #MerveleeMyers stories will be discovered. Before that LEYF Nurseries #LEYF must be brought to #justice
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On this day 3 years ago


Green card …I want every woman to take a close look at this post if you’re in this country illegal . 98 percent of all women that comes to this country get Robbed in some or some ways be raped or feel as if they been rape having sex with someone they don’t like , pay money multiple times and get screw in bed and pocket book trying to legalise them self. It’s easier for men than women I’ll explain and it may ruffle a few feathers but it’s true , it may even make someone on my page be more aware and guarded . This is great insight 😂😂 👍 it’s much easier for men because there are more lonely women look for men than men , men get to pick and choose in this matter and most times these relationship works 💯 🙏 and the world has more women than men therefore there is always lonely women always in waiting. women on the other hand loose hard cash over and over some most times show up for interview and no man especially if they desperately marry drunks of the street or well fair recipient . This post is not to get likes as Mervelee Ratty Nembhard think I post for but so someone else don’t died from a man taking a woman hard earned money then give her the run around . This is real be careful .



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4 years ago




Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling inspired in London, United Kingdom.

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When I can no longer manage, it will have to go. #Bald+ should suit me just fine.
No photo description available.
 Omar Nembhard and Carl Nembhard 4 Comments
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On this day 4 years ago
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On this day 4 years ago
I found my #African sister Chef Gloria my former colleague at BIB and New Cross LEYF Nurseries at the Nursery World Magazine NWS 2018 at the Business Design Centre.
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On this day 4 years ago
Now I have written my 4 pages. I’m going back 2 bed. My life is going 2 b #busy from now on. Don’t have time 4 U, unless U with me
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On this day
5 years ago

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