Without Prejudice Why Am I Left To Be A Criminal To Cover Up LEYF And Cohorts Paedophile Rings?

5 July 2021 Book Tim Bittlestone Solicitor Croydon Magistrates Court


5 July 2021 Book Tim Bittlestone Solicitor

Today is the #date GOD says I must #find Solicitor Tim Bittlestone after his #card revealed its #hiding place. So what he has #common with Fight4justice is he is a REFEREE like my #son at http://worldreferee.com/referee/valdin-legister/bio. My mind is #working overtime about the possibilities. Tim said at the age of 26 I should not be starting a new #career as a #criminal and that’s what #LEYF and the #cronies in the UK government intended

Whilst am trying to form a picture of Tim Bittlestone the Solicitor from Wainwright & Cummins who represented me at Croydon Magistrates Court on 2/7/2021. I know without a shadow of a doubt now that Tim was sent to release me from the bondage of my “Experiences of Multiple Discrimination” on all grounds after I was a participant in Dr. Maria Hudson’s Research Papers for the Policy Studies Institute recommended to ACAS. I was interviewed in my home in 2010.

I was only aware of the Research Paper when I experienced the second discrimination at LEYF after the death of my mother. The first occurred after the death of my brother when I was working at Mapother House Day Nursery of King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. I was finishing my studies at the Open University when I was targeted by the Local Education Authority, Ofsted, Southwark SEND Section, my GP, and my former colleagues who ganged up against me.

2nd June 2019 Facebook locked my Account Keep your account secure

To experience the same kind of discrimination after the death of my mother is still puzzling me today. It was Dr. Laura Crawford who advised me to seek counseling to find out why I react the way I do to certain situations. Meeting Tim has placed the final piece of the jigsaw into place. Without his intervention, I would be in jail which brings back the memories of how my brother died in prison alone and never seeing his family for a final goodbye.

My brother knew he was dying, and I warned LEYF I was slowly been tortured to death in my letter to Senior HR Dilys Epton on the Eve of Mothering Sunday 14 March 2015. I am positive I must write another BOOK and let Tim Bittlestone take the lead role. As I told Mr. Tahir Ali from Wainwright & Cummins all I needed was someone to deal with the Legal Jargon. I can do the rest as even if I say so myself, I am a good writer and I have my Defensive Practice to show the world that Institutional Discrimination is worse now than 1807 abolition of Slavery.

Boris Johnson Leader of and PM of the UK 23 July 2019

To Wainwright & Cummins as I asked Mr. Ali all I #needed was help with the #LegalJargon that #LEYF and cohorts that the Judiciary of England and Wales & Criminal Justice System used against me because of my #multiple #disabilities. But they were not #satisfied in denying me my #entitlements with DBS placing bar on my Record. The Criminal Justice System got involved with the CRAP they claim to be #fact at Croydon Magistrates Court on 2/7/2021. Where was Ofsted when Theresa May Government #rejected my petition and the ET my Additional Witness Statement with the #abuse reviews online? The world must act about the “Without Prejudice” possibility of # pedophiles hiding in the Early Years Sector.

Bar Standards Board Michael Carter Complaints About Ms Samantha Jones 30 July 2019

Defensive Practice to show the world that Institutional Discrimination is worse now than 1807 abolition of Slavery.


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How the UK Government is engaging in institutional discrimination against vulnerable citizens Shared a memory. 1 min · Department of Works & Pensions. www.gov.uk Local Service Compliance Peckham Jobcentre Mail Handling Site A Wolverhampton WV98 1JU 14th May 2018 Reference: 1-1713140609 #MsClarke I will be attending the interview and I am expecting to get answers to my questions about the procedures that were used to send me the letter for me to come to [ 2,185 more words ]



Ministry of Justice re LEYF Terrorism 8 August 2019

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Russell Grant Taurus: Be careful about making sarcastic remarks. Someone will take your comments seriously. Steer clear of gossipy conversation and don’t speculate about other people’s private lives. The more discrete you are the easier it will be to protect your reputation.

I am leaving with this timely warning.


Appeal Employment Tribunals Judgement t444-eng 3rd August 2017


18 Agenda For Meeting With The Police 17 June 2019 (Autosaved)


A Daughter Tribute To Her Mother 5 Years After The Final Goodbye 16th January 2019


DWP Universal Credit EAT Conspiracy Theory 6th April 2018

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OCD behaviours to my rescue. Will elaborate more…

DWP What is a nervous breakdown 3.4.2018


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Happy **nd Birthday to my Best Friend Mertie Legister Bernard!!! Hoping WE’ll be around 2 celebrate as many as OUR MUMS. If U know JOY joins me in extending the WISHES!!!



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05/07/2021, 13:38 – Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of this chat, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them. Tap to learn more.

05/07/2021, 13:38 – Mervelee Myers: Hi Mr. Solicitor. This is MERVELEE MYERS who you gave a voice to at Croydon Magistrate Court on 2/7/2021. I searched everywhere inch of my bag and gave up I lost your card. But it turned up in one of the folders. I would like to make an appointment to have a consultation to find out if you can help me with some projects I have in the pipeline with regard to my studies. Let me know how best to take this forward. Remember I follow instructions when they are made clear to me. I didn’t find you on Wainwright & Cummins, but another solicitor. I posted Reviews to acknowledge your contributions to me not starting a Criminal Career aged 62. My life is an Open Book so do the research before you respond. Thanks.

3rd Party information Newcross Community Nursery 8.9.15


Joanna Oliver Proofread my Book 26th June 2018


Is Modern Slavery thriving in the UK

05/07/2021, 13:40 – Mervelee Myers: Don’t worry, I can finance any projects but I have no Money Sense.

Me Too Fight4Justice against Discrimination 28th October 2018


Judge Rinder re Winsome Duncan 21st November 2018

05/07/2021, 13:46 – Tim Bittlestone: Hi Mervelee, that’s kind of you. I work for a number of firms but mainly Wainwright & Cummins and HP Gower. I’m fortunate enough to be very busy with my criminal defense practice so I probably wouldn’t be able to commit myself to the time you deserve but I wish you all the very best with your future projects.

IOPC- Making a complaint against the police[19284]



05/07/2021, 13:48 – Mervelee Myers: Can you take on Independent Work from me to do with the same Case?

Winsome Duncan re Amazon and Kindle Book Publications 23rd December 2018 Mrs Mervelee Myers

05/07/2021, 13:50 – Tim Bittlestone: I can’t unfortunately as that would be civil work and I only do criminal defense. I’d suggest asking Wainwright Cummins directly as they have civil departments who may be able to assist or at least point you in the right direction.

LEYF Review by Jyoti et al 11th September 2017


Judicial Conduct and Investigations ET Judge Freer and Panel 7th November 2018

05/07/2021, 13:50 – Mervelee Myers: OK, thanks

05/07/2021, 13:50 – Tim Bittlestone: Good luck.



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