June O’Sullivan Of LEYF Is Rumbled 2019

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2014 – 2019 Valdin, Toya and 8 others  4 places ON THIS DAY
Now I go tidy z kitchen and get some #rest. I need it, been up since z #crack of dawn. Doing work…  Share

I love this photo of my #husband celebrating his 90th birthday. I said my final goodbye to my mother on the 22nd January 2014. 4 days before her 90th birthday. I went back to bury her, came back and LEYF Nurseries – #LEYF done what they did. Can Facebook not understand my anguish over the past 4+ years, why I am so mad? My Tom is not the man he was 4+ years ago when we got married either. Moments like what I went through today, a #depressive phase makes me realise how much of my life has been wasted because of the #JudgeFreer and #JudgeShanks of this world. They must hate their mothers like some of the Village Lawyers procrastinating here on Facebook for Windows?

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard's photo.
I would like to go back into studying to gain access to the SEND Teacher Qualifications to be able to set up my Continue Reading
£0 raised of £500Ended  Share
Time for Facebook #memories. Spot sum interesting characters & #thoughts from back in the days… Share
I’ll go to bed when I need to #rest. Otherwise, I’ll end up #fidgety & thinking mundane thoughts  Share
The other day, I #dream Mass Roland! It was a joyful gathering. My dreams don’t always play out. But I have eyes & ears…? Share
I’m a #product of my #communities, the village it takes to raise a child. I’m thanking God for all who contributed…  Share
These days I’ll keep my thoughts #secure. Only for #selected few. They are priceless. They’ll be kept in trust as legacies to my  Share
#Church is back on the agenda now. I’m breathing easier after that #spell. Don’t U dare put me on the spot? Might hate Ur guts… Share
I know for a #fact God give me my cross to bear! Otherwise, I’d be 1 person who don’t myself & my calling…  Share
When depression takes #strangle hold, U better don’t let it over power U? Reaslise this is my life from puberty… I’m here!  Share

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