I Will Reveal June O’Sullivan To The World As A Psychopath And Dangerous 60

We hope you enjoy looking back on your memories on Facebook, from the most recent memories to those long ago.
2010 – 2019 Naheel, Ervin and 5 others 4 places ON THIS DAY
So did Facebook think they #soften me up? Gone back to #restricting me…! Share
Facebook for Windows still don’t get it yet? The same way #LloydMercy fail to take me seriously, until too #late…! Share
I will end by saying #thanks to Facebook for Windows for the opportunities. Otherwise there would be no #legacy…?  Share
Now the #tears are flowing for all I have lost these past 4+ years re LEYF Nurseries – #LEYF & ET/EAT! Share
Now I get a break & do housework. Remember my #motto is I don’t get #paid, so do in my own time at my leisure…! 2 days from VAL Share
Let us hope Facebook has had time 2 #reflect on my memories & why my life is an Open Book? I’m doing #MerveleeMyers…! Share
I’ll be #focusing on my projects from where I get the passion to achieve my #purpose. Plz don’t make me over…? I’m me! Share
Of my #7bredas, 3 know me…? 2 of whom are #dead. My elder bro remain & Amly D Nembhard is playing z role of the departed. I’m Share
I’ll not #trust Facebook with my innermost thoughts ever again. This goes back 2 my childhood #traumas. Why I close out some… Share
It’s taken me this time, after Mama Lou’s death to realise, I’m #1lucky gal 2 have been moulded by a mum like mine… I’m proud Share

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