Here’s Proof Of Cyberbullies Pondering To TERRORISM By LEYF And Cohorts 60

Let me go about sharing the fact about the CYBERBULLIES at & & targeting me on behalf of & corrupted establishments & systems. For there to be no ambiguity about the fact that I have invested in order not to be made a voiceless vulnerable victim. Here is Because the post below was removed from to trigger my disabilities into PTSD. I was advised to seek CBT by Need to know more about this, see for how the Legal Entity is corrupt.
The following was taken from Facebook Memories and I used a photo written by a child for whom I was Key Person in line with Welfare Requirements. This is the second time I have defended myself at the ET/EAT as can be verified at Now after colluded with TERRORISTS, I used SAR to continue what I learned at My stories are at So what games are the CYBER CRIMINALS playing?
There is more than meet the Eyes/Ears in this prank call situation One day it will cum 2 light
Happy Birthday 2 MGN Samantha NEMBHARD – she of the Amly Tribe!
Need proof that Social Media is TERROR CELL for the A-Z of MODERN SLAVERY THRIVING IN THE UK? Tell to disclose the evidence provided by
Have a few more days off from the Old Work Have lots to do. Have to get over my frustrations as PEOPLE pissed me off 2 days in a row. Am surely been TESTED by SATAN.
LEYF claim not to have any data for I used, so who is the credible witness by the way?
Friends Made On This Day
Your Friendversary With Ewan Mittoo
4 years ago today, you and Ewan became friends on Facebook. We made you this video to celebrate your friendship!
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Only you can see this unless you share it. Proof of how my IP & CPPDP has been taken over by the CYBERBULLIES and I am targeted.
I have no access to Since investing in I am targeted by
Despite having from 2012.
That’s all for today. We are been dictated to as family and friends are turned against each other.

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