Gurprit Kaur (RSA) Regulatory Support Authority- I Will Address The Fact In 2019

London SE1 5PY

Solicitors Regulation Authority

Gurprit Kaur – Regulatory Support Officer

The Cube

199 Wharfside Street

Birmingham B1 1RN

Ref: POL/1251547-2018

27 March 2019

My Response re 24 January 2019 via email

Dear Gurprit Kaur

Thank you for your email dated the 24 January 2019 via email only. I am so sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

 Your report concerning Bates Well & Braithwaite London LLP (“the firm”)

Having reviewed your recent correspondence I note that you have numerous erroneous information about my complaints against Mr John Fenton who represented LEYF pretending to be a Solicitor. I am taking this opportunity of correcting your assumptions that my complaint against Mr Fenton were allegations, instead of the facts. You claimed I have raised allegations of dishonesty against the firm and Ms Samantha Jones, the barrister representing your employer. Before going any further, let me correct some of your glaring assumptions that have nothing whatever to do with my complaint. You seem to have made them up yourself? How did you get and as one and the same firm? And it seems that like the others barrister Samantha Jones of managed to get the enmeshed in corruption.

As for the role played by the ET and EAT Judges and Clerks I would like to direct your attention firstly to the following in reverse chronological order:

  1. Email dated 25 March 2019 from Adam Jones
  2. EAT Parcel (Bundle) of 11/03/2019 – collected at the Post Office
  3. Letter 19/02/2019 from the BAR STANDARDS BOARD – Reference: PCPA 2018/0469
  4. Letter 18/02/2019 – Ref: 19-3416 – Judicial Appointments & Conduct Ombudsman Mr Paul Kernaghan CBE, QPM
  5. Letter from John Booth EAT Delivery Manager Queries: 02072731041 – Ref: UKEAT/0101/18/LA – 04/01/2019
  6. JUDICIARY OF ENGLAND & WALES by email only. Ref: JC/1811/4 – 31/12/2018 – HONOURABLE JUSTICE SIMLER – Email:
  7. IOPC Ref: 2018/113251 – Web: & Email: – 20/12/2018

I will, therefore, have to direct you to to understand why the RSA is in breach of the Rule of Law and the Equality Act 2010.

 Issues of misconduct to take forward

Mr John Fenton: By the time I am finished there will be many who are going to be frustrated. I have provided the evidence of Mr John Fenton holding himself out as a solicitor. It is your incompetence or maybe I should say “Without Prejudice” that the SRA has been brought out by LEYF like the individuals, establishments and systems that have colluded to discriminate against me from 2004. Refer to and The SRA seems to be as confused as the ET & EAT from the time I submitted my case to

LEYF: For there to be no ambiguity about my intention, let me set out my arguments for the SRA to understand that I will expose the plots of those operating Modern Slavery thriving in the UK.

  1. Let me start with that claimed it was no clear what action I’d like the Government or Parliament to take. On the 31/10/2017 the Petition that was marked confidential stated “It included confidential, libellous, false or defamatory information, or a reference to a case which is active in the UK courts. Well the case is still not settled.
  2. LEYF letter of 02/01/2018 response to my Subject Access Request claims not to have any data for me.

 The “firm” according to the SRA definition

The SRA is in confusion about who they have sent me information about in the issues they identified in my complaints. The SRA keep switching from Mr Fenton to Martin Bunch is showing that they are not reliable to deal with my complaints. scan_20161106

I Mervelee Myers will make sure that the world knows about the misconduct happening at the SRA as a result of the negligence of the Regulatory Support Officer Gurprit Kaur.

I am no longer interested in anything the SRA have to say on the matter of Mr John Fenton, BWB Solicitors and Samantha Jones.

I will be taking the SRA to task for this statement “It must be noted that in contentious matters, firms may use robust language in their correspondence however, this will not amount to misconduct”. Well let me tell you Gurprit Kaur that this amounts to breaching the Equality Act 2010 and the GDPR 2018.  The SRA should be ashamed for allowing such garbage to be given as advice by the Regulatory Support Officer. And I will be making sure this goes into the Public Domain to stop others getting exploited by the likes of and

By saying that the firm can use my mental health against me is in breach of the Equality Act 2010 “Protected Characteristic” is discrimination. And discrimination is against the law. So let’s see who is working in the best interest of their client and in accordance with their client’s instructions. I will refer the SRA to because the ET and EAT are in breach of the Employment Tribunal Law. That’s why I am making sure that my life is an “Open Book” in cyberspace at to stop the corruption taking place at the SRA. scan_20171216-2-1

Once again the SRA is acting like a complete idiot about the way they have gone about addressing my complaints. If I did not call to find out what was happening, the SRA would not have attempted to send me such a scandalous explanation. Showing that they are acting like complete intellectual imbeciles.

Let me end by saying I appreciate this may not be the response you were hoping for with your advice. However, I hope I have helped to clarify my position on your report.

Thank you for taking the time to send me your unprofessional advice.

Yours sincerely

Mervelee Myers.

One thought on “Gurprit Kaur (RSA) Regulatory Support Authority- I Will Address The Fact In 2019

  1. Today as I reflect on the life of my brother BYRON who died on the 27th March 2008, I am at a place where I am once again trying to take back control and move on. But before I do this another transition has to be overcome on my journey to recovery. I have the first nervous breakdown in a toxic work environment as can be verified at I am been referred to and the fact about how the Employment Tribunal is negligent in upholding the law can be seen at That’s why can be prepared to know that there will be more coming from Five years is more than enough time for to come clean about the terrorism cells they are operating in the UK.


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