Winsome Duncan Thinks I Am Mentally Unstable 22/3/2019

At my grandson Donte’ Legister graduation. He received a Scholarship to Munro College in July 2014.

                                          Claim for Mervelee Myers – F01YJ592

Reference: F01YJ592

The Small Claims Court

Claimant Mervelee Myers response to the Defendant Winsome Duncan defence document from the Small Claims Court.

As can be verified from the following statement that I, the Claimant Mervelee Myers will itemise with relevant documentary proof. The Defendant continue to use her knowledge of my vulnerability to exploit me. That’s why she continued using the various Modern Slavery practises in breach of the Agreement we signed to be asking for the case to be thrown out.

1.    How can Winsome Duncan who is the perpetrator of the malicious campaign in collaboration with her Employment Barrister Ryan Clement when she called the Police to section me under the Mental Health Act, now claiming this is a malicious prosecution on my part?

Based on the following I would now like the court to put a stop to Ms Duncan and Mr Clement misconduct using the internet to find vulnerable victim to scam. (a) Can Ms Duncan please produce the evidence about the company MPLOYME and explain to the court about this statement please? This is an example of how Ms Duncan have gone about defaming my name. (1 a) Refer to Exhibit 1:   Universal Credit

(b) Can Ms Duncan please explain the Engagement Agreement? (1 b) Refer to Exhibit 2: Engagement Agreement. More proof that Ms Duncan misappropriated my data in the continuing defamation of my name can be ascertain from the following correspondences about Ms Duncan and Mr Clement clever exploitation: (1 c)Refer to Exhibit 3 & Sections: Correspondences & Emails with Ms Duncan from the time I put the publication of my book on hold. (1 d) Refer to Exhibit 4 & Sections: Correspondences & Emails with Mr Clement from the time Ms Duncan introduced us.

2.  Since I have no connection with Ms Duncan MPLOYME LTD company, can she explain if she has been using my name fraudulently to conduct her business?

(2 a) Refer to Exhibit 5:  Ms Duncan publish book using my name shown as (Exhibit E1).   If this be the case how come Ms Duncan published a book in my name after there was no consultations since I put the book on hold? (2 b) Refer to Exhibit 6 & Sections:   Correspondences & Emails between Claimant & Defendant. Will Ms Duncan accept that if she had not prepared the Statements before she was influenced by Ryan Clement to scam me, I would have no idea what was going on because I am dyscalculia? (2 c) Refer to Exhibit 7 & Sections: Statements prepared by Ms Duncan.

3.   Is Ms Duncan prepared to accept that the sole purpose of introducing me to Ryan Clement was so he could scam me? Because I informed her that someone borrowed my money and was refusing to pay me.

(3 a) Refer to Exhibit 8: Receipts from Julie Powell.  Is it not a fact that Ms Duncan & Mr Clement decided to scam me after the Employment Tribunal Reserve Judgement was posted online on the 2nd August 2017? (3 b) Refer to Exhibit 9: Instead of me defaming their character it was the opposite. Ms Duncan was the one using my online presence to build her brand by tagging me in her post, asking me to write reviews and taking me with her to events.

(3 c) Refer to Exhibit 10 & Sections: Invitations, etc. Mr Clement might be listed as an Official of the Court, but he is under investigations from the Solicitor Regulations Authority. He groomed Ms Duncan, finding her online struggling to set up her business. It was his plan to use my vulnerability against me. Because Ms Duncan taught me lots before his intervention. (3 d) Refer to Exhibit 11: 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment in How dare Ms Duncan continue to defame my name with this statement attributed to Mr Clement.

(3 e) Refer to Exhibit 12: Medical Report from NHS Ambulance that visited my home on the 30th October 2017. Why did Mr Clement failed to contact me after I asked him to? Ms Duncan claimed not to be in contact with him. (3 f) Refer to Exhibit 13:  Correspondences with Ms Duncan leading up to her 40th birthday party.  Who took some of the images that Ms Duncan is claiming to be unauthorised images of her and Mr Clement and other individuals, including the Claimant?      

4.  Is it not a fact that Ms Duncan sent me a an email dated the 29th October 2017 that she was going to send the Police to section me?

(4 a) Refer to Exhibit 14: Email re section. Can Ms Duncan clarify when was the last time we seen each other and where? (4 b) Refer to Exhibit 15: Norton Report. Can Ms Duncan verify if I paid for 2 tickets to her birthday party on the 27th October 2017? What was my reasons for not attending the party? Ms Duncan is resorting to my former employers discrimination of my vulnerability, aided by Ryan Clement.

(4 c) Refer to Exhibit 16 & Sections:  Medical Reports from & are the Medical Reports I showed to the Police & Ambulance Professionals which stopped them from sectioning me.  Ms Duncan have been using her brand to operate Modern Slavery instructed by Ryan Clement. She included me in her scamming without my knowledge. (4 d) Refer to Exhibit 17 & Sections: Princess T.O. Thomas & Ms Duncan was operating illegal businesses online.

(4 e) Refer to Exhibit 18 & Sections: Online businesses advertised on Facebook.  Did Ms Duncan remove the Claimant as the Administrator of Mervelee Consultancy, the online business she was helping me to set up? (4 f) Refer to Exhibit 19: Facebook notice.  The Police who visited my home warned me to stay away from Ms Duncan. I am currently involved with the Police for misconduct resulting from Ms Duncan malicious act. (4 g) Refer to Exhibit 20 & Sections: Correspondences with the Police Departments.

5. Who is responsible for souring the communication?

(5 a) Refer to Exhibit 21:  Emails from Ms Duncan 29th October to … re threats. How can Ms Duncan justify this statement? (5 b) Refer to Exhibit 22:  Emails re trying to contact me. Can Ms Duncan clarify if and when did we resume consultations about the publications of my book? (5 c) Refer to Exhibit 23 & Sections: Correspondences with Ms Duncan & Ms Oliver re my book. Why did Ms Duncan see it fit to publish my book, since she claimed it was difficult to establish contact to complete the book?

(5 d) Refer to Exhibit 24 & Sections: Correspondences with Ms Duncan & Mr Clement. Why is Ms Duncan continuing with this charade and not come clean as I told her over the phone. I want to end this matter amicably. (5 e) Refer to Exhibit 25: Correspondence from Ms Oliver the Proof Reader.

6. Is Ms Duncan not responsible for exacerbating my disabilities. Using my vulnerability against me?

(6 a) Refer to her statement at Point 3: Ryan is an official officer of the court and advised me to ignore Mervelee’s abusive online rants based on her being mentally unstable, hence not taking any legal action against her. Might I advise Ms Duncan to visit my website for all the latest from those who have discriminated against me by exploiting my vulnerability of having mental and physical disabilities. She should be paying for mental distress as a result of what she and Ryan Clement have done to me.

Claimant Mervelee Myers Rebuttal to the Defendant’s Defence – F01YJ592. Exhibits & Other Relevant Documentation

1. Exhibit 1 & Sections: (a) Ms Duncan promoting her business in a Magazine. (b) Ms Duncan email re me as a new student. (c) Ms Duncan MPLOYME Safeguarding Policy – Last reviewed November 2016. When did I meet Ms Duncan?

2. Exhibit 2: Engagement Agreement with Ms Duncan. Who is in breach of this? The Book was to be published to celebrate my Father’s, my Uncle and Auntie who is still alive birthday on the 27th October. 

3. Exhibit 3 & Sections: Email 18 November 2017 – Re Book Publication. When did Ms Duncan consulted with me after I put my Book on hold?

4. Exhibit 4 & Sections: Correspondences with Mr Clement relevant to Ms Duncan (a) Pay Pal Statements (b) Email 30th October 2017 from Mr Clement (c) My Complaint to Ryan Clement copied to Ms Duncan 13th November 2017. Ms Duncan encouraged Mr Clement to ask for the money in cash.

5. Exhibit 5 & Sections: Correspondences with Ms Duncan (a) Publish Book – who authorise the publications?  (b) Correspondence with Ms Oliver, Proof Reader – I did not consult with Ms Oliver re any work to do with my Book. I am not sure what Book she proof read.

6. Exhibit 6 & Sections:  Various correspondences with Claimant & Defendant (a) emails (b) Contact with Judge Rinder Show  – Ms Duncan went ahead and publish my Book after she was contacted by Judge Rinder Show.

7. Exhibit 7 & Sections: Statements prepared by Ms Duncan. (a) Agreement (b) For Work Done (c) For Money Borrowed. (d) Receipt for Camcorder purchased by Ms Duncan for me. So when did Ms Duncan decided to change and why? 

8. Exhibit 8: Receipts from Julie Powell, proving I told Ms Duncan about being scammed. That’s when she suggested introducing Ryan Clement to me.

9. Exhibit 9: The Employment Tribunal Reserve Judgement online That’s one of the reasons for me putting my Book on hold. Ms Duncan said I should not make mention of it, as if I can blot it out.

10. Exhibit 10 & Sections:  Correspondence from the Solicitors Regulation Authority Reference: POL/1251547-2018.

11. Exhibit 11: HCT Book, I showed to Mr Clement at our first meeting in Holborn. He pointed out the statistic. He informed me not tell anyone except Ms Duncan about our transaction. Ms Duncan is on first name terms with him, why?

12. Exhibit 12 & Sections: Medical Reports – (a) Health Management Ltd (b) Maudsley Hospital NHS (c) The Reviews on website that Ms Duncan sent to me. (d) Ambulance Report of 30th October 2017. (e) Ambulance Report – after the EAT of the 19th October 2018. Is Ms Duncan now prepared to continue defaming my name like what was done by the ET Judge Freer who claim in the Reserve Judgement there were no other Medical Reports? And the EAT Judge Shanks who claimed I made up my disabilities?

13. Exhibit 13 & Sections:  Ms Duncan’s invitations to events (a) Chelsea Football Club (b) LEYF Reference (c) Threats of criminal record from the DWP (d) Complaints to the Police – I was worried that Ms Duncan could have implicated me in breaching Safeguarding Regulations due to the nature of the Reference from my former employers flagging safeguarding.

14. Exhibit 14 & Sections: Ms Duncan email of the 29th October to get me section – (a) Verbal threats from Ms Duncan (b) Verbal threats from Mr Clement. The Police failed to act on my concerns. But turned up at my home to section me after Ms Duncan malicious report.

15. Exhibit 15: Norton Report. Ms Duncan tried to remove my virus protection from my laptop in my home on the 16th October 2017. 

16. Exhibit 16 & Sections:  Medical Reports from & are the Medical Reports I showed to the Police & Ambulance Professionals which stopped them from sectioning me.

17. Exhibit 17: Princess Thomas Business. This was another disabled person who Ms Duncan put my name in her WhatsApp Group making it look like I was part of hers & Mr Clement scamming operation. Ms Duncan told Ms Thomas off at her birthday party for not including Mr Clement in her Business.

18. Exhibit 18 & Sections: Ms Duncan online illegal Business (a) advertisement (b) my write up warning people (c) Facebook rejecting my advertisement.

19. Exhibit 19: Facebook notice about my Business. Who is the person defaming my name & using my data illegally?

20. Exhibit 20 & Sections: Correspondences with the Police Departments. Even the Police is not above covering up their misconduct when they failed to act on my concerns. What would have happened if I was agitated due to my mental and physical disabilities? Ms Duncan misappropriated my data for her own perverse actions.

21. Exhibit 21 & Sections: Emails from Ms Duncan 29th October onwards re threats. Ms Duncan obviously needs counselling. I would recommend she get it to help her, I am now back in control and managing my life. Like I did before being targeted by my former employers. Was made a victim by the Employment Tribunal for the second time. And Ms Duncan deciding to let Mr Clement get her to exploit me.        

22. Exhibit 22 & Sections:  Emails from Ms Duncan re trying to contact me.

23. Exhibit 23 & Sections: Correspondences with Ms Duncan & Ms Oliver re my Book. (a) Ms Oliver proof read.

24. Exhibit 24 & Sections: Correspondences with Ms Duncan & Mr Clement before and after her birthday party.

25. Exhibit 25 & Sections: Final correspondence from Ms Oliver re my Book. 

26. Exhibit 26 & Sections: If all Ms Duncan can come up with at her Exhibit J, I am surprised she haven’t seen my where any individuals, the establishments and systems that have discriminated against me from 2004 will be put in the spotlight.    

Prepared by: Mervelee Myers FD (Open) Cert WTC

Mental Health & SEND Advocate

Student of the Year Lambeth College 1998-99

CEO Long Service Award  LEYF 2014

Date: 20th March 2019

The END.

At Chelsea Football Club 13th October 2017.