Catching Up With Mrs Justice Ingrid Simler Before Mothering Sunday 2019 in Honour of Mama

Dame Ingrid Ann Simler, DBE, styled The Hon. Mrs Justice Simler, is a judge of the High Court of England and Wales. She was educated at Henrietta Barnett School, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge and the University of Amsterdam. She was called to the bar at Inner Temple in 1987 and became a QC 2006. WikipediaBorn: 17 September 1963 (age 55 years)EducationSidney Sussex CollegeUniversity of Amsterdam

Copied from the internet in line with the GDPR 2018 on the 5th March 2019. Dame Ingrid Ann Simler, DBE, styled The Hon. Mrs Justice Simler, is a judge of the High Court of England and Wales. She was educated at Henrietta Barnett School, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge and the University of Amsterdam. She was called to the bar at Inner Temple in 1987 and became a QC 2006. WikipediaBorn: 17 September 1963 (age 55 years) Education: Sidney Sussex College, University of Amsterdam.
In comparisons I, MerveleeMyers has given the Judiciary Of England And Wales enough time to deal with this matter of the miscarriages of justice by the London South Employment Tribunal and the EAT that ruined my career in 2008. And destroy 26+ years of my life in the UK colluding with LEYF Nurseries and and cohorts from the death of my mother in 2014.

Let me analyse a few pertinent facts for the world to note. This evil woman was born a few months after my brother Amly D Nembhard. She had the privileges that my family and siblings didn’t get because of circumstances beyond our control. Go to for more information about my struggles from the time my father was stricken with Parkinson’s disease. That’s why I have been sharing my stories about my experiences at for years.
Another fact is she shares the name with my niece Ann Chambers. It was only after my niece passed her exam to Manning’s School that my brother Ervin Nembhard decided he was going to High School. Suffice it to say I have been there for my brother from the time he was born on the 11 November 1966. Without further ado, I helped finance his education through Teachers College after coming to the UK.

As for myself I missed out on lots, but giving up was never an option. Therefore this miserable vindictive excuse of a woman who sent my case back to the EAT on the 18/3/2018. Better be prepared to declare what fact (sic) was her grounds for doing so? I have my defensive practice that LEYF was in breach of the Equality Act 2010 when they refused to take my concerns into consideration as was done by my employers in 2004-2008. The Employment Tribunal presided over the first miscarriage of justice as can be ascertained from the Disclosure Team That’s why they have to me to

I will leave no stones uncovered in exposing those involved with the direct and indirect discrimination of which Justice Mrs Ingrid Simler think she is going to cover over? With joining in to perverting the course of justice after sending my consideration back to the EAT. LEYF set about radicalising me after the death of my mother, applying the contingent Policies & Procedures from the contract that they did no review or update in line with the Equality Act. By agreeing with and being party to breaching the Rule of Law, in favour of LEYF, Justice Simler has put the & & into disrepute.

I am resolute that those responsible for destroying my life must be brought to book. Since Justice Mrs Ingrid Simler is the last in the chain of those who should ensure that justice was done, and she did not cease the opportunity. I will continue sharing my story to the world. There are 3 women in this saga. There is Mervelee Myers who they set out to plot against after the death of my mother. But what they failed to realise is they empowered me and my footprints are already in cyberspace. Representing them in the glare of the public media which is on the 5th September 2011. But even before that in 2004, I sought support from when I was defrauded of my savings.

In 2004 I challenged discrimination in the workplace raising concerns with & Therefore, when LEYF used my email address to apply for online DBS in 2015 after tampering with my data in March 2015, I made sure to get my defensive practice in place. I have been facing discrimination from women who viewed my passion for my work and chosen vocation as threats to their incompetence. Between 2004 – 2008 & Southwark Council & colluded with the Local Education Authority to ruin my career. Hence the reason I was part of

I managed to rebuild my life but was left with the aftermath of having my Hidden Disabilities triggered into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Despite having a Chronic Anxiety diagnosis from July 2006 to be able to have proof of my disabilities. To sit the PI: W3323643 Health & Social Care Level 2 examination. This was how I learned about applying the holistic approaches to manage and control my disabilities. Therefore, for LEYF to now saying they have no data for me is just going beyond what’s the truth. And for the ET and EAT to be colluding to deny me my entitlements mean I will be using the same top down, bottom up approaches from the experts to expose those involved.

I don’t care if the person is Mrs Justice Simler or June O’Sullivan or Liz Roberts or any other woman thinking they are given the rights to abuse the power of their authority like what have been happening to me in the UK from 2004. I refuse to surrender my rights not to be discriminated against. That’s why I have to finally getting around to sorting to have my own space to share my stories about the “Personal Challenges” ailing me from the time my father was stricken with Parkinson’s disease and my life disintegrated. I have a right like anyone else to live in a society where I don’t have to be looking over my shoulder for the next terrorists hell bent on destroying my life.

I was in attendance at the Nursery World Show in 2018 when I was assaulted by a young white girl. The next day June O’Sullivan had a plot to get me at her Seminar. I have been enduring 5 years of hell since my mother died.
I have my defensive practice.

For Mr Paul Kernaghan CBE, QMP Judicial Ombudsman!

During the time I attended, close to where I was working when I had the first nervous breakdown after the death of my brother BYRON in 2008.

My Life Is An Open Book About Me 1956-2019

Judicial Appointments & Conduct Ombudsman, Postal Area 1.55, 1st Floor, The Tower, 102 Petty France, London, SW1H 9AJ. 18 March 2019

Reference: 19-3416

Dear Mr Paul Kernaghan CBE, QPM

Thank you for your correspondence of the 18 February 2019. My response to said correspondence will be posted to my website: and other Social Media platforms in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and other relevant Rule of Law.  You are lucky to have Officers, I have been representing myself over these past years and the radicalisation by the terrorist cells just keep adding up.

I realise this will be a disgrace to the Judiciary Of England And Wales, but would like to assure you that I considered all aspects of the opportunity that have been given to the Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal to deal with the matter. This have been going on from the time I submitted my claims to the London South Employment Tribunal in December 2015. There is an old saying that “you make your bed so you lie in it”. I did not make this bed, therefore I will nit be lying in it any longer and waste away.

For there to be no ambiguity about my intentions, to tell the world about how the ET and EAT have presided over the miscarriages of justice, I will address your response by the relevant points only. I have been left to come to the conclusion that the Judicial Appointments & Conduct Ombudsman is staff by complete idiots, without prejudice. Just to inform you that I collected the parcel that the EAT was beating down my door at 7:00am to deliver on the 12/3/2019 from the Post Office. As you might notice, I am using your style of writing to rebut your arguments. I will be going through same with my defensive practices from collected over the time 1/9/2009 to date.


I would like there to be a review of how the entire EAT go about handling of complaints. Because from my recent experiences, the Judicial Ombudsman is resorting to the same tactics used by LEYF the Respondent that resulted in the Judiciary Of England And Wales getting caught up in this sordid affair that will prove that Modern Slavery is thriving in the UK. For the records I have been sent on all these journeys already. For there to be no shadow of a doubt, I have dealt with the President of the Employment Tribunal (ET) Judge Brian Doyle. I have already posted about him on my website, meaning it has been shared to Social Media platforms.

My remit

In accordance with the Equality Act 2010 and other relevant Rule of Law, I used the Subject Access Request – Data Protection Act – 117119 the Disclosure Team to get the relevant data pertaining to this case. In the first place, I should not have had to the EAT for reconsideration about But, since the London South Employment Tribunal carried out the second miscarriage of justice in the case of Mrs Mervelee Myers, I will carry on until I get justice. It was Justice Mrs Ingrid Ann Simler who sent my case back to the EAT. At the same time I asked for documents from the bundles to be returned to me.

Which took a year to be sent to me, after John Booth, Delivery Manager Employment Appeal Tribunal letter in my response to letter dated 15 December 2018 stating he did not see any applications for return of my documents.  In light of the fact that the bone of contention is that the Respondent’s Rep Mr John Fenton of keeps lying about my Medical Reports. And the failure of the Respondent to comply with Judge Baron Case Management Court Order of the 15 March 2016. Later on the 8 June 2016, Mr Fenton lied in the ET Court in the presence of Judge Elliott and Winnifred McLeish-Jacques, saying he did not receive any Medical Reports in the bundle I sent him.  And failed to comply with Judge Elliott’s Case Management Court Order of the 8//6/2016.

Also that the ET was put into disrepute when Judge Freer lied that there were no other Medical Reports excepting I handed the Medical Reports to Judge Freer in the court, because they were deliberately left out of the bundles to pervert the course of justice. Let me make it absolutely clear that my complaint is to do with the EAT, as I’d addressed the ET to the relevant sources. Which is Judge Brian Doyle Presidents_Office_Employment_E& I am just wondering why the EAT decided to send my bundle back?

Mr Paul Kernaghan

 Mr Kernaghan claims I reiterated my original complaints about the EAT case and HHJ Shanks, which are not within his remit to comment on. Without prejudice this is how abuse of power by the people in authority is allowed to happen. Because LEYF used the same tactics with their Confidentiality Policies & Procedures from the time I was gagged by the Senior HR Dilys Epton for raising my concerns about the mistreatment at BIB on the 30/1/2015. Then, when I was advised to put in a Grievance by the Independent Solicitors, because advised me not to appeal. LEYF claim they could not tell me what they were doing because of Confidentiality. But did not stop to think that they were in breach of the contract I signed on the 7th October 2009. Because it was not updated and reviewed in line with the Equality Act 2010.

Since I did not sign any Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), I am holding the Judiciary Of England And Wales responsible for the negligence in allowing this exploitation to be continuing against me. This is because the ET & EAT are covering up for each other for perverting the course of justice. Mr Kernaghan claims she also complained,  among other issues, that – I refuse to waste my precious time on any of the matter that is not relevant. Because I have lost 5 years of my life already.

Mervelee Myers decision

 I am taking Mr Paul Kernaghan to task for his decision that my complaint, among  does not warrant a full investigation. Because without prejudice, he seems to have been drawn into whatever pact the ET & EAT have signed with LEYF and cohorts at The Office of the Judicial Appointments & Conduct Ombudsman & is not fit for purpose and need to be investigated. For accepting bribes to cover up the perversity I experienced at the ET for the second time refer to

Factors taken into account

  1. Refer to the Reserve Judgment that the ET took 5 months to copy and paste from the Respondent’s Summary.
  2. Refer to the Disclosure Team Ministry of Justice Subject Access Request – Data Protection Act – 117-119.
  3. Refer to the EAT refusing to return my bundle – John Booth Delivery Manager EAT letter response to my correspondence of 15 December 2018. (But doing so on the 12/3/2019 after I decided to publish on my website about the irregularities of the EAT)
  4. Refer to my Fight4justice campaign on LEYF claims they have no data for me.
  5. Refer to the Government rejection of my Petition for an Inquiry into the Early Years Sector where it stated that the Reserve Judgment is in breach of my Human Rights. On the 31/10/2017 the UK Government states “It included confidential, libellous, false or defamatory information, or a reference to a case that is active in the UK courts.
  6. It’s time the Government find the time to understand what action I would like to be taken after the second miscarriage of justice by the ET when I was directed to
  7. Refer to my Medical Reports and the fact that I am a participant in Mental Health Research at http://www.radar-cns-org/ & is featured at from June 2018.
  8. I am also featured in as a participant in Diabetes Research after I completed from 2012 when I was first diagnosed with diabetes.
  9. There are the reviews on LEYF website which the ET refused to accept my Additional Witness Statement after the adjournment of the ET case.
  10. But Barrister Jones could get away with making up a contagious disease because she did not prepare the ET case for the Respondent. Everything was left to Mr John Fenton who have to admit on the day of the adjournment, he is not a lawyer.
  11. There are other like that have been acting unprofessionally as a result of the Modern Slavery Practices by LEYF and cohorts. And which the ET & EAT succumb to willing or unwittingly.     

Why is there one rule for the ET & EAT and another for Mervelee Myers?

  1. The ET took 5 months to give me the Reserve Judgment
  2. When I phoned, I was given all sorts of excuses.
  3. The ET & EAT seem to refuse that the Equality Act 2010 apply to me, because of the failure to accept the fact in the Medical Reports that I have disabilities.
  4. When was the near future mentioned in THE HONOURABLOE MRS JUSTICE SIMLER DBE PRESIDENT OF THE EMPLOYMENT APPEAL TRIBUNAL letter of 31 December 2018?
  5. It’s a well known fact that there are triggers to my disabilities that can render me unable to carry out normal day-to-day activities.
  6. The way I have been treated by is in breach of the Rules of Law and discriminatory.
  7. I have already named the Government Departments, individuals and the establishments and systems discriminating against me directly and indirectly.   

 Why did Mrs Justice Simler not take the time to consider the impact of my mental and physical disabilities when making her decisions in her letter of 31 December 2018?

  1. Did she stop to consider that I might not have seen the email so to send it by post also?
  2. Is it not a fact that I sent correspondences by email and post making sure there is no argument that I did not comply.
  3. So why did Mr Justice Simler not afford me the same curtsey?
  4. Why are they still trying to use my disabilities against me by confusing me with the Judicial Conduct (Tribunals) Rules 2014?
  5. LEYF didn’t review or update the Contract I signed on the 7th October 2009 in line with the Equality Act 2010.   

  I refuse to waste my time on Mrs Justice Simler explanation of what she identified about Judge Shanks. They are plain to be seen.

I refuse to waste my time going over Mrs Justice Simler set out Rule 34 (a) & 35 of the Judicial Conduct (Tribunals) Rules 2014.

  1. Mrs Justice Simler should know by now about my disabilities.
  2. She sent my case back to the EAT with caveats.
  3. I was ably represented by 1 PUMP COURT TEMPLE LONDON EC4Y 7AA tele: 020-7827-4000 DX LDE 452  

Or maybe Mrs Justice Simler was so caught up with her recent appointments and moving up the career ladder as well as giving interviews to care about what’s happening to another Mervelee Myers who has been radicalised and exploited by the terrorists’ cells operating Modern Slavery thriving in the UK? Just a note of caution that because I have been denied my entitlements by in 2008. The Union that overturned the Government Law for employees to pay fee to take employers to the ET, I became a victim because of the blacklisting and networking from that time which ruined my career.

I have been doing my research on the internet, and coming up with some interesting fact about the “shouting HHJ Judge Shanks”. And Judge Freer who refused to give back the documents. The threads of discrimination playing out on the internet backs up my arguments that the ET & EAT are institutionally in breach of the “Protected Characteristics and Protected Act” of the Equality Act 2010. Because the ET went through lengths to stitch me up with the Telephone Conciliation. In the end Judge Hildebrand tried getting me to sign an NDA with the illiterate John Fenton Where is Neil King of LEYF, and why did he resign? Judge Martin strike out my Racism claims repeatedly after Judge Baron recongnised me on the 15th March 2016 and sent it back for reviews. I should have taken LEYF for Ageism and Beliefs as well based on the Witnesses Statements and oral statements at the ET court.

Now I am taking issues with Mr Paul Kernaghan about this. The way he has written this is as if I did not explain when I actually see the email. And the fact I addressed the matter via email so I didn’t miss out. As a matter of fact I don’t know what other information Mrs Justice Simler wanted as she didn’t make that clear. But going on from the way I have been treated by the systems and establishments re the DWP from I tried submitting my ET claims in December 2015, it’s obvious this is just another ploy to say I didn’t comply. Can you not see how Mr Kernaghan write that I did no respond to Mrs Justice Simler request for further information? But wrote to his office to raise complaint. It’s obvious that Mr Kernaghan did not read any of my correspondence.

I was contacted by Mr Adam Jones, who sent me the form & The same pattern of misconduct happened with the Telephone Conciliation. Therefore, the ET & EAT don’t let me have to get out the rest of my defensive practice and naming all those involved with this sordid cover up? When my duty to my husband is finished here in the UK, I am returning to my country. I refuse to stay in the UK and be threatened with criminal record by for making sure I get my entitlement.

My findings

Since Mr Paul Kernaghan is coming with his crap, let me exercise my rights under the Home Office British Nationality Act 1981 and detail the role of the ET & EAT and the Judicial Ombudsman in perverting the course of justice in favour of London Early Years Foundation (LEYF).

  1. Judge Martin – Racism claims
  2. Judge Hildebrand – Telephone Conciliation
  3. Judge Freer – Reserve Judgment
  4. London South Employment Tribunal – Presiding over 2 miscarriages of justice against Mervelee Myers.
  5. Judge Brian Doyle – Neglecting his responsibility re my complaints about the ET Judge Freer

 The Employment Appeal Tribunal

  1. Mr John Booth – EAT Delivery Manager – Misappropriation of my data in breach of the GDPR 2018
  2. Judge Shanks – claims I made up my disabilities
  3. Justice Mrs Ingrid Simler – Why did she send my Reconsideration back to the EAT on the grounds of disabilities if Judge Shanks dealt with the fact from
  4. Mr Adam Jones – What’s his role in this matter?
  5. Mr Paul Kernaghan – Does he take me for an idiot?

Written by: Mervelee Myers FD (Open) Cert WTC (Open). Mental Health & SEND Advocate. LEYF Long Service Award 2014. Lambeth College Student of the Year 1998 – 1999.      

18 March 2019