International Women’s Day 2019 Plea To Be Given A Voice Too!

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8 March 2019. In Honour of International Women’s Day & celebrating my Husband’s 96th Birthday.

To Whom It May Concern

My name is Mervelee Myers and I am seeking support from any interested parties to help me with my Mental Health & SEND Advocacy in breaking down barriers resulting from direct and indirect discrimination in a toxic workplace after the death of my mother in 2014.

Daily Newspapers For Contributions 8th March 2019

Dame Ingrid Ann Simler of EAT 8th March 2019. Edited by Mervelee Myers after copying from the Internet for publication on International Women’s Day. On the 96th birthday of Arnold Ebenezer Tomlinson who was told by a Bank Manager “Mr Tomlinson, you have a small illusion that one day you can develop into a Property Tycoon”. I want the world to see how discrimination is still rife in the UK. Resulting from the fact that some are willing to turn a blind eye to what’s happening under their very nose. Because they are not comfortable with the “personal challenges” of people like Mervelee Myers. In order not to end up doing what my brother did out of frustration when no one is willing to act on my concerns about the impact of discrimination on my overall emotional health and wellbeing. I will carry on writing at In the hope that even after I am dead, someone will make reference to my story. 

Copied from the Internet 7/3/2019 by Mervelee Myers: Dame Ingrid Ann Simler, DBE, styled The Hon. Mrs Justice Simler, is a judge of the High Court of England and Wales. She was educated at Henrietta Barnett School, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge and the University of Amsterdam. She was called to the bar at Inner Temple in 1987 and became a QC 2006. Wikipedia

Born17 September 1963 (age 55 years). Mervelee Myers Analysis 8/3/2019: Find out more about me at for why I am writing this and sharing with the world after spending the past 5 years leading up to my 60th birthday struggling with the discrimination from 2004 which ruined my career and blighted my life. I thought I would die before my 56th birthday as a result of the discrimination used by to trigger my traumas into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I should be resting, but unable to because coming up to Mothering Sunday, I am fighting depression again.

I will be sending this out to as many news agencies with the hope that at least one will listen to my plight as was done in 2004 by the South London Press. The South London Press was the only newspaper that give me a chance to let my voice be heard then.

I am not doing this for money, but to clear my name after once more the Employment Tribunal presided over another miscarriage of justice that ruined my career and destroyed the 26+ years that I built for myself in the UK. I am now a prisoner in my own home and the victim of hate crime filled reserved judgement.     

I am in a position to make contributions from my lived experiences to help provide a support network to help others like myself. I consider myself to be an expert authority on subjects from cradle to the grave. But I will need the support from the experts in their fields to help me get the stories told on the platforms where others can benefit. There are forces that are trying to make me a voiceless vulnerable in addition by the victim status they assigned to me

Here is how I have been gagged to stop me exposing the Modern Slavery thriving in the UK

  1. After raising concerns about the impact on my mental health of discrimination on the eve of Mothering Sunday 2015, I was sent to another site with the hope of getting me to act unprofessionally. I tried taking out but was rejected. With it was marked confidential. Not clear what action you’d like the Government or Parliament to take. Is it any wonder there is an epedemic of social unrest at every echeleons of society?
  2. When this did not materialise, I was sent on Medical Suspension
  3. My data was tampered with from the time I was sent Invitation to Disciplinary.
  4. I was passed fit to go back to work. Refer to the reviews on by one of the former employees involved in making allegations leading to my Medical Suspension.
  5. After receiving the CEO Long Service Awards in October 2014, I was Disciplined and labelled uncooperative, unprofessional, rude, intimidating, confrontational, aggressive, and lacking empathy. Refer to www.slam-iapt.nhs/southwark.
  6. I was advised to get Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Refer to about me raising concerns to the ET about LEYF. And re the first ET case.
  7. I have exhausted the Employment Appeal Tribunal and been stitched up like a turkey after the ET acted perversely in concealing my Medical Reports. Refer to
  8. The EAT continued with the perversity when the judge allowed the Barrister to continue perverting the course of justice saying the ET sent me home overnight to search for Medical Reports.
  9. This was after she got the ET adjourned by manufacturing a contagious disease overnight. Because she did not prepare the case. It was left to John Fenton of to breach the Employment Law and pretending to be a solicitor.
  10. The above name EAT President reluctantly sent my case to the EAT, with caveats attached to cover up the perversity of the London South ET presiding over another miscarriage of justice to the I am been penalised for taking a stance when the EAT judge said I made up my disabilities.
  11. Some days my husband is the carer as I am unable to function carrying out normal day-to-day activities. Refer to that have the audacity to threaten me with criminal record.
  12. But the Solicitors Regulation Authority said the Respondent Representative who acted throughout as a solicitor was right to use my mental health issues against me.
  13. I used the Subject Access Request – Data Protection Act – 117119 to prove I raised concerns to the ET about the Respondent’s non-compliance of Court Management Case Order.

Getting support from the newspapers is my only option left to get the authorities that have drawn ranks to listen to me. I have been scammed because of the reserved judgment by She is working with who is hiding under the umbrella of the Judiciary Of England And Wales to exploit vulnerable people. The Police who did not respond to my concerns about verbal threats were sent to my home to section me. It took me 2 weeks to get to act. And even then they set out to cover for the unprofessional conducts of colleagues. have had threats of criminal record from the DWP. They denied me access to in breach of the GDPR. The list just goes on. Hopefully someone will come to my rescue.

Thanks in advance.

Yours faithfully

Mervelee Myers.