International Women’s Day 2019 My Perspective 2009-2019

Mervelee Myers 59+ Good Deeds In Making The Difference For International Women’s Day 2019

 I won’t waste much time repeating myself and if anyone wants to know more about me, they are more than welcome to do the research at I have been making my life an “Open Book” in my quest to help in providing the “Support-Network” for others to feel comfortable about their own “Personal Challenges” that life may throw at us throughout this transitional journey, between birth and death.

Family Is Key To My Existence!

I am very much aware of my existence from a very early age and have a good memory about most things. However, there are information that I just can’t recall and I don’t know if that’s part of my survival instinct which have help me thus far?

My Mother Was Born To Serve

  1. Mother: My mother is/was Perline Louise Chambers-Nembhard. The most important information is the fact that I diagnosed her dementia, from hearing about her erratic behaviours. After gaining graduate status from in 2009, before my 50th birthday. My biggest regret is/was not knowing much about mum until a few years before she passed way. I am happiest about the fact that after spending four (4) weeks with mum whilst attending my son’s wedding. She had no memory of her only daughter. But on the day I was leaving to return to the UK on the 22/01/2014, she came around long enough to tell my son “She did not come to say goodbye?” I went back and did the honours. I have every single trait for my mother that before I knew about her history I was afraid to be compared to her. But these days I am basking in my knowledge of the fact that she influenced me to be the person who I am. She taught me to be compassionate from the time I was born. I am left wishing I had known more about her before. I am even more steadfast in honouring my pledge of continuing the work of my father and brother in creating legacies. Otherwise my heritage will be lost and the future generation will not know about the pioneers who sacrificed their lives for us. I am leaving my footprints with the aid of    
  2. Mum had one brother, Uncle Terah. His life was cut short by murders. That also impacted on my Grandma as she didn’t recover after his death. She died of a broken heart and other health complications two (2) years later.
  3. Mum had a Sister Clarice by her Father. She lived in Hanover.
  4. Mum’s mother, Granny Elsie always lived with us. But in her own house on the property.    

It Takes A Special Man To Be My Father

  1. Father:  Ivan Sandyman Nembhard walked from his birth parish of St Elizabeth to seek his fortune in Westmoreland. Where he met my mother and the rest is history. He is the person to whom every man has to measure up. A very important fact is because he was overruled about my name. He never ever called me by my “Pet Name of Ratty”. No need to wonder from whom I inherited certain of my traits then? Dad believed in “Family” and did his uttermost to instil those family values in us.
  2. I am not sure whether this was coincidence or not but my father and his younger brother experienced “Parkinson’s disease”. My Uncle Gridley was my favourite.
  3. My favourite Auntie Tilyn aka Icylyn Powell and dad share the same DOB – 27th October with another of my Uncle Sylvester.
  4. My Grandma Irene lived ten (10) years after dad. She buried a few of her children. I did not meet all of my dad’s siblings.
  5. There are three (3) Aunties still alive from my dad’s siblings.   
  6. Grandpa Charles had other children that were not for Grandma Irene.

I Am One Girl Amongst Seven Brothers                    

  1. Balis: Dad instructed him about taking over before dying.
  2. Youvonney (Sister died about age 5-6 years old)
  3. Dostan: A bit of a maverick, but a softie at heart.
  4. Byron: Done much to change the outcome of his life. He was talented in many ways. His life was cut short aged 56 by colon cancer. The year I experienced the first nervous breakdown in a toxic workplace in the UK. (Refer to
  5. Texchus: Suffice it to say he was our parents and grandma’s favourite. I helped him when he went to take his examination for the Jamaica Constabulary Force.
  6. Ashter: He packed so much into his short life. His legacy will remain forever. He laid foundations and make dreams become visions of realities for my family.
  7. Mervelee: Want to know more, track me at
  8. Amly: Lives in the USA with his family
  9. Ervin: Lives in the USA with his family. His has a disabled son Jevon living in Jamaica.  

The Role and Responsibilities of Being an Only Girl

  1. I guess I became an informal carer from an early age from the time my youngest sibling was born in November 1966.
  2. My Grandma made sure I was taught how to be of use around the home as well. Resulting from the way she conducted herself there is no chance of me not doing my fair share. I am more than thankful for everyone who helped with my transitional developments over the years. I went through phases of resentment, whilst growing up. But I am proud of my upbringing.
  3. There are only few changes I would make to my life if I was to live it all over again. 
  4. As well as helping to care for my 2 younger siblings, I had additional responsibilities around the home. I must confess that there were times when I resented being an only girl. Because of what I was expected to be doing. But on reflections this would turn out to be the making of my character. To be able to face up to the challenges, later in life.
  5. I am proud of my upbringing resulting from being brought up in a Christian home environment. Where the foundations were laid for my future. 96

The Impact of Unforeseen Challenges

  1. My life changed dramatically when my dad was stricken with Parkinson’s disease. I am still recovering from the traumas that were the result of years of dealing with one adversity or another. Ranging from illnesses, death and living a life of poverty.
  2. The biggest “Personal Challenges” was the fact that I did not reach my potential and struggled throughout my life because of lack of knowledge.   

The Communities That Are Raising Children Like Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

  1. It was early in life that I knew I was different for a variety of reasons. One of which was the poverty of my family resulting from dad’s illnesses.
  2. Being an only girl did not help much as I felt isolated and excluded.
  3. But I did the next best thing and acted like the boys. I was a proper “Tom Boy”.

The People Who Were The Early Influencers In My Life

In no particular orders excepting how the influencers supported me to never see giving up as an option is as follows:

  1. My Primary School Grade 1 or 2 Teacher, Ms Una Perry. She taught me how to develop my resilience. And how to make do with what I have got. Later you will understand how the guidance I was given served me to this time when I am being challenged and pushed to the edge. Ms Una is living in the UK and I was lucky to meet up with her at the airport whilst traveling back from Jamaica. I have since seen her a few times in the localities in London. We speak on the phone sometimes. But I have been so taken up with what have done to me since the death of my mother. It’s just one thing or another these past 5 years.
  2. There were three (3) special friends at Primary School. Two (2) of us remain friends for life after one (1) joined her parents in the UK. Just after finishing Primary School.
  3. By the time I reached Grade 5, I was to have another encounter with a Teacher, Ms Bovel Ackbersingh. She help me develop the self-confidence to know that I can top the class if I set my mind to achieving what I set out to do. Sadly she died suddenly a few weeks ago. I done my usual and write a tribute about the contributions she made to my life and that of my sons.
  4. There were others, both male and female who played major roles in my life. To help me find some sense of stability and a secure base to anchor when I was feeling alone.   

 I Was Shaped By My Early Lived Experiences

  1. I will have to make this brief as most of it is already documented in cyberspace. I need to get the story to arriving in the UK and how I managed to make the most of my opportunities. Especially during studies with
  2. If you need to know more visit my Social Media as I have been creating my own legacies since 2010 on https://www,
  3. My most influential contributions to shaping lives and laying foundations was during the time when I was a “Basic School Teacher” at the Townhead Basic School. 1   

Moving To The UK in June 1992

I have to give thanks to my first husband Mr Malachi Myers for the opportunity I was given.

  1. Although our union ended in divorce, the eight (8) years saw me becoming a part of his extended family. Starting with his mother, Mrs Olive Brown Tingling. To his children and grandchildren and their family.
  2. If there is one legacy I would gifted to anyone from our times together is this. “If a person has done you one (1) good. Take the one good and cover the ninety-nine (99) bad”.
  3. I was carer for my Ex-Husband’s mum. That’s why I was delighted when I attended the funeral with my step-son and walked by her Headstone. I was only aware because I am an observant person.
  4. I used to be there for my husband’s children and their friends.
  5. I make it my business to remember my duties to my family in Jamaica.   

Encouraging My Younger Brother To Attend Teacher’s College

  1. I recognise that my younger brother needed a solid foundation as a career base. Luckily I did, because he was overqualified and struggling to find employment. But that’s nothing new for my family, if you should check our history.
  2. I have help said bother with his Citizenship fee in the USA.
  3. Helped him to get on the “Property Ladder” because I had gotten fed up of the discrimination here in the UK. And intended to move to the USA – refer to
  4. I experienced the first nervous breakdown in a toxic workplace after the death of my brother with colon cancer in 2008.
  5. I have been facing blacklisting and networking since – refer to and and Southwark Council as they colluded to discriminate against me. Ruining my promising career in the Early Years Sector.  

Leaving My Footprints In Communities Of Practice In The UK

Social Media Platforms 2009 – 2019

  1. Facebook February 2010: I started building communities across sharing news across Continents. You would not believe I am the same person being treated like a leper. So I have left all the trolls, naysayers, terrorists and those who are not comfortable with my “Personal Challenges”. I am now focusing on creating the legacies.
  2. LinkedIn 2012: I joined after the CEO of invited staff to make contributions to her blog. I joined and add others who were reluctant to do so. I can recall the troubles I had settling in as I was barred from joining in some activities. That’s why I am not taking up their offer. It’s even worse when I was excluded from FORUM for challenging discrimination. Therefore I know when to tread on tip toes around some people. But my contributions are in cyberspace, hopefully and they can’t erase them?
  3. Twitter 2014: I was just joining Social Media for want of something to do in the beginning. Then at Mrs Gloria Cameron’s Book Signing in 2016 or 2017 I heard someone, Former Councillor of Lambeth Lorna Campbell mentioned that you could get notice about your concerns by sharing on I am making the most of using Social Media to share my stories.
  4. If you want to know more visit and type my name Mervelee Myers in.   

Meeting My Partner Via An Introduction By Default In 2001

My life was never east from the time my father was stricken with Parkinson’s disease and my existence from then turned upside down. My experiences from then led to the changes that were to impact on the outcomes for the rest of my life. I was left a bewildered and lonely girl wondering why the God my dad brought me up to believe in could be so cruel. So I began to rebel about my Christian upbringing by spiting my dad. However, once you are brought up with certain principles it’s very hard to understand the whys. To cut a long story short because I am putting my stories out there to help others. I experienced trauma during puberty and that was to set the tone for my existence. I know I was loved, but always doubted myself. I regressed from this Tom Boy who was no different from my bothers to a girl who was unsure of my identity. I suffered for the rest of my life without knowing why I was different.

The Benefits Of Counselling

I only discovered why I was different after counselling which came about after another nervous breakdown in a toxic work environment. This was after experiencing bereavement and loss all in the space of six (6) months. I spent four (4) weeks with my mum, when I had to come to terms with the fact that dementia had taken her away from me. The same way how I’d lost my dad to Parkinson’s disease. Once more I was treated dismally by those I had given some of the best years of my life, building their brand. In trying to deny me my entitlement I was advised by to seek Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to find out why I react the way I do to certain situations. The rest is history as is testament that the NHS redeemed themselves.

All That’s Left For Me To Do Is Try And List My Contributions


  1. Informal Carer: From the age of seven (7) years old after the birth of my youngest siblings. That’s why I am a graduate of the Open University and Member of since May 2009.
  2. Responsibilities of an Only Girl: Getting on with the job of being an only girl – I am grateful for the experiences. But resented having to be doing the work at the time. In hindsight I am the benefactor. That’s why I will go to my grave challenging discrimination at every levels. Therefore will be called into question about the decision they made.
  3. Christian Values and Beliefs: I am thankful for the way I was brought up by my parents. This led me to be the person who I have become. Despite my “Personal Challenges” I will always remember to help anyone in need of my kindness and generosity.

Becoming a Mother

I am the type of mother that I am because of my own personal experiences. I chose not to have more children other that the two (2) who I did not plan for. As a result of the impacts of Parkinson’s disease in my family.   

  1. My sons were given the best opportunities that I never had from the time they were born
  2. This became even more of a reality when I got the opportunity to come to the UK
  3. That’s why I will always be thankful to my first husband for affording me the opportunities that were given.
  4. Both my sons have done well for themselves
  5. I refuse to allow people to take away from my contributions to my son’s life from the time they were born to where they are in their lives.
  6. I am primarily responsible for making them who they are.
  7. I have been responsible for nurturing other members of my family in a variety of ways inclusive of the “Capitals of Financial Support”.
  8. No one can repay me for what I have done for them
  9. That’s why these days I am keeping away from toxic family members for whom I have clearly become an embarrassment.
  10. My parents did prepare me for this kind of treatment. Therefore I am not surprised –    

Making Contributions In Communities of Practices

  1. I help to provide care for my husband’s mum especially throughout the later stages of her life. I was delighted to find her tomb when attending a funeral recently. I was wearing the same dress to the funeral that I’d worn to hers. But what made the occasion so poignant was the fact I was with my stepson – And this brings back memories of the time my mum visited me in the UK in 1999.
  2. I graduated from Lambeth College in 1999 and started my first job in the Early Years Sector out of college. So far to claim that they have no data of me when my CVs are in cyberspace is a mystery.
  3. I was privileged to work in partnership with other professionals to continue the job of mentoring others. The reason my peers were grateful for my supporting them throughout studies. And why I graduated with a Student of the Year certificate – 1998 – 1999 –  
  4. Because of the discrimination experienced in the UK, I live to see some of those I mentored at Lambeth College and William Wilberforce progress in their career. Whilst mine was ruined in 2 toxic work environment –     

Thinking I’d Find the Ideal Workplace for Retirement

 My experiences of facing direct at indirect discrimination started when others began to view my passion to enhance knowledge to help me in breaking down barriers as threats to their incompetence. I am therefore left with the aftermath of representing myself at two (2) Employment Tribunal when I experienced the miscarriages of justice that left me a prisoner in my own home. I am left dealing with the scars from my Hidden Disabilities. I have tried every available avenues to get justice. I am left with no other options than to try and use the Small Claims Court and to address the matter of getting compensation. From those involved in the terrorism that ruined my career and destroyed twenty-six (26+) years of my life in the UK.

 I informed the Senior HR of on the 27th March 2015 at the HOC about my traumatic experiences. I told her work keep me going. I also informed her that if I was an animal at BIB, the RSPCA would rescue me. Instead of being afforded the support I asked for. And the fact I was passed fit to for work, I was targeted until I have to resign with a nervous breakdown. I have been threatened with criminal record by credit. I have had sending the Police to my home to section me. After she colluded with to scam me. After using my data in breach of the GDPR 2018 to publish a book in my name, Winsome Duncan is further defaming my name. She claims that I am/was the owner of her business MPLOYME t But how can anyone be so stupid after appearing in as the owner?

That leaves me with what was done when LEYF tampered with my data from they sent me invitation to Disciplinary. And how colluded to discriminate. But not only that my email address was used for online DBS application to I can’t live in peace in my own home as a result of the direct and indirect discrimination by everyone who think they are entitled to make my life a living hell because of the Judiciary Of England And Wales decision to let terrorist from and cohorts get away with hate crime.

Written by Mervelee Myers FD (Open) Cert WTC (Open) 6th March 2019.    

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  1. All I am going to say is I will be tracking the judges from the Judiciary Of England And Wales involved in the hate crimes against Mervelee Myers. They are welcome to go to to leave their reviews. I will be doing the same, because I told the Senior HR of on the 27th March 2015 that work keeps me going. I am now left to be a prisoner in my own home after Lady Mrs Justice Ann Simler of the http://www.judicialombudsman decided she is going to continue with the hate crimes of the terrorists from the Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal. Directed by the depraved Samantha Jones of

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