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My Tribute to Dudley Dacosta Tomlinson and the Tomlinson Family originating from Beaston Spring, Thornhill, Bluefields and surroundings of Westmoreland, Jamaica West Indies. I am privilege to be a member of Dudley’s family by marriage. After attending the funeral, I have to make sure I do a bit of editing in celebration of Arnold Ebenezer Tomlinson. Because it’s time we do more to document the contributions that each individual make to the life of others. Without capturing the legacies and archiving, the future generations will be shortchanged about their history. And will be at the mercies of those who are ready to brainwash us. Written on the 24th of January 2019. Edited on the 3rd March 2019 to honour Tom’s 96th birthday on the 8th March 2019.  

Updates 3/3/2019: This was written in retrospect. Now the funeral has come and gone, I am using it to share information about how I am developing my skills for my website Today we are gathered here, on what I consider to be the most solemn of occasion to share our poignant memories of Dudley Tomlinson. He is/was my husband’s nephew and I was more than honoured to be called Auntie from the first time of making his acquaintance. That meant more than anything else in the world to me. Because for me that’s acceptance into the Tomlinson Family unit. I am trying to take this opportunity, using this as a time of celebration of the Tomlinson family, in life and death. This is my way of creating legacies about the contributions made by the Tomlinson family to Great Britain. Because although we are in mourning for our dearly departed Dudley, we have to keep our memories of the fact.

We have to acknowledge in our presence, Dudley’s uncle, Arnold Ebenezer Tomlinson. Without him, there would be no branch of the Tomlinson Family Tree in the United Kingdom. Because of his ambition to make life in the UK, he was once told “Mr Tomlinson, you have a small illusion of one day developing as a property tycoon”? I was introduced to this proud and private man by default. That’s all you need to know about Mervelee Myers at the moment. Except to say that God brings people in our lives at different phases of our transitions for a purpose. We have made it thus far with God’s blessings and guidance. I must point out, however, that the Superman I meet in 2001 is only a man as the Super is no longer attached. And one day like Dudley, we will say our final goodbyes. But at the moment let’s give thanks for what’s been bestowed on us. Updates: That’s why better hurry up with sorting out the mess created by them.

The Employment Tribunal Services has not been negligent once, but twice as sat back on their laurels and allow the discrimination that destroyed 26+ years of my life in the UK to take place. During the time we have been together, I have come to know some of Tom’s family. Here in the UK, in Jamaica and in contact with others across the world via different means of communication. There is a character trait that is part of the Tomlinson’s DNA that can’t be missed. I call it “Wicked Sense Of Humour” that I identified in Dudley’s uncles, his clans, cousins and extended family. However, let me keep the focus on Dudley and Tom as the main characters in this story. Tom is a very private person and you won’t get much out of him. But like all human beings, delight in sharing what’s important to them/us. That’s how I come to learn a little of Dudley’s history. Dudley’s dad died and Tom’s dad asked him to take Dudley under his wings.

Updates: The Tomlison family is also responsible for rewriting history as members of the Windrush Generation. I am representing at on the 22nd June 2018 celebrating Windrush 70 at Westminster Abbey. Therefore, it’s only natural that when Tom traveled to the Mother Country, his priority was giving Dudley the opportunity to come to the UK. As soon as he was settled he got Dudley to come and join him. Despite Dudley and Tom sharing some qualities of the Tomlinson family, he was certainly not private. He was just this happy go lucky person who wanted everyone to live life. Dudley and Tom shared this close relationship between uncle and nephew. But he was also the father figure as well. The bond they shared was reciprocal. Dudley was proud as well as protective of his uncle, and always ready to tell me about Tom’s virtues and qualities whenever we meet.

I only knew Tom’s first wife was called Iris because Dudley told me. Updates: I must point out here about the links in the Tomlinson’s family with diabetes. This is important information for us from the Caribbean. I am doing my best to support others by participating in Unfortunately, for the Government, they claim at that it was not clear what action you’d like the Government or Parliament to take in the case of outright Modern Slavery practices in breach of the Rule of Law. Whenever Tom had the misfortune of going into a hypo, I was Iris. Later transpires, she was Iris Myers, coincidence or what?  Yes, Dudley and I had this relationship that was one of respect, because his uncle brought me into the Tomlinson family.

Updates: If you check my internet footprints at, you will find that I have been creating legacies and linking communities across the globe. Until decided to join in with the terrorist cell that’s been radicalising me. Using my vulnerability of having disabilities against me. I loved when Dudley visited and they talked about the old days back in Jamaica and earlier times in the UK. Another thing that I like about Dudley was the carefree way he looked at life. Of courses, life brings challenges and adversities and Dudley did have disabilities. But at no time did he let them define his outlook on life. He enjoyed his life to the maximum, and if that includes engaging in his pleasures, he was entitled to be happy. I am sure he is gone and not have many, regrets about living life as he always encourages me.

I was privileged to be in attendance at Victor’s wedding where I meet extended families. The thing that resonated with me the most was hearing how much Tom was revered by his family. That has got to be from the legacies that Dudley was creating for his family, for his uncle. I have heard the snippet of stories here, there and everywhere. But I began taking stock when Tom’s brother, Percy died in the USA. And Hyacinth, his wife was calling to get information about her husband from Tom. If you know Tom, then you will know what I am going to say next? He was not interested when I said to him, so when you die, who am I going to call? I have to put my foot down to get the information that I needed. Since I am doing my Family Tree, I have come across more data about the Tomlinson Family if anyone is interested.

Updates: I am perked up and wanting to know more. Because some of my family come out of Beaston Spring. I have chosen to make my life an Open Book on Social Media platforms to help others. However, this is becoming much of a bugbear for some who are thinking they have exclusive rights to make my life a living hell. This is not good for my Mental Health and I realise after to keep away from the toxicity that can exacerbate my disabilities. I am writing this from memory of the times I engage with Dudley. There was a gathering of the Tomlinson Clans at my home for Tom’s 90th birthday. Of course, Dudley was the star of the show alongside his uncle.

Another significant event was at Dudley’s birthday party at his home. He was the DJ pumping out the hits and we were all having a good time. Updates: I was diagnosed with diabetes in March 2012. I used in partnership with the NHS Professionals to manage and control my progressive health conditions. Dudley was diabetic along with having other health conditions, but that was not going to stop him enjoying life. So, what if he was sweet or feeling tipsy? It was his birthday and everyone is entitled to some fun. We are going to have some fun before we are old, is a song in my head when I think of Dudley. After that life was never the same for Dudley. The last time Michael took Dudley to visit his uncle, he was a shadow of his former self. Sickness had taken a toll on him.

But Dudley never lost that glint in his eyes. He continued cracking jokes and encouraging me/us to live life to the full. The last time I heard his voice was when Michael was talking to me on Christmas Day. I could hear him in the background, sounding like his jovial self. Later Tom said to me his voice is so strong. He said he is coming out of the hospital on Wednesday. I said to Tom that’s his way of coping with what’s happening to him. We have to believe in something. Trevor was in contact with Dudley’s family with the intention to go see him on Friday. This fall through and we were planning to visit him the following week.

I came in from church on Sunday and I am into my routine of asking Tom if anyone called. When he said Michael called about Dudley, I could hear the anguish in his voice. Like Dudley was fond of using his mantra advising us to live life to the full, I tell Tom to prepare for the worse. I have been there many times throughout my life, so I know what to expect. I am glad that Tom and Dudley get to say their final goodbyes. Because this did not happen with Lansford and Egbert and I felt his pain when he was not able to attend Percy’s funeral.   

I will end by saying to the family that it’s normal to experience all the emotions they are going through when we lose our loved ones. But whilst we are mourning, let’s celebrate. Because I know without a shadow of a doubt that Dudley would expect us to do our weeping and mourning and get back to living life to the full. Each time he visited, he would encourage me to live life. So in mourning, we will celebrate. Dudley will be remembered for many things by those of us whose lives he touched. He has had an impact on our lives and influenced us in many ways.

Sleep on Dudley and take your rest. We will meet in the Sweet By and Bye? Your legacies will remain with us, until the end of time. Updates: I will end this by saying what I learned by attending Dudley’s funeral with those who loved him best. I realise even more about that strong bond between Dudley and his uncle Arnold. Now I can understand why he was stressing up until the time I got his son Trevor to reassure him. I am hoping Tom can find the courage to reveal more, but whatever happens, I will respect his wishes to the end. Thanks, folks for the compliments about the singing. Sorry, I am still working on the Public Speaking aspects of my brand.

Written by:

Mervelee Myers FD (Open). Cert WTC (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate

Carer, Volunteer, Fundraiser.  

Telephone: 07950618083

Emails: Email 2:


Mrs Mervelee Tomlinson.                            

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  1. I am motivated to continue building my brand after visiting and meeting up with some people I have known for years like Gary Simpson from A young man who has been using his lived experiences in breaking down barriers. I must mention Dr Jackie Musgrave for the fact that she recognises me from last year visit. I was really taken with the enthusiasm of the team. But I am mentioning because I can identify with their initiatives. Last but not least to The 2 young men stopped me to chat because they claim they could identify my helter-skelter personality.

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