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The Story Of Kevin’s 23 Years Of Marriage Must Be Told in 2019

 Daily Express Russell Grant Britain’s celebrity astrologer. Taurus Apr 21-May 21: A pleasing shortage of responsibility will give you more time to call your own. Make this a day to indulge your creative side. Painting, writing and photography are all favoured. Turn a deaf ear to relatives who mock your artistic pursuits. Evaluation: Here’s the reasons I started my website in May 2012. Because of the responsibilities involved with working to secure my PENSION for retirement, I missed out on lots. But since 27/3/2015 when I was targeted by the terrorist who are/was my former employers, I am getting the time to indulge in my creative side. Therefore, better not believe they are going to be using caveats to stop me getting justice from the “Modern Slavery thriving in the UK”.  According to The Guardian Live

Inspired to Write My Stories After The Second Miscarriage of Justice By the ET & EAT in 2019

I am inspired to start telling my own stories as I know them, instead of allowing others to misrepresent the fact for their own selfish reasons. This came about after the awful experiences I have been having from the time I returned from burying my mother in July 2014, to what’s been happening to date. Opening the Sunday Express February 17, 2019 is the final push that I needed to start writing my stories as I continue creating legacies for myself and family. Pages 4 – 5 of the Sunday Express carries the Coverage of Royal Cleric: Referendum bred racism By Adam Helliker. Picture Perfect: The Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin poses for First Women, an exhibition of 100 portraits of leading 21st century women on display at Palace House, Newmarket, Suffolk.

 Now Is The Appropriate Time To Take Back Control Of My Life After 2004 – 2019

I have been deliberating lately about how I am going to get out of this rut that I found myself in after the death of my mother. More so over the past week resulting from yet another rejection after trying to get back into society where I can be contributing to building communities So today 18/2/2019 I was in for another bad experience from those who are set as my Jailers like the and cohorts. I will have to do a blog about that, but suffice it to say if did not resort to cursing. I probably would not survive the panic attack. And yes my cousin Myrna Nembhard cousin the Rev Joe Aldred and his followers have something to do with it. Shared a memory. 17 hrs · Oh my word, I wear this #outfit to #church today! 8 Years Ago. See Your Memorieschevron-right


Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Employment Appeal Tribunal and 2 others. February 23, 2011 · 

I grew up in a Christian home if anyone cares to believe…??? Yes there is a Serious Side to ME too, but I have to celebrate my Multiple Identities….!!!! Here’s why I take exception to the Rev Joe Aldred patronising me. All he needs to do is act like a man. But some of them are so damned scared of their own shadow to take actions about the very matters that they are sharing on Facebook. And for whom they have their followers, who are unable to apply critical thinking to their debating. Before going any further let me point them to He and his followers are welcome to for the write up of the Windrush 70 at Westminster Abbey on the 22/07/2018. I did not plan on stealing the limelight. But I have been getting others to help in giving me a voice from May 2004. Ironically I was going home for the christening of my Murray grandson when I was defrauded by the conspiracy of the Banking Institutions.

The Following Messages Are Rev Joe Aldred’s After His Followers Were Sanction To Do His Bidding.

Good morning Mervelee. I trust you are well. I am not comfortable with the way you are using my fb page to air your personal challenges. I hope you can tone this down or I will be forced to delete them. If you want to do personal campaigns then you should consider doing this on your own page. I hope you understand and can indeed tone the personal posts down.

Celebrating at Windrush 70 at Westminster Abbey on the 22 July 2018. My unique style resulted in me making the news in coverage of the event. I have been using the media to support my “Personal Challenges”. In 2004 it was only which answered my appeal to help me tell my story by giving me a voice.

Hi Mervelee. Hope you’re well. I do not wish to have this conversation on my FB Page. As you know I have a lot of following on my page. Quite a few have mentioned your frequent posts and their personal nature. So these currently mentioning it are not the first. I am very accommodating but it is best that your posts are kept on your own Facebook page rather than inserted into other conversations on other people’s including mine. I tend to clean up my page and tags others have included me in. You are loved and much appreciated but a little toning down of your campaigns on my page will be appreciated. I also like my friends to be kind to each other – . 

Other comments are from the posts that I shared to my Facebook Page after stating the fact of why I was doing it.

Dawn Martin: I know that I should probably just ignore this comment, but why must you persist in repeatedly posting your story on Joe‘s Facebook posts where it has no context or bearing? 
This is not the first time that you’ve tried to hijack his posts to highlight your own situation and quite frankly I find it disrespectful. Joe is polite enough not to engage with you on this but you are using his Facebook profile to promote your own agenda. You need to stop.

4.  Hide or report this. Like Show more reactions.   Reply.   1dMandi Halpin Well said Dawn. MM Analysis 19/2/2019: Considering the spate of stories about Windrush Generation, I am just so appalled that another fellow West Indian can be so illiterate about such sensitive issues. I have been bombarded with messages about BBC Four – Soon Gone: A Windrush Chronicle, Series 1, Eunice 1949… There’s “Fighting for King and Empire” and you telling me that these “turncoats and big girls blouses” with their followers are accusing me of promoting my agenda?

2.  Hide or report this.  Like Show more reactions. Reply.   9h. Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Dawn Martin how about letting Joe Aldred address this matter himself? After that I will get back to you,   you #pompousbigot!!! Edit or delete this. Like Show more reactions.  Reply20mMervelee Ratty Nembhard Mandi Halpin So why couldn’t you have said your piece before you #idiot?

1. Edit or delete this. Like Show more reactions.  Reply19mMandi Halpin Please spell correctly. Learn how to use hashtags and why the question mark? MM Analysis: Another intellectual imbecile like those at LEYF, the Employment Tribunals, and the Government Departments. Just for emphasis, I was on the phone to another Jobsworth who ask me to spell every word from the address I gave her. Then have the gall to tell me she is not from my area, she don’t understand me. That leaves me to mention what my neighbour said to me about my husband. “What is he doing here, he has flat in Peckham?” He should go back to Peckham. I am reminded of this because Peckham is one of the words she asked me to spell. Yet she was on the system that brings up the address. Mandi Halpin: Not sure if you’re an idiot or not? Why like my comment above?

MM Analysis: These are the idiots that are followers of Rev Joe Aldred. No wonder the world is in such a mess. Hide or report this. Like Show more reactions.  Reply. 17m.  EditedMervelee Ratty Nembhard Here’s an example of why the Windrush stories will play on. MM Analysis: Refer to Jamaica-born Rose Hudson-Wilkin interview in the Daily Express. I am not one for using others for ulterior motives. But I discovered that her grandmother and my mum are related. Not sure if the family connections reached to me, as we used to say when mum talked about her posh families.  Edit or delete this. Like Show more reactions.  Reply17m.  Top of Form

Write a reply… Bottom of Form. Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Yes Sir, these are the #debates we should be having. I will share so I take it to my page. Thanks, much and send more my way, please. MM Analysis: The above as you can see is when I shared the post. It should be obvious to those making comments that I intended to take it to my FB to use it to advertise my cause. But their comments and that of the Rev Joe Aldred’s messages is evidence that either he or his followers read it. Edit or delete this. Like Show more reactions.  

Reply.  3d. Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Is Joe Aldred asking you to deliver his #message? Tell him he should wait until we meet up again to tell me himself. Guess you Dawn Martin is just another one who is using your Status of knowing Joe Aldred to alleviate yourself. Let me finish and I will write about the #hytpocrites hiding under Christianity. The same way how the bigots at do because they have friends in High Places. When you see me start shaking, I know my disabilities are triggered!!! Stupid woman get thee behind me. You are Satan in disguise…

Edit or delete this. Like Show more reactions. Reply8m. Dawn Martin Surely in the context of Root smiling and looking intensely at Gabriel it would be presumed to be a question about his sexuality and attraction to Gabriel (a grown man) as opposed to any preference for under aged boys? Any allusion on Gabriel’s part to paedophilia would make his position worse in my view as it would have no context. MM Analysis: This is evidence of people just jumping on bandwagons furthering their own agenda without have any knowledge about the topic debated. So is Dawn Martin and expert about the subjected debated? Bring it forward then, please.   3. Hide or report this.  Like Show more reactions.  Reply1d

Joe Aldred replied

 · 5 Replies   2 hrs.   Heather Butcher Time and a place of all conversations play cricket man keep your mouth shut that’d his personal business and his problem. Hide or report this. Like Show more reactions.  Reply. 3d. Heather Butcher Little boys eh he he want a good talking to after the game with discipline if that’s the case it came out on the pitch so it will be delt with by all so wait both are now banned I take it his problem either way ….i  1.  Hide or report this.  Like Show more reactions. Reply. 3dPaul Phoenix Wonder you may… not cricket is it?..’m sure honored members of the select ‘all rounders club’ must have a word or two to say about tings. Hide or report this. Like Show more reactions.

 Reply.  · 3d. Michael Bennett In the overall scheme of the rough and tumble of test match sledging. I hope the authorities are consistent moving forward. I suspect they will not be. Hide or report this. Like Show more reactions.  Reply. 3d. Carl Smith Good question. 1. Hide or report this. Like Show more reactions. Reply.  3dOrlando Mcdonald A convenient ploy of privilege the power to twist the facts to suit the narrative and seize the initiative. Addressing the issue of paedophile within the context of the statement is not just reasonable it’s urgent spotlight on Root.

I Refuse To Allow Anyone To Cower Me Into Becoming a Voiceless Vulnerable Victim. I have been creating legacies since February 2010 on Social Media Platforms. I am not taking anyone’s space. I am taking this stance because I have arguments and points to prove. There was a time when if anyone wants to know a certain fact they would contact me directly. Or go to my pages on Facebook to get the information. I was asked questions like “how do you find the time?” LEYF even made mention of this in the write up from the meeting held at New Cross on the 18/9/2015. Documented in the because LEYF withheld my FILE claiming they have no data for me. When they were plotting to use my vulnerabilities against me before contacting Facebook. I am writing about my son’s 23 years of marriage because this must be celebrated for many reasons. But at the same time, I have suffered abuse as a result of me taking pride in my 2 son’s achievements over the years. One has to be in my shoes, living my experiences to understand what their continuing success means to me.

Using Social Media For The Creating Of Legacies

The following is how I use Facebook as an aide memoir over the years. Otherwise, I could not be creating the legacies.  FB 1: Oh, wow have to write about the #sanctity of #marriage for the 19th February. I only recall the fact because I attended church on Sunday and heard the notices. I could have been the grandma of Jihadi #bride… I would like any readers to take note of the conversation above to see if you can make sense of why I get annoyed when I believe others are targeting me. Please be aware that I was a participant in because of discrimination. Which triggered my traumas into PTSD (PTSD) in the NHS workplace. Because my angst and triggers which exacerbated my disabilities started on a Facebook Forum in November 2016. During the Local Government Election campaign where my son was a candidate. I will waste no further time except to say that I am the one suffering to this day. But not only that I am facing exclusion for taking a stance not to be discriminated against. 

FB 2: I call a #spade what it is. Not a #shovel if I know it might be #hoe… Going to bed now. Exhausted… I will try and write my story in these that were FB posts. So I was sat indoors one day when in February 1996 when the telephone rang. It was Joy my best friend. She said to me, “Ratty if you stand up sit down”. I sit down and listened to what I was hearing. Of course, I was hearing the news before other members of my family in Jamaica. It was left to me to break it to them. After everything was said and done, I am not sure how long it took me. But I know it was my duty as a mother to take the reins of the matter in hand because of the emotional baggage involved. I sat down thinking carefully about what I was writing in that letter before posting it. If anyone wants to know the contents of the letter twenty-three (23) years on. They have to ask Kevin Murray. Let me reiterate that I was directed to Because London South ET no longer holds the personal data in respect of my case against Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.    

FB 3: I went to a funeral & Mama Stuffy #nose Dr. Family was there. She nuh blow and mi no cough. We #live & #die… If it was my younger son I’d written the letter to, I am positive he would still have it locked away. Because he has inherited the Hoarder’s trait from me, my mum and grandma. I was surprised to go home to find he’d saved every important document for me and family. That’s why I have the memorabilia’s to be creating the legacies on Social Media platforms. And I am upset and angry at the way I am been treated by Knowing this is not good for my emotional wellbeing www.slam-iapt.nhs/southwark, I have decided to secure my Mental Health and don’t let anyone else radicalise me. And use my disabilities against me as was done by Who groomed to scam me?   

FB 4: Raymond Hall used to come to visit his #family out the Road. Then I hear he is Mama’s #1stCuz. I don’t like Stuffy Nosed Peeps… Being different and growing up with the disadvantages that affected my family when my father was stricken with Parkinson’s disease was not easy for me. I knew dad’s history, but mum wasn’t much of a talker. She laughed most of the time when she was not getting upset for one thing or another. I only realised mum might have experienced Mental Health Conditions after I was advised to seek Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) by To find out why I behaved the way I do to certain situations. But strangely enough, I had started wondering about my mum’s behaviour when I developed the skills of photographing. I noticed mum’s reactions to her half thumb. Then I started looking at old photographs and realised I was onto something.     

FB 5: Relationship Quote: Cuz Lambert “Wey Aunt Elsie?” Mi to Lambert Thompson “A U #real Auntie or a so U call her?” Kannanapo, I didn’t know… I was brought up to respect everyone. So when I hear them calling him cousin Lambert, it’s only normal for me to do the same. It was a near shock finding out like that. I guess maybe that’s when I started paying attention to whatever they were saying. Because if I was doing so before, I would have been wiser.  That’s why when my elder brother told me the history of my mum’s family who was Land Barons I am not surprised. Because Mama used to talk about her rich Auntie. And I did meet mum’s Uncle who lived in the USA. He was an Adventist Minister. Then I heard that my grandpa was a twin. I am challenging…/audiencewithjuneosullivan to review the Membership of June O’Sullivan MBE for obvious reasons. She is living a lie and abusing her powers of authority. 

Add a Donate Button Add a donate button to your post to raise money for a non-profit, and we’ll take care of the donation processing with no fees. To raise money for a personal cause instead, create a personal fundraiser.  Trey Young, Claudette Reid and 12 other friends have donated through Facebook. I certainly do not appreciate the way how Facebook is going about treating me. FB is acting like a terrorist cell as far as I am concerned. From the time they give LEYF access to my account on the 18/9/2015. Then after was posted online. Facebook and Twitter Legal Team contacted me on behalf of I have taken out a grievance against Facebook. But that did not stop them to try again in July 2018 to close my account. Since then my account is been monitored by Facebook 24/7.

I informed Facebook that what they are doing is impacting on my disabilities. If there are any queries regarding my credibility please see Now Facebook is denying me access to the communities I created over the years. I became a participant with http://www.radar-cns-org/ because of the discrimination by LEYF and cohorts in the Government Departments, the establishments and systems. Since the death of my mother from dementia. I will not be manipulated, as this is exploitations. Choose Non-profit to Add Button. Epilepsy Foundation of AmericaEpilepsy SocietyCURE: Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy

See All


Mervelee Ratty Nembhard. 10 hrs · FB 6: It’s no coincidence that #Parkinson‘s & #Epilepsy are in my DNA. But they no longer hold that #fear for me. I can live with them… My life was totally changed with dad’s Parkinson’s disease that took away 10+ years of his life. As a result, I made many life-changing decisions as a result of the way I was affected. I am now comfortable with who I am and trying to live a fulfilling life, making changes to benefit me. I was featured in I am using Social Media for events such as One of those faithful decisions meant I choose not to have any more children after the two (2) that were not planned for. That’s why I understand why my son might not have had more children. I respect their choice to make any decisions about their lives that will impact on how they live the most fulfilling lifestyle possible.

FB 7: Mi use to tek Mass Roland mek #pass. Now mi have my sister #Pinky fi chat bout… Many may not realise especially since I have my sons for 2 fathers. But the outcome of my life depended on different components. I don’t have to put in the Public Domain any information that’s not relevant. I don’t like people who go out of their ways to hurt others for matters over which they have no say or control over. Somethings are better left buried where they are. Because bringing them out in the public can do more damages than we realise. That’s why will be named for using my intellectual property to gain recognition. By using her status to invite employees to join Social Media to contribute to her blog in 2012. Then ruining my career and destroying 26+ years of my life in the UK. I will end this by saying there was a time when Pinky and I hit it off. But Mama put a spoke in the spanner, saying we could not be together because we are family. We went our separate ways, but somehow there must have been some embers that were not lit left there smoldering. I’ll leave the rest for the future, comes what may.    

FB 8: Grandpa #twin sister is buried at Caney too… Have to do the #research. Some of Mama peeps were too posh for us. Relationship Quotes any1…? So now I know more about grandpa’s twin sister. But I am yet to know her name, therefore I am still learning my Family History. I know grandpa’s people came from Sterling, Grange Hill. I meet one of my grand uncle who lived in Massachusetts in the USA. He used to write and send parcels for mum. He reminds me of my brother Ashter. Mum told stories about her Auntie and how she wanted her to come and live with her. To teach her to bake, but grandpa would not allow it. Mama was the dutiful daughter who stuck with her parents. And might have missed many opportunities when she nursed her dad through Stomach Cancer Talking to Balis yesterday, I realised why he carried out his duty to mum. Until the day she died. Because dad asked him to on his death bed.  I made a promise to my brother BYRON on his death bed too. He died aged 56 from Colon Cancer. That’s when I was told about my grandpa by mum.     

FB 9: But my #sister was #Pinky because she was near to being #white. High colour #brown & tall like St Bess GanGan… I will have to go back to the subject of Pinky. Because I only learned yesterday that my sister was called Pinky. We, Balis and I were chatting about Mass Roland Henry and his family of course and about Pinky’s accident. And the death of Piny’s sister, Wanda. I never go to Jamaica and not visit Ms Bernice and Mass Roland back in the days. My creating legacies footprints are to be found at from 2010.

FB 10: I am #right, GanGan did not come back out of her house after she poured #talcum powder on Uncle Terah… It was only after getting counseling that I realised the extent of the traumas that had affected my life from the time my dad was stricken with Parkinson’s disease. To compound matters, my Uncle Dudley was murdered (chopped up) in his yard, on a Sunday morning in 1976. At the time I was pregnant with my first child. Two (2) years later in 1978, my Uncle Terah was brutally murdered (shot) at his home. By gunmen who had their own motives. My brother Ashter was there and bear the brunt of been brutalised. That’s why it impacted on me how he was left to take the law into his own hands. He did what he thought he had to do and waited in the church for the Police. That’s why I was paranoid when I was hounded from the 23/7/2014 until I resigned with a nervous breakdown 27/9/2015. I am a participant in research for at Kings College London too.   

FB 11: I was not the last to see Papa #alive. Balis was with him when he was #traveling home to glory… I can still recall some of the conversations with my brother Ashter when dad was ill for those years. I remember once Ashter said if it was me and Papa alone I would let him go to sleep. I only understand what he meant years later in this country. When I hear the debates about euthanasia. That’s why to this day I hold my brother’s memory sacred. I did not agree with what he’s done, but it’s after my own experiences two (2) times in the UK that I believe I understand what led him to act like that. My brother was the gentlest of souls, kind and generous and don’t hold grudges. But something caused him to snap that fateful day. When he thought that being out of the eyes of the public was the best thing for him and his state of mind. That’s why will not get away with saying its okay for LEYF and cohorts to breach the Equality Act 2010.

FB 12: Mass Balis called. We chat & he helps me #clear up the Mad Head. Papa #died 1 Saturday morning. He did lose his vocals… I know when Balis and I chat we help each other to be creating the legacies. And I am more than grateful for having him as my elder sibling. He was well trained by Papa to know where his duty lies. Papa asked him to keep the family together and look after Maam-Jesse and he is still fulfilling his roles and responsibilities.  I am a carer and done training as a I am actively involved with amongst other charities.

Creating the Legacies

I am continuing with my duty of creating the legacies especially since I was denied my entitlements of having a job. I told Dilys Epton when she visited me at HOC on the 27/3/2015 about my childhood of deprivations. Because of the circumstances of my family over which we have no control. I informed her that work keeps me going and that I had self-referred before when allegations were made against me. That’s why and co will not be getting away with what they have done to me. I am holding Presidents_Office_Employment_E& responsible for negating their duty. I am waiting on to act. The Government will be held accountable for refusing to act on my concerns.

I am hoping my families and in particular, my sons will spare the time to read my writings. Because they need to know these facts. To stop history repeating itself in the future. It’s time for the family to break these cycles of detriments that are not good for anyone. I know my parents believed in the sanctity of marriage and have played their roles in leaving their legacies for us to continue laying foundations. I am accepting of every single person and the choices they make about their lives. Because I have my own views about how I want to live my life.

I refuse to interfere in the lives of others. But at the same time, I expect to be afforded some respects for the contributions I have been making to helping others to have positive outcomes in life. But the way I am getting treated by some of my family is the reasons that trolls, naysayers, bad minded and grudgeful people can stay one side and thinking they can take liberties with me. Then they try to use my sons as a weapon. I will tell them now, I am ready to separate myself from my sons if I am going to be hindrance into their making progress in their lives. Some people are treating me like I am not my son’s mother. But I have been living with rejections all my life. I am strong enough to take whatever it is life throws at me.

Maybe that’s why I am ending by saying what my aspirations are for the future. I don’t want to end up like my mum with a lonely life. She wanted companionship but was not able to get it from the person whom she cared about. That’s why in the end she forget about her only daughter. But not the man who captured her heart even before my dad was dead. Knowing of the relationship my parents shared, I am almost positive dad gave mum his blessings. Now I am crying because I am a cry baby. Because mum never got to share the kind of love she had with dad with Mass Victor aka Clement Baker. That’s why I know there are different levels of love to be shared amongst individuals.

I am grateful for all the love I have had. But at times I am wishing there is someone there just to hear me talk about my fears. And to reassure me that everything will be okay. Instead, I get the crap like what Rev Joe Aldred writes in his tirade. What the fuck does he know about love? The ball is in court. But I will not be waiting forever before they sort this matter out. I should have faced the 5+ years I was given as a life sentence after saying my final goodbyes to my mother. If I am not careful I ended living a lonely life of regrets because there are people who are prepared to judge me and destroy my life for no reasons whatsoever.