An Encounter With Satan’s Hosts Of Demons 18/2/2019

Gabriel’s banter is clearly inappropriate on a cricket field, but isn’t it interesting that a question to a grown man, ‘Why are you smiling? Do you like boys?’ was interpreted by Root, the ICC authorities, pundits and many in wider society who applauded Root’s response, as a reference to being gay not as a reference to being a paedophile. I wonder why so?About this websiteBBC.CO.UKShannon Gabriel sorry for asking Joe Root if he ‘liked boys’West Indies bowler Shannon Gabriel claims he asked England’s Joe Root if he “liked boys” during the third Test but has apologised for his words.6Mike Royal and 5 others32 Comments3 SharesLikeShow more reactionsCommentShare

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
My husband and his son at the bedside of his nephew. Saying their final goodbyes. I have been saying final goodbyes to my family from the 9th February 1980. To when I said my final goodbyes to my mother on the 22nd January 2014. When she came around from 4 weeks of dementia that causes her not to remember her only daughter. That’s why I am a And supports

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Facebook Memories 18th February 2019. A message from Rev. Joe Aldred after reading the Royal Cleric: Referendum bred racism By Adam Helliker makes me want to rant and rave about the hypocrites. But I will not, as I have made pledges to go back to the time before my father was stricken with Parkinson’s disease and throw my life into turmoil. However, I will unpick the messages and point out the hypocrisy to anyone who might be interested in why Christians are sometimes given a bad reputation?

Joe Aldred: Good morning Mervelee. I trust you are well. MM Analysis 1: Can someone please explain why a person who professes to be clued in would be asking me such a question? JA: I am not comfortable with the way you are using my fb page to air your personal challenges. MM Analysis 2: As I have said in my message on the Facebook Page to Dawn Martin and his loyal followers. Why did Joe Aldred not contacted me before this? Others have done so. So am I to assume that as he chooses to describe my “Personal Challenges”. Has he finds it in his heart to stop long enough to find out the impact on me, why I might not be well?

JA: I hope you can tone this down or I will be forced to delete them. MM Analysis 3: For someone who is supposed to be an advocate of inclusion. I find it strange that Joe Aldred feels the need to be acting like some “big girl’s blouse“. If we had not met each other in person on a few occasions, I would be taking a totally different view on this. So Mr. Rev Joe Aldred go ahead and delete them, with my blessings. JA: If you want to do personal campaigns then you should consider doing this on your own page. MM Analysis 4: Let me direct you to Let me hope you will not be claiming that I take your photo down as well. Seeing that you don’t want anything to do with me. JA: I hope you understand and can indeed tone the personal posts down. MM Analysis 5: Now that you have the “guts” to come out and send me this message, I certainly will respect your wishes.

Windrush 70 at Westminster Abbey. Check for coverage. Let’s hope the Rev Joe Aldred is not going to ask me to remove my photos from Social Media platforms to suit his follower’s bloated egos? Maybe I should find time to go to Mays Ethnicity Website to find out who I can find?

Rev Joe Aldred: Hi Mervelee. Hope you’re well. I do not wish to have this conversation on my FB Page. MM Analysis 1: Can Joe Aldred be more explicit about what conversation he is talking about, please? JA: As you know I have a lot of following on my page. MM Analysis 2: What did I tell you about these egotistical people? Have you stopped to look at the people who are your followers and what contributions they are making to your debate? If not go back to read Royal Cleric: Referendum bred racism.

JA: Quite a few have mentioned your frequent posts and their personal nature. MM Analysis 3: Here we go again so let me direct you all to Have any of those who mention my post actually know what they are about. But as a person who met me on a few occasion, has it ever crossed your mind to find out why I am using your FB to share my story?

JA: So these currently mentioning it are not the first. MM Analysis 4: Your statement here just proves my point. I will tell you that I am not surprised by any of this. For the reasons that whether we want to accept it or not discrimination is embedded in us. Because of our heritage. And the experiences from the Middle Passage. Don’t matter how we try to cover it up, it will come out.

JA: I am very accommodating but it is best that your posts are kept on your own Facebook page rather than inserted into other conversations on other people’s including mine. MM Analysis 5: I will leave you to stew in your ignorance, or you can study the General Data Protection Regulators (GDPR). Whilst you are at it you can educate your followers and do them a favour. JA: I tend to clean up my page and tags others have included me in. MM Analysis 6: By now I thought you and your followers would know the Rules Of Social Media?

JA: You are loved and much appreciated but a little toning down of your campaigns on my page will be appreciated. MM Analysis 7: Please stop patronising me. JA: I also like my friends to be kind to each other – MM Analysis 8: You must take responsibility and be accountable for all of this blowing out of proportion. I am sure by now, I don’t need to tell my why this is your own doing? But if you want I can do another blog about hypocrisy. 

After that you can keep up with my Fight4justice campaign and my progress with Going to write a celebration testimony for my son celebrating 23 years of married life on the 19th February 2019. At no stage in my life of struggles was giving up an option. Keep your platitude about love for your followers.

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  1. Let Mervelee Myers let it be known that with the support of and have set out to make my life a living hell. There are others but I am only interested in because they will have to pay me back my money that they are still taking. The can liaise with to get themselves out of the misery. Because the longer they taking the more people will get caught up. Thinking they can get away with what they are doing to me on I don’t trust no shadows after dark or any other time.

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