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3 years ago was when the hell started again at London South Employment Tribunal. Judge Baron who recognised me on the 15/3/2016 tried everything in his power to help me. But of course, there are those who will pervert the course of justice to bolster their bloated egos. That’s why I am giving the time to sort out the mess created by the ET and EAT Judiciary and Officials. Because I should not be dealing with this discrimination five (5) years on.

Despite doing LSA training and is made a statistic of 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment. HCT did not allow me to do the upgrading to get back into employment.

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard shared a photo. February 14, 2016 at 6:47 AM ·  14.2.2016 marks 36 years that my Papa IS Nembhard was laid to rest on his own plot of land in GaGa Street Westmoreland Jamaica. Mr. Melvin Dennison was at his funeral. Just 2 of the great Men who played important parts in my life. In my Papa & Mr. Dennison’s memory, I say go out & vote on the 25.2.2015. Can’t tell any1 who to vote for… But if I could I know both Men would join me in saying vote JLP! For me, it’s all down to the Beliefs, Values & Principles by which I was brought up with.

5 years ago I would be riding on the crest of the wave thinking my job was secure and I would be preparing for my Pension. I was working at where I was known for my contributions for building LEYF brand, working collaboratively in a team of professionals.

When the plans for photographing at the Residential Home was changed without notice. And I had to improvise. When it suits LEYF they airbrush me out. Then put me in, to represent inclusion. That’s why I was accused of being dismissive of authority.

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Ervin Nembhard. February 14, 2014 at 8:08 PM · Was on my way home & decided to do the walking to keep in shape! Updates 14/2/2019: LEYF claims not to know of my disabilities. But I am always put forward to of how they promote Reasonable Adjustments. To avoid the ambiguity here’s proving that the ET and EAT perverted the course of justice. 1 of my past pupil’s parent paid me a compliment yesterday saying how different I looked? But just couldn’t keep up as the breeze nearly blew me away>>>

So walked to the station to pick my Free Paper & boarded the bus. Read all the way home & sum as I was falling asleep! Feeling TIRED & I know that is because of the EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER I’d been thru this week, but di suh called Bad Ass Crab-Loos-ARSES kept dem distance. Dem must get di Message? If 1 is prepared to deny lickle BICKLE to the hungry tek wey U RC & nuh cum argue wid me cause in my eyes U a WICKED! I just don’t pay lip service I am Woman to my Words, Actions & Deeds! Me a guh Rest as I have LOTS to do this weekend!

Updates 2019: See to see why it is/was important to have an out let for the pressures I was under after returning from Jamaica. 5 years ago

3 generations of my family on the day my son got married on the 1/1/2014. The said it’s ok for LEYF and their corrupt cohorts to use my mental health conditions to trigger my traumas into PTSD.

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard shared a photo. February 14, 2014 at 7:36 PM · Another year has passed in the annals of my history! My Papa was laid to rest on this day 34 years ago! Dad is gone but not forgotten & with all that he taught Me, I am empowered to grow stronger daily. The only thing in Life that is Certain is DEATH & I have come to terms with Death as an entity. Updates 2019: More fact that LEYF orchestrated a plot to deny me my entitlement from the time the New Manager Gemma Manns was sanctioned not to give me my FILE. (See LEYF response to Subject Access Request 2/1/2018 & – Medical Report).  

14th February is Valentine’s Day & there are so much 4 Me to celebrate that are filled with Poignant MEMORIES abt MY FAMILY!!! Top of Form. 3 Comments.  1Monica Nembhard.  Bottom of Form. Share.5 years ago

Dad’s funeral service at home on 14/2/1980

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard shared a photo. February 14, 2014 at 7:26 PM · Happy Birthday to my 1st niece Ann Marie aka Cherry Nembhard-Chambers! Have a God blessed 1 my DN & when the day is ended keep up with the counting? Suffice it to say U have now gone past the age that Balis established so more reasons to celebrate! XXX auntie Ratty & the Clans… 6 years ago

My niece at 13 years old at grandma’s funeral in March 1980

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Employment Appeals Tribunal and LEYF Nurseries. February 14, 2013 at 10:29 PM ·  Time fi play dem RC GAME!!! Kin BC teeth & gi dem wat dem want…. Tink ME did born suh Frigging Big & Old? Updates 2019: More fact that I know the triggers for my disabilities. Check my FILE for the evidence. The give me Subject Access Request – Data Protection Act – 117119. 6 years ago

Luton Street Team with Penny Tassoni. She receives an MBE like June O’Sullivan. I have had my career ruined and 26+ years of my life in the UK destroyed by LEYF and the ET, EAT and

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard. February 14, 2013 at 10:15 PM ·  Ready 4 all the CHALLENGES!!! 6 years ago. I will have to take the Judiciary Of England and Wales The Honourable Mrs Justice Simler DBE President Of The Employment Appeal Tribunal to task. For the email dated 31 December 2018 that she was trying to use to get one over on me. Because she has forgotten one simple fact. She was the Judge who sent my case back to the EAT. After the London South Employment Tribunal claims not to receive the reconsideration. Justice Simler needs to go back to the emails to do a better job of covering up.  

LEYF claims not to have any data for me. Just check the names of the Luton Street Team endorsed by my son. Check for more.

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Employment Appeals Tribunal and LEYF Nurseries. February 14, 2013 at 10:09 PM · Just managed 2 get mi photos from mi CAM… Next 2 upload? Happy Valentines Day 2 all my Bunnununos!!! 6 years ago

We have unfinish business…

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard shared a photo. February 14, 2013 at 7:52 PM ·  33 years PAPA was laid to rest on the little piece of land he called OUR own in GaGa Street!!! We hope you enjoy looking back on your memories on Facebook, from the most recent memories to those long ago.

Where I am journeying from…
My life…
My Foundation was laid…
A photo says a million words…

2012 – 2019. Ervin, Valdin and 6 others. 6 years ago

Laying Foundation at Luton Street

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard shared a photo. February 14, 2013 at 7:46 PM · Happy BD 2 my Niece Ann Chambers aka Cherry NEMBHARD! Have a God Blessed day on this VD… XXX The CLANS & GaGa Street Posse….

7 years ago

My niece and her family at Mama Lou for her funeral in 2014

Townhead Baptist Church is with Valdin Legister and 4 others. February 14, 2012 at 8:28 PM · Sis Louise Nembhard and member since 1951. 7 years ago

Ms Connie and Mama…

Townhead Baptist Church added 3 new photos to the album: HHUF Commitee Visit — with Valdin Legister and 6 others. February 14, 2012 at 3:51 PM · A visit from the Commitee of HHUF.

Mervelee Myers Was The Victim Of Radicalisation 2014

The Guardian Live 5th November 2018. Updated 14/02/2019: In light of the current debate about the young girl who left the UK aged 15 at wants to return. I think it’s only prudent for me to publish this report that was sent to the Editor of the

Is Modern Slavery thriving in the UK?

This is the story in brief of Mervelee Myers with regards to Modern Slavery Practices in the UK from 1992 to date… I will be focusing on my recent experiences with LEYF and the Employment Tribunals. I have exhausted all other channels for getting closures. So now I am at

Visit to Jamaica 22/12/2013. After visiting Jamaica to attend my son’s wedding, I spent 4 weeks with my mother. I realise how dementia had robbed me of mama, even though I diagnosed her condition hearing about her behaviours. The same way Parkinson’s disease, rob me of my dad from the time I reach puberty and left me traumatised. The same way diabetes and other complications rob me of my grandma, who died of a broken heart. My dad and gran died a month of each other in 1980.

The Impact of Childhood Traumas. My life was blighted as a result of sicknesses, disabilities, etc. that led to the poverty that I grew up in. Being an only girl did not help my situation, as I had no one to share those intimate moments with.  My mother was not educated to know and she was just too busy caring for her family. I learned via counseling that mama might have experienced Mental Health Conditions as a result. I failed to reach my potentials. I regress from being the Tom Boy, growing up in a male-dominated household to a shy nervous wreck. I struggled with the hidden disabilities resulting from traumas,  

My Friend from Childhood. I was friends with the bloke who told me about the birds and bees, once I stopped long enough from running to listen to him. My mother told me not to let any man/boy touch me when I started my period. But I misconstrued what mama meant when she put the fear of men into my head. By the time he left to join the Army, we were an item. My life was to change forever when I decided that I would live up to the old fashion values and principles my parents brought me up with. I decided no one would take advantage of me and reported a bloke who done, to his mum, for his sexual advances. As a result of trolling at, I decided to stop engaging for the sake of my Mental Health.

Instead of getting support everyone turned on me and called me a liar. Later you will understand why I have been affected all my life by the Employment Tribunal made me a victim online. And later for the & to uphold the hate crime saying I made up my disabilities. My boyfriend and I were no longer an item because he chooses not to believe me.

Searching for Love from my Father.   In searching for the kind of love I had from my father, I misguidedly got involved with an older man who was kind to my mum. But it did not last long because my brother found out and told me he was married. I got involved with a bloke, and because mum warned me about pregnancy was weary. He reassured me I would not get pregnant because of the position we were having sex. But before too long I was and did not finish school. Because I decided not to have an abortion for reasons that would cause me more hurt than having my child, I faced rejections.

I was isolated throughout my pregnancy by him and I guess that made matters worse. Imagine the hurt I went through when after sharing stories of overcoming the stigma linked to my son’s misdiagnosis. As soon as he was becoming a public figure those who judged me, planned to shame me on Social Media platforms. That my son was not given to his right dad and is, therefore, a bastard who is not entitled to his name. I experienced discrimination that triggered traumas into PTSD. This is/was after used data from Social Media to exploit my vulnerability..

Becoming a Mother and Informal Carer. I am positive that my dad must have to be the happiest, helping me in looking after my son. When he was misdiagnosed with multiple disabilities and I faced stigma, dad reassured me about my family DNA, with delayed speech. Luckily for me, I learned to deal with disappointments, poverty, etc, from an early age. My Primary School Teacher taught me how to develop resilience. This was to be my saving grace, finding early intervention strategies to help me cope. For me, giving up was not an option. My Secondary School advises me to go back to studies and try again. But just as I applied for Teacher’s College, I got pregnant again. My first love decided that he did not believe in abortion. Most of this is in cyberspace, as I choose to make my life an Open Book to help others.

The start of Modern Slavery that destroys my life 23/7/2014.

Transfer to BIB: 23/7/2014.  July 2014: My Introduction to BIB. August 2014: Allegations by parents – meeting with Area Manager & Manager. Disclosure of ‘protected act’ from the first Employment Tribunal. Refer to Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12 I was upset and the allegations trigger my childhood traumas and the nervous breakdown in another toxic work environment. This was after the death of my brother. And whilst I was under pressure, completing studies with in 2008. There were blacklisting and networking that ruined my chances of benefiting from studies. Covered at Noah’s Ark.

September 2014:  1. Contract Sections. 2. BIB Ofsted. 3. Implementation of EYFS. 4. Deputy Nicola O’Halloran posted to BIB with the team.

October 2014: 1. CEO Long Service Awards. Manager questions me about the benefits that come with it. 2. Nursery Chain of the Year Awards to LEYF. 3. Mewe Mechese leaving the party. 4. Given email addresses to send photos. 

November 2014: 1. CEO visit BIB with Marion Breslin. 2. CEO claims she was not aware of my transfer. She usually knows everything. 3. Extraction of a tooth. 4. Banana Eating incident – targeted by Deputy Nicola. 5. CEO endorses my Multigenerational Working Approach CPPDP with the Volunteer. 

December 2014: 1. BIB celebration with parents. 2. Benedicte Siewe opposition to celebrating. 3. BIB Christmas Party. 

January 2015: 4/1/2015: Rumi’s wedding. 5/1/2015: All hell broke loose at BIB – refer to ET bundles. 15/1/2015: Raise concerns to the manager about Deputy. 19/1/2015: Raise concerns about Benedicte Siewe. 23/1/2015:  New Year Staff Party – 1. Only BIB staff attend. 2. New staff brings clothes in. 3. CO sanction BIB not to attend. 4. Excluded at the NYSP – felt as if I was being stalked by Leaders and Management. 28/1/2015: 1. MBE & Trustee visited BIB. 2. Lied to me about NYSP. 3. Tried getting me to breach the Social Media Policy & Procedures. 29/1/2015: Trustee Mary Wynne-Finch unannounced visit to BIB. She was one who stalks me at the NYSP. 

30/1/2015: Senior HR Dilys Epton visit to BIB. 1. Tried tricking me to take out Grievance after she couldn’t find evidence I breach the Contract.  2. I was gag. 3. I asked for support. 4. Ill-treatment continued full force. 5. Failed to provide support – refer to email 14/3/2015. February 2015: Off sick again – refer to Medical Reports

March 2015: Catalogue of Incidents throughout the Week. 1. Chef Gloria stitched up by the manager because she refused to lie. 2 Chef suspended. 3. 10/3/2015: Supply Staff whistleblowing about inappropriate practices at BIB. 4. 11/3/2015: Manager Michelle visit BIB re investigation of Chef Gloria – cover up. 1. Agency staff not invited back at BIB. 2. Raise concerns about Hilda Miller. 3. Michelle mention about investigations – but the allegations/complaints went in on the 12/3/2015. 

Gagged: By this time, I was suffering in silence. My only support, the Chef was suspended. My childhood traumas triggered. Regressed to the time when I had the first nervous breakdown in a toxic workplace. This was disclosed to the BIB manager when I was called to meeting. Refer to Medical Reports.    

Catalogue of Events Leading up to 12/3/2015: 1. More incidents with staff to provoke me to act unprofessionally – refer to FILE – triggers for my disabilities.  2. Delayed going home and left on my own with colleague. 3. Told she was there as witness. 4. Manager told me about complaints and wanting to find out how I was feeling. 5. She knows from the Supervision in January.  6. Manager lied about going to the office. 13/3/2015: 1. Husband have hypo, had to call in. 2. Manager said I could go back home. 3. Told her I have to be present for the Investigations. 4. In February, she tried stopping me returning from sick leave. 5. Promised Benedicte Siewe to get me sacked. 6. Isabella Glen visit BIB to carry out investigations.  

Realising the Seriousness of the Allegations.  Allegations & Complaints: Similar to what caused my first nervous breakdown. ‘Protected Act’ Ofsted poster – key child from former workplace. Represented myself at Employment Tribunals – Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper 2012.     

Mother Sunday – UK 2015 . 14/3/2015: Letter via email to Dilys Epton re Disabilities: Mental & Physical Health. Hilda Miller – 16/3/2015 – 16/3/2015: 1. Hilda Miller visited BIB – offer to send me to HOC. 2. Only staff with clearance can work at HOC – refer to reviews on 16/3/2015: 1. Isabella Glen return to BIB. 2. Isabella Glen unaware of Hilda Miller sending me to HOC. 3. Since there were concerns about my health, I should not have been sent to HOC.

Breach of EYFS Welfare Requirements – Safeguarding. 1. Concerns about my emotional health and wellbeing. 2.Sent for Disciplinary. 3. Safeguarding – putting children at risk of harm – refer to letter/email to DE 14/3/2015. 4. Disciplinary Hearing Outcome – Union Rep Darren Mahon. 5.

Breach of Contract 7/10/2009 – Equality Act 2010.  17/3/2015: 1. Working in the Toddlers Room – refer to Sharon Dhand report 18/3/2015. . Shocks from plastics – refer to Dr Laura Crawford OH Medical Report – Chronic Anxiety diagnosis 18/7/2006. 3. Taking children to the Park. 4. Offer of posts in the Toddler Room – Exploitation. 5. Left on my own with young children – refer to concerns re Investigations – . 

Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015 Exploitations – 17-27/3/2015. Impacts of Disabilities: 1. Stress Incontinence. 2. Journey to work. 3. Wash Room Facilities on the outside. 4. Exclusion by staff. 5. Unfair treatment by Deputy & Manager.

Senior HR Dilys Epton visit HOC – 27/3/2015. 1. Told her about childhood traumas. 2. Acting superior – refer to ET Reserve Judgement online. 3. Refer to the Pet Dog I have as a child – 4. Claims that’s not what they say about me at BIB – refer to the Disciplinary Outcome. 5. Tried to trick me in doing online Referral. 6. Medical Suspension. 7. Manager escorted me out of HOC – claiming I did not have a PASS – How did I get in?    

 Invitation to Disciplinary. 1. Data tampered with – I have been having problems since. 2. Contacting the union & acting on advice – letter to Dilys Epton. 3. DE harassment via telephone. 4. Preparation for OH. 5. DE lack of knowledge about Employment Legislations    

Pass Fit for Works – Dr Crawford OH Medical Report. 1. Advice re CBT. 2. Reasonable Adjustment

Appeal Hearing & Outcome. 1. Union Rep Darren Mahon disappearance. 2. Union Solicitor Arwen Makin advice not to appeal. 3. Equality Advisory Service. 4. Independent Solicitors – preparation of Appeal. 5. The Union

Return to Work. 1. Meeting with Dilys Epton & Hilda Miller. 2. Inform them about Grievances – Advice from Equality Advisory Service &. 3. Independent Solicitors – prepare Appeal – advice that if I did not submit Grievances, I accept the Disciplinary Outcome. 4. Evidence that DE was scared of HM – waited for her to leave room to tell me Chef Gloria working at New Cross – refer to apologies off work

Start Working at New Cross. 1. 2/6/2015: Meet Hilda Miller at New Cross. 2. DBS – Deputy Louise & Deputy Emma-May. 3. June – July 2015: EduCare online trainings. 4. 16/6/2015: DBS for Resources for Autism

Resources for Autism – applied when I was on Medical Suspension.  1. 16/6/2015: DBS for Resources for Autism. 2. 16/7/2015: Family Support Volunteer. 3. 27/7/2015: – Introduction to Child Protection

Allegations Complaints Investigations Disciplinary Appeal Outcomes. 1. My vulnerability of having disabilities was used against me each time I experienced traumas.

Impacts of allegations: 1. 1. When I lost my brother to cancer. 2. Finishing my studies with the Open University 3. Worried about ending up like my brother, who died in prison – provocations. 4. He was bisexual – LEYF breach the Equality Act 2010 ‘protected characteristics’ to discriminate against employees.

Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015. January – May 2014. 1. Targeted before transfer from Luton Street – after saying goodbye to mama. 2. Changes mean I no longer have support network of colleagues at Luton Street. New Manager – sanction to target me. 2/4/2014: Off on sick leave. No access to FILE. 23/1/2014: 1. New Year Staff Party – First time attending as a result of discrimination at Fitzrovia. 2. Meeting Rashid Iqbal, et al.

Impacts of Spending Time with my Mother – 23/12/2013 – 22/1/2014. 1. Coming to terms with the effects of dementia – I diagnosed my mum. 2. Saying my final goodbye – 22/1/2014. Capturing the moments – Legacy

Back in the UK 23/1/2014 – May 2014. British Values Act 2014. 1. Facebook: I joined in February 2010. (A) My Social Media was used to unite communities. (B) I write posts leaving legacies. (C) June – July 2014: Charting my mother’s journey during her final transition. (D) 1/6/2014: Mum passed away – I was at the end of the phone until she drew her last breathe – I was the last to see my dad alive and first to find him dead.

Travel to Jamaica for Mum’s funeral. 1. June – 8th July 2014: 2. 28/6/2014: Mum’s funeral. 3. My grandson’s graduation. 4. 6/7/2014: Leave to come back to UK

Transfer Granted. 1. 19/7/2014: Initial visit to BIB – refer to bundles – targeted from 1st visit. 2. 23/7/2014: Started working at BIB – refer to bundles & Witnesses Statements. 3. 17 – 27/3/2015: HOC – refer to ET reserve judgement online

New Cross – 2/6/2015 – 27/9/2015.  1. 2/6/2015: (A) New Cross Allegations – (B) Contacting CO. (C) Neil King: Why did he resign?

Neil Best: Witness at ET. 1. Grievances. 2. Correspondences. 3. Meeting

August 2015. Annual Leave: 1. Have to come in for the BBQ on the 7/8/2015 – 2. Treated like an outcast – join the Steel Band – I am a Social Butterfly, not used to rejections

Treatment triggered childhood traumas. 1. 28/9/2015: Manager breach the Supervision Policy & Procedure. 2. Remind Manager about the DBS – had forgotten about it due to pressure

Valid DBS for Resources for Autism – 16/6/2015 – Contract I signed was breached. 1. Marion Breslin told me Lynne Kelly said she did not receive my FILE from Luton Street – breach of Contract – Equality Act 2010.  2. Trap to trick me – re Check list – refer to tampering of my Data from 27/3/2015

September 2015 –  1. 6/9/2015: Letter re NHS appointment & DBS. 2. 8/9/2015: Letter re Third Party Information. 3. 10/9/2015: DECS Check and Meeting with Hilda Miller & Deputy Louise – HM told me to get GP to sign me off and don’t come back to work – Why did she resign?

Making Deputy Louise Sacrificial Lamb. 1. Deputy Louise call me to another meeting after work – refer to Meeting of 18/9/2015. 2. Why expose yourself to danger if you claim I am that unstable? 3. Ask me to take DBS to be copied. 4. Deputy Louise allegations

Trainings at New Cross 15/9/2015. 15/9/2015: 1. Hilda Miller provoke me to act unprofessionally because there were 30 staff at NC to be witnesses. 2. Refuse to take the bait

Breach of Contract. 1.  I still have to be covering up the inappropriate practices, despite being removed from duty – refer to reviews on the website. 2. But I have a Valid DBS – I was adhering to the EYFS Welfare Requirements

Facebook breaches.  18/9/2015: 1. Facebook give LEYF access to my account – refer to LEYF On My Doorstep. 2. Meeting at NC. 3. Marion Breslin claims she was going to resign because of me 4. She resigned but retuned

Big Childcare Conversation – Middlesex University 19/9/2015.1. June O’Sullivan claim she did not recognise me. 2. Meeting of 2 Professors – told about my intentions

22/9/2015: Invited to CO by Neil King for a chat – harassed to write Reference. 1. 22/9/2015: LinkedIn with the 2 Professors. 2. 22/9/2015: Dilys Epton LinkedIn request – why? Because she was facing discrimination. 3. 24/9/2015: Letter from Solicitors Bates Wells Braithwaite. 4. /9/2015: Letter from Alison Stokes re Investigations. 5. 27/9/2015: Resignation

October 2015 – Attended Open University AOUG 2/10/2015.Lecture Neurosciences & the Law – realisation that I was targeted

Open Letters. 1. Bates Wells Braithwaite. 2. Voice the Union. 3. PM Cameron. 4. Daily Express – I used to contribute to Mental Health Crusade. 5. Other correspondences – Neil King, Dilys Epton, Alison Stokes

Employment Tribunals. 1. John Fenton. 2. Judge Martin – strike out my Racism claims. 3. The DWP – Fees, Housing Benefits. 4. HMRC: Breach of the Data Protection Act – re my identity. 5. Telephone Conciliation Judge – turn down offer of £58,000.00 because of my Fight4justice campaign on social media platforms. I did not sign any NDA Non-disclosure Agreement.

Judge Elliott Case Management Order – re Medical Reports. Non-compliance. 1. John Fenton correspondences. 2. ET copy into John Fenton correspondences www.slam-iapt.nhs/southwark

ET Case 20/12/2016. 20/12/2016: 1. 1. Meeting Barrister Samantha Jones – most unprofessional individual I have the misfortune to encounter. 2. Asking my stepson if he has Legal Training. 3. Told the ET she did not prepare a case. 4. Complaining of sickness when the decision made not to strike out the case. 5. My stepson said she would not be at the ET

Judge Freer & the ET Panel.20/12/2016: Handed my Medical Reports omitted from the Respondent’s bundle to Judge Freer to copy

Case Adjourned 21/12/2016. 1. Samantha Jones manufacture a contagious disease. 2. John Fenton got the Oath lifted to try manipulate me to sign away my rights – NDA non-disclosure agreement.

Mr Fenton confession – he is not a Lawyer. 1. 23/12/2016: Letter to BWB re not representing the Respondent. 2. ET: Application for Additional Witness Statement – rejected.

Reviews on LEYF website – one of the complainants that led to the Disciplinary. 1. Mr Fenton Unless Order

January – February 2017. 1.  Mr Fenton letter – out of the UK until after the ET

27th February – 2nd March 2017 ET Case Continuation.  2/8/2017: Reserve Judgement online – made me a victim. But think it’s ok to breach the Equality Act 2010.

BWB Contact. 16/8/2017: 1. BWB letter re threats from the 24/9/2015 – Where were they all this time? 2. Twitter Legal Team contacted me – re BWB. 3. Facebook Legal Team contacted me – re BWB. 4. Mr Fenton claim that BWB is not a client of LEYF. Who is the credible witness? 

Making a New Start. Unable to get a job despite my qualifications & experiences – refer to Reference flagging Safeguarding

Winsome Duncan & Ryan Clement – Online Scammers.

Reserved Judgement online make me a victim. 1. Scammed as a result of the Reserve Judgement online 2. Targeted because of my vulnerability – Julie Powell.

Coach take advantage of my vulnerability. 1. 1. Borrowed money – confided in her about Julie Powell. 2. Introduce me to her Employment Barrister. 3. They targeting vulnerable people via her business 4. Ryan Clement groom Winsome Duncan – told me he meet her online, struggling to setting up her business. 5. Don’t know what happened to my Manuscript. 6. Had a favourable email from the Proof-reader.

The Government: 1. 1. Open Letter to PM Theresa May. 2. Petition rejected https://petition.parliament-uk/help#standards.

The Police.  Winsome Duncan sent the Police to my home to section me. 1. 1. Result of me being part of statistics that Ryan Clement pick up on from  2. The behaviour of the MET must be called into question. 3. My appeal was rejected despite me providing evidence that this was a malicious act

LEYF: Freedom of Information LEYF letter re Subject Access Request – 1/1/2018. I used

The DWP March 2018: 1. Threaten with Criminal Record 2. Interview & Questionnaire – Here’s why Mays Ethnicity Website is going to explain what they mean that it’s not clear what action I’d like Government or Parliament to take about my Petition against

The EAT: 1. Unfair treatment continued 2. FILE – I have sough support from the highest offices in the land. And taken my case to After meeting him at Southwark Council Meeting. He thought nothing of using his mother’s Mental Health Issues to gain sympathy.

EAT 19/10/2018. 1. Barrister Samantha Jones – hate crime 2.  Judge Shanks – Claims I made up my disabilities. For the benefit of those who are questioning my Citizenship. I am still using Mervelee Myers because even if I had planned to change my name, since marrige in 2014. I am still detained in the hell hole that the Mother Country has become since my marriage.

My Summary of the EAT. Copied to various individuals & organisations. As I have to read David Lammy MP Review of Racial Bias and BAME representation in the Criminal Justice System to write my Review of the Employment Tribunal Law, I am challenging the powers that be to act now. Because that 19 year old girl could be my granddaughter. She was failed by the systems. The same way I, Ermine Mervelee Ionie aka Ratty Nembhard was left to be denied my entitlement not to be discriminated against.

Prepared by: Mervelee Myers FD (Open) Cert WTC (Open).