My Jail List Will Be Prepared

Black MP Jailed For 3 Months For Lying 10th February 2019 – by: Mervelee Myers.

3 Months For Speeding Lie By Emily Pennink of the Daily Express. Labour tells jailed MP: Do the decent thing…quit. Picture: Jonathan Brady/PA. Quoting paragraph 1: It reads ‘Disgraced MP Fiona Onasanya was urged to do the “decent thing” and resign yesterday after she was jailed for lying to Police over a speeding offense’. I have read the full transcript of the report as I will be making comparisons to how the Criminal Justice System is rigged in favour of Backra Massahs and Misses in 2019. Despite there are changes in the current Rule of Law. Check https://petition.parliament-uk/help#standards for how the Government state it is not clear what action is needed. After claiming my petition included confidential, false libelous, or defamatory information or a reference to a case which is active in the UK courts. I must state that I followed the story throughout the week to have an insight into how different commentators report on the matter.

Before going any further without any shadow of a doubt I want to state that I don’t condone the breaking of the laws by any individual. Regardless of their status in society. If you do the crime, therefore it’s only right that you do the time. But I would not think this is the case after the response from the when I reported the breaches to the Solicitors Regulation Authority. But I am standing my ground letting know that I have endured five (5) years of discrimination and I bent no broken. Therefore, I will see this to the bitter end. And some will end up where they rightly belong, in jail like the black MP.

Therefore let me go back to Raheem Sterling voicing his concerns about the way how the media is responsible for the portrayals of Black And Minority Ethnic (BAME). I am speaking from the place of a recipient who got support from the media in 2004. To get back my money when I was defrauded by the Financial Institutions. To where I have been trying to be given a voice by the media to my story. About the injustices that I have been facing since the death of my mother in 2014. I am, therefore, challenging the media that I have approached for help in sharing my story that they are quick to act like they are whiter than white when reporting. Yet continuing the indirect discrimination by not giving vulnerable people chances that are given to celebrities to share stories.

Firstly, I will name the Daily Express as the newspaper with whom I shared stories of my experiences whilst adhering to British Ethical Guidelines. I contributed to the Mental Health CRUSADE, sharing stories about the direct and indirect discrimination in toxic workplaces that led to my Mental Health conditions exacerbated. When I contacted them I am ashamed of the way I was spoken to. So I called back and recorded the conversation in case anyone else is ready to tag me as not credible as was done by the ET that made me a victim. Next is The Guardian After attending The Guardian Live Mervelee Myers “Is modern slavery thriving in the UK?” Standard ticket £16.28, on Monday, 5 November 2018 resulted in me speaking to Annie Kelly who gave me her email.

I wrote up my account of the Modern Slavery thriving in the UK and send it to her. Well, months later there was a story in the said Guardian by a member of the Judiciary. This was written by Owen Bowcott the Legal Affairs Correspondent Twitter@owenbowcott. Since I identified the employers because the Reserved Judgement is online I find it insensitive for The Guardian to be sending me Early Years Practitioner HOC Vacancy from the Nursery World Magazine That tells me all I need to know about how the media ponders to celebrities and employers that can sell newspapers. I submitted data to prove that Modern Slavery is thriving in the UK. I have contacted others via Social Media platforms but no support. Instead, they join in to exclude me, trying to make me a voiceless vulnerable victim.

I will hold Facebook and LinkedIn responsible for selling my data to LEYF, and excluding me 2015. Without prejudice, I am going back to 2004 when I faced institutional discrimination. My money was defrauded and I am of the opinion that the Banking Institution colluded to let the fraudsters get away with stealing my money. That’s when I first made headline news I had to take my case to the Financial Ombudsman to get compensation after been given the runaround. I was basically labeled, branded, stereotyped and tagged because I am black. So I am used to what is happening to me at present by the Government Departments, the establishments and systems that are hell-bent on destroying my life.

From 2004 to 2008 at Kings, I experienced direct and indirect discrimination in breach of the laws, legislation, and codes of practices and conducts. I even had to write to in 2004 about the way the manager was treating me with regards to the CRB Check. I had actually done two (2) in the space of a few months. I had an unclear pap smear in 2004. At the same time, I lost my sense of smell. After raising concerns about the ill-treatment verbally and in writing to the manager and nothing was done. In 2006 I contacted and the HR Department of Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust about the unfair treatment in the workplace. I self-referred to Occupational Health as I could not understand the reasons for the allegations by colleagues and the management. I was passed fit to return to work, but the discrimination was stepped up on my return.

This led to the first nervous breakdown after another bereavement. I was refused support even though I have a diagnosis for Chronic Anxiety from the GP who signed me off sick. After I had a Panic Attack in the workplace and end up in the Accident & Emergency Department. I was refused a Medical Report by the Hospital. I had the diagnosis to do an exam when I was studying the UNISON sponsored Health & Social Care Level 2 at the 2004 to 2006. The London South Employment Tribunal presided over the miscarriage of justice that see me a participant in But you will not find any data for this at the Employment Tribunal. I was sent when I applied for Disclosure Of Information.

Resulting from taking a stance against discrimination I was to pay the price as the GP refused to give me a Medical Report. I was targeted with blacklisting and networking from the Local Education Authority. Because the Southwark Council colluded with the NHS. So too did officials from Basically, my career was derailed and my traumas which I managed and controlled triggered and exacerbated into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Despite the many setbacks, I developed resilience from an early age. And my life experiences where I applied Early Intervention Strategies meant that giving up was never an option. I became a graduate despite the odds stacked against me.

I rebuild my life after the ordeals of 2004 – 2018. Only to have my life disrupted again when I was been treated by the manager whom I helped to climb up the ladder, decided to treat me the way we were discriminated against at KINGS. I was beyond despair when I was contacted by a former colleague from KINGS who wanted my help with her Foundation Degree Studies. I told her about my treatment by the manager and she told me her firm was recruiting. I applied to the Westminster Children Society, knew I got the job before the interview was finished. I would not believe it if anyone told me I would have five (5) years of my life disrupted by LEYF. But that’s what is happening to me at present. My last resort is with the The rest of my stories can be accessed at

It’s no surprise that the Windrush Generation are experiencing the problems coming out now. My husband was told by a Bank Manager “Mr. Tomlinson, you have a small illusion of one day becoming a property tycoon?” But what’s wrong with that? That’s why I am not surprised that the black MP ended up in the predicament she is in. But we have to question why. Look out for the following in other publications. LEYF, BWB, Voice, HCT Group, ET, EAT, 7 BR, etc… I am writing as therapy.      

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  1. Let reveal the data of when she invited employees to join Social Media platforms to contribute to her blog. Then we can sort out the data for Mervelee Myers on We can even go back further to and for the most tags on social media. Check or even They claimed parents did not know of my visits.

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