How The Dramas Keep Unfolding – God Is Good -RIP!

1st January 2014 to 7th February 2019. Another loss. Can understand why they not going to restrict me to 1 sheet of paper? I am a photographer here. Another proof of how breached the contract I signed re the Equality Act 2010. Life destroyed by an accident. 26 years of mine by LEYF and cohorts…

Shared a photo — celebrating life at Bermondsey. February 7, 2018 at 4:44 PM · London ·  My Father IVAN SANDYMAN NEMBHARD from whom I get everything, down to the #stoneface. We don’t take crap from anyone. Updates 7/2/2019: It’s days away from when I was the last to see my Papa alive and first to discover him dead. My life was changed irrevocably from the time dad was stricken with Parkinson’s disease. I only got the support I needed to deal with the traumas from the time I reached puberty. When Dr. Laura Crawford of advised me to seek Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Imagine how I am feeling now that an idiot from think it’s ok for to use my disabilities against me.

Is with Valdin Legister and 6 others. February 7, 2012 at 9:31 PM.  Should be feeling on top of the world, but I guess it’s the MEMORIES that are making ME SAD… Had 2 relive some of them 2day & right now am feeling like SHIT…!!! Have 2 get over this Period fast… Today marked 33 years since the death of my Papa!!! Updates 7/2/2019: I wake up to one tragedy or some sad news after another. Making me realise how important it is for me to get my stories out there to support others. Tomorrow is promised to none of us. I was just viewing as she was sharing her journey to becoming an entrepreneur.

That’s why I am challenging Google that they don’t bother to start treating me like Facebook. What the hell do they mean by Your post was taken down Recently, a post was removed from your Business Profile. To help ensure your posts create a positive experience for users, please review our content policy. I am to be found in cyberspace from 2004 when I challenged the institutional discrimination in the UK Finacial Institutions and seek support from to tell my story. I then seek the help of the Financial Ombudsman to get justice.

Therefore, I will have to post Melissa Shabani’s endorsement for the Google Expert they telling me to ask?  Google need also to go back to My Personal Experiences of Parkinson’s disease – Updated 17/8/2017 before they telling me crap about the positive experience. Then find out why I have I will not tolerate any more exploitations from those who can only think of money and profits. 

Facebook: Manal Shabani – edited – EAL – Key person for Melissa and Melinda at Luton Street Community LEYF. Mervelee each time I see my children’s success, I only say nobody deserves to say thanks after God expect you. If everybody wrong don’t let them drive you mad. There are many outstanding teachers who are victims. Teachers like you, who decided to quit the Education System with the LEA. And they are doing outstanding jobs, helping students. We love you. We love you to teach our children. Please let’s speak off live. I admire your determination to stand up against them.

Dear Merveleee, Mum gave me the phone to tell you something from the deepest depths of my heart (not for real). That you are the person who taught me good manners, to make friends and to say what you believe in. I am turning 11 in 3 days my birthday wish for you to have a great life and that you succeed in whatever you are doing. Stay strong you are a soldier with no armour except for knowledge. Use it wisely or you will get beaten up by the big bully who has all the armour and weapons but no knowledge. I miss you much. P.S: I did that quote on the spot!! Best wishes, Melissa Shabani. Now should I let the Judiciary Of England And Wales get away with giving the opportunity to continue destroying lives? Top of Form. Bottom of Form. Share. 1 year ago


Mervelee Ratty Nembhard shared a post. February 7, 2018 at 1:21 PM ·  They are responsible for my RACISM Claims not prepared against LEYF Nurseries. The aggro I experienced afterward drive me round the bend. DWP is now contemplating reassessment of all 1.6 million awards, people with mental health conditions who missed out on appropriate support… When I tell people about the institutional discrimination I experienced in the UK from 2004, they might think I am making it up. Here’s an example from to prove my arguments that there is a conspiracy to make me a victim. The DWP is responsible for exacerbating my mental and physical disabilities after denying me my entitlement and threatening me with a criminal record. See More. Top of Form. 1 Share. Bottom of Form. Share.1 year ago 

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard.February 7, 2018 at 1:14 PM · London ·  Blinking heck, if U tried calling…. Just realised my phone on mute 4 days. Welcome 2 my world. Plz call again now, I’m not #deaf. Top of Form. Bottom of Form. Share. 1 year ago


I went through life using comedy, making a fool of myself to cover up my deficits and limitations all my life. My Mama Lou did the same, only she used laughter as a way out. My sons are my life and that’s why I started creating the legacies when the chance arose.

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling sad with Valdin Legister and 3 others in London, United Kingdom. February 7, 2018 at 12:59 PM ·, Strangely enough, I am calm and not having a #MentalHealth_MeltDown like I’m used to in the past. Updates 7/2/2019: This is the result of redeeming themselves. I have the first nervous breakdown at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Workplace Nursery after the death of my brother from colon cancer. I am now in the adverts on Social Media platforms resulting from spontaneity to engage and interact with people from all echelons of society.

I know my #Cuz Joyce Saunders-Brown make up her jewels. Because I spoke to her in the Townhead New Testament Church of GOD and she shares her thoughts about what it means to be a Christian and the child of King JESUS with me. Updates: I started fundraising with as a result of the death of my brother and my mum telling me about my grandfather who died of stomach cancer. That’s why I have been creating the legacies so no other member of my family is unaware of our history for whatever reasons. I only heard or learned about some relevant information when it was almost too late to do anything about making the changes and creating the difference in breaking down barriers.

I will be reflective of Joycie testimonials the last time we spoke curtsey of Mertie Bernard. As I am sat writing documents, I’m hoping I can find the time to write a tribute for the family. But as might be noticed, I am stretched for time these days. But if I set my mind to accomplishing anything, I am usually successful. Just ask LEYF Nurseries, and that person I meet on the Road to Damascus going to the CAB at the Blue. However these days it’s more of Lot’s wife if you know your Bible like how my Papa used to preach? That’s why I am bringing all my work and brand under one umbrella at Sud Google My Business they can check me out on their cyberspace.

Meeting people at I refuse to let help to cover up The Guardian Live Is Modern Slavery thriving in the UK? I provided the evidence to But I am not a celebrity.

 Is feeling optimistic in London, United Kingdom. February 7, 2018 at 11:30 AM · When your long fingernails get torn at the # #quit. It’s time to cut it off or there will be serious trouble results in #Pain. Finally going to work. No more hitches and being led astray by #sweetmouth? In case you didn’t believe me, the #cat have been waiting outside my door to let him out. Well brought up cat. Can’t say z same about some in High Offices in the establishments and systems. Not to worry each and everyone will be named in due course. Starting with the Employment Tribunal Services Judiciary. They presided over the two miscarriages of justice. The reasons I was in  Top of Form. 3 Comments.1Mervelee Ratty Nembhard. Bottom of Form. Share.1 year ago


My husband came to the UK in 1956 and establish the Tomlinson Family from Jamaica. He’s the only one left of those who followed in his footsteps. He is my blessings and I treasure him with my life. But I am sure he’d want me to share some happiness when he is gone?

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling blessed with Valdin Legister and 11 others in London, United Kingdom. February 7, 2018 at 10:49 AM · My Family is my Life. Play. -3:51. Additional Visual Settings. Click to enlarge. Unmute. Top of Form. 59 Views. Bottom of Form. Share.1 year ago

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  1. All I can do is write to take away the pain. That’s why better review their content policy after sending me that email from Google My Business on the 5th February 2019 at 22:16. Otherwise, they will go on my lists of those trying to make me a voiceless vulnerable victim after accepting money to silence me. The UK Government will not get away with sanctioning institutional discrimination after my petition was rejected. With the claims “It included confidential, libelous, false or defamatory information, or a reference to a case which is active in the UK court. Maybe now the Government or Parliament might finally know what action I’d like them to take after I go to coverage of Windrush 70 at Westminster Abbey on the 22/06/2018?

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